The Rest of the Foursome

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by morbit » Fri Nov 04, 2016 11:25 pm

confetti-j wrote:
Philena wrote:Out of curiosity, what do you all think of the Peej/Pewds twitter exchange today?
I feel like they probably are genuine friends, but I can also see this as being exploitative. Anyone else want to discuss?
Judging from all of their hangouts and double dates that they seem to have, I think they genuinely like each other as people. PJ really would't benefit a lot from Felix bc his youtube content( and fan base) is pretty different than PewDiePie's, and vice versa. Right now at least they seem to be doing quite well as buds and I hope it continues, but it would be interesting to hear Chris's opinion (not like he'll give it or anything, it would just be interesting) :thumb:
he actually did talk about it in a liveshow from this summer. Don't ask me his exact phrasing, but he pretty much pretended to be salty, and then said something like "they both live in brighton so" etc. He didn't really get into it. Don't see a reason why he should honestly.. I don't think they have much more than a "business" relationship at this point?

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by fancybum » Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:16 pm

This thread needs to come back to life because Chris has:

Watch these.

He did a 30 min liveshow today right before Phil and I am forever grateful to the lovely people who upload them because Chris didn't send out any notifs for it:
I've missed this weird and beautiful internet man and his biting sarcasm and insults so much. He’s sorry but not sorry it’s been so long since a younow show, we should be honoured he’s back (and I am).

2:40 "It’s always a bit awkward catching up with someone after so long isn’t it? You don’t really know what to talk about. How’s your dad? Right, yes, sorry I forgot. Oohh [awkward]."

(the Lag is Real)

4:50 He’s at his mum’s house at the moment “just for Xmas. It is January the 19th, so obviously a little.. bit more than Xmas. An extended break from… you know, just.. just everything, really.”

5:10 "I’ve been told by younow to remind everyone I’m live. I’m alive! A lot of people were asking if I was dead.
I do have other [things] going on. I’ve got a wife, Ive got my two baby girls now, 8 and 9. So I have got a lot of different.. you know. I’m a full-time care nurse, paperboy, and award-winning actor. So I’ve not always got time for younow, you know.”

[after long spiel about how us viewers should have homework or relatives to be speaking to, goals to be working toward rather than watch this]
7:00 "I do sometimes question why anybody would watch me on here. Which is why I feel like younow is the place that I should use to [give back to] the community *burps* give life advice and stuff."

8:10 (chat) Hello how are you I love you
"Thank you, that means a lot to me. Obviously it’s not real."

8:30 (talking about Playground) “I play a very sad man, where I had to use a different acting style for that, because usually my acting style is just pull a funny face” [elaborate explanation of how he had to learn to make his mouth go down to play sad]

"I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Well, it really shows my range, I think that’s what I mean. I think it shows I’m not just a sex icon. A lot of people put me in their short films because they know it’ll get views because they know that I’m attractive. I’m like danisnotonfire (pulls Dan grin face). That’s my danisnotonfire face (adds peace sign). And that’s why people put me in their short films because they know I look— I think looking this much like Cameron Dallas is obviously an advantage, especially on YT and in Hollywood.” "I get laid a lot."
12:30 (chat) Your old videos have aged well, they’re fun
“That’s a good thing. I always do worry about making videos topical. If I was to talk about, you know, dabbing, all of a sudden, two years later, people are like ‘what’s this junk’. That’s why I find it better to just not be involved in any of the memes. Apart from that LazyTown one because that one’s really good.”

14:00 More Playground talk (all sarcasm about feeling at home in a forest because he grew up on a farm)

15:00 “If you’re gonna be in the forest, you don’t need clothes on. There’s no one around. There isn’t like deers and []suit jackets and Dan & Phil t-shirts on.”
“I hope that answered your question and didn’t cause you to have more”

15:35 (responding to ‘I’ve missed you”) calls the people watching a 'stream of anonymous usernames' “but I have missed the text on the screen, I guess. Because it’s either younow or porn. Not porn, you know, content.”

16:55 (chat) Any last words for the US before Trump?
"Trump. *clicks tongue* Would you believe it. *continues sarcastic noises for a long time*
That’s what I think, I’ll say no more, I don’t want to get controversial."

(in response to chat question about his thoughts on corn)
19:15 watched the Witch (when will D&P finally talk about it) and "it’s quite good". Read theories from the internet that the corn they ate was poisoned, also read that the Salem Witch trials in hindsight were maybe just due to hallucinations from fungus on corn.
“Um, but yeah, I like corn.”
"I could do a brand deal with corn, couldn’t I.”

20:50 (chat) I’ve missed these liveshows
“That means a lot. I’ve missed them as well. Because for me it’s a real good way to be able to talk to myself alone in my room, and kind of say to people, ‘oh it’s a streaming website it’s just a website’ when really I’m just talking to myself. I am actually just talking to myself in my room. I’m just having one of those breakthrough epiphany moments where I realize I’m just talking to myself alone in my room. *sips coffee* I tell you this coffee tastes a bit nice because I’m trying a new coconut flavoured almond milk instead of regular milk. That was another epiphany I had, I suddenly realized ‘why am I drinking tit milk from a cow’. Why am I drinking the tit milk of a cow? So now I’m on almond milk. And I’m shitting a lot less. Feel like I’m oversharing."
[this is what I live for and oh how I’ve missed it, distrust of the audience and the social worth of an essentially one-sided conversation mixed in with cow tits and shitting. bless chris.]

23:20 (chat) Yours and Mitchell’s show was ace
"Thank you ‘crusty mcsponge’ *laughs* I like that that’s how peoples short films and projects are critiqued now. Not by the Guardian, not by the Sun newspaper, but by crusty mcsponge. I mean, it’s still- it means a lot to me. I’m just saying, times have changed. Things used to be reviewed by film critics, and now they’re reviewed by crusty mcsponges. Times are a-changing, and I think for the better. I like creating short films for sponges, and you can quote me on that."

