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Hey guys!

I thought it’d be nice to have a designated place to discuss the making-of documentary (for reviews, spoilers, etc.) once it's released instead of having it mixed into the main thread or the 'General #tatinof dicussion' topic (basically, same concept as having a separate topic for each tatinof performance).

If you’re leaving a spoiler, please use the spoiler tag!

Thank you!
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Since I already posted my reactions in the main thread, thought I'd kick this one off.

Back again with a good night’s rest and a few quick observations from a calmer, more reflective re-watch of the docu (now with 70% less thirst!):
- Phil’s note about the pause after they ask Dil if he did it…that was actually a pretty good point. I see what they were going for, the whole he-doesn’t-want-to-admit-it thing but when I saw it live I thought it was actually a technical error. I like seeing this thoughtful, productive side of Phil and wish we’d gotten some more tidbits from these conversations. Did anyone get the sense that they were, I don’t want to say contentious but maybe a bit slow to warm up to each other? And I wonder how they discussed phan with Ed and landed on an interpretation for the show….
- I also wish we’d heard more about how certain little moments in the show came to be. Like when the magician said “sexy handkerchief” to Phil during his magic school is that how they ended up putting that little tease in? Do they have any tricks they used to stay in sync during the improvisation? That kind of thing.
- on #bedgate: A few people on the main thread (000dia000, bluewho) have referred to “no-phano-ing” or something along those lines and I just wanted to say That’s more along the lines of what we’re talking about here.
- Where was the crew? Where was Martyn? Where was Drake? Maybe they all decided they just would rather not be in it, maybe YTR urged them to focus on themselves. We don’t know. We still have DAPGO.
- Dan playing with the Dil head- I like that they included that little moment of mischief, though I wonder if they got a stern talking-to afterwards. Especially Phil, running around the shop like that :tsk:
- On Dil being creepy. Yeah, the first time I saw him in person, I was like “WTF??” But I started appreciating it more each time I saw it. If there’s one element that I could’ve chosen to see more of in the show it’s that dark side of Phil especially (though Dan too), and megalomaniac!Dil is probably the closest thing we get.
- That smartass look on Dan’s face during linting...what a troll :lol:
- “Somebody’s dream job”…”they’ll probably be happy” to get a shoe in the face from Dan? And they were talking about Dil having a big head… (ayyy)
- Shout out to the set designer!
- Phil’s eyebrows when he said “soapy”….I should be creeped out….but…I’m not?
- Uh, so the shower only locked from the outside? :?
- They checked both the “weeb” or whatever they call themselves box and the hand p*rn box with the rock-paper battle.
- Unless I’m mistaken, the sign outside of the diner was some kind of Nashville historical landmark indicator, and Nashville came much later in the tour. That whole scene was hella staged. That being said…
- “Mary-land”- they were too cute! I say “Meryl-lynn” (like Meryl Streep). I think my cousins from there pronounce it in a way that sounds something like “Merlin”
- Enjoyed the Chicago shout-outs (yes, that’s our beautiful lake and deep dish- don’t know how they got a whole one for just them but my brother did the exact same thing when he came to visit) BUT
- Wish there had been a bit more local color/flavor? They got a few moments in there but seeing as they went sooo many places there was a lot that didn’t make the cut. Again, DAPGO.
- Speaking of which…Phil, IHOP is not “different American diners” sweetie. My Jersey girl-ness is shaking its head so hard at you rn :lol:
- Was that Drake peeking in the background on Niagara?
- Phil looked foin when the bus broke down, just saying
Gosh, I didn’t think I still had that many thoughts on it…I’m sure there are more to come as it settles in, as we hear more from them about it, as they (maybe) do some kind of watch event…and again when DAPGO drops.
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Okay, I thought I might as well slap in my main thread post into this to get it rolling and for this to be easier to find if I want to rewatch, I'll just put it under the spoiler so it doesn't take up more necessary room than it already has
1.27 so apparently the question “Why do you always wear cat whisker on your face?” was such a ridiculous and strange question to Phil, that they then responding ironically by drawing whiskers on their faces and now THIS is an iconic symbol and all based on some randomer who is rather out of the loop, lol, never knew that
2.10 “good origin story…that’s up there with batman” I know Dan says this sarcastically but he’s actually right IMO
4.10 Dil Draw My Life? Seriously? Every precious second counts and I don’t want Dil to be in them.
5.50 Ed is now my cinnamon bun, seriously, lovely guy, where’s his fandom, eh?
5.55 “quite a few weeks watching hours and hours of their videos” did Ed really NEED to watch all their videos or was it an excuse for falling down the phan rabbit hole, I wonder if he found the 2009 phan thread on tumblr ? lol
6.00 “try to understand who they were, what their fans were like and what makes them tick” this speaks volumes in itself, Ed you crafty guy, oh you
6.13 fringeless boys with sweaty foreheads for all the perverts like me out there
6.24 yeah, deppy control freaks, o rly, hu wuda tot?
6.30 Dans arms are covered in stickers. Wtf. WHAT THE FUCK MATE. Tell me anybody else get that fugly sappy feeling in your cold beating heart like I do?????
6.37 there’s filth on dan’s cheek. He’s like a toddler covered in stickers and flecks of sharpie lol

