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Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by oqua » Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:32 pm

From now on, if you make timestamps for a video, in addition to posting them on the main thread, please cross-post them here! This thread will then serve as an easy reference guide to timestamps from videos, liveshows, etc. (All actual discussion of videos should take place on the main thread — this thread is just for timetamp lists.)

Please include the name of the video that the timestamps are for!
-Kathryn Lester
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by trashqueen » Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:27 am

timestamps for "Dan and Phil play THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! #4" :love2:

0:14 dan's face
0:19 dan's face... again
0:32 daaaamn
0:45 tongue
0:54 ok apparently dan pulling faces is the highlight of this video for me
0:57 dan clicks the wrong thing, phil laughs
1:07 random face touching?
1:28 elephant impersonations
1:30 phil almost clicks the wrong thing, dan goes full camp
1:35 phil laughs and does the tongue thing, cute
1:38 idk what this was but i liked it
1:53 'we do the duck.... together' if u gonna fuck a duck it's gotta be with your bro
2:29 phil accidentally closes the game, dan breaks, cute staring at each other for 5 solid seconds
4:36 a frustrated phil and a laughing dan, cute
5:58 poking, very cute, after dan's done he looks straight at the camera for a second, i'm choosing to interpret that as a 'yup this is a thing we're doing now'
7:18 dan's face after phil says 'skip!'
7:56 phil laughs at what dan's saying, cute
9:32 'i'm green and have sticky balls' phil chuckles, bc of course he does
9:56 tongue.... why are their tongues out of their mouths so much in this video
10:09 phil went full monkey out of excitement
11:39 phil's face, cute... my timestamps clearly have a theme
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by shoe » Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:22 pm


2:00 Phil doesn’t consider the possibility of a non-binary or agender raindeer.
I’m lowkey disappointed (and maybe a tiny bit hurt? just a tiny bit) that Phil hasn’t fully internalised the concept of non-binary gender, but not really surprised.

2:37 spraying himself pink to go out on the town. If that’s not the gayest thing I’ve ever heard I don’t know what is

3:43 Reindeer fun? Is that what we’re calling it?
His and Dan’s names are generally listed together. :D&P: would he say that he and Dan are “paired off” and “having fun”?

4:25 “know each other well” is clearly a euphemism. Dan is pretends to be jealous over Phil having furry fun with a probably fictional reindeer. :whiskers:

5:02 so far Dan has been avoiding pronouns while Phil has been using he/him. Phil’s mouse goes to “no” but Dan reminds him to choose “don’t know”

6:00-6:24 Phil harrus the sad truth of chirstmas. Not as good at harruing as Dan, but he will improve with practice I’m sure. :haru:

6:25 Paired off with Cupid, but definitely not married. Does Cupid not identify as female, or are they paired off but not married, or does Comet have a secret wife who isn't part of the sleigh gang and he's cheating on with Cupid?

6:30 Probably lives with best friend :D&P: , but we don’t know whether best friend is Cupid or one of the other reindeer

7:06 narrowly avoided saying “does he com” :tu:

7:20 adorable fighting over what to tell the closest thing they currently have to children.
Phil looks at the camera, but not directly, sort of sideways? while Dan looks at Phil

8:26 hypothetical marriage angst

8:30 Mrs Claws married for the money and now resents her husband’s life decisions

Dan is always choosing “don’t know” rather than guessing like Phil wants to. Something about not wanting to fill in the blanks in a famous person’s life when you don’t know the whole story? :haru:

8:38 “they’re happily married” in a much deeper voice than Phil’s usual on-camera tone. I feel like they’re not quite imagining the same story here

8:39 Dan comments on akinator rather than agreeing or disagreeing with Phil :cactus:

9:51 I have an idea “omnigender” was deemed problematic because it implies identification with all genders, including those belonging to specific cultures, but it doesn’t surprise or disappoint me that Dan isn’t far enough up tumblr’s arse to know that off the top of his head

10:30 unnecessary moment of sentimentality :love2:

10:35 so they like to do it in the lounge? ;)

10:56 in what way would the tree be a warrior?

11:22 what does Dan say here? I’m not sure I’m hearing correctly. “let’s not go down that like weird furry out-take from my life”? :whiskers:
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by trashqueen » Mon Dec 12, 2016 5:26 pm

PHIL'S CHILDHOOD ADVENTURE! - Dan vs. Phil: Bubble Bobble

1:18 squishy dan
3:50 giant dragon head?
4:02 dan apologizes for dying
4:35 dan got the d
4:40 dan fucks up again
5:55 'how old were you when you played this' 'i was about six' 'awww' dan finds baby phil cute, good to know
6:03 'you just pushed me off, bitch' lmao
6:40 discussing the butt-likeness of peaches
7:00 yaaaas (i'm sorry this is happening to you felucca)
8:20 dan remembers that's it's a dan vs phil, changes his mind in 10 seconds when phil proves to clearly be better than him at this game
8:50 phil saves a helpless dan that keeps dying
10:20 crazy bastard
10:43 dan fucks up again, whiny 'i'm sorryyyy i'm so bad'
12:10 phil says 'dat ass' dan does the not-camera-laugh he does sometimes (you know what i mean), we live in a 'post baking vid universe'
12:46 'you did not deserve that' lol
15:55 'they are so cheeky and hideous... dating profile' i love post baking video phil
19:00 dan explaining furry terminology, can't believe that's a sentence i wrote
19:10 'put your nose right into the edge of its butt and shoot' and other sentences by phil
20:20 //really nasty//
22:43 'don't get that candy that's mine you bitch' lol
24:33 'chill bro'
31:18 'get out of my house'
31:20 it wouldn't be a dapg video without random singing
34:14 accidental tooth poke
35:13 'what have i forgotten'
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by dollicious » Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:52 pm

PHIL'S CHILDHOOD ADVENTURE! - Dan vs. Phil: Bubble Bobble:
0.29 - first ever computer game phil played :love2:. also enjoy the “was i even alive” and “what even is a commodore 64?” from dan as they don’t usually highlight their age difference.
1.41 - fond “shut up” from phil :number1:.
1.54 - “you told me to pick one i was good at.” dan wanting phil to win dan vs. phil.
5.55 - “d: how old were you when you played this?” “p: i was about 6-7” “d: awwww”
6.36 - “that is a defined..” peach emoji/butt conversation started by phil.
8.26 - love how quickly dan changes his tone from being competitive to wanting to "go back to being friends." :lol:
12.10 - “p: get that ass.” continued by “dat ass” and another “post baking universe” comment from dan. i live for phil saying “get that ass” btw.
12.49 - phil giving dan a little shove.
16.01 - “hi, my name’s gary..” not sure if it’s worth a mention but the dating profile name phil gives is male not female.
17.35 - phil’s grandma’s toast making story.
18.55 - dan is literally a furry and graciously explains to phil what a scaly is..
19.10 - “p: put your nose into the edge of his butt and shoot.”
22.11 - kissy face dan (sorry, but what is he doing? what is this face? :rofl:) Image
23.54 - synchronized singing
27.03 - “d: phil’s getting demanding.”
28.20 - phil shares another nostalgic memory about his hamsters and the room he played in.
35.15 - “d: yes let’s end the video right now. yeah, let’s do the end screen you’ve forgotten nothing.” i laughed so hard at this whole thing - i’m glad they left that in.
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by kuensukki » Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:21 am

Bubble Pop Video:

1:40- Phil saying "shut up" to Dan is the single most attractive thing in the world
4:48- "chill your beef" I need to make a compliation for all the golden insults Phil has up his sleeves
5:11 excitement around the diamond- (cough dan cough)
5:56 Dan's little "aww" when Phil recounted he was 6 when he started playing
6:04- "you just pushed me off you bitch" :rofl: :rofl:
6:30- some vegan talk- interesante
6:37-6:43- nothing to see, just two bros talking about defined butts
8:29- Dans a lil shit that took the letter that Phil needed- cuteness ensues and phil jokingly says "i thought we were just having a good time"- boys im feeling like a third wheel voyeur, please
8:38- Phil gets revenge and does an evil laugh and dan immediately asks to mend their friendship :lol:
10:15- "Phil you crazy bastard"- honestly me at phil 90% of the time
12:06- dans "dont pop my yield" then Phils whole "dat ass" part-interesting that Dan brought up the fact that phil doesn't say things on the internet therefore separating his online presence from his personality when he's with Dan, the fact that they both address it openly with the audience shows that they want us to be aware of that fact too.
12:40- Dan being a lil shit and stealing diamond and phils "you did not deserve it" and pushing dans shoulder- boys... please.. im lonely as it is eating ramen and taking notes on a video, stop flirting so much
13:25: phil correcting dan- i live for this shit- also he gets so distinctly northern when hes bossy its sexy
15:54- "theyre so cheeky and hideous" then something interesting- dan begins making a dating profile and says "PH-" then quickly changes it to Gary- so you dont want your platonic bro to even have a dating profile online- calm the jealousy danny- in other words phil isnt allowed to have one ;)
17:20- the grandma toast story is so precious im clutching my heart
18:09: inuit talks :illuminati: :illuminati: :illuminati:
18:40- welp, Dans already detached and acts uninterested at his gf
19:12- "put your nose on the edge of his butt" and other out of context things phil has said
20:22- "really nasty" then the giggling from both boys that ensues- is there something we dont know about, does dan call phil a nasty bitch in bed?
.....(gets back on track)
21:20- "i keep looking at what youre doing"- awwwwwww
22:17- the casual talk about Dans first game was so unexpected and lovely, like they were actually interested in each others response- these moments let me see the genuine love and deep friednship that runs between the boys
23:14- "hell knows no fury like Philly scorned" :rofl: :rofl: Phils on fire today and his "hee hee" when he won
23:34 Dan says its your mum and quickly apologizes then Phil says "no look its your mum because she melts you"- *puts on oqua dans family glasses*.. Now is this Phil shading Dans mom and Dan agreeing to it, does this mean that Phil to some extent acknowledges the "bad" parenting and even jokes about it with Dan??
24:36- the Martyn stories are precious- sideeyes phil for not getting his bro on his channel for a collab so i can study their dynamic
24:48- yolo- fuckboi phil rises
27:02- "Phils getting demanding" Dans complaining when he acts like this all the time :lol: :lol:
28:18 Phils little pink hamster clay room, im sorry im now imagining a precious little phil who was the shy type that cuddled around animals and played video games with them surrounded so he feels less lonely :cry:
30:39- chill your biscuits you brisquet- why is phil such a dad with his horrible sayings
31:19- "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE" well guys never knew #phandivorced would come this soon
31:24- Dan singing is actually really beautiful
32:46- "you took my bubblegum you bitch" dan saying bitch is my new aestethic
33:16- phil bribing dan to kill the monsters so he can preserve his life- the cheeky lil shit
33:39- "root for me dan"- dan being a sore loser and phil giggling at him fondly- *calls ambulence*
34:14- some tooth poking where Dan doesnt act disgusted at the idea of his hand being in phil mouth- progress (i whisper) PROGRESS!!!
34:27- Dan cute "PHIL" put me in the grave once more
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by alittledizzy » Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:26 am

Some Phil YouNow timestamps. I'll probably just start posting my backlog in little chunks like this so it doesn't seem too spammy.

10 July 2016
1:31 - Dan's been sick, aww. I love their pajama week. It doesn't eradicate my bitterness over the lack of content and their shoddy work ethic but the imagery of them doing nothing but playing video games, watching tv, and pajama lounging is sweet.
4:21 - "I don't want to bombard you all with a billion stories about the tour." aka I'm saving those for a video and/or some other more monetized form of sharing.
12:20 - "Dil had to wait at home. He was like 'where are my parents, where did they go?' Phiwwwwww.
12:40 - I love Phil admitting in a roundabout way that he's not an awful gamer when he tries to really learn how to play something. We don't see that in the gaming channel pretty much ever, but we know he finished Fallout 4 and now Doom in the past six months.
17:15 - Bates Motel. People vs OJ. Wonder if Dan will purposefully avoid talking about them? (He mentions Fargo later on, but says he 'just finished watching' it so that might have been pajama week viewing.)
19:10 - Personality traits quiz. He can't remember what he is - INT something? "Not sure you can really put so many people in boxes and just say they're a thing when they're a thing. But a lot of people believe in it."
20:10 - Mario Kart on the "tour bus tv" - I was hoping upon playback I'd hear some hint about whether it was the bed tv or the front of bus tv.
20:53 - when he says "I mean, I've had a pretty stressful few times in my life" I wonder if the vday video leak flashed before his eyes.
22:10 - How much of Phil shitting himself over his backpack being missing was over how much damage could be done by a random fan finding his phone and/or laptop in that car? He could have handled that situtation had the backpack been entirely lost and I know the passport/tickets was probably the most pressing issue but you know it had to cross his mind. I still love that it seems like Dan was the quietly calmer one. Makes me think of Dan with the angry dad, how in an emergency situation Dan reacts in a calmer fashion.
27:01 - "I would have just cried." (I wanna see him cry, but only for a reason like that. Or a video game.)
30:46 - Phil describing oxygen deprivation as "pleasantly light headed" just makes me think autoerotic asphyxiation.
31:43 - "I'm catching Dan's plague." mhMMm too much pajama week bonding time
32:12 - Phil has dreams about youtube restricting his personal freedom, wow, nothing to read into there.
33:25 - Phil woke up at 4 am every night, took him an hour to go back to sleep. Wonder if Dan will mention sleep patterns or veer away?
35:40 - I just imagine Dan in the next room hearing Phil bark and grinning.
43:15 - Phil making random animal noises in livestreams is such a shoutout back to his habit of doing that constantly in old videos. Is that one of those genuine Phil quirks he just decided to smooth out to make himself more palatable to mass audiences?
44:40 - I want all the opinions on horror movies from Phil. He has the perfect attitude to enjoy a horror movie with - not too snobbish with the standards, ready to embrace the cheese and the jump scares.
46:39 - "Don't like waiting." Just makes me think of Dan repeating a few times over the years how impatient Phil is.
48:48 - He went straight to that pastel aesthetic thing. I'll be curious to see if it ties into the actual video he ends up filming or if Phil really is just kind of playing around with clothes.
53:50 - Be more inappropriate, Phil. Be more inappropriate in song form.
55:36 - Phil talking about what Dan did (didn't) take in school made me smile.
56:30 - I missed the Buffy reference first time around!
56:55 - I do believe that he has the app but doesn't use it. I also have no need for them to secretly have a snapchat or even publicly have snapchat bc I think they share more when they're less stressed. Snapchat would be another think to overthink and eventually all-but-abandon.

11 September 2016
:20 - I love that they both evaded making fans pay for younow rewatches by using tumblr.
:38 - "Voldemort"
1:11 - "I'm such a mess." There's something going on lately where they're more freely/openly using the same speech patterns. I like it, though people who want to see them as individuals probably won't.
1:58 - "There's something to wikipedia later."
2:29 - Burritos, good choice. Chicken, black beans, lime rice - I would go for the cheese too but a+ burrito order.
3:26 - "Me and Dan, wearing suits."
4:11 - He's used the phrase "set on fire" or "on fire" so much in this ls already.
5:10 - Them cuddled up on the sofa with cocoa watching Stranger Things. Yes.
5:28 - Everyone says he's pronouncing Adidas wrong, how else would you say it? I've only heard it the way he's pronouncing it.
5:53 - "wasn't allowed the good shoes" - strict parents mention #1
7:15 - "Woke up quite early" and looked through drawers
7:51 - Aw, singing.
8:00 - "our apartment"
9:28 - "Anus. That was the first thing I saw. Anus." ... "Grow up, Phil. Okay."
9:53 - Caregiver Phil. Someone give him a child or child-replacement-puppy stat pls.
10:08 - 'My little younow project.' I am a fan of Phil doing younow projects. I think he gets excited about having a staple for the show so it's not just 45 minutes to an hour of rambling.
10:50 - Ant world - (neutral). Worm world - ugh, gross. Bug safari - that sounds exciting. Microscrope - lame. Snail Land - (neutral). Spider World - are you kidding? No thanks. And ladybird world - (neutral).
12:15 - Sniffffff.
12:23 - Better night sleeps.
12:30 - "since we got back from Australia"
13:41 - his little laugh mid-sentence ugh, amazing
13:55 - Dan Terminator story.
14:03 - "got us terminator to watch"
14:20 - Phil pointing out that the second movie avoids the gendered trope of the first (w/woman being helpless).
15:02 - "Parents would only let me watch about six movies" - strict parent mention #2
15:08 - "What else did I watch? Gremlins 2, Beetlejuice, Jurassic Park as well. Jurassic Park when I was a bit older. Jurassic Park or Mr. Bean story.
15:35 - "I'm nostalgic for it, Alfred." I can't avoid thinking about the theory that they make up random male names for each other in livestreams to reply. Is there really an Alfred watching them?
16:10 - "My computer is being weird." or Dan is messaging him
16:33 - audiobook/enhanced ebook talk
17:20 - They like exploring new tech. I do believe this.
17:49 - Christmas or Halloween baking video
18:32 - "I like the tiger face." and a weird roar
18:55 - "If I see cherry blossoms... sweet mems." Going back to Japan "maybe next year."
19:21 - how far are you on Avatar? "we're rushing through it"
21:06 - Turning the laptop away while he gets up - bc he's not wearing pants? Bc of something on the shelf? Generally just paranoid about not having scoped out the area beforehand.
22:12 - That ingrained politeness with thanking someone for a compliment before agreeing.
22:32 - Live a little, Phil. Enjoy your PSL now.
23:19 - Something else he gets nervous about in interviews, maybe.
22:39 - Aw, yay for The Neverending Story.
24:04 - Is Dan d-slice or is Dil d-slice?
25:03 - Pralines and cream 5/5 ice cream.
25:19 - Betterware catalog phone printing story.
27:23 - Phil is impressed by the bottle.
28:02 - "quite hyped for arrival"
29:04 - He likes the punny premium messages.
29:05 to 29:31 - This whole bit is just amazing. laugh and aqueaky voice and 'what is my life'
30:52 - Weird shaped ears.
31:41 - "watched episode one [x-factor] with my friends"
31:06 - "my favorite thing is just watching other people and judging"
32:23 - his usage of the phrase "constructed reality" is interesting to me
32:48 - "I was just talking about having pineapple on a pizza with Dan."
32:58 - "But not on a pizza. You can't have pineapple and meat and cheese and tomato at the same time. [disgusted face] That's that face. That's what the Hawaiian pizza gets. [face again] It's wrong. It's so wrong." in which phil expresses The Only Good and True and Right Opinion on the atrocity of pineapple on pizza
33:46 - re: Mario on iphone "I feel like i'll complete it in about twenty minutes." wow perfect length to film
34:27 - The Witcher 3. "I played it for about ten hours and we got to a town called Novagrad and it was so long, there was a million quests and they were all really similar, like going to fetch something, going to buy something, going to upgrade something, and I just kind of fell out with it a bit. It just got a bit boring. But Dan's continued playing on my save and it's just got really cool and exciting and snowy and now I kind of regret not going through the trudge of the city. But yeah, I'm not playing it anymore." Do they even share game saves? It sounds like they are just watching each other play but swapped off on who was actually playing.
35:05 - Phil says they're picking photos from the photoshoot, Dan indicated he didn't know what youtube was doing with the photos. I wonder if they pushed for more control?
38:20 - Fly/venus flytrap. I love softhearted Phil when it comes to animals/living things.
39:21 - GCSE: Art, German, Geography, English Language, RE
41:05 - "panda thing"
41:42 - "Let's not relax about Panda conservation just yet."
42:57 - Probably left Captain America shirt on the American tour bus.
43:28 - "I love it when I hear people made friends because of our videos."
43:43 - If he could be any animal, he'd want to be a domesticated one.
45:26 - howling

