You wouldn’t forgive your parent for this! (Live Show Episode #2) - 6 October 2019

Dan and Phil liveshows
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You wouldn’t forgive your parent for this! (Live Show Episode #2) - 6 October 2019

Post by lefthandedism » Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:56 am

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Re: You wouldn’t forgive your parent for this! (Live Show Episode #2) - 6 October 2019

Post by itasca00 » Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:15 am

itasca00 wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:15 am
This was a fun show! I especially enjoyed the gayming discussion, lol. Here are my highlights:
  • The first thing I noticed (when I started looking at the recording) was that Phil edited out ~12 minutes of the liveshow. Based on my original timestamps as compared to the recording, it looks like he cut ~2 minutes from the beginning when he was greeting people before he tweeted, ~4 minutes from the gaming segment, ~4 minutes from the discussion of the liveshow sponsorship by YouNow’s new cryptocurrency Props, and ~2 minutes from the end when he was saying goodbye to everyone.
  • [4:59] Phil talks about going to the Frieze Art Fair with Dan, Martyn, and Cornelia. As with last year, they decided to take on personas with different names to help them fit in better. Phil called himself Gideon, Cornelia called herself Esmeralda, and he doesn’t remember what Dan and Martyn called themselves.
  • [9:12] We see Norman Cam for the first time. :betta: In this liveshow, we get Norman Cam twice more, at [21:27] and at [37:12].
  • [10:02] Phil talks about having shrimp and snails in the fish tank with Norman. This discussion includes this gem of a sentence ([10:44]): :lol:
    P: There’s also about fifty snails in there because it turns out snails are super horny.
  • [13:22] NEWS STORY OF THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK: A 12 year-old boy named Harley was misbehaving in school, so his mom threatened to come to his classes and watch him if he didn’t get his act together. Then she did.
  • [24:53] Phil plays Untitled Goose Game. At [27:08], he says his grandparents had a goose as a pet, and it used to chase him and Martyn around when they were children (especially Martyn because he had red hair). At [30:06], Phil names the goose in the game Gerald.
  • [33:16] Phil is having problems with his mouse. He shows it, and its scroll wheel is backlit with a rainbow. This leads to the following glorious statements ([33:33]): :prideflag:
    P: “The mouse said, ‘gay rights.’” It is the gayest mouse ever. I feel like new gaming PCs are all slightly super gay, just because they’re full rainbows. So I’ve got this gaming PC and the entire keyboard is a rainbow. Everything is a rainbow. “Gay mouse for a gay rat like you.” Thank you very much.
    P: “You’re a gaymer with a ‘y,’” said Suntania. I know!
  • [38:34] Phil talks about RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. As a part of this discussion, Phil is asked what he would look like as a drag queen. He has a friend who does drag, so he says he could always ask his friend for some pointers. But then he says he doesn’t think that’s actually going to happen.
  • [40:10] Someone in the chat compliments Phil’s hair. In response, Phil says that Dan thinks that, in the sunlight, he looks a bit like a red squirrel.
  • [41:52] Phil tells a story of his parents embarrassing him. When Phil was 13/14, he wasn’t allowed to go to Manchester without his parents, but his slightly younger friend was allowed to go. Phil wanted to go with his friend, and his mom suggested that he could go if she surreptitiously tagged along without his friend knowing about it. As a counter offer, Phil suggested that she could come to Manchester and hang out in a coffee shop or something in case there was an emergency, but she wouldn’t be allowed to actually follow him and his friend around. This is what ended up happening.
  • [43:33] Phil tells a second story of his parents embarrassing him. Once, Phil had a twenty minute long phone call with a girl that he thinks may have liked him. Unbeknownst to Phil, his mom listened in on the last four minutes of the call because she wanted to tell him to get off the phone to allow her to call his aunt.
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