Giving The People What They Want (15 April 2018)

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Giving The People What They Want (15 April 2018)

Post by lefthandedism » Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:39 am

"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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inveterate introvert
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Re: Giving The People What They Want (15 April 2018)

Post by lefthandedism » Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:41 am

Catallena wrote:
Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:42 am

- "We wanna connect with you as people." Sounds fake but ok. :shrug:
- For a hot second I thought Daniel had rubbed off on Phil but thank god. No Philip, still just Phil.
- They just wanna please us. But also themselves so buy tickets plz. Genius spon strategy.
- Does Phil just fill that 'bedroom' of his with old props? Not a set at all :thumb:
- "What a mistake."
- jk but I was genuinely scared of that PINOF reaction, I have been for YEARS. But nothing bad happend, thank you 2018.
- Not the first time Phil has pointed out how much hair he used to have. dw sweetie, your hairline is charming :bruh:
- I cackled when they talked about PINOF's editing because the phandom literally put that video back into the right order just by looking at smudged sharpie whiskers and the position of pillows.
- 2009!Phil cutely leaning into 2009!Dan's chest and y'all comment on the tongue thing??? Probably for the best, but bruh.
- I bet Dan made at least half of that mess on the floor, fucking around on Dailybooth and whatnot.
- I legit paused the video for 5 whole minutes after Dan's 'WAIT A MINUTE' at the iconic tackle hug. I was that scared :')
- "Why did you do that??" He just wanted to do cute coupley shit, geez Dan. Don't suddenly pretend you didn't love it.
- Never thought Phil was innocent, but please tell me more about those things you've seen~
- New apartment angle?
- Phil whipping around the 'crotch slapper' like it's a :dildo:
- EXACTLY DAN! Phil in looks good in monochrome because he IS monochrome.
- "Everything is improved with a bit of glitter Dan. Even you." Next PINOF I'm gonna request that Phil poors a jar of glitter over Dan's head. Improvement! :ribena:
- Dan's WOO! is a mood.
- "What's an old video people liked?" The ones you deleted unlisted.
- We're all so predictable that they were able to film the Manchester bit in advance before ever asking the question.
- I genuinely felt a bit sad when they said they probably would never come back here and it's dumb cause duh of course they wouldn't but them saying goodbye like that to the Manchester apartment just fucking HIT me. And it's been YEARS.
- Phil explaining the Yoga Challenge without saying the word couple was highly amusing.
- "I'm just gonna put my ass in the air and hope for the best." - Phil Lester, 2018. What dark time line?? :ASs:
- I can't believe the bottom!Phil side of the NSFW tag on Tumblr won. He said it.
- Dan willingly putting his head between Phil legs. Balls in his neck. Just a normal day right?
- I care about your happiness Phil!! If I wasn't I'd tell you to get a cat~
- Them playing with the dog was the purest content tho.
- That entire rant about why he doesn't swear and nothing about demonetization? Capita£ester has let me down. :(
- brb, making a soundclip of Phil saying 'fuck' my phone's message tone.
- #spon to end all #spons. The stage set seems awesome though! And the show itself sounds a lot less cringe than TATINOF.
"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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Re: Giving The People What They Want (15 April 2018)

Post by alittledizzy » Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:36 pm

These timestamps are from a tumblr post but they're so fantastic that I want them all here.
queerofcups wrote:00:00 - I know some people feel like the thumbnail is a little clickbait (not queerbaity, don’t make me fight y’all about this) and I don’t necessarily disagree but goddamn did it work on me. I don’t think we’ll ever see them hug, which is fine, its not something I personally need, but it definitely makes stuff like this feel like a Big Deal. But also, less sappy, where the hell is Phil looking.

00:07 - 1. They’re fucking creepers who read every too deep post we’ve ever written about them. 2. They look, So! Fucking! Good! I enjoy Phil Lester, Adult Man with an Adult Haircut so much more than I ever realized and I just stan down for Dan and his Connor McDavid Franta cosplay. They look like real human adults who are in love and I just. Yes. Also, love seeing more of the flat.

00:28 - This post is gonna be long as fuck. I’m really fascinated with the PR work happening here to push us away from thinking of Dan and Phil as characters when they very clearly think of Dan and Phil as characters. It came through A Lot during TATINOF and if they’re trying to get away from that particular branding I think its super smart of them to address it head on (even if I feel like its bullshit personally)

1:00 - Every time they say something about giving the people what they want I think about the Janelle Monae song Given Em What They Love, which neither of them know because that’s way too cool a reference for them but its very distracting for me.

2:13 - Hey so can we talk about Dan straight up acknowledging that people were requesting they fuck and just…leaving that out there on the floor? Oh, no? We’re gonna let him have that one? Fair enough.