Phanshows cuts off before the whistling, but since Phil can't whistle I'll go ahead and say that was definitely Dan popping in at the very end.

25 September 2016
1:18 - Phil, how do I make you understand that your version of "little bit of a scruff" is actually the most attractive you ever are to me? (Save the glasses/hair pushed back look.)
1:40 - While being fully aware that Phil said he was sent it by Pokemon and Dan's came from Hot Topic, I seem unable to pry the phan goggles off my face. You can't convince me they don't share those interchangably.
2:14 - In which Phil proves he's almost thirty by passionately talking about how his neck hurts. I feel you, buddy.
3:14 - Tonsil got in the way of Undertale. Not actually sad they didn't do Undertale, I prefer the idea of a full week of it and that second Slitherio was cute af.
4:13 - He makes no attempt to pretend Slitherio wasn't filmed ages ago, nor did Dan last week. More proof of the concept that they consider livestreams them giving their dedicated audience a behind the scenes look at things, which really negates the whole "he said this in the liveshow then lied in the video."
7:11 - "There we go! He's so precious." Me to Phil, not Phil to Albert(a).
8:00 - Phil's breeding kink lives.
11:15 - Funny and relatable on multiple levels, character development, art, story - things Phil enjoyed about A:TLA.
12:00- Undertale Week
12:22 - Phil acknowledging that the one video a month method was total crap for this particular game. He's so direct in this livestream. I get the feeling they've had enough of teasing things, too.
13:10 - Undertale Week will not be Spooky Week.
13:45 - Undertale in October or November.
14:12 - "Snapchat." "Is an app, yes. It's one that I'm not going to get." SASSY PHIL.
15:14 - Homesick baby uni student Phil.
15:48 - "Gollum voice." pls Phil that's your bedroom voice, don't lie
16:09 - Death Note or Your Lie in April? Phil says first half of Death Note, informs us Dan would say Your Lie in April because that changed his life.
16:58 - He's been to Dubai. Phil likes repeating words. He said "grease" randomly at the end of the sentence a bit before this, and then repeats "frills" during this one.
17:51 - Hairdressing Tips with Phil. Short layers at the top, short at the sides, no rattail at the back, use straighteners.
18:15 - Also, don't drop them onto your crotch. (There's a joke here about Phil trying to make his dick straight that I'm going to respectfully leave alone, while still snickering to myself.)
19:52 - Phil is now a Spice Master. He's a medium spice guy.
20:11 - His little cry-face was Dan reminiscent.
20:38 - SITC Book of the Year trophy.
21:51 - The thing Dan posted was a teaser trailer. On Wednesday full, proper trailers for both shows go up. (Now can people stop acting like the teaser was a fail because it didn't explain anything? It wasn't supposed to, it's not the trailer.)
22:35 - Seventy-eight chain email about each trailer.
22:42 - I feel like he started to get sassy then swapped directions.
23:49 - "Favorite thing about your face." Likes his eyes. Dad has intense blue eyes, mum has green eyes. He got a mix. Not his head because he gets headaches all the time, but also his head isn't his face.
24:50 - Explaining permissions needed for YouTube Red shows.
25:19 - "I've got like an entire box worth of these cow milk cartons, these Moofia things, which is so nice of them. So that's me sorted for all my Christmas presents, can just give those to all of our friends and family." our OUR O U R friends and family, ugh.
27:44 - Locked down everything on DAPGO, cover was the last thing.
31:00 - I want Waffle House now.
31:44 - Phil's neighbor was offended by the candle.
32:43 - "Phil at six am is not a happy person."
33:06 - "Perhaps a festive [baking video]."
36:42 - He'd be a water bender. He's thought about this a lot. I would lay money that he and Dan just constantly discuss what they'd be.
37:05 - "I think I was an air bender in my dream last night. But basically, I was trying to get a troll to stop coming in the house and - was it a troll? It was like something from World of Warcraft, I don't think it was a troll. Anyway, I had to block it out and I was having to use the power of my own mind to keep the door closed because that was how my power worked in my dream but I was just ending up like Sabrina the Teenage Witch [?] books across the room into this intruder. It was really stupid. I think I was in a video game becaues I wasn't very scared, I was just like - this is a lot of mental effort and I don't want to be having this dream. An orc! There we go. It was an orc."
38:26 - A tiny mosquito wanted to guest on the liveshow.
38:57 - Second half of calendar shoot is done, also shot cover for advent calendar. Quite an interesting theme for the inside of the advent calendar.
39:39 - "I got bitten a lot in Hong Kong." Mosquito, or Dan?
40:00 - Is he practicing Mario Kart for a DvP maybe pleasepleaseplease
42:05 - Phil cheats the Mario Kart system.
42:31 - Watching Stranger Things next.
42:48 - He's not bored by AHS, he's just mildly intrigued. But casual viewers might get bored.
43:46 - Hasn't done Patronus quiz, thought about making it a video but doesn't want to do three 'looking at laptop' videos in a row and doesn't know how long it is.
45:29 - Phil reverts to Peggle when he runs out of things to play, recommends it. In completely entirely unrelated news, under no influence of any outside parties, I have been playing Peggle obsessively for two days now.
46:27 - Badgers forever. Yes, Phil, represent our people.

2 October 2016
Phil just has such a fantastic energy with liveshows since tour ended. I don't know what it is - I thought the good mood would fade.

:51 - October is in his top three months. Favorite month is December. November/January are a tie, likes them both. January is his bday/NY. October he likes because everythign is becoming more autumnal and Halloween. He likes him some spooks.
2:10 - "Give Dan an emoji."
3:16 - He picks emojis from his recently used. Now I'm gonna want to psychoanalyze the emojis he gives people.
3:41 - "I have to give one to Dan because he's complaining." What a put-upon hubbie Phil is.
4:38 - "Perched awkwardly on those stools." Commentary on his comfort level while sitting or self-awareness at how awkward the interviews were.
5:26 - Two PSLs so far, average is 12.
6:32 - "My twitter doesn't even work because I didn't get that reply. Like, my notifications are off the charts-" I think he was going to say he should have gotten that notification (because he has Dan on notifs) and then derailed the sentence.
6:55 - "We had sandelwood [as air refreshener in the toilet] but that ran out and now it is Japanese cherry blossom, which kind of gives me feels for Japan." Nostalgic poops.
7:33 - Fave piece of furniture is the red chair in the office, likes sitting there to look out the window. He looks at the squirrels.
7:55 - Does not like sofa from hell. Only got the sofa/have kept it for so long bc nothing fits up the corridor.
8:36 - "Need to get a new sofa. Or just move out to somewhere with a bigger corridor." Pause, swallow, um.
9:02 - A hawk. Mated. With your eye. That's what you'd go to? That's what you think is a funny story, Phil? Eyefucked by a hawk? Eyefucked? By? A? Hawk? I'm with the doctor, I want to know what you're on.
9:42 - Cheeky little nap.
10:33- This story is why I will never wear contacts.
11:18 - "Are you on illicit drugs?" Phil was so indignant.
11:55 - "I'm not that kind of boy."
12:15 - "Get over it, dude." So Dan-like.
14:15 - "And Dan was saying..." eye patch bit.
15:15 - "The World vs. Dan and Phil's Eyeballs, maybe that could be another book-" stop.
15:29 - "Props box." "Really weird props." dildos, amirite
16:04 - I want his Mario Kart expertise to culmniate in a new gaming video please.
16:40 - Not gonna highlight any individual points of this, but his Alberta story is just fantastic. I'm infatuated with every little exclamation and genuine expression of shock/horror/emotional response.
23:03 - BSG talk. I'm jealous of that box set. Didn't tell anyone he watched it to avoid spoilers (smart) and loved the strong female character (YES).
23:38 - "frakking incredible" nerd
24:26 - "I'm not a big fan of Star Trek." wow I don't even know you Phil why would you hurt me like this, unstan
24:37 "intense military relationships secrets" top five tv shows he's ever seen, yes good as I expected
25:23 - "Had such a good day actually. Watched the three hour Battlestar finale and the Food Wars finale on the same day, and ordered Dominos pizza. In top five days of the year, that's gotta be up there. It was great. It was so good." He's been to multiple countries, performed dozens of stage shows, met countless fans, he's got a movie, a documentary, and a book coming out soon - and the best day of the year so far to him? Watching really good tv shows and eating pizza with Dan. Re-stanning, I'll find a way to look past the Star Trek remark.
28:08 - Specifically addressing why they wouldn't be playing certain games, naming a lot of the games people have brought up.
28:48 - Phil didn't play outlast but he watched Dan's video playing it and was very scared.
29:55 - Photoshoot took about six hours.
31:19 - Undertale Week. They're being noncommittal on the time frame, which is probably smart.
32:10 - Almost followed a goat twitter. These are the Phil updates I show up every week for.
33:03 - He'll get DAPGO on release day, same as we do.
34:34 - No More House Plant Death.
34:42 - Doesn't like glasses bc they weigh his face down. No one cares about your pain, Phil. Succumb to our demanding, entitled whims. Glasses every day. Glasses always.
35:47 - AmazingPhil on the tuber game is not really Phil. Sad womp.
37:12 - Phil how did you shrink your shirts.
37:50 - "We also recorded one in London but Youtube were like hey we want to do it in 4k."
38:26 - Excited for Arrival with Jeremy Renner, and bought The Witch on bluray.
38:58 - "I'm being quite social and hanging out with a few people, and my parents are coming to visit London."

16 October 2016
:57 - There's a man in a room watching Phil. Mr. Burns is watching Phil on a wall of screens. In the Pentagon. In a spaceship.
2:01 - Bryony mention! And watching tv under a blanket.
5:20 - Refers to heaven (or where someone would normally insert a heaven reference) as a "space cloud."
7:53 - Main documentary chat took five hours and was basically just a long q&a.
8:37 - Broke the fringe check mirror, cut his hand trying to pick it up. They analyzed the scene in slow motion to figure out what happened.
10:16 - He can't remember why they went with him for the high note at the end of The Internet is Here.
13:20 - Intimidated by 300 people looking at him during the SUTC livestream.
14:01 - Phil is rubbish at rock paper scissors.
16:27 - He had a duck and watermelon salad.
16:38 - Hello, Internet impression. "Seven years of Hello Internet. Seven Second Challenge. Seven seconds on the car. Things are coming in sevens." You forgot 'seven year anniversary with the boyfriend.'
18:24 - Favorite game(s) of all time: Final Fantasy 7/8, Silent Hill. Board game: Camel Up, Tokaido, Carcassonne.
18:55 - Promoting Matt Edmondson's game, so he's still in touch with radio people (at least professionally), good. He and Dan got "very competitive" playing it.
22:30 - He sounds very northern when he says "the talk."
23:15 American Horror Story thoughts. "My friend Adam" - I also like that he's still in touch with Adam.
24:03 - Watched Yuri on Ice, "kind of into it?" - overdone the sports anime.
24:29 - "Freaking loved" Stranger Things. "Me and Dan watched it in about two days, but it was a glorious two days."
27:04 - Went to see Motown Musical with his parents for his mum's birthday. Recommends it, but Book of Mormon first.
28:01 - Danger Men At Work
30:51 - His eyes have gotten worse again, -3.5.
31:28 - Sexy male model. SEXY MALE MODEL. "He looks amazing."
33:40 - Asked if he'd go to see a ballet, he said he'd see Swan Lake. "You should try everything if you can."
36:44 - Dan is better than Phil at Rolling Sky.
38:42 - They had to be at a place for filming at 6:30 am. Slow blinks. Pray for Phil, who had to get up at 5.
39:56 - Shelves are a mess. He shows off where he'd like to put a new shelf, but can't drill into the wall. "If I owned this place, I would."
40:25 - Will not do a Oijia board for spooky week because his mum would kill him. Also some people find them offensive. Also he is 1% scared they are real.
43:06 - Advice for people presenting projects.
44:27 - Get Dan off Tumblr. "I'm sorry, I don't have that power." No Halloween plans, wants to play a scary game or watch a scary movie.
45:14 - Handed out candy at his parents old house. If a teenager comes to your house, they want to break in and steal something.
47:00 - He struggles with the concept of the universe being infinite. "One of the theories is that it's a big sphere and it just always continues, like if you're walking on the earth and you go around the earth we kind of go around the universe. And the edge of the sphere, who knows. Maybe we're just bobbing up and down on a big sea of nothing." or "There is a possibility that we are just computer generated creatures in a simulation. That sounds stupid but that is an actual thing that scientists sometimes consider, because if the simulation was good enough we wouldn't know that we are just computer generated creatures."
48:26 - "I don't need to tweet how much of a fail I am every single day."
48:42 - Two cereal bowls, two hot drinks. Heart eyes emoji.
49:43 - Might go to Harry Potter premiere with Dan, is curious about the movie.
52:40 - He forgot he was doing a younow midway through. I can't figure out why but I like that he shared that.

- Sexy male model.
- Did he not tweet that cereal picture because he felt like it was an overuse of on-brand tropes? (Cereal+Phil, clumsiness+Phil.) Or is it because he genuinely was embarrassed? Because we don't often see Phil expressing insecurity or embarrassment over himself, he generally shares his 'fails' with a laugh. But we know from TATINOF that he does have insecurities and it's a curious look at this perhaps being a threshhold, like he's okay laughing at his clumsiness once in a while but it's embarrassing to reveal how regularly it happens. (They also didn't talk about the mirror hand cut thing.)

23 October 2016
1:01 - Collab with stampy joke based on someone's username, assumes stampy wouldn't be impressed with "our" minecraft skills.
2:28 - Got quite travel sick in the car on the way home, had to ask to open a window.
3:19 - "We were sat in the corner eating donuts."
4:12 - Photos are intimidating because he doesn't know where to look or what direction Dan is looking in.
5:22 - "Lets just wear our jacket, because boy bands match and we're missing out on that matching action so we thought why not go matching, that'll be fun. And hopefully we'll get some nice red carpet pictures for the first time ever."
6:20 - Phil likes people who make a good first impression, liked Ryland and "gave him a follow afterwards."
7:47 - They're sawing it in half. Dan can have the pointy bit of the one, Phil gets the names.
8:02 - Why are you one person? "I don't know, but I'll take it!"
8:48 - They should never genetically splice each other.
9:04 - More anxiety dreams from Phil.

