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Forum Rules

Post by alittledizzy » Sat Mar 26, 2016 3:00 pm

Forum Rules

1. Be respectful of fellow users, moderators and the administration. Disagreements are permitted, but no name calling or hate speech of any kind will be tolerated.

2. Posting of private personal information of the individuals we discuss is strictly prohibited. This includes addresses, contact details (off or online), or those of the individuals associated with them (friends and family; past present or future).

3. Refrain from sharing information about the individuals we discuss or about people associated with the individuals we discuss that the individuals themselves have not made publicly available. This extends to social media accounts discovered of friends and family, ex-partners, etc., and to the current location of any individual we discuss, or any individual associated with them, if there is a risk of harassment or loss of privacy.

If you are unsure if the information you would like to share with the forum is suitable, please contact a moderator privately.

4. Refrain from posting content without crediting the creator, where the creator has stated at the source they do not wish their material to be shared elsewhere without credit. Posting content specified by the creator not to be shared is strictly prohibited.

5. Directly linking to copyrighted content that was not publicly available or distributed with the consent of the creator at the time of discovery is strictly prohibited on public threads.

6. Do not post gratuitous links to pornography. Links to nudity or other potentially “not safe for work” material are permissible only in the context of a mature discussion.

When posting a link to potentially not safe for work material, clearly mark it as not safe for work. When embedding potentially not safe for work material, place it within spoiler tags, and clearly mark it not safe for work outside the tags.

7. Posting of illegal or pirated material or links to it is strictly prohibited.

8. Any physical or mental health discussion that occurs in the threads should be conducted with the utmost sensitivity, and potentially triggering conversations should be marked with a clear disclaimer. People with health conditions should not be shamed, insulted, or demeaned. Definitive statements about specific health issues (“armchair diagnoses”) should be avoided.

9. One account per user - do not register more than one account, for any reason. If you want to change your username, make a request in the username thread, or message a moderator. Use of multiple accounts is grounds for all accounts created by you being banned.

10. No trolling - do not use excessively inflammatory, abusive, or hateful language, impersonate anyone, post spam, or otherwise act in a way that is a detriment to the board. The moderators reserve the right to decide if a poster is trolling. Trolling is grounds for an immediate ban.

11. If you wish to post a message that is an advertisement, an offer to trade or sell products or services, a request for money, goods, or services, a charitable appeal, or any other post or content promoting a cause, venture, or website, or a request for information for surveys or other information gathering purposes, you must ask for and obtain permission from the moderators beforehand.

This applies if money is involved or if not. This applies to all of the forum, including posts, your signature, your profile, and private messages.

Everyone, including the moderation team, is expected to follow these rules.

How Warnings/Strikes and Bans Work

Mods/admin will usually respond to rule violations with a public reminder of whichever rule has been broken, and in most cases that is as far as the situation will escalate. If the rule violation was particularly malicious, or if the user(s) continues to violate the rule(s), a moderator will make a note specifying that the user has been issued a strike/warning, and that depending on the circumstances, further violation of the rules will be grounds for a ban. In rare circumstances the mods/admin may decide that a user has posted something that is inflammatory, dangerous, threatening, or disruptive to such a degree that it warrants an immediate ban. In these instances, the user will not be issued a strike/warning before a ban. However, the moderators and administration of IDB are committed to transparency and accountability, and will only take such an action if we decide that there is no other way to handle the situation. If the banned user or any other users take issue with how the situation was handled, they may contact any of the mods or email indepthbants-at-gmail-dot-com and we will be open to discussing what happened.

How to Contact a Moderator

A list of the forum moderators can be found here, or by clicking "The Team" at the bottom of every page. We also have an IDB twitter and an IDB tumblr.
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Re: Forum Rules

Post by oqua » Sat Sep 24, 2016 6:02 pm

Off-site Moderator Contact Details

We're available via PM through the forum, but if the forum is down, you have been banned/suspended, or you do not have an account, these are alternative options. This information can also be found in the "Forum FAQ's" thread.

IDB twitter | IDB tumblr | indepthbants at gmail dot com

jesp : twitter | idbjesp at gmail dot com

missemma : twitter | tumblr

alittledizzy : twitter | tumblr | alittledizzy at gmail dot com

rizzo : twitter | tumblr

lefthandedism : twitter | tumblr

catallena: twitter | tumblr
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