26:20 “Don’t feel like you have to tell me you love me or anything. Creeps me the f out. I’m very appreciative of it all, thank you, but I just mean.. just don’t. Don’t do it! I want to earn your respect, I don’t need to be loved. I’m not a little adorable cat, I’m not like a little adorable kitten, I’m not Dean Dobbs, you know. I’m a big boy.” (does Dean's go-to pose):

30:15 “I’m still live, am I still live? Yeah, I’m still live. It’s a good job I didn’t get my cock out” *ends stream*

Not that he ever really needs a reason to be MIA, but he's been so off the grid lately I wonder if it's just because internet isn't great at his parents house, where he seems to have been since Xmas. He had Dan and memes on the mind, I'm sure he watched his video, noted as I am forever interested in his thoughts on him/Phil. Yup, 30 mins well spent, I hope he actually comes back again sometime.
Thanks and have a great day! Oil me

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by malday » Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:39 pm

I watched the second half of Chris' younow live and at a point towards the end Phil was watching his stream. Maybe that's why Phil pushed his ls back 8 minutes.
Also Chris watched Phil's ls for a bit.

I love Chris' sense of humor.

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by fancybum » Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:42 am

Chris Chris Chris Chris Chris. Has anybody ever come up with any figures when this convo comes up in the main thread of how much anybody possibly earns off of younow? Because it appears that he's at his mum's house 'for a bit', and he hasn't mentioned any other moving plans, so getting back into daily younow must be primarily a financial thing. So would it be like 'pay serious bills' money, orrr 'pay for a week of Starbucks' money? None of my business but ahh the curiosity. He's a genius why won't somebody throw all the money at him already.

Anyway, here’s a week of liveshows:

Jan 20 - 21
All timestamps from vids on this channel
But I’m not linking every vid because damn.

Fri Jan 20

5:20 “You don’t have to do school if you don’t want to, just quit. I left when I was 16, you know, YouTube. And yes, it may have caused health problems, both physical and mental, but I think as soon as you can, quit school and do YT. Because you get to make videos and make money and meet friends. And YTers get sent loads of free stuff. Why get a job? Why get grades? It’s just an option. If you hate it so much, get out.”

6:30 “Aubrey says ‘I love you’. Don’t tell me you love me. I want you to love yourselves, okay? Spend more time loving yourselves, don’t love me, loving me is wasted. It’s a wasted energy. Love yourself!”

12:45 (chat) Hey from Russia
“How is Russia right now? Seems a little bit… Are they still putting gays in prison?”

14:45 (about potentially going to SITC) “The thing is I don’t live in London anymore”

15:30 (chat) Love yourself, too
“I’m trying. I think I’m gonna love myself after this broadcast.”

16:30 (chat) Any new projects you can talk about?
“Well, I was going to hook up an old PS2 to my telly and maybe play Theme Park World or something.” “I was gonna try a different deodorant, so there’s that. But apart from that, there’s nothing. Nothing at all.”

21:20 “I still need to go see La La Land because apparently it’s the best film ever made. Jack Howard was telling me it’s better than gay sex.”

24:35 (chat) Any TV show recommendations?
“The Big Bang Theory is possibly the best show I’ve ever seen. And I don’t say that lightly. 10 seasons now, it’s going strong, and I think, if you haven’t seen it, it’s basically about these 4, kind of like, idiots, who, I think they’re friends, and they mention Marvel superheroes and television shows like Buffy. And every once in awhile they’ll say something, and you’ll think to yourself, “I’ve seen Buffy!” Um, and it’s really good. I would start from Season 5, episode 12. Before that, it’s terrible. Before that, it’s a little bit racist and homophobic, but I think maybe they changed writers because after that point it’s non-stop hits.”
(the sheer contempt gives me life)

27:40 “I don’t know if you can hear that, but there seems to be some plebs outside on the street. Probably kicking a puppy around or something. It’s the north of England, you see. I don’t know if any of you live in the northern part of England, North Yorkshire, it’s a bit backwards. [..] For anyone who’s from a different country, the north of England is basically [the Starks from GoT]. I s’pose in a way, I am Jon Snow. But not in every way.”

31:15 (about being bullied) “Try this: tomorrow go into school and just shave half your hair off and they’ll have to pick on you all day. By the end of the day they’ll be too tired. And then you kill them.”

32:30 Shows off Doctor Who adult colouring book he’s been working on:
“Ever since I’ve started colouring, I haven’t scratched anyone.”

Sat Jan 21
(the lag is Too Much and I’m headache so slim pickings this show)

18:45 (chat) Do you watch any YTers?
"I like pewdiepie, jacksepticeye, markiplier, all the big guys. The big celebrity entertainment channels. I like to watch gaming footage, I like a lot of YTers that are heating up knives and chopping through things at the moment. I really enjoy that. It turns me on, I know that might sound wrong, but I guess in a way that’s what it’s meant to do.”

24:30 (after talking about playing Final Fantasy X) “Sometimes when a game gets too hard, I never play it again. D’you know what I mean? It’s a bit like Bloodborne - I really do think Bloodborne is one of the best games I’ve ever played, but it got hard, so I quit. I guess it’s like YouTube in that way; when you get to a certain level on YT, it gets quite hard having to come up with good content all the time and having so many people watching you. It gets quite hard. So I quit. There’s probably a life lesson here… nah. Yeah, Final Fantasy X is great.”

26:35 “My mum’s boyfriend got me a xmas present”: a book of robots in pop culture

29:20 self explanatory tbh:

31:45 (does the Vulcan salute with his left hand (success) and then tries with his right (less success)): “It’s not so much Star Trek Enterprise, is it? It’s more like Star Trek Voyager. By that I mean it’s shit. Absolutely shit.” *ends stream*
Jan 23 - 25
Mon Jan 23

4:20 “It’s nice to kind of see you? It’s nice to see comments in the side; I’m not 100% sure whether you’re real or robots, I mean you could be an algorithm. Many of you have- your avatar is just Dan. Sometimes I get concerned that people who talk to me on YT comments, twitter comments, are not people at all, but in fact robots designed by these various platforms [lag].”

9:05 (chat) You look so hot today, kiss kiss
"And that comes from ‘lestersgirl’ and again, the avatar is one of Phil, of 'Dan and Phil', and when that happens, I just- I don’t know if this person is real. If you can prove that you’re not a robot that’s trying to keep me in an ego-bound state of mind, trapped in social networks, because it’s only here that I feel like I’m hot— because in real life, people spit on me in the street. Please prove to me you’re not a robot. (sips coffee) Created by Dan and Phil. Could you imagine that? [lag] [performers that?] come from their ability to create robots within the internet. I know I’m talking conspiracy theories, but... I wouldn’t put it past 'em.”