6.50 a benevolent Shrek looks over his children
6.55 DIVA ALERT, the towel, the overreaction, damn
7,00 they made the play in under two weeks. If this says anything about deppy’s procrastination, then I don’t know what will
7.34-7.37 can someone gif this lil phil twirl, it’s so pretty
8.36 Ed moment I’m turning into Ed trash now, cool guy
8.58 official image of the music sheet if anybody cares
11.06 Phil doing the “spotty dog”, exaggerated walking, fails at walking, dan: aggggHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GAD YOU JUST DID IT WRONGGGGGG!!!! In the most highest voice ever, I’m replaying and replaying over and over again
11.20 Phil puts wrong arm/leg out
choreographer: PHIL!
What it sounds like:

11.38 Ed is Phan Trash, fight me
14.00 Okay llama legs, literally looks like a furry outfit, I wonder if Dan has a top half somewhere? Maybe this was his furry awakening?
14.38 Look, Dan could have very well have linted himself, but no, Philly boy did it for him lol and Dan sexy knowing gaze at the camera doesn’t help
14.47 Deppy’s attempt at looking like old men fails as they look like they’re cosplaying anime characters
15.08 Sexy Phil in different Shirts montage“Shirty you won the X Factor!”
“You’re calling it SHIRTY?”
“Yeah.” Phil growls that wtf
15.37 I love Phil’s sassy Shakira hips pose
17.13 funny how scripted talking shit sounds natural for them talking about being moist
19.20 Dan chases Phil wearing Dil helmet
19.50 I love how feather boas and metallic streamers represent Phil’s personality lol
19.59 that lil look just fuck me up
20.37 candid Dan profile shot for all the middle aged nose perverts out there
20.59 funny dan’s instant reaction to make fun of Phil’s motion sickness, must be something he sees a lot to casually make fun of it
21.26 showcase the two beds close together to show “hey, we’re not together but we don’t mind sleeping near each other, we don’t hate each other that much, please give us money #phan could be real, yeah? Lol”
21.45 Dan looks good
21.46 Pillow scene with Phil AKA the thing someone should pirate this film for omg so cute he’s a lil bowl of mashed potatoes
22.07 “I think it’s a coping mechanism, what is your pillow a metaphor for?” Damn, Daniel. Got me there. SO WHAT IS THE PILLOW A METAPHOR FOR, DANYUL, HM?
22.10 “It’s just a little piece of home I can take with me” well fuck me up why don’t you philly
22.29 Didn’t realize Peter Jackson directed this damn, looks like the scenic tracking shots out of Lord of The Rings
23.02 Phil looks like a child who knew they fucked up and are going to get into trouble
24.04 Tour Bus Tour with floor plan intro, OMFG THEY’RE ONTO US!!!
whoever edited this deserves an Oscar omfg
24.45 why couldn’t any Sherlockians here have informed us that there was a sliding function on the bus omfg???
27.58-28.03 whoever edited this edited it weirdly, it really plays up the “Straight man vs weird friend” shtick comedy they have going. I like discussing this because it’s what they do on the offset, that Phil is the weird guy and Dan is the serious guy but whenever they improvise or be natural they switch this around, sometimes dan being weird and phil being like “stop! No” or the other way around, whenever they do this, this was so awkwardly fake. A good example of them reversing this shtick that I can think of off the top of my head is in the easter baking video at 1.55 “no you will not disgrace the easter bunny!” or 3.19 “So what’s the method, Phil! “Stop!” “Sorry…” (all very natural I must say):