2:20 - This has got to be deeply uncomfortable for them.

2:36 - And now 30 full seconds of them discussing their hair, vain bitiches

3:18 - “Kissing the lion”, mhm, your face/mouth region isn’t directly next to Dan’s crotch, we’re totally paying attention to the lion kissing.

3:20 - Jesus. The fucking cuddle that launched two careers and a billion words. Precious, awkward babies.

4:13 - So the choice. To include not one but both of the cuddles in PINOF 1 in a current day video when its entirely likely that there are people who haven’t bothered to go back and watch the other PINOFs is just. Their construction of their glass closet is sort of breathtaking? Because they just put it out there! They put it right in our hands. But then they just. Talk about something else. Because what this? Oh this isn’t a big deal, but I could have hit my head!!

5:08 - Finally! A flaw in this video! Give us Dan in the ice cream shirt, goddamnit!

5:39 - I don’t…have anything to say about this, they both wear clothes very well.

6:14 - Dan, baby. One, read better fic, because these descriptions are rough. But two, that’s literally not what monochrome means.

6:27 - Dan looks like the worst fucking hipster in the ladybird/bug shirt. Like he only reads what Pitchfork has to say about rap albums bad. Like he unironically quotes reviews from The AV Club bad. He only drinks IPAs and describes himself as a “sapiosexual”.

6:36 - “Everything is improved with a bit of glitter”. Gay! So gay. I love him.

7:01 - Plz stop calling Phil’s thighs thick. Please. I’m begging you.

7:43 - Y’all know they did a DITL in Manchester so you motherfuckers wouldn’t stalk them and find their apartment right? I just want us to all acknowledge that. And yes, you should feel bad.

7:56 - Real, sincere question for anyone who hasn’t seen the V-Day Video. Were you VERY confused about them talking about this damn wheel?

8:15 - Ah yes. A Manchester macchiato. That’s totally a thing outside of one very specific context. Ahaha. Hah. Hah. Everybody just be cool for one second.

8:22 - Phil…… hot. That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.

9:16 - If you exchange “challenge” with “discourse”, you basically get my and Mandy’s chats about Fandom These Days. But also give me more of Dan and Phil being the old farts on youtube who have Seen Things Change forever.

9:55 - “I’m just going to put my ass in the air and hope for the best”, sure, sure. But also, as he gets into downward dog, yelling about dogging. Phil is fucking filthy, y’all can’t take this from me.

10:13 - Dan’s shirt is v translucent. This is also not what I meant when I requested a yoga video but I’ll accept this.

10:21 - I was uh, genuinely concerned Dan was going to pass out. Y’all know he got a condition!!

10:32 - SO LETS TALK ABOUT THIS MOMENT. Phil is lovely and glowing and giggly. But Dan? Dan is down with your shit, my shit, our shit, he is d o n e in the way that only queers are done with your heterosexual bullshit. Stop asking who the woman is, Dan’s face says. Stop worrying about our sex life/ves, Dan’s face says. That shrug says I fucked asked, are you happy now you fucking creepers. I love it. I love him.

10:42 - But also, back on my bullshit, look at those clasped hands.

11:08 - If you showed any of this footage a year ago, we would have called bullshit and photoshopping and also magic.

11:15 - [redacted]

11:17 - [wow also redacted]

11:40 - I don’t care about dogs but I’m so happy for all of you

13:25 - “filling the hole with dogs”. Ah yes, that well known kink meme prompt. Or so I’ve heard. Listen fandom used to be a Wild West.

13:38 - I’m certain this is partly scripted or at least prepared for but I’m still so charmed by both Phil and Dan’s little “talk to me, Phillip Lester”. I really do genuinely appreciate Phil talking about why he doesn’t swear.

13:51 - I’m also utterly charmed by the image of Phil just randomly coming up to Dan and being like “CUNTS”

14:41 - You know that scene in Lion King where the lady hyena is like Don’t say Mufasa, just hearing his name gives me chills, and then the other hyenas do and she’s all *shudders and groans*. Its just relatable is all I’m saying. But also? What is this jump cut.

14:55 - Can we get Phil to say cunt now. Is that the next level up? I don’t have any emotional reaction to the word but I’ve been told its worse? Or maybe that’s just in America. Maybe I just wanna hear Phil curse, some more, don’t judge me.

15:10 - They’re sponning but friends. Countrymen. We gotta figure out how we’re going to record and document the events of every show. We need to get on our shit *now*. I lived through the summer of Glee Live, this could be so good if we just make it work.

16:19 - “We’re gonna talk about funny times in our lives” “and we’ll be on the road so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of stories we’ll be desperate to tell” I am so fucking glad we decided to do two rounds of tour fic prompts over at @phandomficfests. We’re going to have so much content to play with, I’m so pumped.

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