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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by alittledizzy » Thu Dec 15, 2016 11:04 am

DIL HAS A BABY - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #32
:07 - Chair breakage. "I almost did a Dan."
:45 - Dan's grin when Phil says "Daddy Dil" is so cute.
1:26 - Birth is an explosion. D: "Birth is more of a miracle than you are making it out to be." Conclusion: Dan and Phil do not know how childbirth works, but have probably googled it to try and figure it out before.
2:11 - Dan choosing to zoom in on Phil's little pout face. Good decision making, editing!Dan.
3:00 - Phil's work is rocked by this prawn cocktail realization.
3:56 - So now we know to scour the bg of deppy videos for baby books in addition to the blatant nesting.
4:49 - Phil wonders if anyone's water has broken on tube seats. Phil's mind is strange, but I like it.
5:02 - According to Phil, because Dil and Tabs are married all their friends should respect this and cease all attempts at social interaction or communication. It's such a Dan comment, yet still makes so much sense.
6:04 - You can tell the moment Dan realizes what story Phil is about to tell. Phil does have "speak before thinking syndrome" though - reminds me of the confession roulette story where he gushes about the great holiday he took to the friend who couldn't go.
6:24 - I try to do timestamps before I read the forum so I'm not influenced by everyone else's opinion, but this time I didn't watch the video until later so I'd seen the responses. I actually expected to be annoyed by Dan's comments about it being easier to be a man, but it feels more like he's just acknowledging that men can't comprehend childbirth rather than it bein an insult.
6:34 - Phil patting Dan's pregnant belly.
6:49 - Dan makes a face when talking about male insemination. I have a lot of thoughts about this.
7:36 - "Don't let Tabitha do any work."
7:50 - So Dan can say vagina on the gaming channel but Phil saying labia got edited? Ehhh. Pick a standard and stick with it, if nothing else.
8:18 - They continue to think that anyone else wanting to spend time with Dil or Tabs is that person not respecting that Dil and Tabs are married.
8:45 - Domestic life is one of them using the bathroom while the other showers.
9:09 - The rug reminds Phil of Land Before Time.
10:25 - Phil sings a breakfast song. Dan critiques the lack of rhyme.
12:05 - Door swings open.
13:09 - Phil seems interested in water births.
13:12 - Reference to Press the Button video.
13:49 - Dan fixing Phil's hair.
14:01 - "A small family of birds has descended onto your head."
16:07 - Third water birth mention.
17:42 - Baby Howlter is born. Dan and Phil look genuinely enthused.
19:24 - They are more into interacting with the baby than anything thus far in this episode.
20:12 - "Free the Sim nipple."
22:07 - "That is a smoooooth babby."
22:50 - Dan and Phil give birth.
24:09 - More baby interaction.
24:18 - Phil calls Dan out for dabbing on the gaming channel.
25:55 - Why did they skip like 20 seconds? It went from Tabitha rocking to Dil bottle feeding. Is it too :illuminati: to assume that one of them made a comment about baby feeding that they just snipped right out?
25:30 - "Like this video if you're crying right now."
25:55 - Phil's slow building smile as he watches Dan laugh is just - ugh. Yes.
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by Winston » Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:36 pm

Dec 15: XERCISE! - Dan vs. Phil: KINECT


:24 sad reindeer dan= cute
1:01 Phil and his thicc arse, dan watches
1:51 perv taking photos from behind, seems like something they know all too well, even in a game they still are keeping an eye out for photogs
2:08 Dan:small voice acting world in the UK. Phil: He’s really cashing in on these games isn’t he?- Boys look into this for when you drop off the youtube train, can voice act in terrible video games.
2:16 if they ever need that audience love from TATINOF again they can just start this game for virtual adoration.
2:33 long carrot , then the sound effect. Made me laugh.
3:15 one of the best priss face examples I have seen. The antlers make all the better.
3:21 Phil talking about his skillz in long jump, joke about taking a step and beating everyone.
3:44 Phil trolling Dan and Dan almost believes him for a second
3:55 Dan doing really crap
5:00 Dan reaching in front of the D, best part is Phil so forcefully moving it.
5:34 Stop perving on me, once again does not like getting his photo taken when not asked first. All those who see them in the wild take note, and ask first.
5:52 “Get your Phil out, get your Phil out for the lads.” I am with Phil on this, what on earth could that even mean?
6:03 the whole volley ball thing, is sad af. Lit, stupid anime words they know, Phil has absolutly no idea what to do or how to vollyball...smh
7:30 terrible at Wii bowling? How? The bowling is also terrible, Phil once again is that how he bowls, never go bowling irl, terrible… Dan “swearing” off camera and sansing it up on screen
10:18 Dan slaps Phil in the face, even though Phil is not leaning forward…. Suspicious
11:18 talking about police and eviction because of the hurdles game. I am pretty sure it would have happened already from all the shrieking that happens, a couple seconds of fast foot action is not going to affect them much in comparison.
12:52 the replay reactions, “who would put that on Facebook?” horrifying.
13:24 “I feel like a ship captain.” What? This makes no sense at all. Does he think ship captains squat in living rooms with table extensions on their heads…. Seriously, what Phil?
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by dollicious » Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:02 pm

1.00 - ASs
1.44 - “i’ve got old school phil hair” “aww” followed gagging noises. this made me die a little bc who doesn't love old school phil hair. also this made me wonder when did they make these avatars? dan’s outfit is so extra.
2.30 - “that is a long carrot” wink.
3.42 - “p: the key is to run really slowly” “d: is it?” “p: yeah.” haha i love phil trolling and that he can’t keep a straight face while doing it.
3.48 - why does he do the javelin game with his right hand? i feel like it wouldn't have been such a flop with his left hand.
4.59 - dan distracts phil at the game by placing his hand in an interesting place to do so ;).
9.45 - cute phil victory dance.
10.16 - dan 'accidentally' slaps phil and then blames phil for it.
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by sentinel » Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:47 am



2.19 *crowd cheers when Phil puts up his hands* "It's like TATINOF hasn't ended!" U lurking here guys I know it, you know it, no need to pretend
3.14 "Long jump, I was 4th best" "Obviously, cause we're freaking giraffes" "I could just step and beat everyone else"
3.42 "The key is to run really slowly" 5.25 "Aim for the alien, get the alien!" 7.34 "Aim for the people in the audience" RISE DARK PHIL R I S E I AM LIVING FOR YOUR ACTUAL PERSONALITY
9.24 "You could have actually said so much worse things" you say that like it's a bad thing Dan
10.15 Dan flailing at Phil's face and then """"accidentally"""" actually slapping him :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: hope that slap was worth it Danyl
12.10 lmao Dan channel that inner shark
12.30 "I AM THE BEST SPORT" boy am I sure some people love doing u 8-) 8-) 8-)
13.48 "It's not the 'taking part' that counts, it's winning" What happened to not-competitive Dan? Hmmmm
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by alittledizzy » Fri Dec 16, 2016 7:20 am

Dan younow timestamps

13 September 2006
:26 - "Not reading your name out."
:40 - How are the houseplants? So dead, you have no idea.
1:02 - Death to the echo thing. Death to it.
1:17 - Couldn't afford a Macbook until he had a job for four years.
2:50 - Wow, shaming those sock pervs.
3:08 - Tidied bedroom for the first time in three months. Eight hours cleaning it.
5:17 - "our son is growing up so fast"
5:27 - would edit out crying. good to know.
6:17 - GBBO story
8:21 - Horror movie opinions! This makes me happy.
8:32 - "Me and Phil, we're big horror movie fans."
8:53 - Yes yes James Wan.
10:41 - meow
11:05 - Kept the horn hoodie, likes to wear it inside.
11:16 - I took a nap during this iphone talk.
14:43 - I drifted off again during the tatinof talk.
16:04 - "Why is everyone mentioning Onision?" suddenly I am Very Awake
16:32 - That escelated. In such a calm yet deeply frustrated way.
18:07 - Dan biting his fingers. Strangely sexual?
18:11 - "Messaged something to Phil" i don't buy that it had to do with Darla
18:30 - Oddly satisfying videos. He actually seemed into this react video.
20:25 - Witcher 3 "I've been playing lately, watching Phil do it."
21:15 - Pepe story. I appreciate Dan talking about things that interest him, but my pillow is very fluffy and I am very tired, I'm gonna nap again.
23:23 - aftershave
23:43 - Being true to yourself, whatever makes you happy. What's that expression, Dan?
24:00 - Excited for what's coming over the horizon.
24:40 - Less salty than last week.
24:45 - Ice cream story. Going for new flavors, trying new things.
27:26 - Two year roller coaster. He says started a gaming channel /then/ decided to write a book - strike against the people who think dapg was only to build the brand and sell the book.
28:17 - Music talk. I'm getting so well-rested during this liveshow.
29:55 - Things Dan would have liked to studied: internatinoal law, human rights law, environmental law.
30:15 - Ah, oh. More music. All righty. Please, Dan, give me more of your judgements on what music makes a person classy.
33:10 - Boston Kitcha Pizzens.
34:19 - Mario or Sonic? Mario.
37:26 - I hate the term danecdote so much.
37:54 - I'm so pleased that they both embraced tumblr instead of making people pay younow.
38:15 - Tell me more about your trips to France, Dan.
39:33 - His mocking fans voice is gonna get old fast.
39:43 - We almost made it. We almost made it through w/o a Kanye mention. So close.
40:26 - The Nathan Zed shoutout saved it.
41:09 - More music, but I'm interested in what makes him cry. I'm less interested in the six minute rant on Sia and music that follows. Zzzz.
47:16 - "That's who I am, take it or leave it." I appreciate that. I could not muster up a fuck to give over what he thinks of current music trends, but I still enjoy a livestream where he's comfortable enough to ramble on at length about things he cares about. His passion is enjoyable no matter the subject matter.
48:06 - Harry Potter house talk. I admire people who can recognize the Slytherin in themselves even when they don't aspire to it.
48:50 - Pretty sure the Harambe McHarambeFace story was proven false but the media covering it is still liveshow rant worthy.
49:58 - "The internet destroys everything. It also makes everything worth living."
52:00 - How to Clean Your Room, coming soon to a dinof channel near you
53:44 - "Where is Phil" with that horrendous fan-mocking voice again.
54:38 - Asked about Phil screaming Leslie. Pretending like he didn't hear it. Sure, Jan.
55:20 - Spooky Week.
55:31 - I feel betrayed every time he says "calm" and not "clam" now. What has he done to my brain?
55:54 - "I feel like Phil can't raise houseplants so maybe trying to resurrect primordial crustracious life isn't what he should be doing. But lets not triop shame him. Who knows, we might have a new Simon the Shrimp?" is this Dan's test for Phil? He's gotta successfully raise a shrimp before they talk adoption?
56:48 - asked about Avatar and answered where he was at in it. More "I" where Phil said "we" - oh how the tables have turned, Phil is hands down the more inclusive of the two now when including Dan in stories.

20 September 2016
:12 - "Roast me Howell. - this can't be a thing, it's too. Too much pressure, to be honest."
:34 - The alarm thing was cute, but he said 'bitch' then immediately took it back. Did someone stumble over that idb discussion?
2:42 - "And how often have I had a social event to go to on a Tuesday? Like once a year."
4:04 - "We're not starting this." re: saying hi
5:08 - Implying he was drunk/tipsy trying to pack and get ready. "Was very late. Sprayed deodorant in my eye. Was embarrassed. Didn't tell Phil. Kept my eye closed. Got to the airport. Half blind. Bit awkward. Spoke to the lady on the phone, said I shouldn't have rubbed it. Searing pain. Crying in public. That was fun. Went to Boots, and, you know. Got some eye spray."
7:34 - "And then of course, Phil smacked his hand on the suitcase."
8:59 - Does he hesitate a little in there as he says, "I'm engaged to a guy"?
9:37 - Ah, condescending toward fandom Dan, my least favorite.
10:44 - Louise is watching. "Hey girl, what you up to? Having a nice evening?"
11:32 - Phil swearing. "Phil almost swore in the clip I tweeted. Almost. But it's not Phil's brand to be vulgar, is it. So he sucked that back in his mouth. And I called him a buffoon extremely sympathetically."
12:03 - "I feel scared when things happen. There's a reason this got views quickly, and I don't know why. And it's never a good thing. It just stresses me out because I'm like, what is - why is this - has something good happened? Because instead of enjoying it I'm just afraid of losing it now." Ouch, but also nice to hear him acknowledge something that's very apparently in how he acts toward good things.
14:15 - "me and Phil were gonna start watching"
14:45 - "so we'll let you know"
16:31 - Existential question. I like that he had an answer for the question, and even more that it wasn't that bleak. Can he and Hector sit down and talk this out? With a camera rolling?
21:23 - I didn't know how much I wanted Dan to talk about this until he did, not because I give a shit about Brad and Angelina but because I'm reading all kinds of projection here. He doesn't want to speculate because he has too much empathy for couples going through stressful things deserving their privacy, and in terms of the breakup he's going very practical talking about how inconvenient it would be to break up with someone you owned property investments with.
25:11 - "Go for a flavor you've never tried before." I actually did that, though for some reason I've been loathe to admit that's why.
25:43 - "Phil is often dapper."
47:34 - "He has 48 million subscribers, he doesn't need people to be nice to him."
27:30 - "Make friends with people on the internet who go to your university." Or make friends with people then decide to go to the university they're near.
28:11 - I would also find it sad for the chicken.
33:41 - Phil candle story. One of the few things from this liveshow that didn't spawn off of a premium question.
35:09 - "Clinton is the less world destroying choice." Yeah. Well said.
35:32 - At some point in the rest of his life he'll go on tour again. Oh, that death knell I hear for tatinof eu.
36:35 - I like that Phil seemed to have been excited Dan's tweet came true, and then went and got them coffee.
37:01 - Ear tints.
37:24 - Phil's rebranding.
38:46 - tatinof adelaide kinkshaming
39:09 - Wow, lackluster response to someone being excited for dapgo. He is just all about lowering expectations for this one. All I can think is that the critisism tatinof got scarred him for life in terms of his desire to be taken seriously.
40:15 - Phil's new plant.
40:38 - Albert the Shrimp.
41:47 - "I deserve a cupcake." They're all about treating each other, aren't they? Phil going to get them coffees, Dan having cupcakes delivered. (I mean, I'm taking a leap of faith here assuming he got one for Phil too.)
42:55 - I'm 1000% more invested in more Pokemon Go videos than Pokemon Go itself. Please do more mini gaming ditls please.
43:26 - "I feel like all of my videos have a serious undertone, if you're willing to see through them."
48:00 - rabbit!Dan
48:08 - I like his little laugh as he even reads the question. Good answer, though.
49:04 - Commenting on Australia being masculine and gender role-y
49:50 - Undertale week. PLEASE.
50:05 - "Oh my god, me and Phil are so busy at the moment."
51:26 - Totoro whistling
53:52 - Come up with your own branding, okay.
55:08 - Parrot naming. This and the branding comment, he just seems 100% done with the chat. I don't know if it's a teenager who asked him this or not but his reaction kind of makes me want to defend the question. Some people like giving pets emotionally or sentimentally significant names. Would I do it? No. Do I understand how that could make someone happy and enhance an already exciting situation? Yeah. Would I be embarrassed as fuck if I asked him a question and got that response? Probably. (But, you know, that's why I never send premium messages.)

