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​ Social media activity on behalf of IDB

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​ Social media activity on behalf of IDB

PostPosted by human » Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:08 am

Upon reports of anonymous messages being received on social media with the acronym "idb", we would just like to confirm the following:

​Please note that IDB has an official Tumblr and Twitter which are run by staff for promotional purposes or to advise of problems with the site; staff who have access to these accounts are listed here. These accounts are the only official social media representation for IDB and for general community interaction which doesn't represent IDB as a community, staff will use their own accounts instead.

We will also never use these IDB accounts to send anonymous spam, abuse, warnings or any other type of communication. So if you receive a message signed "idb", then please rest assured that it is not us!

​Likewise, whilst we encourage all members from IDB to promote the community, please do not sign any personal messages with just "idb" - this indicates that you are speaking on behalf of the whole community which just isn't possible. We are a wonderfully diverse community full of opinions, beliefs and individuals and many of them cannot consent to you speaking on their behalf and may not share your opinion. If you feel the need to message someone and then sign it with IDB in mind, then you should do so with your IDB username, so as not to speak for the whole group.

Thank you!

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