Dan Liveshow - 9 October 2018

Dan and Phil liveshows
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Dan Liveshow - 9 October 2018

Post by lefthandedism » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:01 am

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Re: Dan Liveshow - 9 October 2018

Post by lefthandedism » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:02 am

fancybum wrote:
Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:44 pm
:cactus: Phil and Misc Watch 2018 :cinnamon:
Oct 9, 2018
Prompted Phil Mention
27:40 (chat) Do Dan vs Phil baking
“Every baking is a Dan vs Phil if you think about it. Very confrontational.”

35:23 (chat) the name Philip means lover of horses
Unprompted Phil Mention
24:10 (chat) name my plants
“Susan and Steve, there you go. Top of my head, ‘cause when Dan and Phil come up with a name, it’s just Susan, that’s the only thing they come up with.”
Neutral Phil Mention
1:40 “We didn’t do one last week together, so I thought hey, this week why don’t we just do regular Dan and Phil separately live shows like the good old days”

3:22 “So how have I been? I’ve been good. I’ve been tired, man.”
Came back from tour “and since then, I have had a weekend off, and that has been decadent. It’s been incredible. Because trust Dan and Phil- we come straight back from doing 82 performances of a show around the world straight into editing the film of it, because it turns out, if we want it to come out this year—which I think we all would, you wouldn’t want us talking about that another year—we had to go straight into an edit.”
-yes please leave it in 2018 to die

4:10 “Finally the Dan and Phil live performance, Interactive Introverts, won’t just be something for specific people in specific places that can go to a live event, but it will be something that all of you around the world will finally be able to see. The thing that we’ve been doing all year.”

5:48 “There’s gonna be some dank extras this time” ie director’s commentary talking about things we’d want to hear about the show, “and also just Dan and Phil kind of waffling and arguing and just having irrelevant banter, so I feel like it’s the perfect mix of what everybody wants.”

6:33 “We’ll tell you about it next week, and I think you’ll hear more about it in a Phil video that we’re putting on his channel. The return to AmazingPhil in London.”

6:47 “Even if you’ve seen the show in real life, watching it is very different” because Dan thinks the concept of multiple filming angles is mind-blowing

15:07 (chat) When are you gonna make a new video?
“Yeah. Soon. I don’t know, I need to be in the vibe. I’m very totally committed, still working on this tour video, because it is the biggest thing we’ve ever done. This year has been like an album cycle; I feel like I’m in a band and I’ve made an album” etc.
15:40 “and that’s what I’ve been emotionally focused on, mentally focused on. And that’s fine, because it’s not about Dan and exploring the depths of my personality for now, and that’s okay. It will be fine when the time comes, because my mind and spirit has been [fully linked/related?] to our Dan and Phil thing”.

22:50 (chat) TBC dates
“Don’t worry, gonna talk about it.”

25:33 “Spooky Week will be a thing. I think as you saw on my insta story, we filmed some gaming videos today. Did not let Phil forget the Dan vs Phil progress, thank you very much.”

25:45 “And yeah, there will be a Spooky Week. I think Phil might ask you about that.”

25:54 “pinof, says everybody. Well, it’s that time of year, isn’t it? I guess we’ll have to see what happens”

28:50 “I had a bit of a weird incident the other day”
“Phil and I were walking along and then this teenage boy, who I assume isn’t watching this ‘cause of his attitude, just nonchalantly skated up to me and Phil, hopped off his skateboard and went, “Hi Dan and Phil”, totally casual like we work together, like we’ve seen each other for years, “Hi Dan and Phil, what you up to?” etc. complimented his coat and skated away.
“And we were like ‘what just happened. excuse me.’ Never have I been confronted with such outgoingness, that was an extrovert right there.”
“Phil was like, “I reckon he was 14”

38:15 “Look forward to the Phil video that’ll be coming out, and the gaming videos and all the other crap. I think Phil’s gonna do a liveshow on Thursday”
8:00 “I actually went home and visited my family, which was fun. Because I haven’t seen my family since… May? Maybe. ‘Cause i’m a terrible human being.”
“got some good Colin content, which I know is all that anybody wanted. Terrifying though, I hate going home.”

