Dan and Phil and PETS (aka: the dogwatch timeline)

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Dan and Phil and PETS (aka: the dogwatch timeline)

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Dan & Phil and Pets :dogue:

This post has info on:
> Dan & Phil pet background
> Dan & Phil talking about getting a dog in 2015 - a timeline of how the obsession started
> Dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs

Important note before we start!
Phil is allergic to cats.

At 2:40
Dan is a dog.
Dan's previous pets
First dog, half sheepdog half bearded collie - Bangy (male) Not a very well-behaved dog but Dan loved it and it got really old, a whooping 19 years of age. Born in 1990 or 1991 (i.e. around the same time as Dan) and died when Dan was a teenager. In his DML video Dan says Bangy died in 2011 but it actually happened in 2010, as we know because he tweeted about it. Under the cut is a tiny collection of Dan's tweets about Bangy.

Hamster, Suki (female), that he got when he was about 12-13, he loved it and spent all his money on it, but it eventually escaped and disappeared Gerbils Fish Also, Dan's brother had a spotted leopard gecko called Sasha and a tank of orange poison dart frogs, "my brother's really cool actually" - Dan talks about it in this Vyou from 2011.

Here's a photo of the leopard gecko:
oqua wrote:Image
(now-deleted Twitpic from 24 August 2010)
Dan's current family dog: Colin

Tibetan Terrier, Colin (male) Dan's family got this dog after he moved from home. Very well-behaved compared to the old dog and Dan seems very fond of him.
17 June 2014

25 Dec 2014:

28 Dec 2015:

25 Dec 2016:
14 Feb 2017:
As a Christmas gift Dan got a mug with a picture of Colin:

Here's the picture:

15 July 2017

27 Dec 2017 Image

2 April 2018

7 Oct 2018
Colin achieved a brief burst of well-deserved viral internet fame in December of 2017 for decimating what Dan optimistically called a "cake." General consensus was that Colin did the family a favor.
Phil's pets
Phil's grandparents had a golden retriever-looking dog named Bundle [picture from Tabinof] [Phil's reaction to seeing Bundle in his childhood video]. Phil wanted a dog for himself but his parents said no [source]. Instead he had a lot of other smaller animals like hamsters and fish.

Rabbit, black and white - Holly - Lived in the house like a dog. Phil reacts to Holly in his childhood video.

Hamsters - (names) (info from Tabinof)

School hamster - Terry - When Phil was in year 5 they had a classroom hamster at his school, that Phil was allowed to bring home with him for a holiday. The hamster died on the first night. [Phil telling this story at 1:37:05]

Fish - Jackie Chan - Phil talking about the fish dying

Fish - Frank - Phil had a gold fish that lived for 16 years, he announced that it had died in December 2016.

