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Art Tube

Post by flarequake » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:39 pm

Does anyone watch any artists? Draw with Jazza's one of my favourites, probably going to hit 4m subs this year since he's 200k away and so consistent and enthusiastic.

I watch a fair few others too:

Aaron Rutten, Art and Sketch, Art Arena, BananaJamana, Baylee Jae, Bokkei, Borodante, Brad Colbow, Brookes Egleston, Chloe Rose, Ctrl+Paint, Danica Sills, David Revoy, Doodle Date, DrawingWiffWaffles, Echo Gillette, Gee Massam Art, Happy D Artist, Holly Exley, K Michael Russell, Kesh, Laovaan, Minnie Small, Mira Byler, Robin Sealark, Ross Tran, Sanjana's Art, Sayanti Fine Arts, SuperRaeDizzle, Syndia Art, Tatyana Vogt, Thatoneartist, Vexx, WalkingMelonsAAA, Watercolor Misfit, Wild Portrait Artist and Yuumei.

I have a few more I watch less (I don't watch all of them all the time anyway), but those are enough for now I'm sure.

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Re: Art Tube

Post by kavat » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:57 pm

Yes, what a great thread! I've been binging DrawingWiffWaffles for the last few days, she's just so pleasant to listen to and I love her style.

But omg Bokkei, I didn't know she had a yt channel! She was a big deal in the swedish blogger world back when I was invested in that (like 5-10 years ago). She would make amazing portraits of big bloggers, and I think people commissioned her for tattoo designs too. I'm gonna check her channel out!
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Re: Art Tube

Post by susan2 » Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:43 am

Nice! I always love reading about channels other people enjoy watching :D

I don't know much (/anything!) about art so I'm coming at this from more of a relaxation and accidental asmr perspective - but I enjoy watching Teoh Yi Chie - sketching and watercolour. Visually and aurally it's very soothing, and I love the art style.

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Re: Art Tube

Post by psychicmoth » Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:04 am

HI HI HI OMG It has been a long time since my last post, I generally just lurk here but this thread caught my attention, what a nice idea! I love watching artists on YouTube!! :love2:

Today I bring you 3 channels to check out, I'm subscribed to a loooot more but I have decided to come back here every so often to keep this thread alive heh I hope you all enjoy my recommendations!! :D Btw, @susan2, Teoh Yi Chie is one of my favourite artists on YouTube too!!

Ok, now, my faves:

NOMA. YouTube recommended me her channel just a few weeks ago and I instantly fell in love with her art, it's absolutely marvelous, I'm a big fan of her technique!! She is relatively new in the platform but you can see more of her artwork here.

Mateusz Urbanowicz. Mateusz is a Polish artist currently living in Japan, and has worked as background artist for many important animation projects; the most relevant of them, Your Name. So yeah, he is extremely talented, his watercolor works are incredibly beautiful.

PearFleur. I think I have been subscribed to her for years. At the begining, she used to upload mostly craft videos, but one day she began to upload videos about her art and I decided to stay because her style is really lovely and her videos in general are very relaxing. I really love how she records and edits her videos!!

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