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The Dan & Phil Brand™

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:30 pm
by felucca
:platonic: The Dan & Phil Brand™

This post is about:
> Observable changes D&P have made over the years to create a more clear brand

Phil and Dan --> Dan and Phil
They didn't start off as "Dan and Phil". In the beginning when a name had to be picked to go first, it would always be Phil's, because he was the more popular of the two and the one who became a youtuber first. This can be seen in older videos such as "A Day In The Life of Phil and Dan!" and "PHIL AND DAN LOVE STICKAID!"

As you can see, by 2013 it was already "Dan and Phil" and it has been ever since. This change took place in 2012, as Dan overtook Phil in popularity.

A very obvious example of this happening is their BBC Christmas radio shows in 2011 and 2012. In 2011 Phil's name was first - "The Phil and Dan Show". In 2012 when they got to do it again, they reused the same title card, but changed the order of the names so it read "The Dan + Phil Xmas Special Show" instead. What a difference a year can make.


In 2015 they had an actual chat about whose name goes first with Ant and Dec, another famous British duo:

Phil: You always come in the order Ant and Dec.
Ant & Dec: Yes.
Phil: We're going with the order Dan and Phil-
Dan: At the moment.
Phil: -do you like that, do you think it flows off the tongue?
Ant: Personally I think it's gotta be alphabetical, you know-
Phil: Okay.
Ant: -Ant and Dec, that's the way it works.
Dan: Dan and Phil.
Ant: But be careful though because once it sticks it sticks!
Phil: I know, it's starting to stick!
Dan [to Phil]: You just want your name to be first, this is what this is about.
Phil: I do.
Phil on the right, Dan on the left - when did it happen?
Just as with the names, Dan always being on the left side of Phil in videos didn't just happen naturally, it was a conscious choice. In this case the decision seems to coincide with them starting the Superamazing Project - weekly episodes where they had to work together regularly for the first time. In the first few episodes they switched places like it didn't matter, but after that they seem to have decided on an order.
First season of SAP (2011):
Episode 1: Phil on the right
Episode 2: Dan on the right
Episode 3: Dan on the right
Episode 4: Phil on the right
Episode 5-12: Phil on the right

In the second and third season of SAP, a total of 24 episodes, Dan is only on Phil's right once.

Here is a collection of a few examples of Dan being on Phil's RIGHT side. The last example being from that SAP episode in 2012. I dare you to find examples from 2013-2016 where they start a video with Dan on Phil's right.