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Megancita75 wrote: Thu Nov 11, 2021 7:43 pm Sorry for the double post, but her latest Insta is about struggling with trust and includes the hashtag “possible autism” so I wonder if she is struggling with processing emotions lately to the extent that she might be exploring a diagnosis for herself? (I really am a bit hesitant to explore that line of speculation, and she puts a ton of hashtags on her posts and I don’t always know the intent behind them obviously.) I know so many women, though, who were really rocked emotionally by motherhood (postpartum depression, anxiety, mood swings, etc) and experienced pretty profound re-evaluations of all aspects of their professional and personal lives. I honestly keep expecting her to announce they are moving to Sweden.
True! And I know that because of the pandemic she was separated from her family in Sweden for a long time. First time motherhood + forced separation due to a pandemic must be hard for sure
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I don’t personally follow her on any social media platforms, the nft stuff I only saw because people were rightfully concerned and talking about it on twitter. Of course, I hope she’s doing ok and coping with parenthood alright. From her replacement tweet it sounds like Freya still isn’t sleeping through the night which isn’t super common at this age so I can imagine almost a year of limited sleep takes it’s toll on anyone. I hope she’s getting all the support she needs. Without speculating too much, if she is seeking diagnostic testing for autism, I also hope she’s in a place mentally to handle that right now. A lovely lady I used to work with was diagnosed with autism as an adult and she really struggled for quite a while with the diagnosis despite going into it thinking it would be a relief to know for sure. Obviously, this is entirely dependent on the person but I do hope she’s not putting too much on her plate if she’s already not having an easy time of it.

That said, having a rough time doesn’t entirely excuse promoting something morally questionable, especially when you’ve claimed to put in the time to research the morally questionable thing. Part and parcel of having influence on the internet is being criticised when using your influence for something objectionable, and she chose just about the most divisive topic she possibly could have.
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Cornelia kept engaging with people but I think the "discourse" died down as people got more distracted with the Hometown Showdown trailer. Just for posterity, here are some of her justifications/replies.
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