This dog has a tail on its face. - 1 December 2019

Dan and Phil liveshows
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This dog has a tail on its face. - 1 December 2019

Post by lefthandedism » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:26 pm

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Re: This dog has a tail on its face. - 1 December 2019

Post by itasca00 » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:47 am

itasca00 wrote:
Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:46 am
As usual, it was nice to see Phil in his latest liveshow. It was good to hear some stories from Japan, and it was good to just catch up. Here are my highlights:
  • [1:10] Phil talks about his and Dan’s trip to Japan. He talks about it again at [2:08], [24:54], and [46:24]. Highlights include:
    • [5:55] Phil says that tourists are like ants in that they’ll only stick in the most touristy spaces. Whenever things got too crowded, he and Dan would take a side-street to a different road and just enjoy the culture there.
    • [6:29] Phil says he and Dan met three or four fans, including one at Tokyo DisneySea, but Japanese YouTubers tend to be the most famous YouTubers in Japan. In fact, Duncan and Mimei were recognized more than Dan and Phil.
    • [25:00] Phil talks about his and Dan’s experience with Mt. Inari. They went there after a full day of tourism, and they didn’t realize it was an actual mountain. As they climbed it, the sun went down, and Phil had a bit of a tantrum because he was so tired. Dan encouraged him to persevere to the summit, and that along with a sugary drink enabled Phil to complete the hike.
    • [29:26] Phil talks about Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama. He enjoyed it, but it was also stressful because there were so many signs about what not to do with the wild monkeys. Mostly, though, the monkeys just had drama with each other.
    • [30:44] Phil talks about the bowing deer at Nara Park. They were really cute but also a bit scary. Phil was bitten on the ass about three times because the deer wanted his crackers.
  • [1:54] Phil isn’t sure yet whether he’s going to do a Christmas video.
  • [10:19] For the third year in a row, Phil ordered a Christmas tree from a company that promises that the tree will be delivered by a person wearing a kilt. Much to Phil’s chagrin/relief, for the third year in a row, the person who delivered the tree was not wearing a kilt.
  • [12:35] Phil discusses his and Dan’s latest merch drops. Phil especially likes Dan’s new skull sweater, and he’s been stealing it often when he’s not wearing his own new pajamas.
  • [18:02] Phil asks all of his liveshow viewers to go to, and he shows a live map of visitors to the site.
  • [20:37] Phil shows us Norman Cam, and he follows this up with Shrimp Cam at [22:52]. Apparently, while he and Dan were in Japan, one of the shrimp had eight babies.
  • [32:42] Phil reviews his Advent calendar. In the scene depicted on the front of the calendar, he’s disturbed by a squirrel making out with a camera, he’s upset that two animals peering through the window haven’t been invited to hang out with Santa, and he’s shocked by two animals engaging in some “cozy lovin’” on a curtain rail. He’s also disappointed that there aren't any pictures behind the doors of the advent calendar and that the chocolates aren’t shaped like anything.
  • [35:25] NEWS STORY OF THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK: A puppy was born with a tail on its face.
  • [43:01] The spaghetti saga begins. Phil says he doesn’t strain his spaghetti. The saga continues at [43:49]. Phil says that he puts his puts his spaghetti in a sieve and pours boiling water on it, implying that this is the way he cooks it. Understandably, chat is incredulous, which prompts Phil to give a full description of how he cooks spaghetti. Here are his instructions: :?
    1. Get the hard spaghetti.
    2. Rinse off the sand.
    3. Put the water in the pan.
    4. Boil the spaghetti for about eight minutes.
    5. Put the spaghetti in a sieve.
    6. Pour hot water over it.
    7. Serve.
  • [46:55] Phil talks about the In This Place: Gaychester podcast episode he narrated on the Albert Kennedy Trust.
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