Dan Takes Quizzes About Himself (3 Apr 2017)

Videos posted on the danisnotonfire channel
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Dan Takes Quizzes About Himself (3 Apr 2017)

Post by oqua » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:28 pm

busy being happy~

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Re: Dan Takes Quizzes About Himself (3 Apr 2017)

Post by alittledizzy » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:53 pm

:02 - Phil cameo.
:14 - "A certain rat called Phil-" "I'm still listening!" "Fuck off, okay." "Excuse me-"
:40 - Furry reference with cricket sound effect after.
:58 - "What I'm genuinely terrified of right now is learning what you actually think of me."
1:47 - "Celebrate your support as a community of people watching my videos" paired with "might be a rude awakening for what the world actually sees me like"
2:02 - What Percentage Dan Howell Are You
2:30 - References DAPC video.
2:40 - "Definitely more of a crier"
2:42 - sexy end screen dance gif
3:11 - Gets 100% Dan Howell result

Questions he didn't show himself answering:
- Favorite Lunar State (Half Moon, Mooning, Full Moon, Eclipse, Exploded)
- Pick a Disney Film (The Lion King, Big Hero 6, Finding Nemo, Cars, The Fox & The Hound)
- Pick a Call of Duty Experience
- Pick a Muse Album (Drones, Origin of Symmetry, The 2nd Law, Black Holes and Revelations, The Resistance)

(Purely through random clicking, I also got 100% Dan Howell.)

3:30 - Can You Guess the Dan Howell Video From One Pixel
4:13 - Cheeky nip
4:17 - Is This Dan Howell or a Hobbit
4:30 - Rant about embracing his hair/how his longer curly hair doesn't look good.
5:02 - Selfie that ranks in top ten most cringe of his life.

Selfies he skipped:
- Sri Lanka elephant one
- TABINOF audiobook wet hair/dirty face one
- Pic with Colin from Christmas
- Phil

5:10 - "What a creative way to mock me."
5:15 - Cringes at buzzfeed tagging
5:21 - Are You More Like Dan or Phil
5:28 - "We're both night owls."
5:37 - "I love my branding." through clenched teeth.
5:50 - Cheeky knee.
6:00 - Gets "Dan" result.

Questions he didn't show himself answering:
- Snow or beach? (You can see he selected snow.)
- Coffee or tea?
- Pikachu or Totoro? (You can see he selected Pikachu.)
- Worm or moth?
- Taylor or Emma?
- The Queen or Justin? (You can see he selected the Queen.)

6:31 - Describes the quizzes so far and "fairly vanilla" and not weird, goes to find community based ones.
6:45 - Would Dan Howell Date You; refers to it as making a lot of reaching assumptions.
7:17 - "In what universe would I say 'hey babe'?"
7:53 - Llamas reference.
8:04 - "To be fair, this was written in 2013. Some of this was still fresh."

Questions he didn't show himself answering:

8:52 - Which Phan Body Part Are You (the one Phil sent him)
9:16 - "Only the select few can be Phil's glabella. Is that a challenge?"
10:04 - "Oh shit, here we go. Dan's inner trash can is about to be revealed."
10:22 - Outright cringing at having to read overly adoring phangirl responses.
10:52 - He got Phil's Glabella. (Did not skip any questions.) Only refers to it as uncomfortable after having to read the phrase "that sexy bit of skin between Phil's eyebrows."
11:13 - "You're dragging me, but it's all true."
11:49 - "I blame Phil completely."
12:15 - Says he appreciates that people find he's interesting enough to make quizzes. "I appreciate you. Mostly."
12:35 - "Long and hard.... THINK."

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