Vidcon thread!

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Vidcon thread!

Post by eevee » Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:36 pm

Hi guys!

I'd like to (try to) create a thread for people to talk about Vidcon for those of us who are trying to decide if we'd like to go next year. Here we can ask questions and (hopefully) get answers from those who went to Vidcon about what the experience was like. Either that or those who went to Vidcon who want to talk about it can post more about it here and have a discussion!

Maybe we can also use this thread to meet up with everyone going to Vidcon next year too? That is, if anyone would like to do that anyway, and be safe when you're meeting people on the internet, and bla bla bla

I hope this works, haha.

I'd also like to post the Vidcon FAQ which has a lot of information about the lottery and how that works, etc. This thread is hopefully going to be more for questions about the experience that can't be answered in the official FAQ.

Thanks everyone!

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Re: Vidcon thread!

Post by asimfrickinzazzed » Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:00 am

Hello hi! I went to VidCon this year and it was pretty good, and I think getting a creator pass was a major reason for that. In the past two years I've gone with the community pass but decided to switch it up because I already met deppy last year and didn't necessarily feel the need to enter the signing lottery again. You don't need to already be making videos to buy one but if you do, everyone promos upstairs and it's great. I know I've shared my channel and vice versa with others and everyone is so supportive! In addition, it's also more chill up there AND there's a free coffee bar (saved my life tbh). There's also more chances to actually talk with creators after panels, which is what I ended up doing and managed to have a convo with Nathan Zed and Jon Cozart.

I think it also goes without saying the "fan" aspect of VidCon is avoidable. There are people running, screaming out of nowhere - although as far as I saw, that mostly happened on the last day. But if I were to compare this year's VidCon to say, 2014 which was my first 2016 was a definitive improvement and actually ran quite smoothly. I was also a volunteer and Hank himself said at the party that it was by far the most smoothly run VidCon so far and I had to agree. Less mobbings, less people being trampled over and pushed aside, no gate crashers, etc. But I do have to say: the phandom. is. everywhere. And they are visible. Cat whiskers and their merch for one, and the fact that the shop was selling Dan's llamas hats didn't help in making the phandom the least visible famdom at the con. I would agree with lilMango that there is never one type of fan, nor are they easily stereotypical due to age. Although overall everyone is friendly. There was screaming at panels of course, and the phandom still takes credit for being the loudest group of people (the dan and phil fan meetup was a testimony of that. I was the host of it btw, i'll probably elaborate more later bc this has become unbearably long I'm so sorry).

In summary:
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