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Dan & Phil and the radio show

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How did Dan and Phil get their radio show?

In summer 2011, Phil got an email from the BBC asking if he was interesting in performing a 5 minute skit similar to what he does in his videos via skype during Radio 1’s talent show slot at the Edinburgh Fringe festival.
(TABINOF (US), pg. 90)
Phil said yes, and asked if Dan could do it with him. The BBC gave them the okay, which lead to their 3 minute, live performance where they drew cats on their faces with their eyes closed. So many people tried to watch it online that they actually crashed the website.
Dan (who is definitely cheating) and Phil drawing cats on their faces. Watch it here!
Later that year, the BBC contacted them again asking if they wanted to do a 2 hour radio show on Christmas day. Dan and Phil said yes, and on Christmas day 2011, their first radio show was born!
Watch it here!
However, they weren’t officially hired by the BBC yet. But, in early 2012 they were contacted by the BBC again to do a radio documentary about internet dating, marking their second radio appearance (listen to it here).

Dan and Phil also filmed two Innuendo Bingo videos for both of their channels live on the radio, once during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where they were working at the Fun and Filth Cabaret, (watch it here) and another time a few months later in Radio 1's studio (watch it here).

After that, the BBC emailed them again in summer 2012 asking if they wanted to do another Christmas special. They said yes, and this was actually one of the reasons why they decided to move to London from Manchester that summer.
Watch it here!
During their preparations at the start of December for their Christmas show, they got asked if they wanted to do a pilot for their own full-time radio show to replace Radio 1's request show. After they sent the BBC their pilot, they liked it enough that Dan and Phil were given their very own radio show in January 2013!

The Dan and Phil show

The Dan and Phil show aired from January 2013 until September 2014, every Sunday night at 7 pm until 9 pm UK time. It was a mesh of stuff they did in their videos pieces of internet culture, and a traditional radio request show. It was Radio 1’s attempt to attract teens and young adults to the station with the introduction of youtubers into traditional media. It had a 4 season run.

Features of the Dan and Phil show:
While Dan and Phil played songs they would often have fan-made videos playing along with the requested songs or, since the show was being filmed live, the songs would just play over whatever Dan and Phil were doing in the studio. They also often communicated with viewers via whiteboard.
Dan and Phil communicating via whiteboard.
Internet News
-Dan and Phil, sporting pairs of 3D glasses, would read out whatever news stories they found to be the most interesting or strange on the internet that week.

Dan vs. Phil
-Every week, Dan and Phil would take each other on in a new physical challenge that was usually odd or embarrassing. Dan and Phil would have two songs play back to back during this section, and their respective turns lasted the duration of each song. At the end of every season, whoever won the most would subject the other to something humiliating on air.

Fan Wars
-Dan and Phil would pit two live callers against each other with ridiculous challenges and whoever won would get their song of choice played on the radio.

Sorry I Don’t Know How To Internet
-Dan and Phil would read out stories people sent in of their friends or family failing at using technology.
Other radio appearances during their time doing the Dan and Phil show:
Scott Mills show - Real or No Real
-For the first year of the Dan and Phil show, every Monday Dan and Phil would be guests on a section of Scott Mills’ show called “Real or No Real”. This was a game where a set of prerecorded facts would play and they would have to decide if the fact is true or false. Dan and Phil would also promote the show they did the night before, encouraging people to watch it back on iPlayer. You can listen to one of the times they were on the show here.

The Official Chart Show - Jameela Jamil
-Before Dan and Phil’s show on Sundays, they would feature on the Official Chart Show with Jameela Jamil presenting that week’s top five album chart. They first did it in the studio with Jameela where they would distract the person reading the chart with weird challenges. Later they did it straight from their studio while Jameela would contact them from another studio. You can watch one of the album charts they presented here.
The Internet Takeover

In mid 2014, Dan and Phil decided that they wanted to focus more on youtube and other projects, so from September 1, 2014 until April 25, 2016, the Dan and Phil show became the Internet Takeover.

