Dan and Phil: wtf even is their sexuality?

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Dan and Phil: wtf even is their sexuality?

Post by alittledizzy » Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:46 pm

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Dan & Phil's formspring responses involving sexuality/sexual attraction Late 2009 - Early 2010
Dan and Phil were both expressive about their sexualities on Formspring, a now-defunct question and answer website. While the answers are only dated with the amount of time passed between when they were posted and when the screenshot was taken, Formspring did not launch until November 1, 2009. Dan made his account on November 18, 2009, while Phil's was created on November 25, 2009.

Dan's Dailybooth 7 December 2009
They were also both active on Dailybooth, a photo sharing site that functioned like a 2009 version of instagram. While there is an abundance of Dailybooth posts that heavily imply or directly state attraction between Dan and Phil, there was one noticeable instance of another user referencing Dan's bisexuality.
Phil's tweet - 11 February 2010
Dan's tweet 7 July 2010
Dan's tweet 10 August 2010

Dan's vyou July 6, 2011
Question: Someone told me you're gay. It's not true, right?
Dan: What? Like, what if I was? What if I was one hundred percent gay, you know, like the most flaming homosexual person ever, why-why would that matter? Would you stop watching my videos? Like...how does it apply to your life?...hmph...question mark, exclamation mark!
Valentine's Day Video :sparkle: September 17, 2011
But most notably for the year - on 17 September 2011 a YouTube glitch rendered the Valentine's Day video that Phil made for Dan public. You can read more about that here.


Dan's liveshow 6 July 2011
Chat asks if he has a boyfriend, Dan responds: "No, quite fond of tits."

Dan's liveshow 18 September 2012
Chat asks if he's sure he's not gay. Dan responds: "Find me the right guy, who knows what might would happen"
Dan's liveshow 7 August 2012
Chat: Anne Hathaway's ass makes me question my sexuality
Dan: Well she underlines mine with a big frickin cement stamp. That ass.
Dan's liveshow 4 December 2012
Chat: Hayden Christenson is beautiful and you know it.
Dan: Yeah, he might be nice to look at, but he has the charisma of a plank of frickin wood.
Dan's liveshow 11 December 2012
He’s talking about people who he should get his hair cut like, someone mentions Zayn. Dan responds: "People are allowed to joke about Zayn cause he’s like an 11 out of 10."

Radio show - 12 May 2013
Phil: I hear you have touched [Jared Leto] at one point?
Woman: Yeah, on stage, I slapped his bum.
Dan: You slapped Jared Leto's bum? Amazing. Wow.
Woman: Best moment of my life.
Phil: Best moment of your life.
Dan: It'd be the best moment of my life if that happened.
Dan's liveshow 14 May 2013
Dan: Do you want me to be? Unfortunately not. No. Why is there... why do people want... why are people so obsessed with sexuality? I don't know, it's weird. I guess it's because all the young teenage girls like, I want to marry you one day so I don't want you to be gay because that means you don't like vagina. Okay. I'm down with boobs. Don't... don't freak out or kidnap me. Oh god. The world. I hate humans so much. Do you guys hate humans? I think so. If you hate humans you're in the right place.
Dan: I'm gonna have to spend the next two weeks trying not to freak out when I meet Hayley Williams and Jared Leto. Um, 'cause I'm definitely just going to fall on the floor in a puddle when Jared Leto looks at me with his... with his eyes.
Cat's tweet - 16 May 2013

Phil's Tumblr Tag 1 July 2013
Phil [to Dan] : You look scarily attractive when you're blonde.


Dan and Phil vs. Tumblr 11 July 2013
Dan: Me and Jennifer Lawrence getting married. That's... not at all what I think about every day.
Dan: Not gonna lie guys there was a lot of erotic eye contact [between Dan and Niall from One Direction].

(3:40 and 3:51)
TRUTH OR DARE 5 13 August 2013
Dan is asked which male celebrity he would make out with, responds: "I’m gonna go with Zayn. Objectively speaking he’s probably the most attractive human currently alive on this planet. So, regardless of sexuality if someone says they wouldn’t bang him they’re probably lying."


Radio show
Phil: If you scroll down like two on the remotes... [you see the gay television stations]
Dan: Seriously, right. SO many times. That dangerous mistake.
Phil: Accidental mistake. Definitely.
Dan's liveshow 9 July 2014
No homo - obvs - joking - isn't Lewis Hamilton the most beautiful person ever? I'm not sexually attracted to Lewis Hamilton, but he is so beautiful. Have you seen his face? Like, he always wears aviators and a lot of the time when people wear sunglasses it's because they've got ugly eyes secretly, like - I've been told Tiny Temper is insecure about what his eyes look like, which is why he's permanently wearing sunglasses. But... yeah. Oh my god. He looks like a doll, it's so disturbing.
Vidcon Interview 11 July 2014
The intervier asks them who their man-crushes are. Dan says "Evan Peters" and Phil says "Michael Cera."

