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Everything you could ever want to know about Dan & Phil.
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How can I watch Dan & Phil's deleted/unlisted videos?

Welcome to the Drug Deal! :hearts:

What is the Drug Deal?
The Drug Deal, or just the DD as it's commonly called, is a video archive listing and linking to every video Dan and Phil have made or participated in during their career on Youtube. It's still a work in progress.

What is the idea behind the Drug Deal?
Back when I started watching Dan & Phil it was very easy to find their deleted videos and learn their history, as the popular phandom blog The Phan Directory still had a video archive up and running. I'm forever grateful to them for giving me (a pleb-y newbie!) the opportunity to catch up on D&P videos I would've otherwise missed and I was very sad to see their archive taken down in 2015, for the second and final time. The Drug Deal is us simply carrying on the tradition of in-phandom video sharing, with a number of extra videos added from various other sources, to create the most extensive and durable video archive so far in phandom history. Cheers.

Who can I share the Drug Deal with?
This is posted on a public forum for a reason! Share it with as many people as you like, after your own head. Dan & Phil have taken down phandom video collections just like this one many times before, so obviously don't share it with them or people you think might report it to them.

What happens if the DD does get taken down?
Backups, mate. But don't let that lull you into a false sense of security - copyright happens fast and hard.
Always download and save any videos you're interested in onto your own computer. That's the only place anything is ever truly safe.

Is there anything that's NOT included on the Drug Deal?
There's no vday video, soz. Too much of a risk to include it, and then there's the whole moral issue too. Consider it a phandom initiation rite to scour the internet for it on your own.

So... what's the password?
If you can't figure that one out on your own, perhaps you're not entirely ready for fetus phan. Just sayin'.

Wait, I heard there are TWO Drug Deal documents?
Technically yes, there are, but the other one is just a backup, in case the one above gets an angry Phil DM. ;) We're prepared.
There is no difference in what's included in the two documents and when we talk about the Drug Deal, it is the cherrypirates link we mean.

Ok but seriously I need to contact someone in charge
Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions (or videos!), our team will answer you as quickly as possible.

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