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The Rest of the Foursome

Re: The Rest of the Foursome

PostPosted by morbit » Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:25 pm

confetti-j wrote:
Philena wrote:Out of curiosity, what do you all think of the Peej/Pewds twitter exchange today?
I feel like they probably are genuine friends, but I can also see this as being exploitative. Anyone else want to discuss?

Judging from all of their hangouts and double dates that they seem to have, I think they genuinely like each other as people. PJ really would't benefit a lot from Felix bc his youtube content( and fan base) is pretty different than PewDiePie's, and vice versa. Right now at least they seem to be doing quite well as buds and I hope it continues, but it would be interesting to hear Chris's opinion (not like he'll give it or anything, it would just be interesting) :thumb:

he actually did talk about it in a liveshow from this summer. Don't ask me his exact phrasing, but he pretty much pretended to be salty, and then said something like "they both live in brighton so" etc. He didn't really get into it. Don't see a reason why he should honestly.. I don't think they have much more than a "business" relationship at this point?
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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

PostPosted by fancybum » Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:16 pm

This thread needs to come back to life because Chris has:

Watch these.

He did a 30 min liveshow today right before Phil and I am forever grateful to the lovely people who upload them because Chris didn't send out any notifs for it:

I've missed this weird and beautiful internet man and his biting sarcasm and insults so much. He’s sorry but not sorry it’s been so long since a younow show, we should be honoured he’s back (and I am).

2:40 "It’s always a bit awkward catching up with someone after so long isn’t it? You don’t really know what to talk about. How’s your dad? Right, yes, sorry I forgot. Oohh [awkward]."

(the Lag is Real)

4:50 He’s at his mum’s house at the moment “just for Xmas. It is January the 19th, so obviously a little.. bit more than Xmas. An extended break from… you know, just.. just everything, really.”

5:10 "I’ve been told by younow to remind everyone I’m live. I’m alive! A lot of people were asking if I was dead.
I do have other [things] going on. I’ve got a wife, Ive got my two baby girls now, 8 and 9. So I have got a lot of different.. you know. I’m a full-time care nurse, paperboy, and award-winning actor. So I’ve not always got time for younow, you know.”

[after long spiel about how us viewers should have homework or relatives to be speaking to, goals to be working toward rather than watch this]
7:00 "I do sometimes question why anybody would watch me on here. Which is why I feel like younow is the place that I should use to [give back to] the community *burps* give life advice and stuff."

8:10 (chat) Hello how are you I love you
"Thank you, that means a lot to me. Obviously it’s not real."

8:30 (talking about Playground) “I play a very sad man, where I had to use a different acting style for that, because usually my acting style is just pull a funny face” [elaborate explanation of how he had to learn to make his mouth go down to play sad]

"I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Well, it really shows my range, I think that’s what I mean. I think it shows I’m not just a sex icon. A lot of people put me in their short films because they know it’ll get views because they know that I’m attractive. I’m like danisnotonfire (pulls Dan grin face). That’s my danisnotonfire face (adds peace sign). And that’s why people put me in their short films because they know I look— I think looking this much like Cameron Dallas is obviously an advantage, especially on YT and in Hollywood.” "I get laid a lot."
12:30 (chat) Your old videos have aged well, they’re fun
“That’s a good thing. I always do worry about making videos topical. If I was to talk about, you know, dabbing, all of a sudden, two years later, people are like ‘what’s this junk’. That’s why I find it better to just not be involved in any of the memes. Apart from that LazyTown one because that one’s really good.”

14:00 More Playground talk (all sarcasm about feeling at home in a forest because he grew up on a farm)

15:00 “If you’re gonna be in the forest, you don’t need clothes on. There’s no one around. There isn’t like deers and []suit jackets and Dan & Phil t-shirts on.”
“I hope that answered your question and didn’t cause you to have more”

15:35 (responding to ‘I’ve missed you”) calls the people watching a 'stream of anonymous usernames' “but I have missed the text on the screen, I guess. Because it’s either younow or porn. Not porn, you know, content.”

16:55 (chat) Any last words for the US before Trump?
"Trump. *clicks tongue* Would you believe it. *continues sarcastic noises for a long time*
That’s what I think, I’ll say no more, I don’t want to get controversial."

(in response to chat question about his thoughts on corn)
19:15 watched the Witch (when will D&P finally talk about it) and "it’s quite good". Read theories from the internet that the corn they ate was poisoned, also read that the Salem Witch trials in hindsight were maybe just due to hallucinations from fungus on corn.
“Um, but yeah, I like corn.”
"I could do a brand deal with corn, couldn’t I.”

20:50 (chat) I’ve missed these liveshows
“That means a lot. I’ve missed them as well. Because for me it’s a real good way to be able to talk to myself alone in my room, and kind of say to people, ‘oh it’s a streaming website it’s just a website’ when really I’m just talking to myself. I am actually just talking to myself in my room. I’m just having one of those breakthrough epiphany moments where I realize I’m just talking to myself alone in my room. *sips coffee* I tell you this coffee tastes a bit nice because I’m trying a new coconut flavoured almond milk instead of regular milk. That was another epiphany I had, I suddenly realized ‘why am I drinking tit milk from a cow’. Why am I drinking the tit milk of a cow? So now I’m on almond milk. And I’m shitting a lot less. Feel like I’m oversharing."
[this is what I live for and oh how I’ve missed it, distrust of the audience and the social worth of an essentially one-sided conversation mixed in with cow tits and shitting. bless chris.]

23:20 (chat) Yours and Mitchell’s show was ace
"Thank you ‘crusty mcsponge’ *laughs* I like that that’s how peoples short films and projects are critiqued now. Not by the Guardian, not by the Sun newspaper, but by crusty mcsponge. I mean, it’s still- it means a lot to me. I’m just saying, times have changed. Things used to be reviewed by film critics, and now they’re reviewed by crusty mcsponges. Times are a-changing, and I think for the better. I like creating short films for sponges, and you can quote me on that."

26:20 “Don’t feel like you have to tell me you love me or anything. Creeps me the f out. I’m very appreciative of it all, thank you, but I just mean.. just don’t. Don’t do it! I want to earn your respect, I don’t need to be loved. I’m not a little adorable cat, I’m not like a little adorable kitten, I’m not Dean Dobbs, you know. I’m a big boy.” (does Dean's go-to pose):

30:15 “I’m still live, am I still live? Yeah, I’m still live. It’s a good job I didn’t get my cock out” *ends stream*

Not that he ever really needs a reason to be MIA, but he's been so off the grid lately I wonder if it's just because internet isn't great at his parents house, where he seems to have been since Xmas. He had Dan and memes on the mind, I'm sure he watched his video, noted as I am forever interested in his thoughts on him/Phil. Yup, 30 mins well spent, I hope he actually comes back again sometime.
Thanks and have a great day! Oil me
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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

PostPosted by malday » Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:39 pm

I watched the second half of Chris' younow live and at a point towards the end Phil was watching his stream. Maybe that's why Phil pushed his ls back 8 minutes.
Also Chris watched Phil's ls for a bit.

I love Chris' sense of humor.
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