The Super Amazing Project

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The Super Amazing Project

In 2011, My Damn Channel, a popular multi-channel network, asked Dan and Phil if they wanted to make a collaborative web series for them. That web series ended up being the Super Amazing Project, which Dan and Phil hosted for three seasons with 36 episodes in total that were released every week.

Every episode featured a news segment where Dan and Phil would report on some of the weirdest news stories from that week, a segment where they would play some kind of game, such as charades or two truths and a lie, and viewer spooky happenings, where viewers would email Dan and Phil pictures or videos featuring strange or creepy phenomena they’d witnessed in their everyday lives. Dan and Phil would also ask their viewers a question on Twitter every week and feature some of their answers in the video.

Dan and Phil were hosts from October 2011 until December 2012 when they left to focus on their radio show with the BBC. My Damn Channel hired two new hosts to take over the show, Victoria Atkin and Alastair Murden (you can watch their introduction video here), in place of Dan and Phil. They hosted the show from October 2014 until November 2015 in a different format from the one Dan and Phil initially created.

You can watch the full playlist of Dan and Phil’s videos for the Super Amazing Project here.