8:32 “Going back to your hometown is like, ‘No, I’ve escaped that, I don’t want to go back to that. Don’t bring me back to this, dear god”
8:50 “Imagine a world where you just get to abandon everybody from your classes and just go to find your own existence, and then having to go back. Really quite a traumatic experience.”
09:05 “I arrived at this train station and it was my dad’s birthday” so stressed about going to HMV and possibly running into people, but it ended up being fine

10:52 “Whenever I go visit my family, all anyone ever wants to talk about is the dog, and I’m like ‘do any of you have any hobbies or interests that aren’t just keeping the dog alive?’ And then I see the dog, and I’m like, ‘you know what, fair enough. Makes sense.’

13:58 (chat) Shane series
“I haven’t watched the Shane series. Do you wanna know something about my life? I have never watched a Jake or Logan Paul video ever.”
14:35 “A lot of people I know like to watch stuff that they don’t like to get angry, whereas I’m not that kind of person. Life is upsetting enough for me.”
15:00 “But I’m glad if some of you are enjoying it, I’m sure it’s great.”
-I mean I don’t think it’s people who actually enjoy the Pauls that are interested but whatever, just surprised he said the S word

16:05 (chat) Are you doing something for World Mental Health Day?

16:45 “I feel like the Daniel and Depression video—when I think about my life, like if I died tomorrow, what would I have been like, ‘this makes me happy that I did this thing’, it was that.”

17:20 on tour a lot of people told him “probably my best quote is when I said ‘embrace the void and have the courage to exist’ which is funny because I have a hard time being sincere because I’m so scared of all the cynicism in the world.”
“But if we’re being real, it’s not a soppy quote, it’s a very real-”
19:05 “So I’ve decided tomorrow, for WMHD, I am going to be releasing some new Dan merch which says ‘have the courage to exist’ and all of the proceeds will go to Young Minds”

22:40 “Plenty of other ideas for Dan merch in the pipeline. Maybe after I’ve uploaded a video eh”

23:26 (chat) Any plans for dinof vids?
“Lots of plans, lots of plans. Just waiting for the time and the space. I don’t know how, but I want to step up the game aesthetically, and I don’t know how. And I’m not saying I want things to be different, because I think the homemade vibe of my YT channel is inherently who I am, but I do think that there is an inherent artistic value in things being aesthetically pleasing, so… that’s a thing. TBC.”

24:20 (chat) Did you see PJ’s show?
“We did. If you didn’t know, kickthepj did a stage show featuring Chris and Bertie Gilbert and Dean Dobbs, and we went to go see it in London and it was amazing, obviously.”
“The whole thing was so ridiculously PJ, just like an absolutely ridiculous fantasy storyline”
“They’re all legitimately so talented, it was great.”
- :blackheart:

26:05 (chat) do you not feel bad not uploading videos regularly?
“No. It’s about being a creator vs being a YTer. Is my life’s purpose as an entertainer—which I guess is what I am, no matter what the platform or the format, I’m making content, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a YT video, or a live performance, or a radio show, or just twitter content, or a terrible meme on tumblr—“
“I guess what I’m saying is, as long as I’m making content.. it’s not all on YT, because the thing is with YT, there’s an algorithm, and there’s a game, and it’s all about certain kinds of creativity… so it’s not a rush. I think the one thing we’ve established since 2009 is that I’m not in a rush, you know what I mean. I’ll make the YT videos when I feel like I’ve got something to say, so I’m not worried about trying to be the most popular YTer all the time, it’s just about making the good content and knowing that you’ll always be there to consume it, because you’re a bunch of nerds.”

33:10 (chat) June video
“I mean what is that at this point? I mean, that meme has just completely- it’s grown its own ecosystem and it’s gonna take over the world. What’s it gonna be- December? January? September? I don’t know. To ask me deep important questions implies that I know the answers about how I feel, and that I know what I’m doing with my life, and the answer to that is: I don’t.”

35:17 (chat) what’s that about a calendar?
“There are no plans for a calendar. Peaked with dogs.”

