Phil liveshow - 14 Dec 2017 - FESTIVE LESTER

Dan and Phil liveshows
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Phil liveshow - 14 Dec 2017 - FESTIVE LESTER

Post by lefthandedism » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:54 pm

"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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inveterate introvert
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Re: Phil liveshow - 14 Dec 2017 - FESTIVE LESTER

Post by lefthandedism » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:56 pm

alittledizzy wrote:
Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:31 pm
Younow timestamps:

1:07 - Real tree is weird to him. Takes us through a few of his favorite decorations - classy color scheme of gold and red. First real tree of his life.
2:15 - Story about how they got the tree.
3:00 - Phil being anxious about having the three delivered since he would be home alone, obsessively thinking through every step of the process. Even notes his own hand shaking when opened the door. That's pretty open for Phil.
4:21 - Dan coughing in the background.
4:40 - "I paid for a goddamn kilt and even though I didn't want it to happen I wanted it to happen." complete with fist founding.
5:55 - Star Wars.
6:29 - His gold bowtie didn't arrive in time, he went with a black one he borrowed off Dan. Names Bryony.
8:20 - Cough cough.
8:46 - Dan has no voice now.
10:24 - Phil singing, likes the classic Christmas songs.
10:50 - Phil is imagining the poof is a giant dog and massaging it.
11:10 - Net neutrality.
12:13 - Fav Christmas movie question; likes Die Hard but it's not a Christmas movie.
15:03 - Home Alone, Gremlins, Home Alone 2 - his faves.
15:49 - Atmosphere board game with PJ and Sophie
16:01 - Phil referencing himself being the oldest person in the room. "Obviously, me."
19:03 - Talks about gaming channel videos/gamingmas.
20:39 - They were only uniformed up from the midsection up; skirt was too small for Dan's leg let alone his waist.
21:03 - He likes red pandas and lions; fond of a penguin and a polar bear as well.
22:34 - Winter Wonderland with PJ and Sophie.
23:15 - He couldn't get down the ice slide because his jeans were so frictionly. "Had to scoot my ass down the slide." He had a cold wet bum. Got frostbite on his bum.
24:01 - Went on a big wheel; nervous usually because of his brother, bc his brother shakes them.
25:11 - div; he doesn't know what it means but it's a school insult, if it's something bad he'll stop saying it.
25:40 - No ditl this year. He felt like the dogs video was kind of a ditl.
31:53 - Youtube Rewind
33:52 - Storytime. Star Wars day; he Bryony to get some drinks. Seventy year old man approached them, wackiness ensued.
35:37 - "That would never happen to Dan."
35:46 - Hamilton next year.
"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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inveterate introvert
inveterate introvert
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Re: Phil liveshow - 14 Dec 2017 - FESTIVE LESTER

Post by lefthandedism » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:59 pm

fancybum wrote:
Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:56 am
:dogue: Dan and Misc Watch 2017 :haru:
FESTIVE LESTER (Dec 14, 2017)

Prompted Dan Mention
8:13 (chat) Dan coughed in the background
“Yeah, that’s a thing. Remember in our last gaming video, if you watched it, Dan we said was maybe going through puberty again? Turns out, Dan has no voice now. So that’s a thing.”
8:34 “So he’s currently editing a very unusual gaming video, which we filmed with Dan having no voice”
“But yeah, he’s not well in the voice. Just completely gone.”
(chat) Does he squeak like a rat?
“I think that’s what’s happened, he’s actually transforming into a rat.”

14:05 (chat) Shoutout to Dan’s cough
“I should get a gas mask so I don’t have to breathe near him”

20:05 (chat) We should’ve seen Dan’s skirt
“Yeah, didn’t actually go full uniform just because that part wasn’t on camera. So we were only uniformed up from the midsection up. The skirt was also this small, I don’t think it would have gone round his leg, let alone round his waist, but that would’ve been very funny.”

26:05 “[chat] wants to make a Dan’s Cough groupchat”

40:00 (chat) You and Dan make me really happy
“Thanks Elizabeth! That made me happy as well”
Unprompted Dan Mention
Neutral Dan Mention
0:36 (chat) Your tree looks so pretty
“I know, it’s a real tree! Look at that! It actually grew and now it’s in our house. Which still is slightly weird to me, there’s an actual tree just in our house”
1:04 “But yeah, first real tree of my life that I’ve owned”

01:50 “So first story of the day is I was looking for a tree- lazy Dan and Phil, what are we gonna do, are we gonna go out to some kind of tree park and get a tree and drag it down the street and up the stairs- no, I wanted to find one you could buy off the internet.”
2:10 “The only website that would deliver it next day had a weird option for delivery, [which was “person/probable-man in a kilt”]. I was like, firstly, do I want a man in a kilt to come deliver my tree? That’s weird. And I was getting all of this anxiety about it, because I was gonna be home alone on the day when the tree was coming.”
“I was asking my friends what kind of smalltalk I could make about the kilt”
3:00 “So my tactic was gonna be, ‘Do you like wearing the kilt?’ That was gonna be my opener.”
[also anxious about logistics of getting tree up the stairs: would he need to help the bekilted man with it?]
“Not only that, but you could track him on the map” so Phil watched and waited in terror until the man arrived
3:50 “I open the door—my hand is almost shaking because I’m so awkward about this kilt situation—he wasn’t wearing a kilt.”
“I was like a mixture of relieved and outraged. He was just wearing jeans, a jumper, and a Santa hat. I mean, the Santa hat was nice, that was a good touch. But I paid for a goddamn kilt! And even though I didn’t want it to happen, I wanted it to happen.”
-too British to complain/inquire about false advertising lmao. If you've already done the weird thing and ordered a kilt man, may as well get what you paid for. They're the weird ones for not delivering on their questionable gimmick tbh

5:45 (about SW premiere) “I got all glitzed up. The whole outfit was based on these shoes, which are the coolest thing ever, in my opinion. Golden cube shoes.”
“I actually wanted to wear a gold bowtie as well, but it didn’t arrive, so I went with a black bowtie that I borrowed off Dan. But still. I was happy with how I looked.”

