RuPaul's Drag Race Thread

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brq wrote: Tue Mar 09, 2021 4:21 pm This season of RPDRUK is the first time I've actually known a queen on the show personally and I've still not watched it :? I usually like to watch whole seasons at once but I think this makes me a bad friend
Ellie is killing it! She has the most beautiful make up of all the girls imho. Just a bit of drama with the other Scottish queen 😆
You will have a fantastic binge watch waiting for you 😊
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Tia was my favourite this series (despite having some rubbish outfits) so this tweet made me happy.

I want Bimini to win out of who's left. They have grown on me so much.
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Coming back super late to this thread to wrap up on the UK season! I ended up falling in love with Ellie in the second half of the season and she edged out Lawrence as my Scot of choice to win. Lawrence lost me after the hiatus but, seeing as she took part in the mental health panel at National Student Pride with Dan a few weeks ago, it's safe to say she was heavily impacted by the stress of covid. It sounds like the drag scene in Scotland put those queens at a disadvantage before covid hit so lockdown was especially devastating for them. I was still happy with the winner though I have to be honest I thought Bimini had it in the bag.

I was also wondering if anyone has been following the new Australian season? It's been very cringeworthy to watch for me as an Australian, especially when they seem to be a bit deluded about how amazing they are (Snatch Game was woeful). I also really hate how they dealt with the Art Simone situation. I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts since I struggle to watch a lot of Australian TV in general so I don't know if it's just me or if it really is as embarrassing as I think it is!
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