The Internet Takeover was hosted every Monday night at 9 pm until 10 pm UK time, and Dan and Phil would only host it on the first Monday of every month. Every other Monday during the month would be hosted by other internet personalities, such as Tyler Oakley, Zoella, and Jim Chapman. In early 2015, the Internet Takeover also had duo act Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs as recurring presenters on the Internet Takeover.

Dan and Phil’s shows would keep the same format as the Dan and Phil show, while the others often followed a structure more similar to a traditional radio show. The concept of the show was created and produced by Dan and Phil.

Features added for the Internet Takeover:
The 7-Second Challenge
-Dan and Phil would compete in Phil’s 7 second challenge to play a song of their choice on the radio. (Dan’s song was always All Star by Smash Mouth)

-Dan and Phil would ask a series of prerecorded questions that the hosts that week would answer in as little time as possible. This segment was actually first used during their Christmas radio specials where the guests would have to answer Dan and Phil's questions while undergoing some kind of distraction.
In March 2016, Radio 1 announced that the Internet Takeover would be replaced by the Student Radio Playlist in May 2016, which conveniently coincided with the start of the American leg of TATINOF. Dan and Phil stated at the time that they were on hiatus, and in this news release, the BBC stated that Dan and Phil "will remain a part of the Radio 1 family".
Posted on Radio 1's instagram account when Dan and Phil's last show premiered (source)
So when are they coming back?

While there has been no official statement on when Dan and Phil's hiatus is supposed to end, this article, published in June 2017, mentions Radio 1's inability to keep youtubers alongside their struggles with finding DJs. The mention of world tours and Radio 1 struggling "to compete with the money that youtubers can make from lucrative merchandising and endorsement deals" point directly to Dan and Phil's apparent hiatus. It's the clearest statement given to date about Dan and Phil's position with Radio 1. This, alongside Dan and Phil's reluctance, and even annoyance when discussing Radio 1 (Dan's September 13, 2016 liveshow at 56:52 is a good example of this), combined with the lack of audience retention during Internet Takeover episodes that weren't hosted by Dan and Phil, it's safe to say that the split is more permanent than Dan and Phil and Radio 1 let on.

The Phandom & the radio shows

The radio show was generally very popular throughout the phandom. It brought the community together through the sheer enjoyment of new content and the fan creations that resulted from Dan and Phil being on the radio.

The live video stream was a large part of the attraction the phandom felt towards the radio show. It streamed on BBC’s iPlayer and was also available to watch back on the iPlayer after the show finished streaming. The Dan and Phil show only streamed audio worldwide for the first little while, so a lot of fans ended up using VPNs to watch the accompanying video stream live before the BBC made it available internationally. Lots of people also live tweeted and blogged the shows, and some even hosted viewing parties or chats, similar to the one linked below. Fans even waited outside the BBC for them before and after their shows to meet them. Eventually, due to so many people waiting for them to finish their shows, it became a security concern. In August 2013, Phil made a tumblr post explaining the situation and asking fans not to wait for them.
Phil's post about fans waiting outside the BBC (source)
Miscellaneous BBC Stuff

On February 12, 2015, Dan hosted an Internet Takeover special with several other vloggers called “Anti-Social Media Live”, though more commonly known as #nicerinternet. You can watch the episode here.
The Supergamers
A one hour long documentary about eSports in Europe that Dan did with the BBC, released February 3, 2016. It's currently available to watch on Netflix in the United States.
In 2013 they won the people’s choice Sony golden headphones award for the Dan and Phil show.
Big weekend
In 2013, Dan and Phil interviewed celebrities through a series of questions called “The Legen-Derry Quiz”. You can watch the interviews here. They also organized a lip sync to Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven”, which you can watch here.