6:21 “And they had stormtroopers, and Dan was coordinating with a stormtrooper as well, which was really funny. So when they had all the stormtroopers, we were like ‘we need to get a photo of Dan with the stormtroopers’”

15:10 “PJ and Sophie came and played Atmosfear at our house as well, which is an old 90s boardgame”
-my parents still have this in their basement, but the VHS tape doesn’t fit in the dvd slot, rude

16:00 “[also played a later version of the game, where the witch] called us all different animals. Called me the ‘old sow’, PJ was a wart, Sophie was a toad, and Dan was the rat.”

17:55 “If you haven’t been tuned in this year to danandphilgames” do it for gamingmas

23:30 (at Winter Wonderland) “We went on a big wheel. And I’m usually a bit nervous of big wheels because of my brother, because whenever I go on a ferris wheel, my brother wants to shake the thing. So I’m used to being terrified that I’m gonna die. Thankfully PJ and Sophie and Dan didn’t wanna kill us, so it was cool, we got to see all of London from the top of this ferris wheel. It was really nice.”

32:25 “Lots of people didn’t like [this year’s YT Rewind]. I’ve seen more people not liking it. I liked avoiding the lava. Though we almost fell off that wall, that was pretty scary, ‘cause there was nothing behind us, and Dan [flailed too hard for effect], totally almost fell backwards off it.”
-he also said his and Dan's part still took like 3-4 hours to film, so who's more full of it, Phil or Emma Blackery? maybe just split the difference and say it took 2hrs because honestly they're both untrustworthy in their own ways (and I love only one of them for it)

35:00 (after an amazing story I’m not typing out, but will cherish) “But it was weird, why do I attract people that just want to talk to me? That would not have happened to Dan.”

36:30 “ We’re going all over the world.”
9:20 (about top fans) “I will hang you all from the Christmas tree. In a festive lovely way, not in a disturbing way, that came out weirdly.”

10:42 “Loads of people are asking me about net neutrality. Obviously I want everyone to keep net neutrality in America, because then you’ll be able to watch my liveshows, and you’ll be able to go on twitter without having to pay extra”
“I’m not, obviously, fully educated on this, but I know it’s something that shouldn’t happen to the internet and the internet should be a thing that everyone can use without it being cordoned off.”
11:25 “But I can’t see that happening to the entirety of America, someone’s going to see sense.”
-ok but how many times has that been said literally all year, and yet

25:05 (chat) Are you gonna do a festive ditl?
“I don’t think that’s gonna happen this year. I mean— did we ever say we were gonna do it? I don’t think we did. There is a festive ditl if you want to go back and watch one. But I like the ditl’s to all have different themes, so we’ve already done that one.”
“There’s just not much time. I don’t have much time left in London to make one.”
-not like you had all year or anything

25:33 “I felt like the dogs video was also a ditl in a way, ‘cause it was a ditl, except for waking up, but we spent a lot of time in the dogs room vlogging. And don’t really vlog that much, so that felt to me like a really fun vloggy video. So that counted as that for me.”
-concept: this is the ditl bridge year in order to cut out expectation of a waking up scene (even though Phil's the only one thinking it's a requirement). dog calendar shoot counts as a ditl? even though it’s not within the format? okay, sold. so now let’s find a happy medium between this and actual non-commercial domesticity (a true ditl, or as close as we’ll ever get) without the needlessly faux-intimate intro of ‘here I am yawning awake in bed, oh and here’s my shirtless companion also yawning awake in his bed (how lucky his hair is camera-ready), what fortunate timing’. Nah just start this shit 2/5 of the way through. we don’t need 2 boring minutes of cringe yawning and stretching when there are BANTS TO BE HAD and COAT TAILS TO PULL etc. I’ll take this offering of adorable dogs and your dumbass lunch review as long as we’re back on track for a proper ditl next year you fucking annoying bastards, and leave hotel rooms out of it, thanks in advance

25:50 (chat) holiday baking
“Uh, we’ve just done some baking, so I dunno. Anyway! There’s lots of gaming videos on the way that you’re gonna enjoy, so the content is flowing, guys, don’t worry.”
-Phil to English translation: shut the fuck up, literally all you’re getting from me is gaming videos for the rest of this year and you’ll fucking like it, get off my ass it’s Christmas

40:35 “It’s my final liveshow of the year, as well, so thank you everyone. I know a lot of you have come to every one this year, so I know that’s a lot of time out of your life just to watch me chatting about nothing.”
-let’s not add it up or think about where that time could have gone, shhh
:whiskers: Phinal Tally: said ‘Dan’ 18 times :whiskers:
~18/43 mins = 0.41 per min

Please disregard any bitterness earlier in this post as I hadn’t yet watched Charades but now I have and life is suddenly worth living, clear crops, watered skin, etc. Scrape my bottom :rofl:

They can play google feud for the next 10 days, I don’t care. This video wins gamingmas. Fuck gamingmas, IT WINS ART. We need another round where Phil acts things out omg, Dan can just write out his guesses.
"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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