12:35 (chat) [lag] saying ‘I’m too ugly to put my face here :(
“I guess what I’ve accidentally tapped on there is that some people like to use Dan and Phil as their avatar because they don’t believe their own face is as good as Dan’s. And, granted, it probably isn’t. He has what many would call… a perfect face. I also believe that you shouldn’t have your face on the internet at all. Well, that’s the end of this liveshow, [joking].
I won’t go into that, but I don’t think you should worry about cosmetic looks. I mean, of course cosmetic looks is basically the currency of everything: getting a good job, career, being accepted socially, having great relationships, it’s all down to how the skin lays on your skull. But that’s because we live in a backwards society that’s focused on the wrong things.”

24:05 (chat) Will you be going to Vidcon this year?
“I’m deep deep deep deep deep deep in debt, the only way I go to Vidcon is if somebody pays for me. I know that sounds arrogant, but usually I’m out there because it’s connected to some kind of project, so somebody usually helps. But we’ll have to see, I’ll have to be [in a short film or web series].”

25:00 [went to Nando’s with Jimmy0010 yay] “When I’m finding a place to eat, I would rather go to like McD’s, Starbucks, Nando’s, that type of thing because I know what the situation’s going to be. I know exactly what it’s going to taste like, I know exactly how to pay, I know exactly where the forks are, what it’s gonna taste like, how much it’s gonna be. [lag] I feel anxious- what happens if, you know. I don’t know. I do like Nando’s. [lag]”

26:40-28:50 [pretends to be doing an audition with an American accent, just repeats ‘I fell onto my fanny’ and ‘I have rights' in various iterations and it needs to be heard to be properly appreciated, please watch it]

Tues Jan 24

4:50 “My little sister is 12 years old and she knows about the illuminati, she knows about all the anime, she watches all this pewdiepie and idubbz. My little sister, she is 12 years old, and she jumped off the kitchen cabinet, landed on the floor on her legs, and then said, “I’m gay”. Now, I know what she was doing, but my mum had no idea what that meme was and she just thought that my little sister came out to her. You’ve got to understand where my mum’s come from: her daughter's just jumped off the fridge, onto the ground and shouted, “I’m gay”. It’s hard to even explain when mum said, “What does she mean? What does all that mean?” I said it was a meme. I tried to explain, ‘There’s a guy on the internet called idubbz, then she didn’t know what an idubbz was [and I had to explain usernames]. I couldn’t explain it to her, I really couldn’t.”

8:20 “I tell you what, somebody keeps mentioning Brendan Urie in the comments, and I couldn’t give a shit. I don’t care at all about Brendan Urie, all right? Stop saying it.”

[spends much time on Amazon researching and then buying a new off-brand charger for his Macbook as his current one has exposed wires and is garbage]

38:20 (chat) Are you coming to Vidcon Australia?
“I can’t afford to go to Australia, I can’t even afford to buy an actual charger. I mean, I spent 50 quid on Rollercoaster Tycoon last night.. My finances are shot to shit.”

43:35 (chat) Did you hear about Shane Dawson?
"No, I didn’t, what’s happened? Although I did see some tweets from him [that were vague about deleted tweets], so you just get the drama without the tweet, all the aftershock without the original tweet.” “He got kicked out? Oh, everyone gets kicked out. I’m guessing he got kicked out of his flat for making noise or being a YTer"
“He got kicked of a party for being gay? Bullshit. (reads more from chat) I am going to have to research this, I won’t do it now ‘cause it sounds morbid.”
[reads article about it on We The Unicorns]

46:40 “Anyways, yeah, that’s life, isn’t it? There’s still some homophobic people left. As an omnisexual I do suffer a lot of hate.”
(does he identify as omnisexual now or was that said in jest idk)

55:40 “There’s no real point asking me what my favourite music people is, because I don’t really have any. I realized my musical taste is very specific: I don’t want to hear anyone’s voice. I don’t want to hear somebody’s voice talking about some problems they’re having about love and shit. I don’t want to hear any of that; I don’t want to hear relationship problems [or voices]. All I wanna hear is electronic beats."

56:40 “Sorry that I’m ignoring the chat, it’s just that people actually spend money to send me premium messages, and I can’t ignore them, they’ve actually got money. The rest of you, you’re just paupers."
Jan 25 - 27
Wed Jan 25

1:15 (chat) Last night you were angry because I said Brendan Urie
“I wasn’t angry, I just pretend to be angry for lols”

[unboxes charger he ordered yesterday and plugs in, it works, 40 quid well spent]

11:20 [reads out the charger instructions in Enrique voice, does other things in other voices]

14:50 “Is this racist? We won’t know until somebody accuses me!”

32:10 (about wearing a dirty shirt) “I’m not a clean man, I’m not very good at living the life of an adult... There’s nowhere else to go with that, that’s just it."

33:50 "Sorry if I seem a little tired today, I was up until 3 o’clock in the morning last night building a Halloween-themed theme park, but even though that might sound like a waste of time, I do believe it was the best theme park I’ve ever built, and I simply couldn’t let it go.”

34:50 (chat asks him to repeat his answer to a question about pewdiepie from yesterday because it lagged over his entire response; the question was, ‘thoughts on pewdiepie lately, he’s trash”)
“[lag but I think he repeats the ‘he’s trash’ from the original comment] I don’t think that’s the case. Regardless of what you think [lag], 2 million, 4 million [views] for every video he makes, more people than most television shows do, so it’s fine, isn’t it?"
(I don’t know what I think about that answer; he seemed to take the question seriously, but maybe thought it was a general statement of all of his content and not so much the more recent racism stuff (if he’s even aware of it, which I think he is) but who knows)

43:45 (chat) Say happy birthday to (username)
[pretty good Trump impression/mocking follows]

48:40-55:20 [roasts the ‘regular chat’ vs. the premium messages and it’s hilarious]

56:30 “I think I can see through time, pet. Oh, it’s a double espresso. I can see through time. I can see where my internet social media career is going, if I keep drinking this espresso I can see [where it’s going]: I end up with 105M subscribers, I’m the biggest YTer of all time, and I go nuts, and I jump in a river. Well, that should be fun to watch."

