What are some good D&P resources?

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What are some good D&P resources?

Post by felucca » Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:40 pm

What are some good D&P resources?

Phandirectory (Tumblr)
Contains a vast collection of everything Dan & Phil - a must-visit for newer phandom members who want to be clued in on what went down in the past.

Danisnotonfirevyou1 (YouTube)
The most popular D&P fan channel on Youtube, that even Dan himself is subscribed to.

Phanshows (YouTube)
A fan channel that, among other things, uploads every single one of D&P's liveshows so that they're easy to find. Here's a playlist of Phil's liveshows.And here is Dan's playlist.

Updated Phan (Twitter)
The Twitter account to follow for anyone who wants to know what Dan & Phil are up to currently.

Dan and Phil High Quality (Tumblr)
Need high resolution pictures of Dan & Phil for an edit? Look no further! Dan and Phil HQ has the biggest and best organised collection of pictures around.

Deppyshows / The SAP and D&P on Radio 1 (Tumblr)
An organized, colour-coded directory for all episodes from the Super Amazing Project, the Dan and Phil Show, the Internet Takeover and other miscellaneous D&P Radio 1 appearances, compiled by our very own mysterylovescompany!

Phanfic (Tumblr)
Phanfiction Catalogue (Tumblr)
The places to go for all your phan fiction needs.
(Note: IDB has a fan fiction recommendation thread.)

Amazingfire Project (Blogspot)
An archival homepage for people who want to see what videos Dan & Phil have uploaded since they started youtubing, including deleted videos, correct dates and everything. With their cooperation, a Youtube playlist has been made with all the same information.

The Drug Deal (Tumblr)
An archive over unlisted and deleted Dan & Phil videos.

Dan & Phil Survey (Tumblr)
The homepage of the biggest phandom survey that has ever been carried out, containing all sorts of interesting statistics regarding what kind of people you can find in the dedicated, active part of the phandom.

Project D&P Attraction (IDB thread)
In the Attraction Thread here on IDB we keep track of everything D&P have said related to sexuality, relationships, phan, etc. Deppy Archive (Tumblr)
Compilation of all of Dan and Phil's interesting Formspring answers and Tumblr posts, with complete searchable transcriptions.

Every Phan Vyous (YouTube)
A archival Youtube channel with all the Vyou questions D&P answered in 2011-2013. Felucca (YouTube)
A fan channel and IDB user who's created a bunch of practical playlists: Oqua (YouTube) PewPhan (YouTube)
A fan channel that cuts out the D&P parts from other youtubers' vlogs and compile them into easy-access videos, will save you TONS of time.

illmakeuhowell (YouTube)
Hilarious fan channel, your life is not complete without it. ALSO makes summary videos for Deppy liveshows and videos!

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Re: Discussion Thread

Post by lefthandedism » Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:15 pm

I have a suggestion for expanding the "Phanfiction" section of "What are some good D&P resources?".

I personally spent quite a bit of time blundering about figuring out how to find phanfiction. (I'm also the tiniest bit salty about phanfictioncatalogue: they are amazing at helping people find fics, but their actual library contains only a fraction of fics on tumblr, nevermind on other platforms.)

Anyway, a mini-tutorial on how to find phanfiction might be generally useful:

How to find Phanfiction


You can find phanfiction on Tumblr by searching on the tags #phanfic or #phanfiction. If you don't have a Tumblr account, you can visit


and use the search bar.

You can also visit (or follow) Tumblr blogs dedicated to phanfiction.

Phanfic reposts fics submitted by authors, mostly originally posted on Tumblr, but also on other platforms.


Phanfictioncatalogue does an amazing job helping people find specific fics and also regularly creates masterlists of fics sharing a particular element (e.g., "TATINOF", "daddy kink", "high school AU"). They have a goal of creating "an alphabetized library of every phanfiction in the phandom", but, understandably, their library in incomplete.


Autoposts phanfics from ao3 (Archive of Our Own).


ao3 (Archive of Our Own)

You can create an account (be warned, it takes one to two weeks for your account to be approved) or you can read phanfics without one. Go to


Select "Celebrities and Real People" under "Fandoms" and search for "Phandom/The Fantastic Foursome (YouTube RPF)". Or just go directly to this page, which by default lists all phanfics in reverse chronological order:

http://archiveofourown.org/tags/Phandom ... RPF)/works

Wattpad and others
I actually have no idea about other platforms!
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