My Tumblr Tag 2! (With Dan) 15 September 2014
Phil: Us with David Tennant at Vidcon. That actually happened.
Dan: Fond memories.
Phil: Squeezed his butt.
Phil: [gif of] Felix doing a sexy dance.
Dan: I didn't come here to be aroused.

(3:00 and 6:12)
Dan Plays OUTLAST (alone in the dark) 30 October 2014
“Somehow I doubt that Evan Peters will be in this asylum to make everything okay”

SITC 2014 9 August 2014
Question about Phil: Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Phil picks Team Edward, Dan thinks he’s team Jacob and explains why: "I thought you liked animals and Taylor Lautner taking his t-shirt off."
Dan’s celebrity crushes- Evan Peters and Jennifer Lawrence (Phil writes both of these answers down and is correct)

(approx 8.30 & 9.12)

Dan's controversial "bottom" twitter like 30 June 2015
And subsequent backtracking:
WHO'S YOUR YOUTUBER BFF? - Dan and Phil play: PopJam Aug 14, 2015
Re: The Harries Twins -
Dan: ...Although he is a fine bro, if you get what I’m saying.”

Dan and Tyler play NEVER HAVE I EVER! Aug 17, 2015
Re: Sexy dreams about other youtubers - "'Cause I had a dream that some youtubers were at a pool party, and I think Casper [Lee] got out of a pool at that party."

Sunday Times Interview 8 November 2015
Dan's most recent answer to "Are you gay?"
Dan's liveshow 8 December 2015
"I want to properly appreciate [Troye's album]. I don't want to listen to it for ten minutes then have to leave, or listen to it out of laptop headphones. I want to be like [inhales] light a candle. Sit like this, and go - enter me, Troye. Which is the beginning of like five situations that I daydream about regularly. That's not what we're talking about right now."

Re: Free! - "...or you can watch Free and learn about swimming.... 'cause I’m sure everyone watches it for the swimming."


Dan's Diss Track - ROAST YOURSELF CHALLENGE 25 July 2016
So your celebrity crush was J-Law but now it's Evan P.? (Mhmm)
What the fuck even is your sexuality?

Dan's tweets

"[Louise] made a video with Marcus Butler where they 'sext' people, and this involved me getting a random text from Marcus Butler quite late at night. [finds the text] He texted me saying 'omg i want to lick you til you explode' with a bunch of sexually suggestive emojis. Now for about thirty seconds - really got my hopes up. Um. And then was like, it's a - okay. It's a funny youtube video. Obviously I deleted my first reply, which was like - time and place? You've got abs, can I keep my t-shirt on, but lets do this. And then wrote like a funny one that was like 'I think I've got too many calories for you to lick' or whatever. So that was funny."

For his birthday in 2017, Dan gifted Phil an autographed photo of David Boreanaz naked in the bath.
Phil: It's David Boreanaz in the bath! Look at that face. It is... the most... terrifyingly hilarious present I have ever received. Why did he have a photoshoot in the bath? Why are his nipples out and why is he signing it? I don't know where to put this? I don't know where to look? Where is his hand going? I don't want to know. [...] It was not the signed Buffy picture I was expecting, but I kind of love it all the same. [/quote]

Dan and Phil PASTEL EDITS IN REAL LIFE! 13 February 2017
Dan: Do I get to embrace Cole Sprouse?
Phil: No.
Dan: Then what's the point?

Why I can’t go back to the gym.. 13 March 2017
Phil: Now imagine if Zac Efron and the Rock had a baby it would be Leon. He was like a muscle machine. I swear he had muscles on his eyelids. Anyway, he floated over to me cause I assume people this perfect don’t need gravity….

Phil: I don’t know where he produced [the tyre from] maybe it was nestled in one of his abs.

Phil: No matter what I was not going to throw up on the hunky personal trainer…

(1:36, 2:14, 5:01)
Dan or the Grim Reaper? SCIENTISTS CAN'T TELL 21 March 2017
Chat: I hate online college, it sucks balls.
Dan: Okay, Chelsea. There we go, person that said university - it sucks balls. But whose to say that sucking balls isn't a good thing? Lets not be offensive. Or is it. Who knows.

Chat: [message about learning reproduction in a mixed class]
Dan: Firstly, non-straight people exist.

Chat: What about when you're asexual?
Dan: That's fine. You can - you can have any sexual identity you want. It's okay. You can feel as specifically sexual or non-specifically sexual as you please.

