Who's that person?— A who's who of everyone connected to D&P

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Who's that person?— A who's who of everyone connected to D&P

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Who's that person?

When discussing Deppy there are constantly different names brought up - friends, colleagues and aquaintances and suspected old flirts. How to keep track of them all??? Well here's how.

Note: These are all short, handy presentations of people and how they relate to D&P. People who warrant longer posts will have a separate post that goes into more detail!

Note from Oqua: Click "SHOW" - You won't regret it; Fel is a goddess.

Dan has a 6 years younger brother, whose name historically was not mentioned until the point at which Adrian himself began engaging with people publicly circa mid-2018. Dan's doesn't like people asking about his brother, believing he deserves privacy. As of late 2018, Adrian has an active youtube channel and public social media. See "What happened with Dan’s brother?" for more information.
Alyssa Nicole Pallett (born 1985) is a former youtuber [YouTube] [Wikipedia] that Phil knows/knew, presumably through Youtube. It's been speculated they had some sort of fling in the past. Read more about Alyssa here.
An old friend of Phil's. Features in Phil's 2006 video "Me and Anja Test My Camera" that was made private in 2015. Listed herself as 'lesbian' on her public myspace profile (now defunct).
One of Phil's old friends. He's the guy who's in Phil's 2009 video "zebra". In 2012 Dan and Phil got him a joint birthday (an Xbox game).

25:32 Phil’s friend Ben is coming to visit.
40:44 It’s Ben’s bday. Dan and Phil got Ben an Xbox game. Joint gift.
charlieissocoollike’s former girlfriend who once said in a 2013 liveshow that D&P are "not a thing".
Former youtuber [YouTube] [Twitter] [Tumblr]. She worked for the BBC employee for a few years, before moving on to another social media position. Bryony and her ex-boyfriend Wirrow went on multiple private trips away with Dan and Phil.

Quick D&P Bryony facts:
- is an old Youtube crush of Dan's and the first youtuber he ever subscribed to
- appears in Phil's space adventure from 2009
- meets both D&P for the first time in 2010 when they go to E3 together [picture link]
- filmed this Would You Rather video with them in 2012, appeared in this 2012 liveshow and Dan's "FANDOMS" video
- is the girl Dan "kissed" in that one joke photo that made the phandom freak out in 2013
- went to Cyprus with D&P and Wirrow in 2014
- went to Greece with them in 2015
- went to some other island in the Mediterranean with them in 2017
- is just generally a household name when D&P celebrate birthdays, New Year's, Thanksgiving, watch the Oscar's etc etc etc
- oh yeah and she painted this painting in D&P's hallway:

Bryony's opinions 101
Bryony's an opinionated person. Under the cut you can find a collection of interesting things she has said about Youtube and being a youtuber and celebrity culture; it's interesting to think she's most likely discussed all of this with her close friends Dan and Phil.
Bryony is interviewed in the 2013 article "The rise and fall of YouTube's celebrity pioneers", about why she quit Youtube and what she thinks of it now.
This was a turning point for both Bryony and the wider YouTube community, who were becoming disenchanted with the direction the website was heading. It seemed to many involved that everything was moving backwards, vlogs were becoming monetised and videos were becoming more like TV again. Bryony's videos were often sponsored by companies who would offer her up to £1000 for subtly mentioning their products a move she describes as "whoreish": "I felt like I was really selling myself," she said, adding that she found herself professing her love for products she didn't actually like, "but I needed the money as I was really poor at that point. It was a bad time."

In 2012 YouTube changed its slogan from "YouTube: Broadcast Yourself!" to simply "YouTube". Bryony thinks this was "sad" but just "another straw on the camel's back". "Back in the old days, when I really cared about YouTube, I would have been upset, but now? I just don't care. YouTube killed itself and now I don't care."
Screenshots from Bryony's Tumblr:

http://bryonycloud.tumblr.com/post/4736 ... ou-hate-so

http://bryonycloud.tumblr.com/post/4738 ... tube-stars

http://bryonycloud.tumblr.com/post/1203 ... in-another

http://bryonycloud.tumblr.com/post/8050 ... man-3-like

http://bryonycloud.tumblr.com/post/4441 ... this-video

http://bryonycloud.tumblr.com/post/4441 ... n-in-terms

http://bryonycloud.tumblr.com/post/4903 ... ck-here-to

Charlieskies / Charlie Casey
Charlie (born 1992) is a former friend of Dan and Phil's from the old Youtube community [Youtube] [Instagram]. They have since had a falling out and plenty of drama, but the details are shrouded in mystery. There is a lot to be said about Charlie, see the separate post "Who's charlieskies?" for more information, screenshots etc.

