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Post by ahriem » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:39 pm

i used to follow some hp communities on livejournal and maybe a couple of other places before the last book was released. read some fanfiction but was mostly interested in the theories and analysis because there were always things that bothered me about the books. a lot of the criticism is about how she dismisses issues and how she treats people who point them out, like ilvermorny or racist imagery or language or the thing with depp or how she tries to claim diversity points retroactively.

anyway, what i actually wanted to do with this post was share a recently started au called the dogfather that is the best thing i've ever read in the hp fandom. so far it's made *everything* better by fixing a lot of the issues i had with the books, writing reasonable, sensible people with decent motivations trying to do good things because they care.

a short summary of the premise: the dursley's turn harry over to the police as a foundling and he's adopted into a loving home. sirius finds out the dursley's have been murdered when harry's 2 or 3 and breaks out. with the help of remus he eventually tracks harry down a few years later and lives with them as dog. (the story so far is up to the first week in hogwarts, loosely following the events in the book. she's also writing a side story about remus and sirius after sirius breaks out and as they try to find harry.)

on ao3 (everything up to the sorting is posted here.)
on tumblr (most things are listed here although there are a lot of asks that haven't been added to that post and there's another chapter in the black dog side story, but they can be found through the tags. )

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