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Vlog Squad

Post by fancybum » Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:00 pm

Does anybody watch David Dobrik/the vlog squad? Thoughts? Favourites?

Brandon Calvillo just put this video out yesterday and I think it’s a pretty great introduction to David the person (outside of all the stunts and craziness of his own channel). Talks about his crazy work ethic, the pointlessness of anger, and how his breakup is going:

In terms of actual vlog content, his 420 vlog is a good intro to what he does, it’s basically an extended, and only slightly more intense, version of his normal vlogs:
I watched the first part of Shane’s new series and he included clips of David with his flamethrower while talking about sociopaths lol, so a picture was definitely being painted. David being a sociopath is a running joke with him and his friends, but they're really a genuine group of people just messing around with each other and having a great time, which is the appeal (to me) of watching them. I obviously don’t watch the Pauls, but what I saw in Shane’s series is a group of people auditioning and being paid to spend time with each other and to essentially put up with being treated like garbage? David definitely takes things too far sometimes, but it’s not.. sinister in the way the Pauls appear to be, they don't use and discard people like props, and they generally keep "outsiders" (like the general public who don't want to be harassed) out of it.

Anyway! Not all of his content is for everybody, a lot of jokes (and some people he spends time with) are pretty questionable, a lot of it is very bro-y, but at the same time he’s very sweet and seeing them all hang out as friends (usually in other people’s vlogs, like Jason/Zane/Carly and Erin, the only other vs members I like to watch) is a good time. They all seem very genuine and kind, which doesn't come across if all you see is a clip of David chasing people with a flamethrower lmao (which was clearly a staged scene for the end of this vlog):
And two more videos I really like, where he’s talking to old teachers of his from high school:

So. Anyone?
Thanks and have a great day! Oil me

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Re: Vlog Squad

Post by scientia » Sun Sep 30, 2018 7:55 am

I actually really enjoy what I've seen of David Dobrik! I don't always enjoy his content when it comes to certain people, but in general I find the vlog squad funny and kind (particularly Zane :P ).

Has anyone listened to his podcast with Jason? They frequently discuss David's work ethic and sometimes go into what appear to be some issues David has with his parents. There's also some insight into how the squad handles who films what and when. I find it interesting that David's ethic doesn't seem to be money or fame driven in the classical sense - I think that sets him apart from other youtubers lately.

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