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What does ______ mean?? (A glossary)

Glossary of Phandom-wide acronyms and terminology:
  • D&P: Dan and Phil

    Phan: The name for the pairing of Dan and Phil (Dan and Phil’s “ship name”)
    Note: Dan used the term in a now-deleted annotation on the Dan Vs. Phil Jamaica video. (But presumably he didn't mean it in the shippy sense)
    the phandom: the Dan and Phil fandom

    DINOF: danisnotonfire, Dan’s main channel

    AP: AmazingPhil, Phil’s main channel

    DAPG: DanAndPhilGames, Dan and Phil’s joint gaming channel

    DINI: danisnotinteresting, Dan’s side channel

    LessAP: LessAmazingPhil, Phil’s side channel

    SAP: Super Amazing Project, a joint channel where Dan and Phil posted a “weekly” show for roughly a year, between October 2011 and December 2012. It was later taken over by other hosts, and has been inactive since November 2015. Here is a playlist of all of Dan and Phil’s episodes of the Super Amazing Project.

    PINOF: “phil is not on fire,” an annual Q&A video that Dan and Phil make together, uploaded on Phil’s channel. The first “phil is not on fire” video was the first video that Dan and Phil ever made together, the day after they met irl for the first time. Here is Phil’s playlist of all the PINOF videos.

    DITL: “Day in the Life,” a series of videos Dan and Phil have made over the years, each chronicling a day in their lives in various locations and seasons. TABINOF: The Amazing Book is Not On Fire, Dan and Phil’s book, published 8 October 2015

    TATINOF: The Amazing Tour is Not On Fire, Dan and Phil’s tour

    DAPGO: Dan And Phil Go Outside, Dan and Phil's tour book, chronicling TATINOF, published in 2016

    no-homo Howell: The term for how Dan acted during 2012 and the beginning of 2013, named for his tendency to vehemently deny being gay during this era. See also "What did Dan do in 2012 that was so bad?".

    heart-eyes Howell / love-eyes Lester: The terms the phandom uses to refer to “the way Dan and Phil look at each other” (basically when they gaze at each other adoringly). Related terms for when they look at each other more lustfully, rather than lovingly, are horny-eyes Howell and lust-eyes Lester.

    Japhan: Dan and Phil’s April 2015 holiday in Japan
    Dan used the term in his Insagram caption on a selfie they took in Japan:

    nakedbooths: The name for the series of six photos Dan posted on Dailybooth in 2009 to celebrate follower milestones. He posted one every 100 Dailybooth followers on until he reached 500 followers, and then posted a final one when he reached 1000 followers. In these photos, he is naked, but his, erm, naughty bits are covered by various objects and means, so they aren’t actual “nude photos.” This was a common way to celebrate follower milestones on Dailybooth.

    alittledizzy wrote:Someone started a rumor in phandom in January [2017] that Phil was married and his wife was pregnant. I think it's one of those things where someone made a blog ("phangate") about how Knew it was Totally Real. Dan and Phil both got questions on younow about it, and both answered. When Dan answered he said Phil's wife's name was Sabrina, when Phil answered he used Janice.
    A video to sum up these mentions (thanks twix):
    Vday vid: The Valentine’s Day Video. (See "What is the Valentine's Day Video?" for more information.) Also known as the Voldemort video/Voldy in some corners of the phandom - namely on this forum. Since there are a lot of such forum-specific words, we've listed a few of them for confused newcomers:

Glossary of forum-specific acronyms, terminology, and inside jokes:
  • Voldy: A nickname for the “video that must not be named” (that is, the “Voldemort Video”) — a.k.a. the Valentine’s Day Video. (See "What is the Valentine's Day Video?" for more information)

    Deppy: A nickname for Dan and Phil when speaking of both of them at the same time. See "Why do people call them 'Deppy'" for an explanation of the term! :)

    IDB: In-Depth Bants, this forum.

    GG: GuruGossiper, a forum mainly dedicated to trashing YouTubers. The Dan and Phil thread was always a cut above the rest, and virtually all of the members who once used GG to discuss Dan and Phil migrated to this website in March 2016.

    *the site that shall not be named, ty: A mocking nickname for GuruGossiper, stemming from the fact that “*the site that shall not be named, ty” was what GG censored the name of this site to immediately after we created it.

    lubegate: The nickname for one of the crowning achievements of the GG “Attraction Thread,” namely the discovery of what appears to be a bottle of lube in Dan’s suitcase in the video “I’m A Mess,” and subsequent analysis of the bottle’s precise brand and flavour. See also "So...what's the deal with "cherry"?" for more info on lube/lubegate.

    Kiro: Kiro56, a user on GG who in April 2015 made a series of posts promising the imminent release of “poof” that Phan is real (“irresputible Phanpoof,” a document that could “shatter the entire phandom”) on April 20, 2015. This document was allegedly “top-secret” and Kiro was able to obtain it because their “father is a general in the us army.” They posted two “teeser” videos (link to teeser #1) (link to teeser #2), and “The Phappening,” a final lame troll video (which was a letdown because, while everyone had expected a troll video, they had at least hoped for a good troll video). No real proof or poof was ever released, but the saga of Kiro and their poof has lived on as an inside-joke.

    poof: Another word for “proof,” specifically phan proof, originating from a typo made by Kiro56 (see “Kiro” above). Used in a joking manner and often combined with another one of Kiro's typos: irresputible phan poof.

    bour: the combined book/tour phenomena (TABINOF + TATINOF), viewed as one entity because they were revealed simultaneously in a trailer and the release of the book coincided with the beginning of the UK tour. Usually was used in a somewhat-negative/critical way.

    middle-aged nose pervert: a joking nickname for IDB users, who tend to skew a bit older than that of the phandom at large. The name comes from a (now-deleted) anonymous ask on an anti-RPF tumblr. IDB user Jhamba linked to the post and everyone had a laugh about it. Around the same time, oqua posted a compilation of photos of Dan’s nose, and various users joked about being nose perverts and/or nose fetishists. The two terms fused to become “middle-aged nose pervert,” sometimes with “delusional” tacked on at the beginning for good measure.
    anonymous wrote:Haha, just be glad you don't read the DnP thread on gurugosipper, it's basically a bunch of middle aged woman fetishizing their supposed relationship with a bunch of preteens.
    DanLester-gate: a short-lived belief/hope/theory (first posited by oqua) that Dan’s signature at the bottom of “THE RULES” sheet by the piano actually said “Dan Lester,” instead of Dan Howell. The theory was put to rest by oqua's subsequent discovery of an example of Dan’s signature, which revealed that when he just writes “Howell” very oddly.
    The Drug Deal: The Drug Deal, or DD for short, is a document created by us, listing and linking to every video D&P appear in. You can find out more about the drug deal here.

    bingo cards: Since certain topics come up again and again, we made bingo cards. Enjoy:
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