4 October 2016
2:14 - Dan is a floating something. "Wearing a completely gray shirt for being outside, because in England it's cold as heck." So he was definitely out before the liveshow.
3:20 - Phil was the dancing pumpkin. Little known fact. Underappreciated piece of AmazingPhil trivia, in Dan's opinion.
3:37 - He is a floating head. It only took him a minute and a half to finish that sentence. Also: Dan has a neck.
4:45 - John is feeling gay. Dan paused to laugh. He loves his audience. "From choke me, to gay, to free doritos. I get it all from you."
5:27 - tatinof/doc #spon begins. Dan is not ready.
6:27 - He squeezed out an egg with Phil, out of their collective orifice. The try-not-to-mention-having-a-baby-with-your-husband metaphor game is weird lately.
7:13 - Is Phil really the dancing pumpkin man? It's a hundred percent true fact that Phil said and everybody believed.
8:20 - He's talking about about how everyone can access the document but all I see are pound signs and the youtube logo coming out of his mouth.
9:52 - Will it appeal to older fans? "We must never discriminate against people based on age, because somebody might be eleven and smarter than you." True, Dan, but not an answer to the question. There are llamas, but there are ironic llamas, so it's okay.
12:30 - "What did Dan and Phil think about being Dan and Phil?" I enjoy this being a point of the show.
14:40 - Why are your lips so red? Because I'm living in a dark cave-
16:15 - Phil trolling Dan by replaying Dan's weird "photoshoot" comment.
16:40 - Hella awkward to do those videos with twenty people watching.
21:07 - #GetPhil - Dan asks why he's not good enough, asks if people want a livestream of him crying for an hour. I'm not sure how peole asking for Phil relates to Dan crying.
24:04 - No signings for DAPGO, but something outside of the box.
25:42 - They've accrued crap since going on tour, apt is full of crap.
26:35 - "My life is terrifyng and hilarious."
27:13 - "You could be a cannibal and I don't want to endorse that." Sassy voice.
28:23 - References pretentious friend in university.
29:10 - Phil thinks Danny Brown has an 'eager voice.' I love Dan sharing Phil opinions.
31:19 - Golden Labrador Syndrome. His concentration face is adorable, but "I can do it, I can do it-" in that gritted teeth voice with his head bowed and his face going red just takes me to a filthy mental place.
31:50 - Undertale, Dil, Spooky Week, Undertale in a big burst. Flaily Dan.
32:35 - "Are Dan Howell furry?" "That's a good question."
33:19 - Dan needs to talk about something imporant. I am riveted. This is the moment I have been waiting for. "There is a show called Battlestar Galactica." I feel alive. "If I had a top five favorite tv shows of all time, I think this would probably be in it." This is life. "This is human drama, and it will ruin your life. The characters are amazing. You will fall in love with the characters, and this show will ruin your life. Kara Thrace is a girl who is a space fighter pilot and she is a feminist icon and a geek culture icon and she will be your favorite person and most iconic person of all time. You will aspire to be her. Lee Adama is the basic white boy you wish you didn't like as much as you did but you are hopelessly in love with him. The Commander, he's like your dad. The President, she's your new mum. You don't care about your family anymore. You love this show. It's called Battlestar Galactica."
34:16 - hashtag fuck off
36:55 - "I have good taste, you can trust me." whoa lets not go too far there, even a stopped clock is right twice a day
37:30 - "I agree with Phil that it was a bit too much competition and it would have been good to get some story and character development."
38:01 - "More hot springs fan service episodes." I'm just going to assume that's a homoerotic reference.
38:15 - Crunchyroll Food Wars #spon trip lost opportunity.
39:15 - "Are you quitting youtube?" I appreciate the clarification but he's kind of misrepresenting what people were reacting to - I'm pretty sure it was his wording that he was going to "set everything on fire" that evoked the concerned response.
40:12 - Peace signson the way out.
40:40 - Explains peace signs as a defense mechanism. "Much like my sense of humor, the peace signs are a coping mechanism to deal with my low self-esteem."
42:44 - "Can senpai notice you more than literally using your icon?" He loves Felix.
42:30 - Phil/pokemon trailer story.
44:08 - The pokemon owl seems like a 'he' in Dan's mind bc Phil said the owl looks like him.
45:18 - There is a time of year when the constellation of whiskers align in the galaxy. (pinof 8)
45:42 - "But when will the whiskers end?" It's an homage, it's terrible and amazing, it can never be bad (like llamas) because it's too important.
46:38 - pinof as old men; as someone else pointed out, his response isn't that they might not even know each other at 80 but that they'd be so old they couldn't sit on the bed and would have to sit in chairs
47:14 - Does Phil drag people? Does he do that? Is it within him to drag a person?
47:20 - Hates Alberta the shrimp. Doesn't like it making eye contact with him.
47:46 - Alberta's a lesbian: "Who's to try to force a label upon this shrimp? I mean we barely understand human sexuality, so to imply that shrimp has gender - I don't know. I think that unless Alberta wants to label herself, you know, to help understand her self on her terms we should just not assume anything."
48:48 - "Phil's got me watching X-Factor."
52:49 - His fave GOT char is the evil witch.
54:02 - Since summer 2012, has Dan had a liveshow without someone asking him if he watches Sherlock? How can a fandom survive on one hour a year? I can't tell if he's mocking or admiring.
57:40 - Harambe, where is the line. "It's not my job to decide how you're supposed to feel about Haramabe. You get mad."
59:03 - Mister is a Dan-approved dog name.
59:27 - "Dan and Phil have run out of storage. It's official. We have accumulated too much crap, okay. I need more space. I'm going mental. It's like I live in a hamster cage and someone is dropping rocks into it and I'm slowly getting pushed up against the wall. Hashtag-Dan-Needs-Storage. Okay, that's what's important in life. We can't get into the kitchen 'cause there's stuff from our tour blocking the doorway. It's tragic. You need to pray for us." "'Find a bigger apartment, move to a bigger house.' Yeah, thank you." What is his face doing, what is that beaming smile, that helpless laugh when he's not saying anything but I want to know what's happening in his brain. (Storage is a v serious issue though.)
1:01:13 - Cried his eyes out at BSG.
1:01:26 - He feels calm but inside there is tiny panic that he and Phil have spent two/three years working on this book and stage show and 'tomorrow The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire and a documentary about the making of it is coming out on youtube and there we go, it's there, for all of you, on the internet forever. Crazy.'
1:02:33 - He's offended by youtube's color correcting and them editing Phil's eyes 'and I don't know why because Phil looked fine' aww
1:03:03 - Clinking in the kitchen.
1:03:15 - Goodbye, ducklings.

18 October 2016
1:00 - "I have no idea why I own this." Unless a fan says they bought it, I'm gonna call bullshit on Dan having had this one for a while and not realizing it. If he'd owned a Winnie the Pooh one for a while surely we'd have seen that before, given that Pooh is his childhood fave.
2:14 - Moulin Rouge was one of his favorite movies as a child.
2:31 - "We knew you were a furry, honey." No denial.
2:52 - Epic thumbing. "How many thumbs do I have inside me right now?"
5:42 - Spooky Week video on dinof or AP - he doesn't know what the plan is yet. Another example of how they come up with a video idea first together then just decide where it will go.
6:44 - Asked about still having the Tonberry: "Still have the- the- all the- plushes on a giant wardrobe over there." Then some waffle about dusting. Did he not read that question entirely before he said it aloud? Or did he just read it aloud impulsively and then immediatly regret it and stumble over his words?
7:16 - Dan's face talking about Phil in the child's car. Beamy McBoyfriendFace. "I was worried that Phil would die going down this corridor as fast as possible, but he did it quickly and I was in a state of shock, as many people showed me."
8:15 - Starts to read a question "Can you-" then stops himself and laughs and moves on quickly.
9:16 - Last - "maybe" - of the TATINOF related stuff: 360 video.
10:34 - And something on Phil's channel. "As a bonus for the people subscribed to Phil's channel." Describes what they're uploading there as "a funny, awful video."
11:11 - What an aggressive BOOP.
12:10 - Cringe rant.
13:33 - Dan talks about AHS, makes sure we know what Phil's theory was.
14:10 - Dan is asked if he's ever tried VR, makes sure we know it would make Phil sick.
14:42 - Asked how it feels to be inside a bear - the tiniest smirk ever. Also the way he says "oh yeahhh" sounds like a Phil thing.
15:55 - London and LA book events. They managed to tell their viewers before the actual bookstores for once, I'm impressed.
17:35 - Write the word 'Dan' as someone is punching you, DIY Dan autograph.
17:53 - Q&A event will be recorded, go on dinof.
18:34 - He and Phil filmed an exciting, mysteryious (Youtube Rewind) thing. They are in it more than last year.
19:28 - "They did not tell me and Phil that they wanted us to turn up somewhere at six am and do exercise for five hours."
21:01 - "Speaking of girl groups, Phil's keeping me watching The X-Factor." He keeps you watching it, Dan? Is this what you do during bondage time?
22:39 - "Me and Phil finally watched Stranger Things."
24:22 - "What's your favorite soccer team? "No."
25:00 - Hillary or Trump? Not Trump.
27:20 - Money/capitalism rant. People don't need to get merch, it's just nice for people that have money and can. "When I was a teenager my family didn't have any money, I had no merchandise, I never went to concerts."
29:08 - Yuri on Ice. He's enjoying it, but it's more of a fanservicey comedy than a drama and he likes his drama animes.
31:32 - "Maybe we'll do a poll. Or maybe I'll just ask Phil and he'll have a strong opinion."
32:48 - Fargo.
34:30 - Still Fargo. "We just watched the second season of it, me and Phil finished it."
35:11 - gif vs jif
36:18 - Outlast 2 demo, FNAF Sister Location - spooky week games.
37:27 - kpop talk; fave BTS song? "Boy in Love - that one sounds fun."
38:30 - "Speaking of tv shows that I hate that Phil makes me watch." Someone please remind Dan that he can actually leave a room that Phil is in, it is physically possible.
38:40 - Long capitalism/The Apprentice rant.
41:53 - Doesn't want to do another tumblr tag, but "Phil might one day." Long cute stretchy move.
42:00 - Dan doesn't like filming the same video over and over, and in other news, stay tuned for ISG 7938542 next week.
43:09 - Clocks are wrong. Dan disagrees with clocks.
43:50 - Time is just a concept. "Yeah, it is. But I mean, lots of things are concepts. So's morality. And language. And purpose. Take away concepts, and we're just biological beings that want to eat and have sex and kill things that threaten the things we want to eat and have sex with. So, you can reject your concepts and get all uppity about that or you can accept that concepts are fun. Just putting that out there."
46:13 - Dan would be an air nomad in A:TLA.
48:20 - Do you respect nonbinary people's pronouns? "Gender is a construct. Sex is biological, gender doesn't mean anything. What is gender? Honestly. Call yourself a frickin' banana, I don't care. Just be comfortable with who you are."
50:52 - Make Phil dress as Piglet. "Wow, the strange erotic AU I don't want to read about on tumblr later." the pooh bear doth protest too much.
51:12 - Last couple tatinof videos (maybe).

8 November 2016
1:13: he’s doing the fucking infinity thing when will we be spared of this torture
2:02: cute folded hands chin on hands halp
3:28: Is Dan jealous that Thomas (vine star guy) met Pooh’s voice actor? Not sure.
4:17ish: “you diverse bunch of pelicans” continuation of the weird-ass nicknames for viewers
5:05: why are you in London while Phil’s in Florida? Apparently Phil’s family was planning to vacation to florida at this time and Phil got the book publishers to fly him to Orlando?? I don’t really see the connection there but okay
6:31: finally stopped reading out random chat messages and started talking about something, talking about how the CEO of Instagram invited a bunch of people to a restaurant in London to “have a chat, no particular reason…it was extremely vague.” There was also “interactive food” I guess he’s talking about the smoking ice cream or whatever??
9:22: someone asked him about his anime rec’s but instead he gave us detailed instructions on how to go to Phil’s youtube channel and watch the cosplay video, oh Dan
9:32: Apparently Phil really didn’t prepare Dan for the costumes “kind of traumatizing for me”
9:59: “may be the last video I do on Phil’s channel” excuse do not say that so seriously, you’re scaring me ):
10:36: #DanNeedsStorage Ickle what number moving mention is this???
12:26: election talk starts
13:03: A bunch of people are going to pubs to watch it, “I wish I had friends” then low key backtracking saying he’s not the kind of person to even do that, he’s the kind to stay inside with pizza and internet and masturbate into the pizza apparently
13:39: Been going to sleep at 4am recently “uhhhhh” no Dan please tell us the reason …. No not because you’re going to LA that’s not the reason we wanted UGH
14:04: more election talk, he’d vote for Hillary (shocker) now he gets into gov’t and culture
15:05: “Anyone who’s been in the public eye as long as her is bound to be in controversies” are you projecting?? I think this viewpoint is really interesting. He has some first-hand experience being in the “public eye” (sort of) and I’d like to hear him speak a little more about how that affects people and public opinion of them
16:31: “Libertarianism is a bit silly” please tell me more!!! Back up your claims!!!
17:32: Jared is the only straight male there, to which Dan responds “how would you know that? 20% of my audience is male” and then he’s like “until Google introduces a what do you think your sexuality might be form when you sign up you’ll never know that” interesting choice of words? I guess? Maybe not. I want to know what you guys think.
18:00: by the way, Dan is genuinely stressed about the election
18:21ish: Goes back to audience on Youtube and gender, apparently a lot of vloggers have 99% female viewership because teenage boys mostly go to gamers and not vloggers, then he goes on to discuss that he came from in between the charlieissocoollike time and the gleam time which is really true…..and then he dropped the topic no Dan please analyze more about youtubers and their viewerships and the time they got popular pleeeease
19:22 back to anime vid talk, went straight for the cosplay one again
19:59: “the video I made with amazingphil” in case y’all forgot what youtube channel to go to, we are talking about amazingphil.
21:49: again, the channel is amazingphil
22:10: super cold in England, but he likes it when it’s cold and hates the super hot temperatures England reaches
23:15: “we filmed a gaming video before we left” oops I forgot me and Phil didn’t do this together…y’know since we do everything together
23:51: bla bla you like when we collab bla bla “this has been the year of Dan and Phil” SHOOK
25:05: why is US DAPGO censored? “because America is weird and you can’t show butts” was there going to be butts?
28:33: “I had good hair in a video I watched recently, I need to get that back” I live for Dan watching his own videos and also his hair in the past
29:22: why didn’t you want to do signings? Because DAPGO is different content to the first one and they wanted to do different things…k? Okay now he’s actually answering, he was very inspired by the papertowns movie event Q+A thingy with John Green
30:45: Okay so he’s talking about signings and stuff but he’s also working pretty diligently to keep his onesie closed, and I don’t really know why because it looks like he’s wearing a grey shirt underneath but maybe he’s not?
32:10: said YouTube Rewind and then immediately changed the subject to cheating penguins
32:50: Top dog breeds: small dogs are good, corgis are underrated
33:51: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last year asked him to be on it “super trashy” “2-3 more relevant years” basically said he’s not desperate enough to go on reality tv, haha
36:06: Candle talk begins, cinnamon and clove scented candle, “it’s so good, candles give me so much joy” you guys weren’t kidding, he was really into that candle
37:31: he finally mentions his anime rec video as if he just thought of it now, even though the chat has been trying to get him to talk about it all liveshow hahaha
39:58: Moulin Rouge is one of Dan’s fav movies
43:14: I was right, he is wearing a grey t-shirt under the onesie!
47:07: “you should learn to like the kardashians” thanks but no thanks
47:56: going vegan for a week this week, he was vegan “for a long time last year” but people are saying it was only a month? Is that a long time to you Dan?
48:30: “in the future, everybody will be vegan”
49:58: no autonomy when living with parents
52:00: a lot of followers, more pressure on what he says. He also wants to make sure he tells his followers correct things, which is hard with politics.
53:51: got a new icon, also Phil changed his. In case we forgot that Phil exists and Dan loves him very much.
54:27: “you all would’ve attacked me viciously” for the peace sign icon. Do people really hate Dan’s peace sign that much? It’s just something he likes to do in pics.
54:50: his youtube channel layout/design needs an update and he’s been putting it off for “like two years”
55:37: his tumblr is really bad too and he needs to change it, he’s aware.
56:30: “is there anything else you want to talk about? I’m here.” He sounded so lonely, my heart
59:33: doesn’t know if DAPGOOSE LA will be filmed.
59:21: onesie is warm mention number like 57, I’m starting to wonder if Dan is extra cold due to the lack of Phil cuddles
59:45: fist mouth bragging, he could do it but doesn’t need to do it right now. Okay.
1:01:00: in conclusion, watch the video he made with Phil on Phil’s channel. In case you forgot. It’s on amazingphil.
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by Winston » Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:08 am

WE ARE HARD-CORE! - Dan and Phil play: Undertale #8

2:42 Dan trying not to smile at his bf being silly and cute and failing at the Doctor theme song.
2:50 Is Dan shading the party, Phil, Phil doing shots, himself for leaving. Either way he seems a bit perturbed about it. Not too much just a bit.
3:58 again with the shade about the shots… this time more jokey but still think he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about it.
4:13 Dan does Papyrus voice, Phil defends his territory.
4:43 Dan elbowing Phil in excitement.
6:56 Dan teasing Phil about his houseplant murders
7:40 Phil’s reaction to Dan’s voice, he is all of us. He needs to start wearing his earplugs during gaming videos tbh I fear for his hearing.
*Pause it at 8:30. You will not be disappointed. First look at Phil, then at Dan...this is why I love these two boobs. :garbage:
8:57 Phil doing the voice of the bell boy, Dan criticizes it, then can barely contain his fond laughter when Phil makes it a cuter voice, then accidentally turns welsh.
10:03 talking about lobby music/ elevator music, Phil mocks Dan for his comment about sitting in a lift.
11:18 Phil’s little laugh when Toto squirts out of the bed. :love1:
13:05 No Dan that is not where penises go. Smh.
13:58 Phil can’t even with Dan’s voice, looks at him thinking “OH MY GOD THIS IS MY PERSON.” This whole glamburger section is funny. the animations, the editing, Phil’s reaction to Dan voicing it. Asking Dan if he is okay with continuing with that voice.
18:42 the voices they do for these characters get me every time.
20:06 The music appreciation.
28:55 close up on Phil being oh so helpful. This made me laugh out loud, what can i say i’m easy.
31:26 the reaction to the door not opening with the key, I would have stopped playing right there so good on deppy for sticking with it.
32:32 I think they had to take a break, after a jump cut Phil’s jacket has been opened. I don’t blame them since this is right after they tried the key again. I would have wanted to walk away for a bit.
43:41 Dan notices the yellow shooting heart (finally). How do they not notice before? They are so observant and notice so much stuff but that they both miss. How?
50:14 did Dan just say he was blowing himself? His koala posture has apparently paid off… :dildo: :gg:
56:45 The way Phil looks at Dan, that little extra smile he does...ugh kill me. :garbage: :garbage:
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by visiblelurker » Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:50 pm