30.15 that is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen
31.35 No, I was wrong. THAT is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen
32.50 So this is what they show? Didn’t they mention like Dan ending up in bed with the piñata? They didn’t film themselves wearing matching clothes? WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS, THEY DID THIS ON PURPOSE!
33.57 nose picking incident, let me have a moment to myself :’)
34.15 Blink and you miss it, Phil turning over and into Dan’s elbow :D
34.17 Phil stretched out on the couch he’s too big for omg
35.52-35.59 wifi montage and demon dan WIFIIIIII
36.10 It’s so cute that they are shocked that the wifi password is them, “WE ARE THE PASSWORD!”
37.56 honestly? Why do deppy have such illuminati imagery more than any other youtuber or celebrity I’ve seen? WTF?
39.20 Danyul and Phiru Animu Moment
40.20 Oh Ed
40.38 shows pride flag, interesting, VERY interesting
43.37 Oh Ed
46.33 can of relentless so he can get frickin zazzed, so Phil is not the only one with a caffeine addiction, interesting
46.53 Dan’s huge fucking mouth wtf
51.04 what tense music, really gets me in the mode wow
54. 24 Phil stumbles in this spin but it’s hard to notice at first
56.28 Dan’s laugh omg
56.40 there’s such weird tension here, they want to hug but they don’t, can anybody else see that, they have this intensive look at each other but hold back, wtf?
57.24 the hero we don’t deserve, thank you Ed
59. 56 “Hey, Phil…?”
“Let’s go home.”

General thoughts: I really need a compilation video of Dan making that weird exhale through his nose laugh at something Phil says for no reason whatsoever, he does it countless times, I can’t get over it, it must mean something, like how some people just laugh at whatever someone says because they like them so much because I s2g Dan does this all the time throughout the video

I agree with Catellana, Phil looks really skinny throughout the video, I forget I’m looking at a 6’2 lanky figure instead of a petite man because damn he’s small

The lighting in deppy’s commentary changes a lot throughout the movie as the filter changes and sometimes changes in the middle of them speaking which is very obvious

Dan tongue flicks a lot. Like a LOT.

The generic music throughout is really, really off putting

Final Thoughts:
Fuck bedgate, it can got to hell and stay there. We will never find solace discussing it. Overall I liked the documentary but I think the editing was weird sometimes as if it had a team of editors working on it who consistently changed ideas and used different editing software. Has it consumed my life and destroyed me? Yes, yes it has. Time to accomplish something IRL, if you actually read the post, I'm so sorry. Toodles
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Posted this in the main thread, but I'll put it here as well.
bear wrote:Woah okay.
Re: hotel room situation/#busgate/
It doesn't take a lot for me to doubt (for a short amount of time, then I go back to trash),but this didn't shake me up at all? I was very surprised about the amount of people that started doubting (about their relationship.) Of course they played off the #busgate and the hotel room. Since I have the free trial currently, I'm watching some other youtuber's YTR. I don't care about most of them, and I assume many people are doing the same. So not only will casual viewers be there, but also people that don't even know/care about them. Their brand is still #platonic bros, so of course they made it seem like that.
However, after thinking about it, it almost does seem like a joke for us. At 33:58, it was obvious to a non-casual viewer that they were in the same bed. But would a casual viewer realize that? Probably not. My are staying tightly on.
Another thing is that I didn't see any separate hotel rooms, just a change in location? It could easily be their shared living room. Also, Phil said "You have like 5 bedrooms you're so lucky." Wouldn't they just book the same room then?
Re #busgate: Just no, no. No one believes them.
This is def , but I don't think anyone has pointed this out yet, but 34:09. You know when you're asleep and someone wakes you up and you're only half awake, so you say something or do something not continuously? I think Phil was thinking about kissing, so... . this is probs too trashy for the trash cans here lol.
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