35:25 “I’m glad you all like the idea of this merch tomorrow.”
“How much will it be? I dunno, how much is a T-shirt? Something around 15 pounds, bit more bit less, we’ll have to see. But all the proceeds will go to Young Minds, and that’s cool.”
:whiskers: Phinal Tally: said ‘Phil’ 21 times :whiskers:
21/38.5 mins = 0.54 per min

finally actual content :happytears: is it happening, are they back now
"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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Re: Dan Liveshow - 9 October 2018

Post by lefthandedism » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:03 am

itasca00 wrote:
Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:59 pm
I really wasn't sure how I was going to feel about a solo liveshow. I used to watch them regularly in 2016, but I ended up stopping because I didn't find much entertainment value in them. I was pleased to find that I did actually enjoy watching this one! Here are the things that stood out to me:
  • The first thing I noticed was that there’s a lamp in the background. You mean to tell me that the tweet below wasn’t 100% serious? I’m shocked! :roll:
  • [5:43] Some of Dan’s body language in the liveshow today stood out to me. He kept rubbing his cheeks like he does here throughout the whole liveshow, and there were also a couple of points (e.g., [12:40]) where he fiddled with his earring for what seemed like a long time.
  • [5:48] There are going to be extras included with the release of the Interactive Introverts movie, including commentary by Dan and Phil. Dan wasn’t specific about what the other extras will be, but Dan and Phil have talked about what at least one of them will be in another liveshow.
  • [6:20] Dan says a bunch of information about the Interactive Introverts movie will be released next week. He thinks the information will be released in an AmazingPhil video.
  • [8:55] It sounds to me like Dan visited his home last weekend (at least in part) because it was his dad’s birthday.
  • [13:58] Dan talks about the Jake Paul series on Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel.
  • [16:43] Dan talks about the anniversary of his video “Daniel and Depression.” It sounds like that video is the thing he is most proud to have ever released into the world. :love1:
  • [17:56] Dan says he has a hard time being sincere and talks about why. I really appreciated this honest conversation.
  • [19:00] Dan announces that, tomorrow, for World Mental Health Day, he’s going to release some new merch and donate all of the proceeds to the YoungMinds charity.
  • [20:50] Dan says that the “Dan branding font” is Baskerville. He wants us to know that this is definitely not the same font that Harry Styles uses in his merch (which, according to this webpage, is a font called Acta).
  • [23:26] Dan wants to step up his game when it comes to the aesthetics of his videos, and he doesn’t know how to do it. It sounds like this might be one of the reasons he doesn’t yet feel ready to upload a new video to his channel.
  • [25:29] Dan says he and Phil filmed some videos for DanAndPhilGAMES today, so I guess we should look forward to those coming out sometime soon.
  • [25:52] I can’t tell if this is Dan hedging on whether there’s going to be a PINOF or if he’s just teasing or saying something else entirely.
    D: “PINOF!” says everybody. Well, it’s that time of year, isn’t it? I guess we’ll have to see...what happens. I dunno, man. *laughs*
  • [26:01] It sounds like Dan sees himself as a creator/entertainer, not necessarily as a YouTuber, so he doesn’t “feel bad” (as someone in chat said to him) about not uploading regularly. He’ll make videos when he feels like he has something to say, and he’s not trying to be the most popular YouTuber of all time.
  • [28:51] Dan talks about this Instagram story where he mentioned that a teenage boy complimented him on his techwear. The Instagram story made it seem like Dan was alone when this incident happened, so I was surprised to learn that he was actually with Phil (but not actually that surprised 😏).
  • [32:08] Dan on younger versions of himself:
    D: Uh, “I’m sure you were great.” I really wasn’t. I really wasn’t great. Honestly, I’m--I’m aging like a--something that j--I’m like a Pokémon. I’m just gaining experience and leveling up. Literally, any version of myself from a previous moment in time is just such a steep decline. It’s--It’s crazy, and I guess that’s a good thing. Um, yeah. *laughs*
  • [33:35] Dan reveals that he’s wearing glitter nail polish! I had been looking at his nails throughout the whole liveshow thinking it was odd how they were catching so much light from the monitor. Now, it all makes sense. It’s too bad the camera quality wasn’t good enough for them to show up better. I know I would have liked to appreciate their aesthetic more!
  • [35:16] Dan says that there are no plans for a 2019 calendar. 💔 I have already decided that, if they don't release an official one, I'm going to make my own Dan and Phil calendar using Shutterfly or something.
  • [36:15] Dan says that he’ll “maybe” start putting liveshows back on danisnotinteresting on YouTube. Even if he doesn’t, he says not to worry because they’ll be on Tumblr anyway. (But I am worried because I hate using Tumblr’s video player to do these timestamps! :mad:)
"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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