[asks chat for questions so he can tell their future]
59:50 (chat) Will I ever be happy?
“You won’t be happy for many many years. But through this sadness, you come to a realization that happiness and sadness are transient states of emotion, and they can be controlled just as you control your physical body. Upon this realization you will have an epiphany moment of transcendence and you will realize deep within your soul what you need to do. You will find what your life’s calling is and you will go towards it - it’s probably something to do with animals or kids - and you go towards it and you achieve great things. And you look back on your time of sadness as the folly of youth. And as you raise these children, you tell them you that it’s okay to be sad and it’s okay to be happy… and then you jump in a river (laughs)”

1:01:40 “I’ve really enjoyed being with you, and when I said that everybody in the regular chat are plebs... I meant it. I’m joking, I just like to pretend that I’m some kind of arrogant larger-than-thou character, when I’m not really. I’m down to earth like you, except I sell t-shirts with my name on.”

Fri Jan 27 (first time this week he tweeted out that he was live)

3:10 “So what I’ve been up to today: I went for a walk, yeah, I had a long walk, one of them walks where you think about your life and the direction it’s taking and maybe that you’re not doing what you really wanted to be doing with your life and instead you’re whoring yourself out on the internet. But by the end of the walk I was completely over it and thought, "Nah, might as well, I’m not doing nought else’”

4:45 “I did some younow shows and I was warming up to this day. I didn’t want to go live and tell everyone on twitter/YT that I'm doing these liveshows, I wanted to do some practices first to make sure I’ve still got it, ‘cause it’s alright looking like Cameron Dallas but I needed that skill, I needed— I’m a broadcaster, this is like live radio, I’ve got to be on point. I’ve got to know how to engage with my fans and I’ve got to know how to keep your attention, because that’s how younow works: the more attention I keep, the more money I ge— well, I mean, the more fans I get, the more we get to know each other. It’s not about money, it never has been… Never has been.”
(if anyone is reading this without watching the shows, please know every single word that comes out of his face is quite firmly tongue in cheek and self aware, every single word)

6:10 “There’s a lot of bars coming in. I really appreciate this, you know. I know I sound sarcastic and I know I call you all plebs, all right? Just know that I do mean it.”

(more roasting of regular chat vs. premium message)
8:50 “I’m sorry if you’re all broke and can’t pay for my attention, that’s your fault. You need to work harder at manifesting your desires. You need to have a goal and you need to stick to it. You can’t go through life drifting around, tossing it off, playing the Sims. I’m talking to myself there.” “I’m sorry, it just gets me mad when I talk to poor people in regular chat.”

13:45 “I was thinking deeply the other day on how cats and dogs— they symbolize the perfect metaphor of polarization: cats, they’re introverted, they like to look out of windows and longingly imagine who they are and what this world’s about, and a dog is like an extrovert; it runs around, it licks its own ass, they both do, but it licks its own ass, it eats shit off the floor, it vomits, and it jumps up on people. And then when you put a dog and cat in a room, it’s like they are magnetically charged to attack each other. And it made me think what’s needed in life is a balance.” “It’s not always black and white, you can’t be the extremes, you must be a bit of both. If you’re an introvert, try being an extrovert for an hour. If you’re an extrovert, sit and read a book! Think on this deeply and I think you’ll find peace.”
(sips coffee)
“Also my mum’s got a cat and it’s given me fleas.”

16:15 “Anyway, you people keep talking about these secret groupchats everywhere, how can there be a groupchat? Where are these groupchats? I want access to these. I’m like Donald Trump or Theresa May: you don’t have a right to talk quietly amongst yourselves! I want to see all of this activity, you might be a terrorist! I must see what everyone’s doing, I mean, it’s just to save you in the end, all right? I must have access to all the groupchats.”

17:10 “There’s another request here: ‘can you say hi to the ISG groupchat?’ Who's the ISG? That doesn’t sound good, ‘ISG’, that sounds like a terrorist cell.

17:50 “I don’t wanna be a part of your groupchat, pervert. If you’ve got something to say, say it publicly. If you’re not got anything to hide, then, you know.. that’s what George Orwell said.”

25:00 “I always like it when you people say ‘name my dog/plant/cat’ ‘cause I feel like that quite helps my ego ‘cause I feel like I’m making change in the world. Call it ‘fat tits’. It’s just the first thing that came to my head, and I don’t really have my own thoughts, it comes from the universe, it comes from a higher power. So, even though ‘fat tits’ may sound bad, I do think you should call your dog ‘fat tits’. You asked. And I would also appreciate it if you could sent me a picture of fat— Not your fat tits, your dog, send a picture of your dog. I just like looking at puppers. Not your puppers, d’you know what I mean."

26:10 (chat) Opinion on vegetarians?
“[He eats meat, but] I do believe that there is come a time when eating meat is like, it helped our brains expand and evolve because we needed that energy. But we’re at a point now where it’s not really doing much of anything and it’s killing a lot of animals, and it’s also really bad, d’you know what I mean? It’s really bad? So I do believe it’s time that we came up with that invention— they already made a burger [in a lab], but it was still a burger made out of thin air. As soon as they make that cheap, it should be immediately brought in, ‘cause I’m fed up of having to slice open a pig just for a quick bacon sandwich. Like this morning, all I wanted was a bacon sandwich, I didn’t want to be chasing a pig ‘round the bathroom, d’you know what I mean? They’re slippery!”

30:40 (chat) Should I get back into making YT videos?
“I mean, you’re asking the wrong guy. I need to get back into making it, but it’s a difficult world now. What you’ve got to do, you’ve got to have [a full-on idea of who you are and what you want to achieve on YT] and then you’ve got to block everything else out. And that’s difficult. You’ve got to block out the views because they’ll go down. You’ve got to block out subscribers because they won’t subscribe to you because you’re doing what you want to do rather than clickbait. You wanna make videos that you wanna make which means other people [won’t want them].
Because they’ve already worked it out, the scientists on YT have already worked it out."
[talks about what gets people to click on videos]
“And I’m gonna say it: a lot of people on YT are simpletons. So basically if you’re gonna be a YTer, you’ve got to understand that the videos you make are gonna be what you wanna make. But the system will kick your arse for it, which means you have to push past any doubt you have. You’re gonna fail you’re gonna fail you’re gonna fail. Over and over again. If you’re not playing Resident Evil and screaming at it, then you’re not gonna get subscribers and views. However, over time, you get enough views and enough subscribers to live happily on what you’re making. But then you’ve gotta take that risk. I’ve always said there’s 2 types of YTer: creator or commentator. Both are fine."

