A Note on Forum Behavior

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A Note on Forum Behavior

Post by lefthandedism » Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:10 pm

To address recent continued concerns

The moderation team is unable to moderate users for actions taken off the forum. We understand that there is a desire to see stronger action taken immediately given the serious accusations that have recently been made regarding concern for the safety of minors, but we cannot open the door to moderating off-site behavior. If you have been around since our origin story, you will already know that this forum was founded on a basis of desiring fair moderation that abides by the same rules for every user, and we are adamant on sticking to that.

What we can-and are-doing is closely scrutinize emerging patterns visible on this forum. We have appropriately warned the user in question that statements made by them have potentially opened them up to moderation action including strikes and ultimately banning. We do not take the safety and comfort of minors lightly. We are not taking this situation lightly.

To all forum users

If you read something that makes you uncomfortable, please refrain from personal attacks. Instead, use the report function. Not only does this keep you from crossing a line with the forum rules, but it allows us a more clearly documented record of prior forum actions if in the future we need to moderate a user more strongly.

As always, the moderation team is available to discuss any concerns you may have. You may reach out to us collectively via email at indepthbants at gmail.com, individually on IDB through personal messages, or by using our off-site contact information.
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