Shrimp - Simon - One Christmas Phil got a grow your own triopses kit as a gift. When he grew them he also got shrimp, the most notable shrimp being one named Simon. Phil chronicled Simon's entire life on his Youtube channel, from birth to falling in love to death: Playlist of every Youtube video Simon appeared in
The Dog Talk Timeline 2015 - 2018
- July 5th 2015 - First dog mention came from Phil. He starts talking about how great Lewis Hamilton's dog is and says he'd "like to own a dog" [15:16]. He then goes on about dogs for quite a while.
- July 27th 2015 - Dan and Phil visit Catrific and play with her dogs.
- July 27th 2015 (LA timezone) - Dan tweets: "ugh i want a dog somebody mail me a shiba inu"
- August 2nd 2015 - Phil again. Recently met Catrific's dogs for the first time. Says he doesn't have the time to look after a dog. [4:12] He'd like to have a dog sometime (and a cat too but he's allergic). [25:10]
- August 4th 2015 - Dan. The chat is asking him about dogs. "One day I will get the dog. I fucking love dogs." Pets and children are good for mental health because they make you happy. [17:46] Chat: “Phil doesn’t want a dog I’m ashamed.” Dan: “He doesn’t want a dog now NeonHowlter, I’m sure he’s up for a shibe at some point, or whatever kinda dog Phil would like in his future life.” [41:42]
- August 11th 2015 - Dan. Chat: "Get a house, and a dog!" Dan: "Probably, one day. Inevitable, I'd like to think." [26:10] Chat: "Just get a dog already." Dan: "One day. [Laughs] One day." [46:58]
- August 18th 2015 - Dan. “Just get a dog already.” “One day, Rebecca. One day!” [32:48] “Get a dog” “Soon” [33:19] “Dogs, are you kidding me?” “I’m not kidding you, I’m incredibly serious.” [34:16] “Really Dan, dogs?” “Obviously. It’s like… everything I know.” [52:58]
- August 25th 2015 - Dan, the Ribena Liveshow. :ribena: Says he appreciated the sense of humour in the get a dog hashtag for his 5 mil milestone [21:07]. Would love to get a dog but doesn't intend on getting one, "because I'm not a functional person, I can’t even look after myself". Shiba inu a particularly difficult breed of dog. “I know I would be getting a dog to fill a hole.” "It's like when you try to save a relationship by getting a child." [27:00]
- Nov 14th 2015 - Joint liveshow. Chat: "Your future dog will have long legs." Phil: "Why?" Dan: "Because we have long legs?" Phil: "Maybe." <-- I love how they just accepted that "you" as plural.
- Nov 28th 2015 - Phil. Can't get a real dog, can't look after himself, let alone a hound. A big responsibility and right now he can't. One day. One day he'd like one. [37:59]
- Jan 5th 2016 - Dan. Launches into an extensive rant about wanting a dog, wanting to make impulsive decisions, wanting to change things "so many things" about his life. [25:34]
Image Image
- April 27 2017 - Joint liveshow. Phil says "the dream - it's dead for now." And Dan clarifies that they will get a dog "when a house is bought, I guess."
- May 2 2017 - Dan. “Phil and I can’t get a dog yet, cause it’s not a dog-friendly landlord and all that. A dog would be good. Phil’s obsessed with a corgi. So, brace for that, who knows. Or maybe it will be an ugly mongrel that we adopt, that was like the first dog that my family got, a completely unfunctional mongrel."
- June 29 2017 - Catrific video. Nine minutes and eleven seconds of Dan and Phil playing with a puppy.
- Nov 2 2017 - Making of the Dan and Phil and Dogs calendar; almost twelve minutes of prime pupper content.
Latest Dog Status Update - April 2018

Dan: “Are dogs in either of our futures, Phil?”
Phil: “Well I think I’m allergic but I would sneeze through the pain to own one”
Dan: “That is commitment right there. That is true love for the dogs”
Phil: “What about you?”
Dan: “I don’t know. Like, dogs make you happy”
Phil: “Yeah”
Dan: “But I feel like that’s just filling the hole with dogs”
Phil: “I wouldn’t mind”
Dan: “It’s just putting a plaster over- fill that hole up. Yikes. Maybe one day I’ll deserve one. We’ll see.”
Dog breeds

Phil's said twice he wants a husky:
"Because they're the best kind of dawg."
- Phil Lester, 2012
Phil: "I've been thinking if I get a dog, I'd want a husky."
Dan: "I'd want... what's that dog that looks like a wolf?"
Phil: "A husky!"
Dan: "Is that a husky? I'd get that."
- Phil Lester & Dan Howell 2013 (1:38:00)

In 2016 Dan listed his Top 3 Dogs as:
- shiba inu "think I'd get a shibe"
- corgi "epic", "great", "underrated", "wonderful"
- pug or pomeranian or one like Gabe the Dog "to be honest I really love small dogs"
[link to where he talks about this]

Picture collection of D&P with dogs :love1:
Phil and Billy the dog (Nov 2010)
Watch the video here!

Phil with Billy the dog again (12 Oct 2010)
Watch the video here!

Phil with Billy the dog (12 Dec 2010)
Watch the video here!

Billy the dog at Christmas (year and source unknown, probs 2010 too)
[twitter source] [twitter source 2]

Phil meets fan dog (24 July 2013)
Note: The fan meeting happened outside the studio in Norwich where they filmed the Knightmare video the same day

Phil holding cute dog at the BBC (21 July 2013)

Dan and Phil with Wilbur the miniature shar pei puppy (16 May 2014)
Watch the video here!

Dan & Phil with Cat's dogs (27 July 2015)

Dan & Phil with Marzia and Felix's pugs Maya and Edgar (16 August 2015)
[More pug cuddling in this video!]

Dan cuddling a 2-year-old British bulldog (November 2016)

Dan with Instagram celebrity jiffpom (June 2017)

Dan and Phil with Cat's new pitbull puppy Sigma (June 2017)
Watch the video here!

Dan and Phil and Dogs (November 2017)
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