Creator = “somebody who creates original content off the top of their head”
Commentator = “somebody who takes other things and makes commentary/remixes/talk about topics/vlogs”

"You’re either a creator or a commentator. And if you’re a creator, you’ve got to leave behind all the commentator shit. You can’t make a 10 minute video everyday, you don’t need to make clickbait, you don’t need to share it on twitter, you don’t have to have a song in the background, because you’re creating something original. If you’re a commentator then you don’t have to worry about being unoriginal, because you’re commentating on stuff and you do a video everyday. You’ve just got to decide which one you’re on. If you’re not, you’re gonna be pulled between one or the other which takes away your energy and then you won’t be able to do shit. And you’ll think you’re having a creative breakdown, but you’re not, [lag boo]. That’s all, you’ve just to make the decision. Have the baby. What were we talking about? (reads question again) Of course you should! It’s expression. The opposite of expression is depression. You must express yourself, you’ve got to understand the game, and then you’ve got to understand whether you want to play it.
34:50 (chat) Why do you have two chairs if no one’s sitting in the other one
“Of course someone’s sitting on the chair. It’s my best friend Dan and Phil. Hello Dan and Phil, my best friends. These are my best friends, my best boyfriends, as in friends that are boys. I love these two, I mean I don’t see them in real life ‘cause they’re too busy with their liveshows and their dancing, so I just have to imagine that they’re here.”

41:10 “Does anybody else find it weird that entertainment is now infinite? Like it’s a never-ending stream of Marvel movies. I’ve found it’s very strange- if you just stop watching content, it doesn’t matter. You don’t actually miss out on anything. Like, I didn’t watch the new Sherlock, and instead I went outside and I held my hand out and a bluebird landed on my finger, and I nuzzled it. And we built up a kind of relationship. Not sexual! We built up a kind of relationship and I feel like if I was too busy inside watching RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 20, I might not have met that bluebird, and he’s helped me out a lot."
"But just watch how much you’re watching.”

43:25 (chat) I’m ugly and gay, help
“That’s a double whammy. Being ugly, I mean I don’t understand it myself, is a gift because if you don’t fit in, it means you’re an outsider. And if you’re an outsider looking in, you can see, you can see clearly what society actually is, and you can build a life for yourself that’s not based on cosmetic things like the symmetry of the features on your face. Have sympathy for the beautiful people like me who get wrapped up in celebrity and making lots of money and that, and be who you are. I don’t know what to do about your gayness, you’re just gonna have to suck a dick. I shouldn’t have said that, should I? I should have said, ‘make love to a man’. I mean, you might be a lady. A lady gay. What do you call lady gays? (reads from chat) ‘Lesbiand’, yes, lesbiand. Um.. I hope that answers your question.”

45:15 “I really hope I’ve helped some of you today, and I feel like I should go because I’ve said a lot of questionable things. And sometimes I feel like if I go quickly, then the younow people won’t tell me off.”
Thanks and have a great day! Oil me

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by mio » Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:37 am

Thank you so much fancybum!

I should try to catch more liveshows of his. I always enjoy his sarcastic rants so much. Whenever he uses his acting talent to really deliver a point and I get confused for a moment before realizing he's being ironic again (or is he??). Anyway I guess there is always some truth to what he says, and this is his way of dealing...

I hope he's doing well either way and does get some creative oportunities this year :platonic:

What happened to Whipped? I really loved that concept.

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by malday » Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:41 pm

Chris is live on younow right now, and he was talking about counterfeit younow bars.

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by mio » Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:23 pm

His rant on "art" that's about everybody wasting time on the internet and people being on their phone too much

..also he wasn't invited to Phils birthday party :roll: :D

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by sunday » Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:48 pm

Thanks fancybum for that summary!!
Have any of you seen this tweet? His cousin is so adorable and keeps saying how awesome it is to be Chris' cousin omg my heart

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by lefthandedism » Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:52 pm

sunday wrote:Thanks fancybum for that summary!!
Have any of you seen this tweet? His cousin is so adorable and keeps saying how awesome it is to be Chris' cousin omg my heart
Aw, PJ subscribed to the kid's channel. Kid's awesome and getting off to a great start on YouTube!
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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by flarequake » Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:51 pm

That video is hilarious, gorgeous cat just sitting there and he's lint-rolling his trousers. Love his reaction to spotting the kid filming.

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by bee » Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:01 pm

Really enjoying Chris' liveshow tonight
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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by papierklemmen » Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:41 pm

lol aw

"content warning: bit gay" nice advertising there, tomska

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by fancybum » Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:18 am

Personalities are a hell of a thing aren’t they. The differences in how people approach discussions and the way they choose to express themselves. The difference between Dan's last liveshow and this one from Chris is like a slap to the face. I'm not criticizing, because an audience of like 20K or whatever vs a few hundred is obviously strikingly different (also the whole 'they are different people' thing. That too). But man. Chris fucking killed yesterday's liveshow, brought it back to life, and then killed it again. He talked about sooo many things with a refreshing lack of bitterness or self-consciousness and made it seem so easy to do. I mean, it should be an easy thing to do: to say what you think and explain why as simply as if you were commenting on the weather. And doing that while still being totally open to changing your mind when presented with more information or another perspective. He talked all things YT, pewdiepie, fan culture, even showed his Tinder. It was a 2 hour show, WORTH IT, but the meatier stuff starts around the second hour.

It's the best show he's done since coming back to younow (well in terms of being open and honest; every show is funny without fail) and I recommend watching it. Tone rarely translates properly with just text, just saying.

Mostly Youtube stuff (why he doesn't make videos, how it's changed, how he feels about it all):
21:25 (chat) Snowy white egrets!
“That’s a reference there to a very old video when I used to make videos ‘cause I was a happier person”
(chat) Seriously, Patreon for Whipped
[Making that a series would cost more than people think, thousands of dollars per ep, so realistically that kind of financing can only come from television companies]
28:00 (chat) Wasn’t Whipped a kickstarter project?
“It was, but this was before I was involved.”
“Whipped is not my project, per se. It is the work of my good friends, I love them both.”
"[Kickstarter helped a bit and they self-financed the rest] which is why they got a YTer involved, myself, because obviously I can help spread the word about it, and we put it on my channel in the end.”

29:05 (chat) Why don’t you post on Youtube anymore?
“I don’t know, maybe because it’s completely oversaturated now and there’s really no point.”