Beasty BangGang: Dan and Phil play Gang Beasts

0:32: two little podgy things. (yes I agree)
1:00: ohmygodabear
1:18: dan in december as a onesie
1:23: phil jumps straight into a flaming pit
1:49: i’ve got you by the fucking dick...NO!
2:25: I’m taking him to the edge (is it just me who has a dirty mind?)
2:37: SWINE!
2:55: phil- how do I punch? Comic sans: we only just met.
3:02: looks like we’re breeding/mating. It does. (Yes I agree)
3:11: Phil dragging Dan’s corpse onto the tracks to make sure he is dead.
3:13: what the fruck? (this is a good descriptor for the video)
3:20: P: I’m less about the exploring and more about throwing you off the edge. D: Nah I’m all about the roleplay.
3:45: MOTHER!
4:44: come across to me
4:48: dan’s face
5:43: stay away from my timbers
5:48: this entire sequence of phil killing dan: drop, catch, and success. I was just rooting for that little green chicken.
6:07: get off my … frill
6:36: don’t fall down the crack...instantly falls. Also this applies to the whole video but god the comic sans commentary was on point.
7:12: its so hard (in unison)
7:38: phil..phil..I’m just getting use to it. (seriously the arm reaching of the little green chicken.) Are you? Are you? Yeah. (they sound so fricking domestic. *also sidenote: i paused the video at 7:42 to write this note and the little green chicken looks like it is twirling the little blue bear. It is adorable. I may have to start a forum or tumblr account or something for the little green chicken).
7:51: im not letting go (Jack) and then they both die. How the Titanic should have ended.
8:10: oh shit we’re together
8:30: quite comfortable tbh. Stay here forever
8:45: hello i am the chicken and i am the king of this blimp
8: 53: i’ll grab you. I’ll save you. Save me. No save me. Nooooooo. Philll where were you?
9:16: the little green chicken and the little blue bear holding hands as they fall to their doom
9:32: I am fond of their tangents in the middle of games.
9:37-9:41: fond. So much fond.
9:57: gotcha by the turkey bits
10:35: i’m gonna bang you against the side. (apparently they banged three times)
10:44: this is not one of my kinks
11:10: philly trash talk: you are going into hibernation. (it is improving although no take religion)
11:17: get your hand from underneath my leg
11:30: survive little green chicken! You can do it.
11:34: I’m holding you by the ass
12:07: this game is like us if we actually had a fight (do not take this timestamp seriously. Just let me live in my trashcan).
12:41: danisnotabear and acluckingphil.
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by alittledizzy » Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:36 am

Dan and Phil play Yandere Simulator
:29 - dan inserts himself into fourway male ship
:35 - dan calls phil stylish (in cropped Attack on Titan jacket)
:56 - waited to play game bc weren't sure it was appropriate
1:09 - dan to phil: "sometimes you make innuendos that are more horrifying than any-" phil: "true"
1:34 - Phil warns for over 18 content.
1:40 - Dan explains "yandere"
1:49 - Phil: "Does it have to be a girl?" (asks if it could be a fox or a jellyfish)
1:53 - Dan: "You could be a yandere, Phil."
2:37 - Phil acts frustrated as he lightly tells of people who might be frustrated because they're not playing it right (since they haven't played it before)
2:46 - Phil says cherry blossoms remind him of Japan, he wants to go back. Dan says "Hopefully this- this- is not what Japan is gonna be like." was that a misspeak, are they planning a specific trip back? Or just Dan stumbling?
3:00 Phil leans in to stare at naked male "senpai" soap suds/his anatomy (which is obscured by a white cloud). "Are they soap suds, or is that his [pause] anatomy?"
3:07 - Phil: "Lets try not to make it look like me, okay."
3:16 - Yuri on Mention from Dan.
3:26 - Yuri on Ice mention #2 from Dan, explains what Yuri on Ice is.
3:48 - Lowkey camp Phil looking genuinely excited exclaiming, "I love Japanese school uniforms! I wish we could wear these when we were going to school."
4:01 - Dan talking about Glee, no stop.
4:20 - A minute picking out the guy's outfit, then Phil's only comment on the girl's outfit: "Female uniform. Shall they match?"
5:20 - From Dan: "Yeah, you stalk that senpai, that's what life is all about."
6:40 - Sassy Dan finger snap.
7:36 - Phil never got invited to kiss anyone behind the tree on the hill at his school. (Language stays gender neutral.)
7:41 - Strong, direct disapproval from both of them at the idea of taking panty shots and blackmailing people with them.
8:28 -
8:51 - "I knew you were going to go for the black." Phil re: Dan's panty choice.
9:00 - Dan asks how sumo wrestlers "keep it in" and Phil responds "I don't know, where does it all go?" - dicks, right? They're talking about dicks?
9:12 - Phil looks very excited over the senpai shrine.
9:15 - Phil: "It's like my BtVS shrine."
9:33 - Dan makes blowjob like gesture, Phil says nothing.
9:37 - Phil: "On the gums, of all the things you could have said?"
9:42 - Dan makes oral sex (as if with a woman) like gesture, firm "Stop it. Stop." from Phil.
11:10 - senpai sipping a mocha latte, both Dan and Phil seem fond.
14:07 - Phil affronted that the character is not wearing the black pants they chose.
16:08 - Phil excitedly, "What about the boys?" then adding "Hey lads." in a more laddish voice after a beat.
22:00 - They're both getting steamy. (Phil says that in such a casual non-game-face voice.)

Bishi Bashi is Back
:08 - Phil says the background has held up quite well 'overnight' - I wonder if that means they filmed most of the other videos all in one day?
:37 - Dan's little 'Phil has to go down the stairs' song is so cute.
:57 - Dan's unashamed 'Lets bishi bashi with two' and wink and Phil's corresponding, "Yeaaaaah.'
1:35 - I love Phil's standard dance moves.
2:06 - Synchronized bamming.
2:17 - "You said you'd-" from Phil, so I wonder what it was Dan had said he'd do. Not distract Phil? Not try and cheat?
2:24 - Dan's high, troll voice.
2:32 - Phil trying to bite Dan's finger.
2:39 - Priss face from Dan while Phil talks about mailing him to Australia.
2:46 - Is that a quiet 'fuck off' from Dan? lmao
3:01 - Seeing Dan not quite get something right away is strangely gratifying - but it was also nice to see Dan not understand something and also not seem immediately anxious about it (see: speech jammer when they turn difficulty up). He is comfortable losing to Phil in this game.
4:30 - And Phil gets frustrated losing but almost immediately laughs it off, also nice.
4:57 - "Super dribbler" - Phil says "That's like every time I laugh" and Dan says "That's like you" at the same time.
5:50 - "Us." "We're different."
6:28 - lmao @ Phil's 'too many girls.'
6:50 - Dan saying Phil would "look so good" with a perm.
7:01 - "Is this like some gay nightclub in the 90s?"
7:50 - I don't entirely understand this game but their adorable synchronated noises and similar style of trying to focus is... adorable.
8:25 - "What is this?" Lean in moment.
9:24 - Did Dan already know Phil had four tests? Was that genuine surprise?
9:39 - But Phil definitely knew about Dan's instructor that fell asleep.

Just Dance in Japan!!?! - Dan vs. Phil: Dance Evolution
:10 - Phil grabbing the flaps of Dan's jumper. Yep I am fully here for this.
1:45 - "What is with this Dan erasure?"
2:32 - Phil shoving his hand into Dan's jumper again. Still here for this.
3:50 - "Ruff."
4:25 - I think Dan was genuinely surprised to lose the first one.
4:45 - Dan singing.
5:34 - Dan saying "This is fabulous." then clasping his hands like that makes me feel all wobbly at him. Stop being so cute, my defenses are wearing thin.
5:36 - Phil comments on the 6-packs behind him not helping his self esteem.
5:49 - P: Grab the boobs. D: No grabbing boobs, Phil.
6:03 - Dan's hood flopping up and down is so cute.
6:09 - Dan touched da butt. (oh no, oh no.)
6:19 - Dan slomo replayed da butt touch.
6:28 - Phil got the D.
6:43 - Prolonged eye contact.
7:01 - "Come on, bruh." Phil is so startled until he realized what Dan is doing then he joins in the joke.
7:37 - "Phil, your hips are fine. Let no... terrible Kinect game shame you."
9:15 - "Work it, Phil."
9:26 - "Massage? You trying to make me have quintuplets or something? Phil is giving me that fertility."
10:36 - "Phil, it's not your birthday for another month and a half."

The Slender Christmas Special
:22 - polystyrene on Dan's eyebrow; Phil picks it off but they jumpcut the actual moment
1:14 - Phil pokes Dan's neck
1:16 - Phil sings
1:45 - Phil says he's quite excited about playing this. I actually do believe him. I think Phil likes scary games that have this kind of supernatural spooky twist, much moreso than the Outlast type of traumatizing graphic horror.
3:13 - "You scared me more than the Slender did, as usua."
3:56 - Phil shoulder punches Dan.
3:59 - Phil sings again/Dan joins in.
5:12 - Phil laughing at Dan singing.
5:20 - Phil still laughing at Dan's singing but shoving his shoulder and saying shush.
6:30 - Yaaaaas.
6:40 - "[We should] do it at Halloween next year." Spooky Week 2017 confirmed?
7:55 - Dan shaming Phil for not knowing the reversed game mechanics that cater to his left-handedness.
8:20 - "For fuck." (Phil laughs, Dan says it again, louder.)
9:09 - Dan's hand over Phil's heart, Phil's hand over Dan's hand.
10:28 - "Now we're going to try to sleep."

:51 - Phil calls Dan out for being offensive.
:55 - "Im sorry, I love you." #dack is real
1:11 - Dan is wearing the "alien of Christmas probing" that gives you want you want on Christmas eve.
2:39 - Phil associates pink with sexy?
3:40 - "All paired off and having reindeer... fun."
4:24 - Dan leans in and stares when Phil talks about knowing Comet well.
5:04 - Phil taking Dan's lead with not gendering Comet.
5:54 - Phil's story about reindeer leaving carrot in the house. Phil is offended that Dan keeps saying parents and ruining Phil's carefully preserved illusion of Santa and Christmas magic.
6:46 - Phil is very offended, or else possibly considering a career writing Akinator questions.
7:27 - Phil threatens to leave Dan over Dan implying Mrs. Claus isn't real.
8:27 - They come up with backstory for Santa. Save your fanfic writing for after filming, boys.
10:30 - "Phil, you're so much more than an object."
10:35 - "That tree would have seen some shit." oh......kay........ feel free to expand that, Dan.
10:50 - Yaaaaaas.
11:16 - Dan assumes the only option for youtuber living with Phil is himself, disproving all secret theories that Phil has a secret youtuber girl/boyfriend.
11:55 - "Let's not go down that weird furry out-take from our life."

Phil's Childhood Adventure! - Dan vs. Phil: Bubble Bobble
:32 - Dan smiling with complete warmth and openness at Phil. I'm already dead, rip me.
1:16 - wtf is that zoom in on Phil's tongue?
1:54 - Phil to Dan: "You told me to pick one I was good at." This is fascinating to me.
2.54 = "Well defined peach."
3:20 - Dan wants to know the backstory, Phil obviously does know the backstory.
4:14 - Phil: "I wanna pop these." Dan: "Okay." such competition, boys
TIME? - got the d
5.57 - Dan's awww at baby Phil.
6:20 - Simpsons reference in sync.
6:29 - Phil poking fun at vegan dragons.
6:36 - "That is a defined - butt." Phil picking up Dan's comment from a couple minutes before.
7:57 - More "d" jokes.
8:26 - Dan actually remembers they are meant to be competing.
9:11 - Dan: "What did the whales do to us, maybe we're the bad guy?"
10.07 - "Come through the whole." They both laugh.
10:45 - Whiny baby Dan voice has slipped through the cracks in time from 2010.
10:46 - Suggestive aubergine.
11:17 - "Not to ruin your life..." Phil acknowledging but not actually mocking Dan's penchant for completionism.
11:35 - Dan pointing out Phil's persona with "You're supposed to be good, Phil."
12:08 - Dat ass exchange - post baking universe/further confirmation that this is the rebranding.
12:39 - Oh my god, Phil sincerely teaching Dan things is my new kink.
14:00 - Dan's little "Thank you for saving us."
14:50 - eyyyyyyyyy lmao
15.53 - Dating profile convo.
16.07 - I love Phil checking to see if Dan is enjoying it.
17:18 - Phil and his grandmother/toast story.
17:33 - Them making fun of the "part two!" "subscribe to hear the rest!" youtuber tactic.
18:38 - Dan is detached from the girlfriend plotline already.
18.53 - Scaley conversation.
19:17 - Phil encourging Dan so fucking sweetly.
22:18 - Phil asking Dan what his first computer game was. (Aladdin.) Phil guessing Tomb Raider reminds me of Dan changing his name to Lara as a kid.
22:45 - heeHEE
23:16 - Hell hath no fury like a Philly scorned.
23:26 - Slo-bro.
23:33 - Trading your mum jokes, but Dan aborts his.
23:46 - Dan's 'alright' sounds like the flirting in the animal noise game.
23:54 - No Doubt singing.
24:34 - Story about their mum making him and Martyn turn the game off.
25:15 - Dan and Phil start singing giga pudi
25.35 - Phil singing Diamonds are Forever.
26:48 - Dan has already forgotten his girlfriend, Phil thinks he's "a terrible-"
27:24 - More of Dan forgetting they're competing. "Did you not have my back there?"
28:16 - This game has such strong childhood ties with Phil. Also reminds him of his hamsters.
28:24 - "I got fucking bottled. It's like being at Reading festival."
29.23 - Dan shrug, licks lip?
29:53 - Adorable Phil dancing.
31:24 - "That looks like poop."
32:25 - Dan swaying.
32:45 - Dan calling Phil a bitch.
33:05 - Phil thinks the level looks like a dick.
33:40 - Dan's deadpan cheering Phil on after he loses.
34:15 - Tooth poke.
34:49 - Dan, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: I don't think you were very committed to that relationship with your girlfriend. 35:15 - Phil's confusion is so adorable, and Dan teasing him.

Beasty Banggang - Dan and Phil play: Gang Beasts
:16 - Fond Dan look.
:20 - Prelude to priss face.
:32 - I don't know what this face Dan is making is, but it's cuet.
1:00 - Phil is more excited at seeing the bear one than Dan is. "That could be you!!"
1:07 - Cat and Bear can't even save themselves, actually, but they're cute doing it.
1:21 - Phil is really a fan of just mashing buttons without figuring out what they do.
1:50 - "I've got you by the fucking dick."
2:14 - Is Phil aware that you can't sneak up on someone when they can see your screen, and you're also narrating your movements?
2:34 - I am so into watching them concentrate hard on playing a game.
2:44 - Dan's hand on chest as he brags like a little shit.
2:49 - I would actually hit Dan for his mocking while explaining controls.
2:56 - Those captions, Dan.
3:01 - "It looks like we're breeding." And then in case that was too subtle: "It looks like we're mating."
3:07- Timestamp to mark the moment I actually laughed at a DAPG video. "I'm a hundred percent dead."
3:11 - Apparently "fruck" is on the Phil-approved curse word list.
3:20 - "Nah, I'm all about the role-playing." We know, Dan. We've seen the onesie collection.
3:35 - Commemorating the second time I've ever laughed at a DAPG video.
3:46 - The moment I realized I actually love that video.
4:00 - "That's not how the London underground works. It's a good thing you don't go outside, Phil."
5:32 - High Dan voice.
5:44 - "Stay away from my timbers!"
5:52 - Phil delicately dropping Dan from the edge.
6:22 - Dan clap-and-sing.
7:25 - Better than Titanic.
7:40 - Dan is very used to Phil trying to fake him out in games, and doing it very badly.
8:25 - Dan doing his pouty loser face as he leans back in the chair, then recovering and telling Phil he did good. Ahhhhhhhh.
8:45 - Phil's impromptu voice acting skills, nice. "I am the chicken and I am the king of this blimp."
8:50 - Suddenly they forget they're competing and just try to save each other.
9:00 - Punchy punch.
9:19 - "Well, if I see anybody hanging off a bridge, I am not gonna get Phil to help. I'm just putting that out there."
9:47 - I call this part Dan and Phil Reference Memes I Don't Get.
9:57 - Dan has Phil by the turkey bits again.
10:04 - Phil will give Dan the dental work he needs. As someone said on twitter, Dan really can't say no one indulges his kinks.
10:25 - Eevee springs out of nowhere to backhand Dan for a consent joke.
10:48 - "Bear. More like. No."
10:58 - "Bro, you need to slow down with your violence."
11:11 - Dan says he doesn't want to go into hibernation. When will the lies stop?
11:33 - They're having so much fun. I'm having so much fun.
11:49 - Though to be fair I think Dan is having fun because he won.
12:14 - Wow I can't believe Dan and Phil sold out to Jarritos and put that blatant #spon in their video.

