Halloween Baking - Creepy Crispy Cakes CONJOINED CHALLENGE! (30 Oct 2017)

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actual demon phannie
actual demon phannie
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Halloween Baking - Creepy Crispy Cakes CONJOINED CHALLENGE! (30 Oct 2017)

Post by alittledizzy » Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:06 pm

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actual demon phannie
actual demon phannie
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Re: Halloween Baking - Creepy Crispy Cakes CONJOINED CHALLENGE! (30 Oct 2017)

Post by alittledizzy » Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:07 pm

obscureDnPreference wrote:
Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:49 am
Okay here goes me rewatching the video while slightly wine drunk.

1. Okay I would have actually been unable to continue watching the video if one of them fell. That shit gets me every time. The terror in their eyes. Priceless.
2. Pure Phil threatening violence.
3. The first time Dan moves without Phil would also have been an opportune time for a fall. I'm cruel I know.
4. Pan-icking. Pun god.
5. Threatening Phil with a pan. Kinky.
6. Phil: that butt. That ter
7. Yes Dan. Continue the domestic shaming of Phil eating things he shouldn't.
8. Soft and neat. He had to.
9. The fuck marry kill with the cereal characters.
10. Depressed, 26, and edgy jokes. My new signature.
11. Why can i only think of my best friend and her fiance????
12. I'm getting a few flashbacks to 5ish years ago. I think Dan's hand in his pocket is reminding me of 2012??? Why???
13. 'We're close. We're close.' #stopphil2k17.
14. Mufasa. TOO SOON.
15. Two grown men nearly burning their house down via food coloring top on burner.
16. 'Why are you like this?' How many times have I heard my best friend say that to her fiance??
18. 'Oil me up.' 'My hands are too oiled up i cant push it down.' 'Grease me.' ???
19. Dan spitting the food coloring cap across the room is something I aspire to do.
20. Okay so I would NEVER allow my best friend to put my phone in their mouth. Never. But if you're swapping fluids other ways I suppose you're not concerned about phone germs....
21. Old married couple bickering cometh
22. Phil biting his tongue gives me feelings.
23. Underwear.
24. For all their missteps, they work well together. Must be something about living together for 7 years.
25. Trumpet tooting. My mind went too many places and I'M ASEXUAL.
27. Phil with the DANANDPHILGAMES PROMO. The business never stops.
28. Their heads nearly touched and just? Why do you torture us in this way?
29. The presenting conversation would be confusing to me at a young teen.
30. Oh my God. 30??? I am too obnoxious.
31. Phil's close up of Dan 'eating the smile' was v sweet.
32. I don't get the 'Angel inside my mouth' and 'hoep you bought breakfast after' comments. Phantom, explain??
33. Okay Phil asking Dan 'what's up' at 23.58 is like legitimately filled with concern. Dan looks a bit like something is wrong there (I'm sure a bunch of popping candies is unpleasant) and phil looks concerned. Briefly obviously but there's still concern there. Best friends, boyfriends, whatever. I think it's v sweet.
34. Shoulders.

Okay I need to go to bed. I'm sorry about how obnoxious this is. I should probably hide it.

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Re: Halloween Baking - Creepy Crispy Cakes CONJOINED CHALLENGE! (30 Oct 2017)

Post by obscureDnPreference » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:22 pm

alittledizzy, I wouldn't exactly classify this as timestamps. Not only are there no times but I was wine drunk and maybe not reliable? Nonetheless I am honored.
"This is not children's television. I'm 26, I'm depressed, and I need edgy jokes to cope with my anxiety."
Daniel Howell, 10/30/17

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inveterate introvert
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Re: Halloween Baking - Creepy Crispy Cakes CONJOINED CHALLENGE! (30 Oct 2017)

Post by lefthandedism » Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:46 am