29:55 “I had a rant about 'Top 10’ YT channels [on another day] but I have to say, to be honest, I don’t really care anymore. This is the problem with having a rant, or having a bad day, is most of the time I feel bad, I get angry at Top 10 channels or clickbait or something, and then the next day I truly don’t give a shit. It comes and it goes. 'This too will pass', said Buddha or Yoda or some shit.”

49:45 “I have found that I’ve drifted away from doing YT videos. I’m doing acting as opposed to YT because I think YT was taking me in a bad direction.”
“YT was a bit of a dead end for me, I don’t know if I’ll ever do YT again. I feel like I will. But I would have to wait [lag]. Basically I think YT is a little bit like Snapchat in that it’s okay if you just want to put up useless shit, but I wouldn’t feel very confident or happy putting up a sketch that I’d spent 3 days on knowing that in 2 hours it’s probably going to be completely forgotten. And everybody’ll be on to the next drama alert."

50:58 (chat) Do what makes you happy
“I often get told this when I talk about YT, it is a very instinctually positive thing to say. But unfortunately what would make me happy right now is to spend all day playing PS2 games. In fact, sometimes I think if YT was deleted tomorrow and everybody lost their channel and the whole thing disappeared, I think that would make me happy. So I’m not going to do what makes me happy right now because I believe it would be taking off all of my clothes and running through a Tescos.”

51:40 “This is why I say I don’t really explain why I don’t do YT anymore, ‘cause I feel a lot of people are gonna say it’s because I’m feeling down or that I’m upset. I think at the end of the day, sometimes you’ve got to move on from something.

54:14 (chat) Do you ever regret making your first YT video?
“Sometimes. I believe making YT videos for me was potentially because I was too shy to do public things. So instead of doing stand-up because that would involve having to stand up in front of people and possibly fail a lot, I did YT which was a good way of being able to express myself without any risk. But unfortunately the risk and failure that comes with doing stand-up or acting is actually part of growing. For a lot of people on YT, their numbers go up but their skills don’t and they end up repeating themselves over and over and over. And it can kind of send a lot of people a bit mad.”

55:40 “Obviously it’s a very strange thing, isn’t it, to be the audience of YTer. Let’s talk about pewdiepie for example. He is definitely very very famous. He is the most famous YTer of all time, and potentially could be the biggest YTer of all time because there’s a lot of people coming to the channel now. I don’t know if anyone will get more subscribers as him. But you guys experience that fame as seeing all the comments and talking about him with your friends. But if you look at what he makes, he is in an office somewhere talking to a camera, usually alone. You can kind of see that even though you have an audience on YT, it’s a very isolated experience. And if you do YT by yourself for 10 years, and then think to yourself [I’ll do something irl], it can be a very difficult transition because you’ve only been in front of the internet."

"A lot of YTers talk about ignoring haters, hate comments, but I do believe for internet people, like some of us have been doing it for over 10 years now, getting positive comments can sometimes be a bad thing too. Because getting positive comments like ‘this is the best thing ever/so good/best thing I’ve ever seen’ can mean that the YTer has no reason to try harder.”

58:35 (chat) Well the haters do point out flaws so you know where to improve
“I know what people mean when they talk about constructive criticism. But here’s the key with constructive criticism: it has to come from somebody that you respect and trust. So for example, if I made a video and it was bad, and I hang out with Bertie Gilbert and Sammy or PJ or someone, and they tell me, ‘That video wasn’t edited very well’, I will trust them as a friend and say, ‘Yeah, maybe that’s right’. Whereas I know sometimes the people on the internet [will call something shit and] the problem is, I don’t know who that person is. So it’s not really constructive criticism if it can come from somebody who is just a blank person on the internet. I think it has to come from somebody you consider a peer or somebody you respect."

1:02:55 He has a Chrome extension that blocks him from seeing his YT comments “and that’s a personal choice because I find it hugely distracting because your comments have the potential to affect what I make. And even if they’re positive, that has a huge effect on me when it comes to making more content.”
“If I do start making YT videos again” maybe he’ll just interact on younow afterward rather than relying on YT comments.

1:05:48 “I think for me personally, I really like having an idea and putting it out there. And I don’t think I need to see if it’s done well.”
[other YTers like Tyler Oakley have a whole community loop going: make a video, interact with the comments, adjust content, repeat]: "that’s fine, that’s exactly how YT works. But I think I’ve always said to myself that I’m more of an ideas person rather than a community person."

1:08:30 "I really don’t understand why I resonate with young girls. It’s another reason why I don’t read comments; if I read a lot of the comments, it becomes very clear to me that all of my fans are young, usually high school girls. Now what that means is when I sit down to write another YT video, do I write it for myself, or do I write it with those fans in mind and think ‘ok well I’m not gonna swear, no I don’t think I’m gonna talk about existential spirituality, I think I’m gonna talk about Sherlock’. It’s a very subtle thing that YTers do, and I think I have watched my YT friends kind of slowly change their content over a period of years. Which, again, is good. It’s good to keep moving, but I think some people have decided to go with YT, you know? They’ve decided to say ‘a lot of people on YT are young, in high school, so I’m going to go with it’ whereas I tend to struggle all the time because I’m not fitting in.

And try to remember: when I talk about other YTers, I really don’t mean to sound as if what they’re doing is wrong. On YT you can do whatever you want; some people go one way, some people go another way. It’s why it’s good. If people didn’t do that, you’d end up with the same material.

I find it fascinating. This is what I was thinking about today: I find it really fascinating that you have to make a decision. Once you get so far into being an artist/creator/musician/whatever, there comes a point 10 years in when you have to make the decision. Are you going to be— I don’t know even how to phrase it. Are you going to follow your heart or follow your head? And both answers are correct.

I would say Van Gogh followed his heart, and he ended up cutting off his ear and never being recognized in his life. And there’s others who followed their brain [like Andy Warhol with his pop art], “I can get people buying this art, I can get this art out there”. He was kind of a business guy and he followed his mind and he was successful in a different way. So when you’re creative, there does come a point where you have learned enough about your creativity and the art that you’re working with whether it’s YT or playing a guitar or drawing, where you know how to manipulate your audience. Not in a bad way, ‘make them watch’, or you can do what they want basically. I know my audience so well, that I know how to make a video tomorrow that will get you all clicking. It would be something to do with the Fantastic Foursome, it would be a thumbnail like this [etc], it would be about 10 minutes long of something that is a bit boring. That would get lots of clicks. So I know how to get people to watch me on YT." […]

1:13:55 "I don’t know where this is going, I’m going to wrap this up because obviously this is a conversation that’s a bit— it kind of sends your mind in loops of pointlessness."
(chat) I think you’re generalizing [YT/audience]
“I do think I am generalizing, that’s one of the tricky things about talking about it. It’s kind of difficult not to generalize on YT because it is a numbers game. It’s hard not to generalize when I can’t really interact with you all individually, or would want to do that because that would be mental. Basically somebody said I’m generalizing too much, and I agree. I am. Which again, is just another complicated thing about trying to make YT work.”