Dan vs. Phil: Google Fued timestamps
1:12 - Dan to Phil: "You're the e on the end of life."
2:13 - "I'm good at this." Ooh, confident Phil.
3:29 - He IS good at this, though.
3:56 - Has a dog ever been gay? Phil is very eager to mention that animals can be gay.
4:22 - He would also like to make sure people know that he's seen gay lions.
5:12 - Dan leaning in close.
5:20 - More teasing/trolling Dan.
5:34 - Dan doubts the legitimacy of this game. "This is not google."
6:08 - "ME FIRST." They are preschoolers. But Dan does a cute hand thing, it's okay.
6:30 - "Harry Potter and the fanfiction with Ron" really, Phil? That's what you're going with? Harry/Ron?
7:25 - Dan has some valid alternate Harry Potter story concepts. "HP and the Messy Night Out" "HP and the Chamber of Secret Kinks"
7:56 - "English Lanuage degree, everybody." Drag him, Dan.
9:00 - Dan googles how to look sexy.
9:50 - Phil is prepared for Dan's mind tricks.
10:08 - Human tears. "Fuck, Phil, where is your mind going right now? The real Phil is being revealed to us."
10:52 - Dan operating under the belief that the Tooth Fairy collects teeth as some kind of fish? ... kay.
11:10 - They watched a documentary about people who dress as dolls, which according to reputable sources on twitter is part of a series that also contains a documentary about people who dress as dogs, therefore #furriesconphfirmed.
11:55 - RIP Frank the Goldfish. (Please someone tell Phil that's how long they're supposed to live, though. Or never let him get another goldfish.)
12:29 - "Oh yes, oh yes." wtf is that voice? It's like a relation to 'yaaaas' but not.
12:34 - no but really what is that face?
14:21 - No really please don't get a goldfish.
14:33 - Phil is almost on you, Dan.
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by dollicious » Wed Dec 21, 2016 12:27 pm

BEST FRIEND QUIZ #2 - Dragon City Edition! -
0.00 - phil looks so good & i love his hoodie :philtrash:.
1.05 - phil singing and dan shushing him.
2.23 - click click breeding noise returns. phil immediately makes him stop but then wants to learn how to do it.
6.25 - “d: you know that?” “p: i know, you told me that.” “d: yeah, but i didn’t think you’d remember.” i love that phil’s immediate reaction to “how do you know that?” is just because “you told me.” not only does he know the answer but then gives the entire story. you can so tell that they really listen and remember a lot about each other's past stories.
8.05 - "philip lesty."
8.49 - “p: i’ve talked about this a lot.. in our.. friendship.” i really can’t tell because i think my :phangoggles2: may be messing me up but to me it sounds like he is trying to find the right word and “in our friendship” wasn’t the first thing that came to his head :shrug:.
11.15 - “hah.” face poke.
11.36 - after phil fails the animal question was my favorite part of the video for the conversation afterwards. they have seen the polar bears, jaguars, and have watched countless sloth videos together :love2:.
12.56 - dan quizzing phil on gaming lingo and phil knowing it.
13.42 - “see i did listen when you were ranting about pokemon.” this makes me feel like dan has accused phil of not listening to his rants but he has phil is a good bf.
14.11 - “p: do you remember me telling you?” “d: i remember you telling me that cause you were like ‘i want to watch it, it’s got johnny depp in it.’” i love that he remembers not only the movie but apparently the reason phil wanted to watch it was for johnny depp :lol:.
16.40 - love the story of how phil fell on the slippy floor when they first moved into their flat.
17.52 - phil tweets from dan’s account. i am so shocked that phil tweeted that because it is written exactly how dan would type and i didn’t even question it. honestly though when i read the honey tweet before i saw the one on phil’s account i also thought dan could have wrote that. so much respect for phil honestly :stan:.

Dan's YouNow liveshow - 20 December 2016 :
2.29 - dan is not in his room because it is too messy to tidy.
9.04 - “for lots of people out there you know they might have family problems or personal health issues. christmas isn't the perfect thing everybody wants it to be..” this was really nice to hear and i think this reason, in addition to what it means for them doing gamingmas, was the main motivation behind it. you can be cynical and say it was for the money and obviously that is a part of it, but hearing all that he said during this ls made it clear that gamingmas was meant to bring happiness to them and their viewers.
9.43 - “i’m tired, you’re tired. i could be making deep, existential videos on dinof right now but no, i’m quite happy making dorky videos on the gaming channel. it’s what i need right now.” i loved his attitude towards making dinof videos during this ls. he seemed like he wasn’t stressed about making them and right now he is happy about what he is doing on youtube with dapg.
12.53 - *sniff* “sniff” i love that both him and phil sometimes do this thing where they say the word sniff after doing it.
13.23 - “i feel like a lot of people don’t understand the branding joke.” i feel like this is true and a lot of people aren’t understanding what the “rebranding” joke/mentions are. it seems dan can't do anything without people assuming it is part of a new brand. to me, "post-baking-universe" means a change in their behavior to be more themselves and less of the brand they created leading up to tatinof.
16.28 - pete wentz unfollowing him on twitter story which i find hilarious if he was unfollowed for the “kink tweeting.”
22.09 - choking on a boiled sweet story.
27.47 - kanye discussion. very interesting and thoughtful answer imo. expressed what a lot of people are feeling right now about how confusing kanye’s actions are in relation to things he has said in the past and he has “temporarily unstanned.”
31.31 - passionate pokemon sun/moon discussion.
36.00 - passionate the walking dead discussion.
39.08 - “get a proper piano that works and get some piano lessons again.”
40.49 - “it will make me depressed because i was just a terrible teenager that never had any fun romantic experiences..” because he says he has “never had any fun romantic experiences” i don’t think he meant romantic as in idealistic, i think he literally meant romantic.
44.46 - “i just feel stupid when we don’t do things right. i feel like i’m missing out on all these easter eggs and it’s overwhelming.” i know the gaming channel does ruin their enjoyment out of certain games so i’m glad to hear that he is going to play the undertale genocide route on his own time just to enjoy it. i always wish they would play games with a story on the gaming channel but hearing his thoughts about how overwhelming doing games like this is, it makes sense that they choose not to do it.
45.25 - “i’m really looking forward to 2017..” it's good to hear that he is looking forward to the new year and seemed happy about having a stress free transition to the new year. having no huge plans for the future is probably nice after the busy year they have had. he could have been negative about things ending and having nothing to plan, but he said it in such a positive way that i believe it is actually exciting to not have a huge project and just focus on youtube for a while.
51.16 - snorting a bead story.
54.22 - “i’m really, genuinely looking forward to 2017… now that all of this crazy stuff that we’ve been up to has been finished.” he sounds optimistic for the future, i'm really looking forward to what 2017 means for them :love2:.
55.01 - “we’re scared to commit to any travel plans..” interesting they aren’t committing to traveling for even playlist, but it could really mean anything.
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by dannonfill » Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:00 am

2 hours worth of timestamps for
THE TRUE PACIFISTS - Dan and Phil play: Undertale #10 (THE END)
1:58 song break “that’s what we do when the cameras aren’t on.”
3:04 song break vol 2
6:36 cute dress reactions + Mettaton voice
7:36 Dan is like Toto, and in an awkward situation would rub oil on his scales
7:51 *sips ribena*
8:11 “do you like anime?” is a great start to a date according to Dan
8:56 Dan is slayed by casual Undyne, also they have the same outfit
10:08 Deppy and Alphys are one, apparently
10:58 Alphys: “isn’t it better this way, to live a lie where both people are happy?” Dan: “no! you need to be authentic."
11:35 OBVIOUSLY let’s roleplay
11:41 Dan's mouth clicks before roleplaying
12:14 Dan gets all giggly at Alphys suggesting Undyne calls her cute “p-l-a-t-o-n-i-c-a-l-l-y” because they’re “just friends”
12:27 Dan’s milk fic
12:42 Phil looks sassy when he sips ribena, this is my new kink
14:47 the Alphys x Undyne fanservice
21:21 OOT reaction to the sticky operating table
21:27 rolling Rs
23:45 "that better be a hand”
25:51 Phil’s mind gravitates towards ‘clean’
26:57 quick Phil sweater-paw
28:40 [it bounds towards you, flecking a strange liquid from an orifice] Dan: “sssexy.”
32:17 confused and grossed out by stray, sticky VHSs
32:38 Dan assumes Toriel and Asgore’s (/Gorey, hmmmm where have I heard -y nicknames before) domestic moment is happening in bed
32:40 Dan’s face lighting up and Phil softly hitting him saying “do the voice!” too cute.
33:55 Dan: “QUEEN OF PUNS! YES Toriel!” feels like this should be followed by “slay queen!” imo
34:14 Phil: “it’s like a pun-off” Dan: “rest in peace” I don’t really understand this moment? is it because pun-off sounds like pinof? but why ‘RIP’? :sherlock:
34:32 “domestic breadtimes!”
50:41 Toriel using Asgore’s surname is a big deal
53:39 Mettaton: “will you two just smooch already!? the audience is dying for some romantic action!!!” same
54:01 & 54:08 Dan really wants to see the fish & lizard kiss
56:46 Flowey offers a “happy ending” Deppy wins, Deppy is hesitant
1:03:46 Phil’s sound effects
1:04:28 I love Dan’s overwhelmed laugh
1:08:02 Phil shuts Dan up mid meta-analysis
1:10:38 ayyyy
1:11:56 Dan 'fake hit's Phil
1:14:09 awwwing at kid Asriel and his “cute little toes”
1:16:58 in sync “Frisk?!”
1:18:12 Dan: “the entire underground inside him! … [tiny look at the camera]”
1:19:43 & 1:19:51 Phil tearing up (which he mentions @ 1:34:11)
1:22:15 fond little “do you remember that?” from Dan
1:23:03 Dan moving his head along to Phil’s voice acting
1:25:01 Alphys says agore x Toriel is “quickly becoming [her] number one ship of all time”, Dan facepalms and they laugh
1:28:47 Catty: “I don’t wanna have a dream without YOU in it..!” both: [gasp] Dan: “OTP”
1:29:47 deppy want Ice Wolf to put pants on
1:30:38 Dan’s high-pitched, maternal “THE LITTLE KIDDIE!’
1:30:55 fond little festive bants
1:32:54 so excited about Toriel’s smiley
1:34:27 so ! excited ! that Dan found Asriel, Dan’s first reaction is to touch Phil
1:44:53 Dan: “I love you!” took me a couple rewinds to realize he was imitating tsundereplane, still :sideeye:
1:45:00 [the Royal Guards: use your imagination] both: “woah!”
1:45:31 both loving dad!Asgore
1:47:25 Phil uses the ‘she’ pronoun for Frisk, which is interesting to me because Frisk is referred to neutrally throughout the whole game, more mr-gender-roles Phil poof for me
1:48:25 that was an adorably long look from Phil
1:48:44 I felt implications here “Phil, you leave (without me), go to sleep (without me), go have your christmas, and I will sit here (without you) staring at the dog.” but that’s just me :philtrash:
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by dontpanic » Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:18 pm

The True Pacifists: Undertale #10
0:32 – phil had flowey-related nightmares
1:00 – Dan’s *terrible* attempt at doing Flowey’s voice, Texans everywhere feel low-key attacked. Phil’s little “is that what my voice should be like?” stops my heart.
2:00 – Deppy shows off their magical musical mouth skills in a beautiful beatbox-esque duet. Literally tho how often do they do that, their tunes are weirdly/wonderfully in sync??
3:04 – “see you in 2019!”
2:05 – Deppy continues to perform pieces off their mixtape
3:18 – “it’s us.”
4:06—“you have no standards” God Papyrus, I feel low-key attacked. Also this game gets so meta damn
4:41 – Phil thinks a cat rubbed against him. He’s “wheezy.”
5:54—Deppy’s salt is showing over Alphys’ betrayal. This whole episode just…so much salt. Dan just wants an apology.
6:37—Dan’s reaction to Alphys’ dress for the date gives me heartburn
7:38 – Dan identifies with Toto: “I’m in this awkward situation but I can’t turn back now.” Also “I’m rubbing oil all over my scales” scaly dan confirmed.
8:34 – They go on a date to the garbage dump and phil is legit offended.
9:03 – Dan and Undyne are outfit twins (photo insert of dan’s black jacket outfit, u know the one). Dan jokingly mentions buying Uggs and I didn’t know Dan in uggs was something I needed until now. It would be disgusting yet wonderful.
9:09 – in sync “woof”
10:00 –Alphys admits this is actually a pity-date because she wanted to make Toto happy. Dan’s legit blushing. (notw, I dated someone I didn’t like for a month because all my co-workers guilt-tripped me and I was too awkward to say anything. I never related to something so hard). Also Dan is so Mettaton trash I love it so much
11:36—“Obviously let’s roleplay.” Okay, *roleplay kink confirmed*
12:18 – Alphys: “you just mean it platonically, because we’re just friends.” Deppy laughs a bit too hard at that. Dan finds this fanfic-esque roleplaying way too amusing.
15:15 – Undyne calls anime kid cartoons and Dan is offended
Everything between 9:00 to 17:00 is just gold. In the words of dear Mr. Phillip “Aww, that was amazing, I’m glad we did that.”
16:53—Phil got some smirk going on it’s making me question my sexual orientation.
18:15 – Dan’s hands when he’s surprised gives me life
18:33 – Phil has an interesting take on physics
20:20 – they don’t have enough money to buy vending machine chips I don’t know why I find this so amusing
21:27 – Dan and Phil start rolling their vowels and I’m mildly uncomfortable
23:44 – Dan, it’s okay I saw it too. That thing growing out of the ghost-whatever definitely did NOT look like a hand...
25:28—phil: “that’s what I look like when I wake up”
28:57—Dan convulses rapidly when pet. *pet-play kink confirmed*
29:48 – It’s finally Phil’s turn to correct Dan on the pronunciation of something!!!
32:43 – phil gets so excited about Toriel’s home video I’m dying. Him lightly punching dan on the arm to get dan to do the Toriel voice…when Deppy’s roleplaying Phil makes dan use a heavy welsh accent *kink confirmed.* Also damn Daniel did like a really good job doing the quick switches between asgor and toriel. And Phil appreciating toriel and asgor’s puns yes please
34:33—“domestic breadtimes.”
35:37—phil making me question my sexuality again when he says “howdy” an octave lower than normal
39:08—Phil coaching Dan when fighting the monster kill me, and his “come on you can do this” like, this episode especially phil is just so supportive during battles
40:24—“don’t want that shoved in my nose” okay phil *nose penetration kink unconfirmed*
43:15—Dan brings up Phil’s flowey-enduced nightmares
47:49—Phil calls the gaming room an “office” I don’t know why that sticks out to me?
47:56—Dan’s confused “but we can from Alphys’ lab” is like three keys higher than normal I love it
52:10—when Phil as Papyrus “psst hey, human,” dan leans over and goes “mmhm” like they’re actually in character and it is too adorable ffs, that reminds me of the pivotal baking video for some reason. And then after they both chuckle afterwards ugh
53:39—watch dan he is so method acting Mettaton “the audience is DY-ing for some romantic action”
54:00—dan’s excitement over Alphys agreeing to kiss undyne is beautiful, and then Phil’s amusement over asgore’s uncomfortable face. Also “god you fish block”
55:13—Phil’s flowey voice lost the Texan accident and became super deep and American. He has reached maximum attractiveness
57:15—their camera can only record for 25 minutes at a time
1:03:01—dan—“sorry if I’m not being funny.” Some reason this stuck out to me.
1:04:03— “just look where the lines are” phil coaching again I love it. Also the whole aesthetic fighting Asriel is so 1970s-chiche
1:15:47—dan “this is about to Pixar me so hard.” Like literally though, the whole part here where Asriel is confessing to Toto/Frisk dan looked like he was close to crying and was holding it in and making jokes to like keep it lighter for himself it’s so interesting…both of them have said Dan cries really easily in movies, and most youtubers would force themselves to cry or fake cry to attract views and be “entertaining” and stuff. Idk I’m too tired to think too hard about this.
1:22:00—Dan laughing at Phil’s Papyrus laugh and at the puns, aka how he reacts to his husband
1:23:31—Papyrus “A celebration!! To being losers!!” and dan going “is this TATINOF” cheeky TATINOF mention
1:24:00—The Webster Dictionary’s new definition of Anime: “A cartoon, but with swords.”
Dan wants to go and explore everything and darling Phil is just not about that life
1:27:55—Dan full on acting now, please let Deppy do another game like this (although maybe not one that takes them a YEAR to finish), I just want them to keep doing beautiful voices like these
1:40:00—Dan dragging the fans who complain about how they play the game, and phil being cheeky
1:32:19—Dan elbowing Phil over Phil’s unintended pun
1:32:21—Dan saying to go back to Toriel’s house and phil ain’t for that. Not going to lie, I’m glad they did, meeting with Asriel again was worth it. Although tbh it’s so good they’re doing this together, dan insists on exploring everything and phil makes sure to keep the story moving
They’re so obsessed with the snowman/snowpeice I’m so here for that
1:34:31—them getting so excited when Asriel is there, this is why I subscribe
1:37:57—Asriel “not everything can be solved by just being nice” and dan saying “realness,” this reminds me of how dan talks about him in school and how he used to be really nice to people and he got picked on for that (going to have a cheeky watch of his draw my life after this)
This game has like 10 billion endings oh my god ffs
1:41:00—They’re so in love with their goat mother
1:42:37—Phil clapping at the credits
1:47:39—Phil would have butterscotch pie for breakfast *waffle kink unconfirmed?*
1:47:48—successful high-fives I can’t believe it
1:48:04—dan turning completely to the side so he can talk directly to phil yes more please.
This is so how they talk after watching movies confirmed
1:48:58—“Some have you have been with us since the beginning which is a long time” YES DAN I KNOW

danisnotgoingback and aweepingphil

it’s so late at night I can’t even really comment except:
Dan verbally sub-tweeting the people bagging on them about missing certain things
I low-key ship sans and toriel
Deppy was so in sync today?
Their interpretation of Toto/Frisk makes me so happy for some reason?
Voice acting on point
I play GW2 and it’s so obvious dan plays it by the way he’s just world exploring and interacting with everything like ffs that game’s perfect for him. I have comments on Dan's competitive-levels and GW2 but I am much too tired
I’m usually focused pretty evenly on each of them but dan kind of stuck out for this one? Did he for you too?

