Louise - The heck is a girl box? / Honestly nobody knows

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Louise - The heck is a girl box? / Honestly nobody knows

Post by felucca » Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:20 pm

Louise ~ The heck is a girl box? Honestly nobody knows

This post is about:
> The youtuber sprinkleofglitter (Louise) and some things she said in 2015 that people still talk about, namely:
> Louise purportedly answering a question about phan with "honestly nobody knows"
> Louise talking about D&P's "girl box"

"Honestly nobody knows"
During Playlist Live 2015 there was some controversy around the youtuber Sprinkleofglitter, Louise. Most controversy was about the way she is rumoured(!) to have answered a question about phan. There is no video of this, hence rumour, but several people at the time confirmed she answered a question about Dan and Phil's relationship saying: "honestly nobody knows".


^ These are the original tumblr posts that were made about it, that were later backed up by other people. Note that both posts were made by the same person and that the second post was what started the whole "girl box" thing which was later proven to be true, but more on that later.

After Louise supposedly answered the phan question, she went on Tumblr and liked a post where a fan was telling other fans not to grill Louise over D&P's relationship, because she either doesn't want to break people's hearts if they're just friends, or "they'd probably never trust her again" if she confirms they are together. Note: This is a fact, she definitely did this. [Original Tumblr link] [screenshot]

Why is this interesting?
1. Phan lol
2. Other friends of D&P's usually avoid the question altogether these days and don't let on that they know some sort of truth. By liking that post Louise did let on she knows something, and that she is in fact uncomfortable getting asked about it. This is true regardless of whether she actually answered that phan question or not.
3. It is also a weird change of stance for Louise, who in 2014 had no trouble denying phan:

The girl box thing
Remember this?

The same girl who reported on Louise answering the phan question also said Louise told them Dan and Phil had a "girl box" in their bathroom - and because it was in a popular Tumblr post, it BLEW UP. The phandom went crazy about the girl box and wanted to know what it was. Lo and behold, one day later the girl managed to actually film herself asking Phil about the girl box and having him confirm it (0:37):

http://unbelievably--lovely.tumblr.com/ ... so-cute-me

So at least that part of her post was true, ya know. Anyway, that's what the girl box is and that's what the whole Louise phan controversy of Playlist 2015 was all about.

Final notes
In the name of full disclosure, it's worth noting that this wasn't the only controversy/questionable behaviour Louise was involved with around this time, as during the same Playlist she is also rumoured to have told a fan that Connor Franta was currently dating someone, even though he hadn't made anything public himself. It is worth to note that Louise, during 2015, was under a lot of stress as her marriage broke apart.