1:15:30 (chat) So fandom culture is confusing to you?
[…] “I understand fandoms, I used to be fucking nuts for shit. But what I think I find confusing is just the relationship with me and fandoms, you know?"

"That’s the danger of YT, I think. Whatever you bring to YT, it will become that."

1:17:50 “What I’m saying is even if you know [that it’s enough to create what you want and have a smaller amount of people enjoy it], even if you do approach it like that… It can be hard to remember. For example, I watch a lot of other YTers as well, so it can be hard to say to myself ‘right I’m going to do my thing.’ I watch people like Alfie, Tyler Oakley, Smosh- to be honest I’m subscribed to everyone really. It can be hard to have your own ideas or your own drive when you have so many other people on the website kind of inspiring you and shaping how you think."

(chat) It’s quite scary to be honest
“I really do think it is quite scary, I think YT is almost like a dangerous thing. I’m not quite sure... how."
“I’m trying not to sound cynical, because I don’t mind what other people do. What they do is what they do. I just worry sometimes— where this ends— that isn’t just madness.”

1:19:40 (begins talking about clickbait)
1:21:10 “I’m not throwing shade because here’s the thing: I’m a YTer. I understand why they’re doing it. I don’t disrespect anyone who does clickbait, it’s what you have to do to get noticed.”

1:22:30 (chat) Hasn’t your viewership evolved?
“Again, this is another problem with YT. Maybe it has, maybe it hasn’t. I don’t know, because I have no idea who my viewers are.”

“On YT, it’s a very young audience that interacts with the YTer. [The people leaving comments/posting on twitter/etc, it’s a majority of younger people so your content gets more and more geared toward them, which drives the already less vocal older fans away].

If you look at your comments and you go to VidCon, you can see they’re younger people. And I think for me personally that’s always made me a bit self-conscious, that I'm kind of painting myself into a corner where I’m not able to say what I want to say, or do what I want to do ‘cause I’m worried about offending the younger audience.

1:26:30 (chat) It’s nice to hear your thoughts
"Thank you for saying that. I’m often very worried about giving my thoughts away, because what I’ve learned in the past is that I try to make sure that people understand they’re just thoughts. I really don’t have opinions on anything and any information you guys wanna tell me can completely change my thoughts, because they are just what I see and what I experience looking on YT and looking at what’s happened. It’s not that I’m trying to say that I’m better or that other YTers are shit now or anything like that. Really what I’m saying is YT’s changed and it is interesting. I do find it fascinating. If you think about it, YT is like one huge social experiment."

1:29:05 “Like what I was saying before, if you’re in any kind of creative place, you really do have to make a decision eventually on whether you’re going to— sell-out is too strong, but.. whether you are going to 'play the game', if you will. And like I said, we all die one day. Whether you play the game or follow your heart and do something a bit more risky, both of them are correct. I’m not telling anybody how to do their YT channel, god forbid. They’re hard enough without other YTers getting you down.”
“I really don’t think there’s any YTers I hate. Because even if people say their content’s ‘rubbish’, I understand why their content’s different now, or their content has gone a certain way, because it’s really fucking vicious. It’s really hard to get noticed on YT.”

1:50:40 “I could talk about YT for days. One day I think I’m going to put together a book about YT. I’m not talking like in the near future, I’m talking at the end. I want to write a book near the end, just talking about what happened here with YT, what happens next, what happens at the end. Because I think it’s a really interesting look at what we are.”

1:51:25 "I just find it fascinating and it’s a shame nobody’s really recording all of this that we do. [Like right now we have all the clickbaity ‘I Was Robbed’ kind of drama content], but it wasn’t always that, and it won’t always be that in the future. Something else is gonna come. We can only all cry wolf so many times before nobody cares at all.”
-Imagine if Ben Cook had actually kept Becoming Youtube going all this time, oh what could have been

1:52:15 “The problem with me making YT videos is I find it far more interesting just watching the bastards.”

1:57:50 (chat) Your audience isn’t very young, phans are
“Um. Like I said, who cares how old you are. It does just mean that people tend to change their content based around their audience, which of course is what YT recommends you do. But then, at the same time, what do the artists become?"
[talks about van Gogh: if he had become famous in his lifetime, would he have just ended up painting sunflowers over and over again (because that’s what his audience would have wanted)?]

1:59:00 “The list of people I’ve got as matches on Tinder is huge. I’ve never met a single one. I’ve never talked to one for more than two or three messages.”
(shows his phone, scrolls through all the matches, looks like all guys)
(gets matched later on with another guy called Jack)
(says he'll never meet any of these people in person. "I'm a recluse")

2:01:10 “Let me know what you think. Because I’m not 100% convinced by my own thinking, if you have anything that you wanna say that you think I’m missing, then I more than likely will agree with you.
Opinions are shit; I really think having opinions on stuff is a spiritual mishap. You’re not gonna get far in this world spiritually if you’ve got opinions, sorry. That’s why everything I’m saying tonight about YTers, YT, pewdiepie, and stuff, I’m trying to make sure— they’re just thoughts. It’s just what I’m thinking. I don’t really have any opinion on pewdiepie- how can you when he’s making millions.”
Pewdiepie talk:
35:05 (chat) You kill yourself xxxxxxxxx
“Obviously kissing me that many times to kind of prove that it’s just a joke, she’s not telling me to kill myself. If it only was that easy, if only we could say something offensive or wrong and simply put a kiss at the end to define it as a joke, wouldn’t that be a wonderful world we live in? You could say ‘kill yourself' but as long as you go [blows kiss], then you can define it as a joke. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world? There wouldn’t be Wall Street Journals getting the wrong end of the stick, there wouldn’t be pewdiepies and idubbzs getting told off by PC brigades. If only you just had to go [blows kiss] at the end of a joke, wouldn’t that be a true open free society.”

