Dan and Phil Finally Tell the Truth (7 Sept 2022)

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kavat wrote: Wed Sep 14, 2022 7:59 pm Okay I finally had the time and energy to do some timestamps of the video.

0.00 Recap of what's to come. I was not prepared
0:13 Dan looking out at the rain, piano music, sending texts to people for collabs. I really wonder who he contacted and how real that is (someone mentioned Abigail Thorn and I would eat that up)
0:35 Fake typing, great acting skills Danny
0:38 Hi! *Cackling laugh*
0:49 colloab orate
1:09 "I've no interest in talking to anyone, hanging out with anyone or frankly doing anything" and still he keeps talking about casual sex, makes no sense
1.35 "Literally. No one. Replied." I wonder how many he reached out to?
2:12 The most dramatic eye roll
2:16 Phil!! The first we've seen of him in ages!! He looks lost in a parking lot. And didn't really dress up for the occasion. Great giggle when he steps inside.
2:44 "It looks like the inside of your mind and I've walked into it. But there's less fursuits"
3:30 Phil was just sprayed in the butt by a toilet
3:50 Phil ate a butterfly as a toddler because of course he did
3:54 Aubergine water? Sure. Very awkward fumbling hands.
4:29 "I came because I'm your-" CAN PHIL EXPRESS AN OPINION
4:37 ~Tour ad~
4:57 "We have really done it Phil." "We've done IT" Phil says while nodding knowing towards the camera. He's so ready to serve that scoop
5:08 "They want the truth, for once Phil! They just want the goddamn truth. Are we gay? Did we fuck? What the fuck is the situation now? Do we really live together? Where is Phil's secret wife? STOP THE LIES" Honestly justice for Janice, hope she's okay. But Phil likes to be aloof and mysterious.
5:50 "What Phil isn't saying is you need to mind your fucking business" but how else are you going to pay for that mortgage Daniel
6:10 Phil looks delightfully confused about what is happening. Same.
6:17 Enter the bespoke activity area (is this a thing in talkshows? I don't think I've seen one in about a decade)
6:50 "Phil. Are we guilty of committing a sin?" "A few :)" Dan consideres swwtty clickbait while I almost think that thumbnail is more clickbaity
7:21 Phil has an octuplet. A single one. Love that for him. And it makes Dan break character which is pretty funny.
7:33 Phil admits to being somewhat guilty of clickbait (remember that this is the guy who would put suggestive clips at the middle of the video so he would have a saucy thumbnail, he's been doing it for ever). Dan defends him of course.
8:00 Heretoforth *snap* they then argue about the concept of the video (I don't think Phil ever really got it). "I wish that literally anyone else but you were here" "I'm going to throw you off that chair"
9:51 Truth 1: They almost didn't get a place together because Dan wanted to move out. I'm really curious about which place they almost didn't get (my guess is second London apartment). Dan thought he would be more productive on his own. I want to remind him that during the short time he did live on his own he procrastinated studying by being with Phil all the time, come on.
10:40 Truth 2: One for the floorplan stalkers (can we have that as a status here btw), the last flat wasn't real *pretends to be shocked*.
11:15 Tour of the last place.
11:46 Truth 3: The second tour almost didn't happen because Dan wanted to cancel it. Dan always freak out when there's commitment (and he was secretly gay). I feel like this was around the time of the june video that never happened. Phil: "I don't know how to cry, they just stay inside my head".
13:00 Truth 4: One of the very big projects over the years they didn't want to do, they were forced to do it. I'm still unsure about this one, my first thought was DAPGO, but it could also have been Tatinof or maybe SAP?
13:38 Truth 5: Phil had an invasive medical examination (a hot doctor fondled his balls). Phil was so excited to get some action that he facebook stalked the doctor.
15:19 Truth 6: Phil wanted to keep up with DAPG and Dan didn't. But he still doesn't want to commit to the Q word (quit). And yes, we want one sims video a year, please. Dab and Evan are so neglected.
16:23 Truth 7: A brand wanted to sponsor them for a video, so they were flown out to Zürich and offered cocaine at a restaurant. I have many questions about this arrangement. They said no, took the money and left (so they did the sponsorship? Or did they get paid anyway?)
17:12 Truth 8: Dan ripped his shorts in front of a hot personal trainer. The full D was released
18:19 Truth 9: Phil got shitfaced in Prague, kissed a girl and smoked a cigarette. The horror.
19:31 Truth 10: Dan hates Animal Crossing. Dan gets worked up and makes some great faces.
20:58 Truth 11: Over the decade quite a few people, mostly straight women, have propositioned them for a threesome. A couple of them were notable celebrities, one wouldn't care if it got out and one is off the grid. Phil does absolutely not want to get sued and ends the game.
22:20 Phil brought the golden pig for the set. "I'm going to take a single black rose" he says holding up a tulip
23:13 Melodramatic ending where Dan deletes Phil's number, the end.
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