Short summary:
Charlie and Phil knew each other first. They communicated frequently per Twitter, Dailybooth, Skype and phone and they had a collab channel together called pabloislove. It is rumoured they had a bit of a thing. Before Phil met Dan, though, Charlie hooked up with Stephen (3sixty5days). Charlie and Stephen were still dating when Dan came into the picture and he befriended them as a couple. The four of them were friends up until Charlie and Stephen's messy breakup in March 2010, which included Charlie breaking Stephen's nose. Dan and Charlie also seem to have had a falling out at this point.

In 2012 and 2013 Charlie became increasingly hostile towards Dan on social media and tweeted a number of inflammatory things - joking about phan, Dan's sexuality, calling Dan an asshole, and similar things. He also wrote a few things that made it sound like he might have had a thing with Phil and regretted not pursuing it when he had the chance, but there aren't enough facts to tell one way or the other. After a series of especially confrontative tweets in 2013 Dan removed Charlie as a friend on all his social media accounts. Phil followed suit in 2014. Charlie has since kept quiet about D&P and withdrew completely from social media in 2015.
Chris Kendall / crabstickz
Chris is a youtuber [YouTube] [Twitter] who used to hang out with Dan and Phil back in 2011-2013 - along with KickThePJ they were nicknamed "The Fantastic Foursome" (see "The Fantastic Foursome"). No one is entirely sure why Chris stopped hanging out with Dan and Phil. He had a bit of a personal crisis and Youtube crisis in 2013 which most likely played a big part. To read more about Chris see "What happened with crabstickz?"
Girlfriend of Phil's brother Martyn, born 1978 [YouTube] [Twitter] [Instagram]. Cornelia's a musician but also helps out selling merch for Dan & Phil at Tatinof and at Youtube conventions such as Playlist Live and Summer in the City. She recorded this video in Dan & Phil's living room.
Guy Phil knew through Youtube back in the day, they planned to meet up but there’s no way to tell if they actually did meet up or not. Dan is gay and comes from London. Used to be in rock band We Sunk Atlantis. Used to have a Youtube channel but it’s gone now, here’s a video of his remaining on a different channel though.

Phil and Dan planning to meet:

(This Dan also liked being inappropriate on Dailybooth.)
Friend/old acquaintance of Phil’s somehow.

Youtuber active in the old community.

Said Phil was bi:
and commented on two of Dan's Nakedbooths:
dudeneedaeaseonup / John J. Salomone
Phil's first ever subscriber and a friend of his, gay youtuber [Youtube] [Twitter]. You can find him in Phil's 2011 video "R.I.P. Simon". He also hung out with D&P in 2013 when they went to New York with Fuse, filmed a video with them in a helicopter and went to a Muse concert with them. In 2016 he went to Tatinof and took a photo with them backstage.

Emma Blackery
A youtuber [YouTube] [Twitter] who used to be a big fan of Dan. In her early Youtube days she used to try very hard to catch Dan's attention so he'd make a video with her. Unfortunately she grew resentful when he didn't, and she spent a couple of years lashing out against him and also Phil in 2013-2014, earning a bad reputation with the phandom and making both Dan and Phil unfollow her on Twitter. In 2015 she grew remorseful and has since expressed her regret in everything from magazine articles and main channel videos, to Twitter @replies and posts in internet fan forums. See "The Emma Blackery File" for the details, screenshots, etc.
Dan's Ex
Dan had a girlfriend that he dated in high school and for a while after. We don't know exactly when they started dating or when they broke up. In his DML video Dan says he dated her for "over three years" [link]. They belonged to the same friend group, went to Paris together, and after the breakup Dan said he had loved her. They've stayed friendly after the breakup - they both went to a birthday party for a mutual friend in 2011 and she still follows Dan on Twitter.

A qualified guess for when they broke up would be October 2009. We know they hung out together in Longleat 30 September 2009 because Dan listed this as one of his top 5 moments of 2009. We also know Dan went on an emo tweet spree about love in early October, which sounds a lot like something you'd tweet right before or after breaking off a long term relationship.

Emo tweets spree for reference:
Mystery tumblr post thingy:

at 29:23
Chat: Can you tell us about your last girlfriend?
Dan: What, when I was 17??
Err... 18 you mean, Dan? In this clip he keeps talking about a Tumblr post quote about love that was stupid “I was talking about my girlfriend at the time but everyone thought I was talking about Phil.” I don't know which Tumblr post he's refering to.
Evan Edinger
Evan's a youtuber [YouTube] [Twitter] who often tweets to and about Dan & Phil (often = several times a month since November 2012 without missing a beat). Low-key controversial in the phandom because he used to associate with people like charlieskies and Emma Blackery and because of that one time in 2015 when he got drunk and tweeted about the Vday video.