1:30:50 STARTS TALKING ABOUT PEWDIEPIE my fingers won’t survive, just watch it. It’s a measured and intelligent discussion about satire (what is/what isn't) and old media vs. new media etc. Honestly it kind of toned down my own thoughts on the whole pewdiepie thing (it hasn't changed them, just toned them down).
Ends around 1:50:ish. It’ll be 20 mins well spent, go on.

1:40:00 “I guess what I’m saying is, pewdiepie can be offensive and he can say whatever he wants, but he’s got to decide whether he’s a popular YTer or an offensive person.”

1:42:20 “If you’re a comedian, and you’ve got a smart audience, then it’s almost like you can say these things because it’s only old people that are still fucking homophobic. Obviously I’m saying this in a very broad way and I know there’s lot of homophobia/sexism/racism/antisemitism out there. But let’s face it, on YT, on TV, I think it’s safe to say we can let our comedians say whatever they want because the people watching are rarely… I mean, what the fuck is an antisemite? I mean, I know what it is, I’m just saying.”

“Where adults from the WSJ look at pewdiepie and see antisemitism, I watch the videos and see, you know, memes. It’s kind of dumb internet stuff.”

1:44:40 “I think someone like Filthy Frank can kind of stand by their stuff that’s controversial just out of the fact that it’s on brand. Whereas pewdiepie does a video with Hitler in it, then the next is an adorable Valentine’s Day video with his girlfriend”

1:49:00 “It’s gonna make a lot of YTers overstimulated, depressed, and disappear. Making it clear to YTers that you should do 10 minute long videos I think was kind of a mass assassination on YTers, to say basically ‘leave the website unless you are Jimmy Fallon or Ellen, the Fine Bros'. Unless you are a big company, back off ‘cause you have to make 10 minutes. A person in their bedroom can’t make a video 10 minutes everyday. I think that’s why pewdiepie gets into so much problems because he has to do 10 minutes everyday. [Doing that] you are bound to say something eventually, it’s just statistics. Say you’ve got danisnotonfire, I think he does a video every week right, if he had to do 10 minutes of video every day, I swear he’d be in the papers next for saying something by accident, ‘cause you'd have to. You’d eventually get to a point where something comes out."
I feel a bit annoyed with myself that I want to just take all of his YT comments into the D&P thread and go nuts with it (and in a non-judgemental way, wouldn't that be shocking), but this isn't exactly new info with Chris, so there's not a whole lot to say about it as it applies to him. It just is what it is. For any tl;dr/tl;dw people: He's not bitter and sad about YT or any YTers, he's just an observer who'd rather be acting in other things. He's outgrown it being his only creative outlet. So there we go.
Thanks and have a great day! Oil me

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by fancybum » Mon Feb 20, 2017 6:03 pm

Thanks and have a great day! Oil me

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by malday » Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:25 pm

Thank you fancybum for the timestamps, what a wonderful ls that was!

I liked his discussion about pewdiepie and satire, i've seen some other comedians on youtube critical about how the jokes were delivered (and they got backalsh for it of course ).

I'm glad he started posting on youtube again.

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by iero » Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:01 pm

i'm glad he's started posting on youtube again (though that vid made me kinda sad lol ngl). i hope he sticks with it and doesn't feel like it's too late. i rly believe he has potential to grow a lot more, i rly enjoy what we see of him through his vids.

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by 000dia000 » Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:13 pm

I forget how much I like him until i watch one of his videos, he seems to actually pull off the sort of humour that Dan attempts without it falling flat

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by helvetica » Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:56 am

Chris is a gem, I'm glad he's trying out youtube again (for like the 5th time), but mostly I just want him to succeed in whatever he enjoys. He just has a natural humor about him that makes me laugh and also want to give him a hug.
Also his cringe thumbnail is the funniest thing especially because we get to hear all about how he gets tricked by clickbait in his liveshows
Also in todays liveshow PJ "cyberbullied" him by sending screenshots of Chris's blowjob face - I know that they're friends its just good to see it happening still.
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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by thephandommenace » Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:09 pm

Haha yes Chris has returned! (That got autocorrected to 'Christ', lol.) I'm pumped. But I get quite uncomfortable watching him in this sort of mood because his self-depreciation is quite close to the edge and I worry about him. I hope he means it (this time) that he's coming back and giving it a go. Not just because he feels he needs to. But he IS extremely talented and funny and it's a shame to see him... give up on his dreams? It's sad that in his situation he seems to see YouTube as a more stable and reliable source of income, when it notoriously really isn't. I just want him to do well and be happy.

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by lurker » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:18 pm

[tumblr] <div class="tumblr-post" data-href=" ... 7581866441" data-did="e73f7e2928e94856d7e5eaf536d6a8ec7088b29c">[/tumblr] you think a collab might actually happen?
thank's you were great

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by Moonbeamsonthepath » Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:26 am

lurker wrote:[tumblr] <div class="tumblr-post" data-href=" ... 7581866441" data-did="e73f7e2928e94856d7e5eaf536d6a8ec7088b29c">[/tumblr] you think a collab might actually happen?
That part of the liveshow was amazing! I love how PJ just watches all of Chris' shows.

A collab would be cool.

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by GossipLurkingGhost » Mon Feb 27, 2017 2:05 pm

Slightly off-topic, my cousin saw me browsing for pictures of fetus Chris and just told me that he looks like a better-looking version of the taller guy from Mr. Meaty. For those who don't know, it's this guy:


The image has been forever burned in my memory.

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by flarequake » Sun May 21, 2017 11:05 pm

PJ has (borrowed?) a puppy! Very cute one it is too.

Looks like it belongs his gf's parents.

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by Moonbeamsonthepath » Sun May 21, 2017 11:56 pm

flarequake wrote:PJ has (borrowed?) a puppy! Very cute one it is too.

Looks like it belongs his gf's parents.
Yep. Those photos are too adorable

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Re: The Rest of the Foursome

Post by JLynne » Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:16 am

PJ and his team are in LA for 3 weeks for one of his secret projects he's been teasing for the past few months. At first I thought it could be an Oscars Hotel sequel, but then I remembered how much publicity we got from PJ and Newform during the shooting. I don't think they'd keep a sequel so under wraps.

The secret, I think, has something to do with a high-powered collab with a big name production company or actor. Any other ideas?

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