What to do if your IP has been banned

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What to do if your IP has been banned

Post by jesp » Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:17 pm

We've seen an increase in the amount of spam accounts registering lately, and as a result we've had to implement more aggressive processes to ban them before they have a chance to post. Unfortunately, this can throw up false positives and automatically ban a legitimate user attempting to register.

If you have tried to register and find yourself unable, contact us via the details listed below. Please use the email address you attempted to register with {or include it in your twitter direct message}, and also include the username you attempted to register with and your current IP address. You can find your IP address here: https://www.whatismyip.com/.

Our off-site contact details are:

Official IDB twitter | Official IDB tumblr | indepthbants at gmail dot com

jesp : twitter | idbjesp at gmail dot com

missemma : twitter | tumblr

Oqua : twitter | oqua12 at gmail dot com

alittledizzy : twitter | tumblr | alittledizzy at gmail dot com

rizzo : twitter | tumblr

mermaid : somethingmermaidy at gmail dot com
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