Evan has apologised for his missteps and not repeated them. Dan & Phil tend to ignore him. Phil is the only one who's ever answered one of his tweets, once, in October 2014. In December 2014 Phil and Evan appeared in the same video during Hazel Hayes "Collabmas" (Evan's off-screen reading the questions). Evan also vlogged a bunch in 2014-2015, catching Dan & Phil in the background of his vlogs. In a liveshow from 2016 Evan talks about how he's tweeted D&P and asked them to be in a collab but they haven't answered and he doesn't expect them to, sounding quite bitter. In another liveshow Evan says he's started "editing the phan out" of his vlogs because it upsets him when people click on his videos just to watch a short blurry clip of D&P caught in the background.

Screenshots and videos:

2013, Evan chumming it up with charlieskies and Emma B:
[insert pics]

2014, October, Phil tweets Evan:
2014, December, Phil and Evan in the same video:
2014-2015, compilation video of D&P in Evan's vlogs:
2015, Evan tweets about the Vday vid:
2015, Evan's apology the next day:
2016, January, Evan talks about Dan & Phil ignoring him in a liveshow:
2016, August, Evan editing the phan out:
georgieBOOM / Georgina Price
georgieBOOM is a former youtuber [YouTube] who's phandom famous for uploading a now private vlog called "Happy New Beers!" in 2012. In the vlog Dan and Phil can be seen partying with a bunch of other youtubers the New Year 2011/2012. At one point in the video Dan leans closer to Phil and a lot of people in the phandom thought they were kissing on cam, so the comments of the video constantly got spammed with phan. Georgie got upset and eventually added this angry annotation:

Less famously, georgieBOOM is also the person Dan forgot his furry hat at and then he didn't get it back for over a year:
and the person who inspired him to start dailyboothing:
(I hope this picture made her feel proud of inspiring him.)
Hatti Rex
HattiRex [Twitter] [Youtube] [Youtube 2] is a girl that used to make youtube videos back in 2009 and was friends with Dan & Phil and also Bryony but her youtube channel never went anywhere. She's the girl in these pictures:
The pictures are from a New Year's party (2010/2011). They were taken by Hatti's boyfriend at the time but sparked secret girlfriend rumours about Hatti and Dan. Hatti liked to play along with the rumours and tease people - in 2013 she pretended she and Dan were dating multiple times. She also liked to post about Dan & Phil in general in 2013 on both Twitter and Tumblr, probably looking for some attention from all their newfound fame.

Example of Hatti claiming to date Dan: Hatti, Dan and Phil were all invited to Bryony’s birthday in 2013: Also in 2013, Hatti surprisingly used to be an active member on Guru Gossiper, a gossip forum about youtubers. She disliked the way the website was run and started an initiative called "Free Guru Gossip" and ended up creating an entirely new gossip forum known as youtalktrash.com]You Talk Trash. Her username was banned from Guru Gossip and all her posts deleted, but you can still see another poster mentioning her, calling her "that hattie chaos bitch".

GG screenshot: Free Guru Gossip tumblr blog, run by Hatti, an archive over why she hated Guru Gossip:
Ian is Phil's best friend before Dan. The friend Phil talked about in "The Breakup", the one who kissed his "girlfriend" but then he and Ian became best friends. Ian's also the father of baby Emily from the liveshow, Dan and Phil jointly gave her a Totoro plushie as a birth gift. It's possible they were visiting Ian that time when they went on the hike up Pendle Hill in the mist, and I also believe Ian/Lauren/Emily visited them for pancake day 2015, the little girl in Dan's pic would have been around the same age. A young Ian appears in person in several of Phil’s 2007 Florida vlogs and in The Comic Book and the Tornado (all of them private now). In 2016 Ian and Emily's mother got married and Dan and Phil attended the wedding together.
Jimmy / jimmy0010
Jimmy Hill [youtube] [twitter] [instagram] is a youtuber who started making videos around the same time as Phil did while also attending York University, in the year below Phil. He still does youtube in addition to his career as a radio host/presenter.