The Howlter Family Christmas: Sims 4 #33
0:14--Phil admits he's a robot.
0:25—"Two crackers for two hats" aww. Phil questioning how dan always wins the crackers; same, although I’m pretty sure dan didn’t cheat (I may have slowed down the vid and analyzed for far too long). However, I would like to take this moment to point out that dan has MASSIVE hands holy shit.
0:36—Phil’s head was not made for that hat
0:58—Phil’s legitimately offended by the cracker’s terrible nerd jokes :rofl:
1:00—Phil points out how his jumper depicts a gingerbread man brutally mutilated via forced leg amputation. Phil laughs. I no longer question his love for horror movies.
1:25—ffs the flirty vibe from crossy roads emerges once more. Dan tells Phil to hold his breath until the game loads, phil plays dead. :love1:
Also dan: “my god this is a big load.” ;) I want to make a joke here but it’s too easy.
2:02—“they freshly produced the baby”
2:08—Phil is very disappointed re. the lack of mirror butts (our phil is quite the odd duckling).
3:06—Grammy Award-Winning single off the Phan Christmas Album: “A Christmas Duet.”
3:20—this is such a subtle show of how talented dan’s become with editing videos (this one seems like dan edited it, right?). While he's giving a cute monologue they suddenly notice dab convulsing, so Dan added the sound effect of a record quickly stopping. It’s like a really subtle thing but it adds a dramatic air to an otherwise rather uneventful scene. They’re both really talented at what they do, and ugh I’m getting kind of sappy I’ll stop. :gg:
4:06—Track 2 of their Christmas album: “Glistening Dil”
4:29—Track 3 of their Christmas album: “Dil-mas Tree.” Dan complimenting Phil’s lyrics, supportive husbands are supportive.
5:15—Phil doing the thing he’s been doing lately where his shoulder is slightly behind Dan’s shoulder…it’s not as much as the gold that is crossyroads but I’m still trash enough to take note :garbage:
5:28—Phil: “yeah man.” Since when is this a thing he would say? I don’t understand. Tbh I call my S/O “man,” “brah,” and “sista,” but it sounds weird coming from Mr. Phillip
5:42—Dab’s twitter handle: “Dab the Halls with Boughs of Holly” and Dan snapping and pointing an approving finger at Phil because he’s taking a drink of Ribena I love this too much? :love2:
6:45--candle kink confirmed
7:50—grandma mention by dan
8:05—Track 4 of their Christmas Album: “DJ Sudoku’s Under the Tree”
10:34—trying to decide if they should have two fish tanks—Phil: “is that overkill?”; Dan: “that’s overfish.”
11:01—Track 5 of their Christmas Album: “Dan’s Beautiful Singing in a High Key Cut Short by Sudden Barf Noises”
12:18—Censored swearing…I’ve noticed in the past videos dan hasn’t been swearing that much and I’m kinda sad I love his dirty mouth :(
12:29—Track 6 of their Christmas Album: “Baby Dab is Stinky”
12:39—Track 7 of their Christmas Album: “Tabitha’s Shower Butt.” Okay, but Phil singing in his low voice kills me. All I need in my life is Dan’s high pitched singing and Phil’s low singing
13:31/13:44—Dan anti-child joke followed by him being disgustingly fond of said baby. Earlier he joked he would sell his own child “for the right price” yet he’s so in love with every baby he sees DON’T LIE DAN, WE KNOW YOU’RE COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL FATHERHOOD
13:53—Phil exposes his inner pain and turmoil from having a birthday so close to Christmas. Speaking of which Phil is almost 30, I remember when I started watching back in 2008 he’s achieved so much ffs I’m about to be nostalgic :gg:
14:11—We now know Deppy’s one of “those” couples who dress their babies in cute little costumes
16:08—Phil’s salt is showing re. their terrible cracker jokes from the start of the video. Why do we always say dan’s the salty one?
16:22—Phil says it would be cool if they’re promoted. Will psychic Phil be confirmed? :illuminati:
16:51—Dil’s promoted. Psychic Phil confirmed :crystalball: . (F-off Shane and the Psychic Twins, Phil’s in the house).
19:56—It’s finally phil's turn to side eye something dan says (oh how the turn tables have turned)
20:10--future of sims: aging up three-headed Dab, Tabs and Dil going to focus on their careers, dan is a helicopter mom forcing Dil to make a rocket ship, getting rich, making a giant mansion (#DanNeedsStorage)
20:39—Eliza Pancakes wants to hang, Phil gets possessive…I know dan is cast as the jealous one, but let’s be real Phil is probably just as bad
21:12—Tab’s gets abducted and Pancakes gets sneaky
21:45—dan calls Dab “our child.” I’ve died. I’m okay but I’m dead.
22:13—“our baby” ffs dan are you tryING to kill me?
24:06—dan’s once again censored by the holly
24:42—Deppy accidental hand touch why did I notice this I'm too trash
24:44—Phil: "you da best"

danisfestiveaf and amerrychristphil
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by alittledizzy » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:43 pm

Dan's liveshow - 10 January 2017

2:23 - Dan says that he has "no plan whatsoever" when he does his liveshows and the first quietly knowing 'bullshit' of the year directed at Dan is uttered from my lips.
2:31 - "Intimate... oi oi." You're cute but you're dumb but you're cute.
3:07 - Predator in a stock photo Dan. Dan is clearly contemplating backup careers for when youtube tanks or #phandivorce.
4:26 - Dan has been hibernating since Christmas Day.
4:38 - Darla could be someone that touches other people's dogs without consent, and Dan does not condone that.
5:36 - "Hi, Phil." after someone says how many houseplants they've bought.
6:13 - "Me and Phil... obviously." Gas leak story.
7:07 - How are they still alive?
7:36 - Good thing they didn't blunt up.
7:35 - One year or four years? Did Phil mishear or exaggerate? Dan tries to cover.
8:20 - Shibe jumper.
8:35 - Noises in background. "There's men in our house. Professional men. Lurking in the house."
9:17 - It reminds Dan of being at university.
9:28 - Bad wifi mention. It would break if he closed the door.
10:00 - A second "oi oi." I'm offended, but also intriged.
10:15 - Phil doesn't want to just be on his laptop in case the men need him. He has been shaking awkwardly in the corner for two hours.
11:15 - "Give the people what they want."
12:00 - Dragged for not being creative, immediately stops talking about video.
13:13 - "That's my audience. And this is our relationship."
14;15 - 2016 was intense. He was sick a lot, traveled a lot.
14:31 - He ordered takeaway and watched box sets.
14:40 - Watched Planet Earth 2.
15:27 - Animals do things that humans relate to. "Because humans are animals that, at the end of the day, just want to eat, have sex, and die."
16:04 - Yuri on Ice question. Dan leans off camera, groans, dodges it, starts talking about Agin.
16:28 - Ed Sheeran talk.
18:36 - Sherlock talk.
19:28 - Dan doesn't like Mary. Lkes the actress that plays Mary, likes the character, doesn't like the idea of her.
21:22 - Respect your mum because she gave birth to you and she loves you, unless she's a dick and then make your own decisions. (Answering question about haircut.) (Peen. Lol.)
22:29 - He has not watched Skam.
22:39 - "Been watching crime dramas, that's what me and Phil have been on. Nature shows and disturbing, miserable crime dramas."
22:48 - The Missing talk.
23:29 - They put Steven Universe on hiatus to watch Agin.
23:47 - Still has not seen Fantastic Beasts.
24:00 - Has not made New Years Resolutions, but made life improvement goals.
24:30 - Phil has been trying to die as much as possible lately.
24:37 - "What did Phil get you for Christmas? Aw, some domestic Dan and Phil festive vibes."
25:02 - Sand thing. Relaxing and aesthetic. "They're great, they're so great."
25:55 - Oil themed candle. "I feel like Phil's slightly taking the piss with this one."
27:00 - "Look at that shit. Look at that shit. I'm not gonna light that." I think Dan likes the candle. Good job, Phil.
27:55 - His Christmas was good. Calming. "Went back to visit the fam. Saw the dog."
28:00 - Almost a solid two minutes of Dan waxing poetic about Colin the dog.
30:00 - tips on self love question - wish he had actually answered this
31:01 - "I hadn't tidied this bedroom-" (heh. this bedroom.)
31:59 - Awaken My Love by Childish Gambino music rec
32:41 - Dan's top five albums of the year: 1) Frank Ocean - Blonde. 2) A Moon Shaped Pool - Radiohead 3) The Life of Pablo - Kanye 4) Seat at the Table - Solange 5) Atrocity Exhibition - Danny Brown. He liked Bon Iver, Beyonce, Bottomless Pit by Death Grips.
33:46 - "We're not talking about Kanye because lots of people don't like him right now." Dan you're paining me with this refusal to unstan.
35:20 - "Me and Phil went to Manchester to hang out with some old buddies [for NYE]. We went to a guy's house who just got a dog, so I mean - what else? Forget the friends. Forget whatever. Forget whatever. They just got a new Labrador. That's me done."
35:46 - "Everybody's New Year kiss was just that dog."
35:55 - There was a tub full of beads.
36:12 - Was socializing and kind of playing board games while making his horse.
36:30 - Mentions evil piano teacher video idea.
37:10 - He does not know what the broad appeal of a video of him painting his nails would be.
37:45 - Dan promos Phil's liveshow.
37:55 - Someone in chat has a birthday coming up. "Much like Phil, inconvenient."
38:10 - Burgers or pizza? He loves pizza, man. Burgers - he's a condoment guy.
40:23 - Apple of android? What I took from this is that he gets free shit and I'm jealous.
40:39 - The only things he doesn't like are raw tomato, celery, and fishy fish.
40:44 - "Not that I'm much about the fish these days." ~controversial comment alert~
41:25 - Dan is going to experiment.
41:35 - "A cat called Bear. I love it."
41:41 - "Tell you what I watched. With Phil." With Phil, you saw? Wow, Dan. Plot twist. (Spoiler: they watched Home Alone.)
42:31 - "My family didn't really watch movies and then show them to me out of excitement, and because I was born in the 90s I didn't watch a lot of 80s movies because no one showed them to me. So, like, I only watched Back to the Future last New Years." Are they making it a yearly tradition for Phil to show Dan 80s movies?
43:10 - Dan does not want to dwell on the current political climate.
43:30 - Best Undertale song is Megalovania.
43:35 - Dan played genocide route of Undertale over Christmas. Talks about Undertale.
46:44 - Talks about his sense of humor in relation to existential tweets. Actually my favorite part of the liveshow. "If you're somebody that's making fun of your problems with depressing jokes, that's a really good thing because it shows that firstly you acknowledge issues and you're not too proud, and you're willing to talk about things which is good. And that you accept them and you don't take life too seriously and you're not judging yourself too harshly . I think people that ironically joke about things and themselves are the kind of people that are quite honest with themselves and that's a good thing."
48:25 - He couldn't watch Golden Globes live because he couldn't find a stream. Meryl Streep speech.
49:50 - "Phil's probably shaking in a corner again after all that social interaction."
50:18 - "Fav things you got for Christmas?" Talks about the making of Book of Mormon thing his family got him.
50:45 - Won't listen to Hamilton until he sees it, won't read Cursed Child until he sees it.
52:05 - He wants to go to New York in winter some time.
52:48 - He likes "Two By Two" and "I Believe" from Book of Mormon.
52:58 - Over the Christmas period he played: The Witcher 3, which he finished. Age of Empires 3, because he can't stop playing it. Mario Run, which he thinks is pretty good but didn't like it until he finished the entire game.
53:52 - Ultimate Collectors Edition of the new Final Fantasy.
54:36 - Dan loves collectibles, implying he's the one that wanted to do DAPGO because he loves collectibles.
55:29 - Dan outlining his own hipster self au.
55:37 - Dan clenches, is flattening his molars. "Hurt me, hurt me."
56:23 - Dan is not getting a mouth guard.
56:32 - Phil played Pokemon over the Christmas period.
56:55 - Updating his tumblr theme is a 2017 task.
57:06 - The last memes video has six and a half million views and suddenly I understand exactly why Dan is doing another one. You get that money, boy.
57:53 - He thinks pinof8 were best bloopers.
59:12 - Time is a construct and it's meaningless, but the new year is also a good time to stop and think about things before you get swept up in life.
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by dollicious » Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:24 pm

Dan's YouNow liveshow - 10 January 2017 :
0:00 - his shibe jumper is so cute! (it is new, maybe a christmas present?)
6:12 - “by we i mean me and phil (cough) obviously.” found the clarification very strange.
6:55 - “so apparently mine and phil’s apartment has had a gas leak for about a year.” smh at phil saying 4 years.
8.35 - “there’s men in our house(..) they can probably hear me right now.” i’m actually surprised he didn’t cancel the ls on account of this.
9:15 - “it reminds me of being at university where people could hear me vlogging through the walls and they all thought i was weird.”
10:09 - “phil’s been like ‘there’s people in the house i can’t do anything’ why can’t you do anything, just go on your laptop. ‘i can’t, what if they need me.’ okay sure, you just shake awkwardly in the corner for two hours.” interesting comments about phil. perhaps it is more about anxiety of people being in their house. last time the gas man was there (21 July 2015 ls) dan said “as always phil goes into full meerkat mode where he’s like ‘someone’s coming in the house agh home invasion.' and it is really awkward to just have a random man in your house.”
18:28-20:00 - talking about sherlock.
23:43 - “i still haven’t seen fantastic beasts, i’m sorry. i will, i promise. i can’t watch it on a plane, that would just be a crime, wouldn’t it?” where did the plane thing come from??
24:35 - “what did phil get you for christmas? awww some domestic dan and phil festive vibes.”
24:53 - “(mocking voice) phil is my bestest buddy and he knows me well.” :roll: could have done without that joke tbh.
25:00-27:00 - dan shows what phil got him for christmas (relaxing sand thing and oil themed candle).
26:04 - “he got me an oil themed candle.” during pinof 8 bloopers (@2:51) they made a joke that if dan invented a scented candle would be “pitch black and smells of oil.”
28:56 - talking about his family dog colin. i love how he talks about the dog it is so cute. “he gives so much love to you.” :love2:
32:40-34:43 - dan’s top 5 albums of 2016.
40:42 - “not that i’m much about the fish these days.” obviously in context he was talking about fish but what it made me think about this conversation from dailybooth.
41:23 - “experiment with? why did i say - what does it sound like i’m saying (laughs).”
41:33 - “a cat called bear i love it.”
53:50 - “square know that me and phil are huge final fantasy fans so they sent us the ultimate collectors edition..” i think it is funny square sent them one copy :lol:. also the game is amazing and i can’t wait to hear their thoughts on it after playing.
55:42 - “i love going to the dentist. god, gotta get that scraping in. hurt me, hurt me.” :?

