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IDB Tips and Tricks

Post by itasca00 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:21 pm

I wanted to post about a thing that I learned today, and I wasn't able to find a suitable topic. I'm creating this topic with the hope that it can be a place to post useful IDB tips and tricks that aren't documented elsewhere.

How to embed images stored on your Google Drive in a post
First and foremost: convenience. I have Google Drive. I like Google Drive. It's easy for me to organize things on Google Drive. As such, I didn't want to make an account on a new platform like Imgur, but I eventually did when it seemed like embedding an image from Google Drive wasn't going to work. Only after I signed up did I find that not all image formats are supported.

In my case, the unsupported image format was SVG. It turns out that hosting SVG image files is not supported on most websites, and most commonly suggested workarounds aren't great (source). Google Drive offers a simple and convenient way to host images of any format.
  1. Upload the image to your Google Drive.
  2. Right click on the uploaded image.
  3. Click "Get shareable link."
  4. Paste the link between "img" tags.
  5. Within the link text, change "open?" to "uc?"
  6. Savor victory.
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