VidCon London February 2019

A place to discuss any upcoming IRL interactions with Dan & Phil.
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VidCon London February 2019

Post by flarequake » Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:49 pm

Is anybody else going? I decided to go for a creator ticket, so I’ll be off at some of those panels some of the time, but up for meeting any idb-ers. I might wear an ii pin or something for a subtle ‘one of us’ representation (it probably shouldn’t matter, but I feel like I’m judged by ‘ugh, dumb 12-year-olds’ types in a Deps T-shirt and I’m already the same age as Hank Green, it’s sad that it feels sad, eh :shrug: )

The community track stuff is mainly on the weekend 16th-17th February, but there’s an opening night show on 15th, Friday evening, followed by Rhett and Link’s extra-ticketed concert (industry track is all Thursday and Friday, but the creator stuff starts on Friday morning).

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