Dan and Phil in SCHOOL

Everything you could ever want to know about Dan & Phil.

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Dan and Phil in SCHOOL

Post by oqua » Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:32 pm

Everything you could want to know about Dan and Phil in school!

> This post will cover Dan and Phil's GCSEs, A-levels, and university experiences.

Timeline of Dan’s university career:

Detailed info and tweets under the spoiler!

2008-2009 - Dan’s last year of college (for Americans: high school)
  • June 2009 - Dan finishes 6th form (for Americans: end of high school)

    Dan’s university offer is AAA, meaning he needs to get an A in three of his A-levels in order to attend. He got an A in Geography and Law, but he “failed” his psychology exam (meaning he only got two A's, rather than the required three).

    So he decides to take gap year and resit his psychology A-level the following February.
2009-2010 - Dan takes a gap year
  • January 2010 - Dan does a month’s-long internship / work experience thing at AOL



    January-February 2010 - Dan half-asses his psychology revision

    ...and ends up cramming for his exam:



    3 February 2010 - Dan retakes his psychology A-level

    4 February 2010 - Dan receives an unconditional offer to Manchester University (even though he didn’t have the grades they asked for)


    11 March 2010 - Dan receives his psychology resit grade: he got an A
    March 2010 - Dan visits universities
    ...and ultimately decides to attend the University of Manchester.
2010-2011 - Dan attends the University of Manchester
  • September 2010 - Dan starts uni
    January 2011 - Dan takes his first-semester exams and passes all of them
    May 2011 - Dan takes his second-semester exams
    This time, he presumably does not pass one of them, as he is supposed to resit one of his exams in August.

    August 2011 - Dan decides not to resit his exam and to instead take a year off and, if he decides to go back to uni, resit the exam the following August (2012).
2011-2012 - Dan takes a year off uni
  • Summer 2012 - Dan and Phil receive a call from Radio 1, and they are offered the Request Show [Source: Dan's DML]. They move to London. Dan decides not to return to uni.
    "I had already been offered a job by Radio 1 when I dropped out of university." [Source: 2013 Liveshow]
    24 October 2012 - Dan’s withdrawal is finalized, effective 6 June 2011

    College dropout letter:

What GCSEs did Dan and Phil do and what were their grades?

  • Geography
  • Art (Graphic Design) - A
  • German
  • French - C
  • Geography
  • Drama
  • Art (Graphic Design) - C
Vyous about GCSEs:

Q: what subjects did you pick for GCSE
Phil: “I did geography, art graphic design, and German.”

Also this tweet

Q: what GCSEs did you do?
Dan: “Er, the options that I chose for GCSEs were French, Geography, Drama, and Art. Exciting!”

Q: what did you get in your GCSEs?
Dan: “Erm, I am going to re-answer this question, ‘cause I’m not happy with what I said the first time. Er…for my GCSEs I don't remember specifically what I got, but I remember that generally it was mostly A's with...a couple...B's and...A*'s scattered about here and there. But I did get a C in French. Because I had a psycho French teacher, but that's a whole other story. Erm. What I wanted to say is that I probably could have done better in my GCSEs, but that’s because back then I wasn’t aware of how important they were, and, you know, people were telling me ‘It’s not that important, it doesn’t determine the rest of your life,’ but erm…as I found when I was applying for universities, if you— if you want to get into like the top universities in England, then you do need to have, like, really good GCSEs and…back when I was fifteen, preparing for them, my…parents and my teachers weren’t saying, ‘Hey, you need to really try,’ so…I could’ve done better, but you know, if you are one of the people that wants to do really well and get into a really, really good uni, then you have to try at least for C’s. It’s not that hard. So, yeah, go for it!”

Dan: daniel. why did you take GCSE art if you can't draw? are you being too modest again
A: “Er, well it was specifically graphic design, and without going into too much detail, my school was so good that the computers that had Photoshop on them crashed in the final exam. Yup, that actually happened: Day of the final exam and the computers just didn’t load up. So, you know, that’s why I got a C. The terrible facilities and the rubbish teachers. And I can’t draw. But obviously mainly the computers.”

Dan: When you took your French GCSE was it hard?
A: “Yeah! I dunno if it was ‘cause I had that insane teacher or whether I was just lazy, but—yeah I dunno, like I was doing the coursework, and I was like ‘doodoodoo, yeah, French! I’m quite good!’ But then the listening exam — oh God! It was like: Question A - ‘Je panjebanje bleudubleudu je pange deudeu?’ and I was like: ‘……. I don’t have a clue what just happened!’ So…yes.”
What did Dan and Phil do for A-levels and what were their grades?

  • English Literature - B
  • General Studies [which doesn’t count for university] - A
  • Geography - A
  • Law - A
  • Psychology - A (on his resit - he “failed” the first time, though who knows what that means)
  • Art (AS) - C
  • English Language - B
  • Media Studies - A
  • Psychology - A
Vyous about A-levels:

Q: What A levels did you do and what did you get?
Phil: “I did English Language and got a B, Media Studies - I got an A, Psychology - I got an A, and Art - I did for AS and got a C.”

Q: Which subjects did you take at sixth form and what were your results?
Dan: “Er, sixth form means A-levels by the way for people who don’t know that. For A-levels I took English Literature, Psychology, Geography, and Law. And technically General Studies, but that's not a real subject. Erm, grades — I got three A's and a B at A-level. Well technically four A's if you count General Studies. But that does not count at all. But yeah no so, er, I did all right. The B that I got in English probably should have been an A, but the course kind of just completely fell apart 'cause the teacher was crap and I didn't go to the final exam. But yes. Good times."
What degrees did Phil get?
  • 2008: BA English Language and Linguistics
  • 2010: MA Postproduction with Visual Effects 2010
Both from the University of York

Phil talking about linguistics, Nov 16th 2017 liveshow (from minute 22.00)

What did Dan and Phil do for work experience?

Did Dan and Phil do well academically?

Q: “What subject were you best at in school?”
Dan: “Er, I think compared to how much a school expects you to be, I was very, very good at Drama, especially GCSE. But I think my best subject was probably English Literature. I mean like, I was the fricking king of English Literature at A-level. Like, I—I think I dropped less than 10 marks across the entire two years of my A-level, ‘cause…I loved it. It was great. I wish I could say the same for maths or science, but that did not go as well. Painfully average.”

Q: “Did you get good grades in school?”
Phil: “I did okay, like…erm, I did well in most stuff except for maths — I really sucked at maths. Like, why…why is it all about triangles?! Does anyone ever use the triangles? NO. Erm, also P.E. — I was— I just never— I never even wanted to do it; I hated it. Er — In my report it was like, ‘I cannot really specify a grade for Philip’s P.E., as he forgot his kit almost every day.’ Er, which was true. I liked Athletics, like long jump and stuff, but I hated football and stuff like that, ‘cause I was really bad.”
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