Phil's YouNow liveshow - 12 January 2017 :
3:49 - “one of my - if i was having a new year's resolutions which i’m not really..” i think it’s interesting both him and dan are not really doing ‘resolutions’ just general goals.
4:13 - “this year i would like to go visit the lester clan a little bit more.” aww :love2:.
6:54 - phil’s hairdresser now comes over to their flat.
7:08-8:12 - hair clumps/gas man story. this story/the way he told it was so funny to me :lol:.
8:25 - “dan said it was for a year i think it was for four years. i think ever since we moved in there’s been this weird smell.” what’s the truth.
10:11 - “CHAT: when will you get a dog?” “p: i would love to get a dog but still i feel like i’m too busy(..) but i do want a dog one day.”
10:45 - “so i could have a dog (..) but i just don’t have one yet.” okay, here i am really pushing this dog agenda. he used the go-to too busy/ houseplants are dying excuse but didn’t mention that their flat doesn’t allow dogs which he normally does. :dog:
13:06 - dan got phil a board game called ‘code names’ for christmas.
14:00-17:17 - phil shows off some other things he got for christmas.
15:52 - book publishers gave him tatinof themed shoes for christmas. these are so cool and such a great gift! (i wonder if dan got shoes/something too).
18:18 - “CHAT: do you have any new year’s resolutions?” “p: i think it is see my family more, learn how to look after houseplants. i also want to channel my creative energies into something. i’ve been writing down loads of ideas and i’ve got load of ideas for some kind of creative project.” exciting to hear he’s thinking about a new “creative project” i can’t wait to see what that turns out to be.
21:40 - “i think i’m going to a sherlock watching party to watch the last one.” aww that is fun and exciting (tbh i want a sherlock watching party).
25:02 - “thankfully dad did most of the battles..” misspoke and called dan 'dad' :lol:.
30:51 - phil tells about a dream and how dan’s mom had the same dream on the same night.
37:11 - phil’s birthday plans: “i might go see my family and i might just go out with some friends..” so no japhan 2.0 :cry:.
40:39 - phil’s final dab hopefully.
42.32 - “yes, i tidied my entire bedroom to the undertale soundtrack..” they both tidied their rooms (probably at the same time) listening to the undertale soundtrack.
43:42 - next week he will also start posting liveshows on his side channel.
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by alittledizzy » Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:58 pm

Phil's liveshow - 12 January 2017

1:25 - Phil didn't think he had much energy today.
1:49 - "What the hell is thundersnow?"
2:32 - Phil would be watching other people build a snowman if it was snowing.
3:41 - His mum's food is amazing. He's salivating in his mouth, because where else would he be salivating?
3:58 - Resolution is to see his family more.
4:52 - He watched Die Hard and didn't remember having seen it before. Doesn't think it's as much of a Christmas movie as Home Alone.
6:25 - This time last week Phil was an ill, hairy mess.
6:48 - Haircut/gas story starts.
7:00 - Fabrice comes to Phil's house now.
7:45 - Phil's awkwardness.
8:28 - One year or four years.
9:42 - Death to the fringe.
10:14 - Phil is too busy to look after a dog, and also is still killing his houseplants.
10:30 - New Year story; didn't have allergic reaction to a dog.
11:55 - Went to Manchester over NYE, saw all his Northern friends. A couple of general 'we' mentions but does not mention Dan specifically which means literally nothing because they still didn't actually hide that they were there together.
13:07 - Dan got Phil Codenames for Christmas.
14:31 - Frosted sprinkle hand wash. Smells 5% gross.
15:28 - Another resolution: learn to care for his houseplants.
16:44 - Phil's mum is scared he's going to burn the house down with scented candles.
18:26 - Phil wants to channel his creative energies. Yesssss, Phil. (No, wait: Yaaaaaaaas, Phil.)
20:24 - Phil is an annoying little brother. This was the first year his brother has woken up before him.
21:20 - Sherlock.
21:40 - He is going to a Sherlock viewing party.
23:13 - Smelled gas when they put the Christmas tree away.
25:00 - Undertale
25:40 - Phil is into the spice. So spice.
26:00 - Planet Earth 2 talk.
27:50 - Yuri on Ice
28:11 - Humans season 2
29:03 - Age of Ultron
30:00 - Steven Universe
30:55 - Dream about being chased by angry guys at a hotel in Scotland, couldn't find Dan and was trying to call him. The next day Dan's mum texted him to say she had a dream that he and Phil were in Scotland. "That's supernatural, right?"
32:05 - Skam. He feels like he has had the Skins watching time of his life already, does he need to go back?
33:08 - He has had a good day of drinking lots of coffee and editing.
33:38 - Phil's mum is obsessed with snow, facetimed him as soon as she heard it was snowing.
35:20 - La La Land. He wanted to get out in the snow.
36:10 - Cumberpants.
36:49 - Phil bought a Christmas horror movie and now has to wait until next Christmas to watch it.
37:10 - Doesn't know what he's doing for his birthday. Might go see his family, might go out with his friends. Escape room.
40:05 - Leave the dabbing in 2016.
41:27 - Happy Valley
42:15 - Pronunciation of "Aaron."
43:25 - Liveshows will be on his side channel starting next week.
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by dontpanic » Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:20 am

MJ’s official video review = :fireworks: :philtrash:
I haven’t caught up with the thread yet because #spoilers so I bet half this stuff has already been discussed, but yolo I still will force upon you my overly detailed trashy timestamps.

Timestamps: Sims 4 #34
0:14—“Dab, Tab, and the Big D.” Tbh that sounds like a really good name for a mediocre country band.
0:42—I know dan’s joking about the sims people creating the toddler expansion because of them, but how funny would it be if that was actually true? (I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a small spike in sales after they started playing the Sims 4, the game creators must love Deppy’s free advertisement).
0:54—Dan affectionately hitting Phil’s arm :garbage:
1:28—The water sound effect when Phil says “let’s dive in” :thumb:
1:34—Phil: “Santa’s going to sell us to Satan if we don’t sell it soon.” :rofl: This whole video Dan’s genuinely impressed and supportive of Phil and I’m so here for that.
2:46—Phil hating on the outside lamp with his hand all contemplatively gripping his chin = my aesthetic
2:56—You know Phil’s going to be a great father b/c he tells the world’s lamest jokes.
3:18—Track 1 of Deppy’s 2017 Mixtape: The Suckling. Got a feeling this one won’t win a Grammy.
5:06—Phil leaning back in his chair with his arms folded and his unamused face :garbage:
5:28—I am so happy they dressed Dil in jean shorts and a crop top. Phil isn’t a fan though…thoughts y?
5:39—re: Dil’s outfit
Dan: “[…] see, the wife approves.”
Phil: “okay, she approves.”
This is kind of a weird interaction, I wonder what they talked about before the jumpcut?
5:56—Track 2 of Deppy’s Mixtape: Mirror Butt: A Saga. Dan’s support for Phil’s solo is inspirational.
6:09—Deppy’s new branding confirmed: Party Dan & Phil, butts all day & snorting crack all night.
7:01—Phil: “It's true.” Deppy’s weekend plans confirmed, traveling and writing bad fanfiction phanfiction together. As Dan eloquently put it, “this is what I subscribe for.” :ribena:
7:15—Phil retracts his distaste for Dil’s outfit.
7:54—Chilling on the fireworks effect, instead shelling out nine pounds for the glitter effect. I can get on board with this.
8:12—Track 3 of their mixtape: “Dab’s Bedroom Floor Lullaby.”
9:13—Phil: “This is really weird, I’m uncomfortable.” Phil’s blatant kinkshaming it’s okay phil, I too am guilty of furry prejudice.
9:27—Track 4 of their mixtape: Dab’s a Judgmental Cabbage
10:58—Phil: “I’m hyped for this,” said in the most un-hyped voice known to man.
11:43—Track 5 of their mixtape: The Repetitive Occurrence of Morning
11:52—Track 6 of their mixtape: Dan Does Not Understand the Meaning of “Shoosh”
13:07—Dan: “A charmer with cute eyes?” Dan, are you maybe thinking of the charmer with cute eyes sitting right next to you? :gg:
13:32—Dan: “Dab looks like Eliza Pancakes.” Tabs and Eliza had an affair, confirmed :illuminati:
13:38—Hair discussion. So, Dil has slightly wavy brown hair, Tabitha has straight black hair…Dab’s beautiful mane would be the product of a DanxPhil child, confirmed :illuminati: But Phil suggesting cutting Dab’s hair :tsk:
16:26—This exchange sums up Dan vs. Phil’s financial philosophies.
16:38—Dan praising phil’s cloud idea :love1: “Phil, what a lovely idea.”
16:54—Dan suggesting getting Dab a tablet to watch toy unboxing videos (then Dab can support felix's foremost rival, the 5-year-old youtuber behind “Ryan ToyReview.” :daddy:)
17:31—Dil might be becoming an alcoholic…
18:08—I do the same thing Dan does here with his hand, seeing him do it so often makes me feel oddly less self-conscious?
20:08: Track 7 of their mixtape: Dab’s First Poop
21:42—Track 8 of their mixtape: Inspiring Dab. FFS dan’s falsetto singing tho :garbage:
22:53—LOZ sO RAndoM XD XD XD XD
23:16—Theory: Deppy adopts a child, uses the excuse that they wanted to decorate a room like Dab’s in their new house. : illuminati:
23:45—I like this little confirmation that they watch Disney movies.
23:54—Okay but imagine…Deppy falling asleep together on the living room couch while watching their foreign crime dramas :gg:
24:26—Phil softly punching dan’s face I can now die peacefully
25:08—will psychic!Phil emerge? Will Tabitha’s abductions be her downfall? Tune in next time on the “Dan & Phil sit so close together they might as well just share one chair” show.

<3Dan was in a positive mood, which is always awesome to see, he’s so enjoyable to watch when he’s like that. Phil seemed a bit closed off, probably tired or bored or something.
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by alittledizzy » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:28 pm

Save me Daddy! timestamps

:18 - No weird kink roleplaying... yet. (This is the kind of comment that I think would have felt much, more more jarring in... well, to use their favorite phrase, the pre-baking-video universe.)
:55 - "This is gonna teach us how to be real parents."
1:26 - "Your ass is where you feel all of the most important emotions."
1:32 - Philly
2:52 - P: "Did you mate with a female kangaroo?"
4:22 - "This is the biggest garden ever. How much did they pay for this house?" Phil sees a feature of a house he likes and his mind immediately goes to pricing it. Hm, been house hunting lately?
7:00 - "A strange rubber object." Both of them react with humor and basically nothing else to seeing a dildo in the dad's nightstand drawer. 8:20 - "I'm a rich baby. You adopted me from a millionaire oil barron." Skewing the line away from heteronormativity again. Zero mention of where the baby's mother might be (aside from the female kangaroo reference) and backstory of adoption.
9:04 - "Cancel fighting for a second, I want to solve the mystery." I feel like this is how they play most competitive games, calling truces frequently for the sake of figuring things out.
10:20 - Emotionally manipulative Mrs. Lester. :( :( (kidding. KIDDING.)
11:23 - The rubber object is healthy and nutricious.
12:00 - Phil wants to watch Dan play with a pool noodle.
13:35 - "Lets never be parents."
13:52 - "In hindsight, are we good parents?" "I think no. Definitely not. I think we're both terrible." "Could you trust either of us around an unattended baby? Noooo." "I'm surprised that Dil or Dab have surprised our parenting."
14:30 - "Let us know in the comments if you want to see more father-son simulators, if that's the weird kind of phan roleplay you're into."
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by dollicious » Thu Feb 02, 2017 4:21 pm

Phil's YouNow liveshow - 2 February 2017 :
1:19 - “i went for a jog today.” good for him i hope he sticks with jogging & exercising with his new gym membership.
3:13-11:37 - talks about the birthday presents he got.
3:13 - new grey vans from martyn.
5:51 - ‘rewined' candle.
7:05 - “snazzy” glitter beetle jumper from his parents.
7:36 - sushi gummy set from dan with “the same case that we order sushi delivers in, which is hilarious.” :D/ reminded him of the tour when he last got it.
8:51 - phil’s grandma used to call licorice ‘spanish’ and he does a cute impersonation of her.
9:08 - “i’ve been really trying to learn since we went to japan and i was a total flop.” improved using chopsticks for next japhan trip :japhan:.
9:40 - book about the history of socks.
10.16 - firefly on blueray.
10:32 - terrarium from his friends “like the one dan smashed everywhere.”
11:05 - lava lamp from dan.
12:45 - “i went up north(..) everyday was a good day for going outside, going for a walk, hanging out by the beach, looking at the seaside.” so nice that they spent the time relaxing, going on family walks, and eating good food :love2:.
13:50 - “my mom made me a cake.” this cake was cute as hell, mrs. lester is amazing :respekt2:.
17:20 - shows hatched emu egg.
20:36 - “CHAT: thoughts on the beauty and the beast trailer?” “p: i’m not sure, does it need to be made again? is that a controversial opinion?”
21:05 - “CHAT: it looks amazing, i’m excited.” “p: okay, i’ll be excited.” i know this is just something about a movie but i think it kind of shows how he does deal with “controversial opinions.” he shared his opinion that the movie isn’t really necessary and when people in the chat disagreed he says he’ll be excited/kind of takes back his opinion :shrug:.
22:40 - dan falling was “a mixture of hilarious and genuine concern-ity.”
26:30 - “though, dil has baby dab so that’s enough children for me to look at at the moment.”
29:16 - “CHAT: will you ever get a dog?” “yes!(..)there is a dog on the horizon.” my favorite part of the liveshow :dog:!! i did think it was strange he wanted to prove the “yes” by showing the camera but didn’t with any other answer.
31:55- 35:00 - story about being too scared to walk on the path with holes. “didn’t know i’d be afraid of heights - i was(..) just that specific situation freaked me out.”
38:11 - “she knew that i’d asked for a red velvet cake so she bought me red velvet cookies.” aww once again mrs. lester is amazing :love2:.
38:38 - talks about celebrating friend birthday.
39:07 - “i’ve still got that childhood fear [of a restaurant singing to you for your birthday].”
39:39 - “my parents would take me to this place and we pretend it was my birthday like three times a year.” :lol: this is so funny.
42:26 - beach walk/ dead pigeon story.
45:25 - “CHAT: what do you prefer birthdays or christmas?” “p: i prefer christmas because i feel like birthdays is a lot about me while christmas is about everyone." :sun:
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Re: Timestamp Thread

PostPosted by alittledizzy » Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:30 am

Phil's liveshow - 2 February 2017

1:21 - Phil went for a jog today. He references having gotten healthier before the tour as a motivation.
2:00 - Phil sprinting would look like a giraffe on an ice rink.
2:35 - "Check in next week and see if I've done any more. Probably not."
3:00 - Birthday haul starts with a musical interlude.
3:10 - Showing off his new vans from Martyn, with turquoise laces. "What a good brother!"
4:09 - Phil does not know how to lace shoes.
4:24 - His mum worked in a shoe shop when she was sixteen.
4:54 - Phil's shoelaces come undone an average of three to four times a day.
5:20 - He seems genuinely bashful about being called out for not knowing how to tie shoelaces here. It's the same expression/tone he had in a previous liveshow when people were teasing him for his selfie face.
5:32 - Phil is shoe-commitment phobic, doesn't like double knots.
5:44 - "I'm a sock guy." Phil actually taking a moment in his liveshow to specifically antagonize jesp, good job.
5:50 - Candle; does not say who it is from. Cornelia maybe?
6:52 - Phil's Candle Review Goes Dark: "Cut me open and turn me into wax. My blood. That's what my insides probably smell like after all the sweets I've been eating."
7:04 - Snazzy beetle jumper from parents.
7:30 - "One thing" Dan got him was a sushi gummy set. It made him think of tour; he was obsessed with it. Also the case the place they order sushi from delivers in.
8:47 - Covers his mouth while chewing.
8:54 - His grandmother used to call licorice 'spanish.'
9:07 - His chopsticking has improved since Japan.
9:40 - Book about socks; does not say who it is from. Suspect it was included just to further antagonize jesp.
10:17 - Firefly on Bluray. (This seems like a Dan present, given that it's self-serving and he can watch too.)
10:30 - Terrarium from 'friends' - Bryony and Wirrow?
11:00 - Lava lamp. He had one ages ago and it broke, and he missed it. "He thought it would match the color of my room, so I could maybe have it in the background of videos." They relax Phil; he can watch them for 20 minutes without getting bored. This is the first time we've seen the calming present theme extent to Phil.
12:45 - Talks about the weather up north. "Every day was a good day for going outside, going for a walk, hanging out by the beach."
13:17 - Afternoon tea.
13:55 - His mum made him a cake.
14:50 - He mentions weird sugar dreams.
15:00 - Italian meal
15:12 - He watched a lot of movies over his bithday, and recommends Hunt for the Wilder People. (Lester fam + Dan and Cornelia movie bonding time, yes. Good.)
16:15 - Emu egg update. I'm taking a coffe break, this is boring.
19:10 - Australian accent that I am told by an actual Australian is still quite offensively bad.
20:10 - "These are not hands made for fiddly things."
20:39 - 'Controversial opinion' on the Beauty and the Beast remake.
21:00 - He thinks Beauty and the Beast is a good story. *cough*furry*cough*
22:30 - Phil's comments on Dan's fall: "It was a mixture of hilarious and genuine cocern...ity. "It was quite an epic fall, that's all all I'll say." "Yeah, he hurt his knee and his hand, I think." "He's quite a tall guy so when you fall to the ground it's quite a long way to fall."
23:35 - There should always be Sharknados. (Correct opinion.)
24:28 - New video talk. "Mainly pregnancy, is what it sounds like. So I might be pregnant. I felt a few kicks, but that was probably all the Italian food."
25:17 - Phil predicted Beyonce's twins; he is channeling Beyonce.
27:21 - Phil apparently has a lot of thoughts on The Quickening and I'm intrigued.
27:30 - During his 8-ball answering bit, Phil's dismissal of people with questions about school and graduation made me laugh. That seemed like a genuine moment of realness.
28:05 - "Does my crush like me back?" Phil the matchmaker.
28:22 - Phil starts talking about doing things for someone for Valentines Day and seems to rethink that line of thought real fast.
29:19 - "Will you ever get a dog?" "Yes! It just says yes."
31:01 - Firefly sounds like Cowboy Bebop.
31:56 - Start of the cliff walk story. "Meant to be exciting for me but it turned out to have the opposite effect."
32:56 - "The path was muddy and slippery, and Dan had already slipped over once."
33:22 - "All of my family and Cornelia were just like, yeah, whatever, I'll do it. I just stood behind the wall and watched everyone because I was too scared. I felt silly and I don't usually have that reaction to things that are high, but I freaked out. My brain was just like nope nope nope, time to go." Still fascinated by Phil talking about something that was scary to him.
35:14 - More DITL videos; he'll vlog it if he does anything interesting.
35:50 - More talking about jogging. He was listening to music but stopped because he was afraid he'd be hit.
36:30 - They had fish and chips for dinner the night before.
38:15 - His mum bought him red velvet cookies since he didn't get red velvet cake.
38:42 - They got the seasonal tasting menu at the sushi place for his friend birthday celebration. Phil has restaurant birthday singing anxiety; same.
39:40 - Free cake. Wow, Lesters, why so cheap.
40:50 - Promoting the Whose Your Daddy gaming video.
41:25 - Phil, for some strange reason, begins imagining how he'd need to baby proof their house.
42:09 - He played Mario Kart this morning.
42:32 - Dead pigeon story.
43:51 - He is still watching The original The Killing and Homeland.
45:07 - Also, Steven Universe.
45:28 - He prefers Christmas because it's about everyone and not just him.
45:50 - He's going to try and make the sushi last all week, but is aware that he has no self-control.
46:10 - Gives actually decent advice about how to handle a job trial.
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