Chat: Can I be pansexual and asexual at the same time?
Dan: You can - you don't have to define it. You know, there's lots of words. Words can be good. There's a million words for genders, there's a million words for sexual... and they, what they can be good for, these labels, are for helping you to understand your feelings because if you see a description of something written down you can think - that's how I feel. And maybe if you want to convey your personality to somebody, then... you can look that up and you can go yeah, you know what I mean. Maybe you're a panromantic asexual - which means, you know - I can feel attraction to genders but I don't feel particularly sexual. Maybe it's just at this point in my life, maybe that'll change in ten years and that's just a way to do it. I know that some people argue that sexuality and all these labels and definitions are different things but we don't even know what sexuality means. So. There we go.

Chat: I'm ace, but what if I change my mind?
Dan: That's okay. You know, honestly - on one hand you don't have to label yourself. A lot of tumblr, they - they make you feel like I need to label myself with these complicated labels to be cool. You don't have to. If you want to just be a formless blob, a mess that struggles to define themselves from moment to moment, that's also okay. You can use labels, if you wish. If it helps to define yourself. And you can change. You can say, I feel like all my friends and family and people at school are pressuring me to get into a relationship but I feel internally like I identify as asexual because I don't feel like I'm about that. And then maybe, who knows, in five years you'll want to date somebody. That's fine. You can label yourself to tell people what kind of personality you have right now if you want or not if you feel like you want to change your mind. It's okay. It's cool. It's fine.

Chat: Queer is a good umbrella term.
Dan: It is. For basically - I. I like that. As a word for just everything that isn't normative. Which is, you know. Straight. White. Cis males. That are born in capitalist companies into rich families. The opposite of the current society privilege. As an umbrella term for - people who maybe aren't represented or treated as fairly that society should work on representing more. Indeed.

(34:55, 57:01, 59:17, 1:00:34, 1:01:31)
THE BEST GAME EVER MADE - Dan and Phil Play: The Mark of Oxin #2 (END) - 26 March 2017
Game text: 'Wanna join me and my boyfriend tonight?'
Phil: What ya gonna do, Dan?
Dan: Join them - at what?
Phil: Playing chess. Obviously.
Dan: Okay, we're going somewhere.
Phil: Are they having some kind of-
Dan: Tea party.
Phil: Yeah.
Dan: Okay we went somewhere, and...
Phil: What happened?
Game text: 'Thank's you were great!'
Dan: [mouth open, speechless]
Phil: I was fourteen! Come on!
Dan: We just had a threesome with an angel.
Phil: An angel and her boyfriend.

everything is different now 2 May 2017
Chat: Marry Owen Jones
Dan: I think he has a boyfriend, I’m not sure.

Predicting Dan's Future 20 May 2017
Phil insinuates that a deep voiced male viewer wants he and Dan to have sex.

Phil: And one guy was like - do it with Dan. I think he meant something else.

And later in the video jokingly asks the Magic 8-Ball if Kyle will marry him, and does not dismiss the answer of 'you may rely on it.'

(0:57 & 1:42)
a fidget spinner for my birthday 13 June 2017
Chat: chris pine
Dan: chris pine daddy indeed. Chris pine is just a- it’s a ridiculous human- you know there’s some people that you just look at them and you’re like who- how dare you? How dare you be so perf- he doesnt even look like normal perfect. Like, someone like, um, Liam- I’m having a mind blank, uh, Liam Hemsworth, uh, is like pretty, you know, boy next door, yeah he’s good looking. Someone like chris pine it’s like he has blonde hair and like these blue eyes and like his eyes I’m just like go away. Like honestly what is wrong with you? It makes me truly upset to look at someone like chris pine for too long cause people that look that exceptional just shouldn’t exist and it’s just disgusting

giant centipede attack 18 June 2017
Chat: chris pine is freaking hot
Phil: he is quite distracting when you’re trying to watch the film and he’s just radiating out his face. Like, what is that face? How do you achieve such a face?

Phil: I know who Micheal Phelps is
Dan: cause he’s a sexy swim guy

Would you date the REAL Dan? 11 July 2017
Main channel video from Dan in which he uses Tinder to approach both men and women with sarcastic/dark humor pickup lines. The video was removed after a complaint by a person featured in the video, but can be accessed here.

why I cant leave the house 18 July 2017
Goes through GQ Style magazine - mentions asap rocky, Tom Hiddleston - would pay double
chris pine - “get out of here, chris pine. I hate chris pine. how dare he? How dare he? What a disgusting person. I absolutely refuse to live in the same universe as him.”

Dan and Phil DROP BOMBS ON EACH OTHER October 24, 2017
Phil: I don't think anything's ever made me quiver.
Dan: Buffy made you quiver a lot, Phil.
Phil: Buffy... just the show, in general.
Dan: You quivered for Gellar.