julian wrote:
Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:46 pm
  • Their new kitchen looks great!
  • I wonder if they're even wearing T-shirts under that. skdjskjdskjdks this is so amazing that they're willing to let us think that in this glorious year of two zero one seven.
  • This is too much for me. They could bump faces and kiss at any point... gah
  • "The moral of the story is, you're just terrible at hiding things." Huh. Yeah, I guess you could say Dan's terrible at hiding things...
  • if you were in my room you would be able to hear me crying
  • WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SNOG/MARRY/AVOID W THE RICE KRISPIE KIDS?? wow i love 2017 with dan literally saying he'd fuck a (cartoon tho) boy, we're all blessed tbh. also of course phil said snog/marry/avoid and dan made it fuck/marry/kill. skjdskjjdksjkdsjd dan called him husband material. what is going on.
  • dan openly saying hes depressed and has anxiety tho :)) aah i love how open they are this year!! bless the fandom gods
  • "the sound of our skin slapping together" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • wow i love phil destroying his innocent branding, im so proud of him i love him
  • phil's leaning in to dan's neck and aaaaaaaah im gonna cry
  • boiling butter splashback
  • phil uses reddit confirmed, someone check if /u/AmazingPhil is active
  • also i wonder which subreddit they're subsribed to which would have nsfw "lewd" posts on the front page? it seems to be a picture and im just wondering what the fuck theyre subbed to lmfao
  • "we're close, we're close" "don't keep saying that" dan i never thought about that in a dirty way until YOU said it, clearly that's just what ur mind wants
  • "what's that noise he's making?" skjdksjkjdskjkdsjkds im trash
  • "that's a big brain, that's my brain" SKJDKSJDKSJKDS I LOVE SASSY PHIL BLESS UP
  • "grease me" -phil lester to dan howell, on camera, 2017
  • dan wiggling his hips jskdjskjsdk
  • reach for the coke... -o pops
  • phil's phone must be so greasy, this is making me cringe
  • o hy fucking god. phil talking about dans brain rather than his own?? and calling dan a furry wow i love phil. also his trumpet needs some tooting? uhh, get on that dan
  • dan's self-deprecating persona used to annoy me, but honestly im starting to find it funny whats happenign to me, i blame dan entirely
  • dan's reaction to phil's song ksjdksjdkswjkds
  • i am convinced dan has a thing for beards tbh
  • in fact they probably both do considering phil made that weird comment about blond beards in dream daddy 1 lmao
  • okay so they're shirtless confirmed, wow i love 2017??
  • the way they perceive their channels is actually kinda interesting. like dan was gonna say "less..." and i honestly thought he might say something about the quality of their channels or whatever.
Catallena wrote:
Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:11 am

- Please stop sliding around floors, one of you is gonna crack their head open and then the other will slide around in a rush to deliver unhelpful first aid and also crack their head open. Y'all gonna die. That'd be spooky tho.
- Next time a someone asks whether D&P are brothers plz just show them a screenshot of this video and tell them they used be conjoined twins that recently got separated by surgery. :platonic:
- "I've never been so glad to not be conjoined to you." That might be true in a literal sense but...
- Of course Phil loves those ingredients, I'm pretty sure butter and sugar are the only things in his bloodstream.
- Dan almost smashing Phil's head in with a pan. Domestic :loveeyes: (violence).
- "I'll hide them down your throat." No Dan you dumbass that's what he's already doing. But I guess it's hard to concentrate when you're busy flirting by putting your faces so close together huh..
- It's not a baking video without these two needing a bigger bowl for something.
- Phil is an intellectual making discoveries about poprice not turning into popcorn. Groundbreaking.
- Fuck Marry Kill with cereal box characters. Do you think they bring that up in arguments? "WELL IF YOU HATE ME SO MUCH WHY DON'T YOU MARRY THE BLOODY COCO POPS MONKEY THEN??!" :evil:
- It's also not a baking video without them making things uglier with those icing tubes.
- Someone writing a pornstar!AU phanfic rn where Depz star in Boiling Butter Splashback as we speak.
- I'm writing this while rewatching so I can already say that the 10 minutes should've gone to already setting up those bowls and shit that they needed.
- Meanwhile Phil acts like he has never seen porn before. :roll:
- There he goes again. With his face all up in Phil's face.
- "My ass hurts already." "We're close! We're close!" Phil attempts to bring back some Innuendo Baking from last year.
- MUFASA! :lol:
- You can really tell they aren't used to electric cooking yet. Your stove is not you workplace lads. Shit will burn if you keep doing that.
- They're so unorganized I wonder how good they actually are at cooking under normal circumstances because I'm beginning to understand all the takeaway.
- Dan sounds like a deranged chihuahua when Phil accidentally holds the parchment paper.
- Oh hey more sugar. Of the popping kind. If normal sugar won't kill Phil, maybe this will.
- I know you're not trying to be annoying dear. Y'all just are. It's okay. :')
- Get yourself a guy who puts your germy phone in their mouth.
- Poor spider. Don't put things in things without proper lubrication.
- Being together for 8 years means having to deal with wedgies and underwear sounds. Relationship goals. :love2:
- Still looks a spider.. one that's been stepped on but a spider nonetheless.
- I was genuinely afraid the pan was gonna fly of the stove when Phi wasl stirring the chocolate. :shock:
- "WHO DO YOU THINK WE ARE??" Dumbfucks :thumb:
- Phil's trumpet could use some tooting.. flirty Phil is wild :oops:
- Dan's face was my exact face.
- According to Phil the Coco Pops monkey is presenting. Stop him.
- "Maybe we should do everything conjoined?" lol Who's gonna tell them?
- DOWN IT DOWN IT DOWN IT guys I think Phil has some leftover trauma from his uni days we're not addressing.
- Oh please you barely last 10 hours apart.
- Some shoulder and collarbone action.

btw if you ever wonder why I don't just do timestamps, it's because this shit already takes me over an hour to do. I think writing down timestamps would make me wanna jump out the window.
"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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