In 2014, Phil was on holiday so Dan covered Big Weekend on his own. You can watch a video Dan sang in from that weekend here. *this definitely needs expanding but i can’t find any footage/info besides the orange instagram and the singing video. Anyone remember if dan did anything notable at big weekend?*

In 2015, Dan and Phil joined up with Jack and Dean to host a special episode of the Internet Takeover at Big Weekend where they interviewed celebrities, played games and showed some of the weekend’s live performances. You can watch the full episode here.
Reading fest
In 2013, Dan and Phil did some behind the scenes coverage for Radio 1 at Reading Festival. Most of this consisted of “in-tent-erviews” where Dan and Phil would interview various bands in a tiny tent covered in fan art. You can check out this playlist by danisnotonfirevyou1 for all of their content from Reading fest.
Teen Awards
In 2012, Dan and Phil played games with One Direction and Conor Maynard backstage for Radio 1’s youtube channel. You can watch the One Direction video here and the Conor Maynard video here. They also did a supernote with One Direction, which you can watch here.

In 2013 and 2014, Dan and Phil did games and interviews with celebrities in the green room for Radio 1 (called Dan and Phil vs The Stars), such as blindfolded portraits with Taylor Swift and the 7 second challenge with Nick Jonas. In 2014, Dan and Phil also presented the Best British Vlogger award with Nick Jonas on stage.

Dan and Phil also presented the Best British Vlogger award in 2015, however they did so via a prerecorded video filmed in the studio at Radio 1.

In 2016, Dan and Phil won the award for Best Vlogger (watch them accept the award here).
Dan and Phil’s Guide to Online Safety
Dan and Phil’s second radio documentary, which aired on February 25, 2013. It outlined different ways to stay safe online. You can listen to it here.
Dan and Phil’s Guide to Happiness
Dan and Phil’s third radio documentary, which aired on January 13, 2014. It aired as a part of Radio 1’s Happiness Week. Radio 1 uploaded two videos (Dan and Phil doing laughter yoga and Dan and Phil frolicing with kittens) to their youtube channel which were a part of the documentary. You can listen to the full documentary here.
Fun and Filth Cabaret
In 2011, Dan and Phil auditioned for the Fun and Filth Cabaret (you can watch the audition here). This audition was for the slot they got where they drew cats on their faces via skype (you can watch it here).

In 2012, they acted as ‘talent scouts’, where they held auditions online and chose a new act each night to perform via skype at during the cabaret (you can watch their call for auditions video here). They also did behind the scenes vlogs of the cabaret for Radio 1’s youtube channel (you can watch them here).
Radio 1 Academy
In 2014, Dan and Phil did question and answer sessions and workshops for Radio 1’s Academy in Glasgow. They did a workshop on how to make a music video and a question and answer session on how to do youtube (you can watch the session here). They also did a special episode of the Dan and Phil Show from Glasgow (you can watch it here).
BBC Radio Awards
In 2014 the Dan and Phil Show was nominated for the BBC Radio awards in the category "Innovation". You can watch Phil talk about it in a liveshow here

Dan tweeting about the awards (link)
The Brit Awards
From 2014 to 2016, Dan and Phil were the hosts for the online stream of the Brit awards. Alongside hosting, they would also interview celebrities on the red carpet before the show and did videos for the Brit’s youtube channel, such as backstage tours (you can watch the 2014 tour here and the 2015 one here, and you can also watch them climb the O2 arena in 2016 in place of a tour here) or a Brits themed Dan vs Phil.
Misc. Radio 1 Appearances & bonus videos on Radio 1’s youtube channel

The Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw
-Dan and Phil have made guest several appearances on Radio 1’s breakfast show. You can watch Dan on the Call or Delete section of the show here and Phil on Call or Delete here. Pete Wentz also phoned Dan when he was on Call or Delete which you can listen to here. You can also watch Dan and Phil phone into the breakfast show to ask the 1975 a question here.
Confession Roulette
-Dan and Phil did a confessions roulette for Radio 1’s Talk It Out week. You can watch their confession roulette here.
Videos on Radio 1’s youtube channel
Want more Radio 1 content? Check out the blogs down below:
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