Jimmy interviewing Dan and Phil: Jimmy and his friend Chels drunkenly discussing Dan and Phil:
Jimmy talking about university with Phil:
Kathryn Lester
Phil's mum. He's said her name multiple times so it's fair game.
Another one of Phil's old friends. Features in Phil's 2006 video "Kerrina Visits My House" that was made private in 2015. The girl in this picture:
Lightscameraashlee / Ashlee Sutherland
Ash is a former youtuber [Twitter] [Instagram] [Youtube] from the old community who used to hang out in the same circles as Dan and Phil.

She is the red haired girl phil “kisses” in this photo:

She's the one who wrote this to Dan on Formspring:
Image Image
(Pete was her boyfriend at the time, same Pete who dated Carrie Fletcher.)

Fun fact: Ash and Pete did a cutesy couple pancake making vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd35hQofWbg
which I'm gonna say totally inspired D&P's one.

Ash can be seen in this episode of Becoming Youtube:

22:05 and forward at the party bus
Lukeisnotsexy / Luke Cutforth
A youtuber [Youtube] [Twitter] who used to date Emma Blackery. Luke used to be a philboy in the same way Emma used to be a dangirl - big fan of Phil, wanted to collab with him, didn't get what he wanted.

(Note: There is a rumour going around that Phil actually agreed to collab with Luke once in 2012 but then... forgot? So when Phil didn't turn up Luke had to think of something else on the spot and ended up doing this Q&A called "AmazingPhil is SATAN?!?!" I have never seen any evidence whatsoever of this being true, but with that said if you have proof feel free to PM me or post it in the FAQ discussion thread.)
Martyn Lester
Phil's older brother [Twitter] [Instagram], born 30 October 1983. He manages The Dan and Phil Shop.
Matt Lush
Trashy American youtuber [YouTube] [YouTube 2]. He'll namedrop Dan from time to time, fangirling over how hot he is, and mention phan.

Example tweets and videos:
^ yes, he bought the jumper and he's been wearing it





Dan noticed Matt watching him on Younow once in 2016 and gave him a shoutout, after which Matt made this video:
Onision / Greg
Less than pleasant American youtuber [YouTube 1] [YouTube 2] [YouTube 3] [Youtube 4] [Twitter] and frequent namedropper of Dan and Phil. Onision thrives on controversy and clickbait so basically he'll just keep milking it and raking in the money from it.

Typical Onision shenanigans:

Dan calls Onision out in 2016
In 2016 Onision had been going at it for a long time but Dan and Phil consistently ignored him. Onision then uploaded a video asking people to send in photoshopped pictures of Dan and himself being "couple-y", offering a brand new MacBook Air to the winner. He received 2,574 entries, many of them of a very sexual nature. (The video where he presents the results.) This prompted Dan to finally speak up against Onision in a liveshow, pointedly telling his fans that "some youtubers like to talk about [Dan and Phil] to get attention from you guys… to get attention and money." (Video recording.) Onision, playing the martyr, answered with this tweet and video:


Fun fact: Phil actually collabed with Onision in 2012.

There is some confusion about this video within the phandom, where a lot of people believe that Onision's just taken the clips from one of Phil's videos and pasted them together to make it look like they collabed. However that's not the case - the video is a genuine collab. You can even hear Phil call Onision "Rod Danger" in it, which is the name of the character Onision's playing in the video.
Old Youtube friend of Phil's, born 31st May 1990 [YouTube] [Twitter]. Worked together with Phil and Charlieskies on the pabloislove channel, here's a video with her. Yes, she's the voice in Phil's "Phillippa" video. Phil and Sarah-Grace used to exchange some flirty tweets back in the day, but they never actually met in real life until 2012.
Stephen / 3sixty5days
Former youtuber [Instagram], former boyfriend of Charlieskies, former friend of D&P.
Teoh / Mr Tino / mrtinoforever
Old school youtuber from back when, friend of Phil, later friend of Dan as well (mock flirts with Dan on Dailybooth and consoles him on Twitter when he’s sad, saying to call him). Denied phan. Tweeted about Dan’s girlfriend being great.

[insert screenshots and stuff]
Bryony's ex-boyfriend [Twitter] [website] and an artist. Of Cypriot descent.

Quick D&P Wirrow facts:
- kind of appears in this 2012 liveshow, he's out of shot and doesn't say anything
- defended Dan in the 2013 charlieskies fight, telling Charlie not to air private business publicly
- went to Cyprus with D&P and Bryony in 2014
- went to Greece with them in 2015
- went to some other island in the Mediterranean with them in 2017
- is just generally a household name when D&P celebrate birthdays, New Year's, Thanksgiving, watch the Oscar's etc etc etc
- oh yeah and among other things he painted the paintings D&P have mounted over their beds:
Image Image