Talking about Blade Runner 2049:
Phil: “It’s gonna induce more Ryan Gosling dreams for me”

(26:17, 33:27)
Phil's tweet

Trying to Live My Truth 3 March 2018
What makes me happy in the present, if that's something that I'm trying to achieve? Well, that's pretty simple. Laughter, food, and sex. So basically... stuff coming in and out of my mouth, apparently. Wow. Side note, google oral fixation later.
Dan's liveshow 6 March 2018
Dan's liveshow commentary on Trying to Live My Truth clarifying some misconceptions about it.
Exposing Our Instagram Explore Pages! 7 March 2018
Moments throughout the video include: Timothy Chalamet being who Phil wants to look at, Phil saying he wants to see the hot tub scenes in Riverdale, appreciation of Riverdale shirtless guy, Dan weakly protesting that that the underwear clad man is there because he appreciates fitness, divers, Armie Hammer in bed.
Dan and Phil play BUCKET OF DOOM! 10 May 2018
About how to survive the titanic with a male blow-up doll:
Phil: I'll pretend it's my husband that died, then they won't look properly, they'll just be like "is anyone alive out there!" ...ignore the porn moustache
Dan: Why would they want the corpse of your husband?
Phil: I'll be like "I need to give him a proper burial, with all my other blow-up dolls"


(4.37 & 4:57)
Dan's Instagram Story - 11 July 2018
Instagram story showing the movie Speed with Keanu and Sandra's names both surrounded by heart eyes.


SPICY MARSHMALLOW ROULETTE - Food Fantasy! 29 July 2018
In the Spicy Marshmallow Roulette Food Fantasy game Dan and Phil both expressed particular interest in various male characters in the game.

Phil: That is Steak. He's got his abs out.
Dan: Steak.
Phil: Two swords.
Dan: It is a flame grilled Steak, people. He is Burger Kinging this bish.
Phil: He's actually the guy I've got on my main page.
Dan: Okay.
Phil: Steak. And you can talk to him, just tape his abs.
Dan: Wow.
Phil: Steak. Your own responsibility is to be happy.
Dan: Well, okay, if you say so. Just grill me up.

Phil: Hamburger!
Dan: Hamburger. Wow. Okay.
Phil: Yeah. Look at him.
Dan: Hamburger is the coolest dude on the streets, people. [..] Phil and Hamburger, sitting in a tree...
Phil: I wouldn't mind sitting in a tree with Hamburger.

2:50, 11:42
Rize liveshow 14 August 2018
About border security at the US/Canadian border
Dan: There was a guy from Canada who was called Chan, and he was our border agent
Phil: Yeah. Dan loved Chan
20 seconds later, a user posts "dan your gay is showing" and Dan laughs.

DIL GOES TO SPACE - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #56 15 September 2018
Phil: I once had a pen pal
Dan: did you role-play with them? Were you like ‘I’m gonna be Angel , you're gonna be Spike?’

Dan's instagram story 17 September 2018
Dan, yelling at Lewis Hamilton: “Water me daddy”

In the Dan and Phil Massive Pizza Mukbang video on October 15, 2018 Phil refuses to go get the pizza because he's wearing emoji pajamas and the delivery guy is cute.

Phil: I'm not going- I can't go. I can't go! He looks like Zac Efron, I can't go.

About winning the game:
Phil: I get both of the naked men

When asked by Dan what he's going to do with his winnings:
Phil: I'm gonna wear my pants, I'm gonna put the fedora on, and hang out with my husband

(9:14 & 9:21)
Joint liveshow 21 October 2018
Dan: I almost turned it off the first episode [of Riverdale]. I was like, “This is ridiculous.”
Phil: Yeah.
Dan: They spent half the episode shirtless.
Phil: They did. There was lots of shirtless.
Dan: You know what confuses me about Riverdale?
Phil: Why is everyone shirtless?
Dan: I’m like, “Who is it for?”
Phil: Me.

Why I went to hospital 15 November 2018
“I was having a dream that was hanging out with Chris Hemsworth and adopting a corgi”

Who should we date? Dan and Phil play Heart♡Throb! 16 December 2018
Dan: Phil's got his guns out, he's wearing a nice shirt. Because today-
Phil: Guns out for the lads especially.

Phil: He’s got some guns!
Dan: He--That--There is a lot going on here.
Phil: Yeah.
Dan: I mean, Bobby works out. Sure. Fine.

Dan: That’s not the--The reason I like Bobby is because--
Phil: ‘Cause of the guns?
Dan: Look, you’re a t--No. You’re--Mayb--Okay. You’re a teenager.

(:13, 4:32, 14:46 - and - look. We're just gonna be honest here. It's the entire video, the entire video counts for this thread, we just can't transcribe the whole thing.)

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Re: Dan and Phil: wtf even is their sexuality?

Post by alittledizzy » Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:49 pm

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Re: Dan and Phil: wtf even is their sexuality?

Post by alittledizzy » Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:27 am