Dan liveshow - 16 Jan 2018 - WHAT TO LEAVE IN 2017

Dan and Phil liveshows
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inveterate introvert
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Dan liveshow - 16 Jan 2018 - WHAT TO LEAVE IN 2017

Post by lefthandedism » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:00 am

"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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inveterate introvert
inveterate introvert
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Re: Dan liveshow - 16 Jan 2018 - WHAT TO LEAVE IN 2017

Post by lefthandedism » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:01 am

fancybum wrote:
Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:48 am
:cactus: Phil and Misc Watch 2018 :cinnamon:
WHAT TO LEAVE IN 2017 (Jan 16, 2018)

Prompted Phil Mention
20:05 (chat) I’m so excited to meet you and Phil this year
Unprompted Phil Mention
Neutral Phil Mention
7:22 (about lady door) “Yeah, there’s something about Phil innocently doing something that’s quite horrifying and me just being so disappointed, isn’t it?”

19:05 (chat) when are you going to see Hamilton
“Gonna see it soon. Phil and I-”

39:46 “But yeah this week the tour stuff is kicking off ‘cause we need to start making big decisions, so we were having some really fun conversations this week about what the set will look like.”
“It’s gonna be less extra than the last one ‘cause obviously we’re not doing this whole theatrical, scripted, comedy— which was amazing and underrated and set the bar so high that no one’s ever gonna touch it for like ten years— [but this one’s gonna be dank]”
-that sentence was amazing and underrated and set the bar so high that no one’s ever gonna touch it for like ten years, and his delivery of it was equally amazing and underrated and set the bar so high that no one’s ever gonna touch it for like ten years

44:00 “Any creative ideas we have for what we’re gonna do in this show that need months of planning or preparation, these are the kinds of decisions we need to make now, so we’re having lots of chats about that in these next couples weeks, and it’s just gonna be so goddamn fun and crazy and mother of god. So if you forgot - as if we don’t shut up about it, sorry for sponning all the time, it’s so annoying, but I guess it’s important for all those people who don’t know - danandphiltour.com”

40:50 “[TBC dates will be announced in the next couple of weeks], don’t worry. We said those countries ‘cause we’re gonna go to them, it’s just that they’re harder for us to organize ‘cause, you know, Phil and I, we’re not partnering with some record label who just do it all for us. We run the whole darn thing with ourselves and just a few people at our management, which makes it harder, but it means that we get to be control freaks that make it all good.”
-Montreal is my favourite country, wbu

44:55 (chat) you and Phil should play Getting Over It
“Well damn, danandphilgames”

45:29 (chat) Did you see the Mark of Oxin theory
“Phil watched that whole— made by Priscilla, right— game theory video. Phil was sat there nodding like ‘I didn’t even think about half this shit, this is amazing’ ”

54:20 “Make sure you go check out those bloopers from phil is not on fire 9, there were some good ones. And also the bloopers on Phil’s channel. If you didn’t see, Phil was sick at the start of this month [but we had a smattering of bloops] so we edited them into a little cheeky blooper video on Phil’s channel that’s quite nice.”
4:05 (about Dan Memes) “It’s always very funny ‘cause a lot of people, they really like these videos. A lot of people who subscribe to my channel [who maybe don’t also watch the livestreams, some of them] are like ‘it’s a bit much, honestly, as a very empathetic person who struggles to just go with the whole laughing-at-you thing, it’s actually a bit intense.’”
“But hey, roasting myself, it’s my whole brand, this self-deprecation. I think that is the Unique Thing™ about my humour.”

4:45 “And I’ll be honest with you, it’s weird for me, making one of those videos, because it’s like doing some kind of weird therapy exercise.”
5:40 “I spent two or three days [going through memes]. I was looking at these memes all day and that is weirdly intense because then it’s like, I’m not just looking at my own year, but it’s, I’m looking at the last year of my life through the filter of other people's opinions of me, and my god. I tell you right now, it’s an emotional rollercoaster.”

8:06 “’That week in March’, that was a rollercoaster. That was all on you, though. My perception of ‘that week in March’ was just a few times doing these liveshows, seeing a bunch of people spam it. I didn’t- I wasn’t part of the hellhole of speculation, so I hope you all had fun with that one.”
-90% of the blame for that is squarely on him and I don’t care how he wants to spin it

8:55 “After Phil and I released tabinof, started tatinof, stopped, did some videos, did [blah blah other things BUSY BUSY 2016]”
9:22 “So then at the start of 2017, I was like: Breathe. This is an opportunity to think about life, Dan, to reflect on things, to work on things. And I’m like omg I can’t believe it’s over, because I wanted 2017 to be a complete personal life revolution because I wasn’t thinking about my self-care, or whatever, for the past couple years. So 2017 for me was like, ‘let’s do this.’ And things did happen. I made progress with dealing with how I cope with depression” etc.

10:40 “My problem is, as someone that’s mildly agoraphobic and a bit of a nerd with no hobbies or friends or anything, I just don’t go outside or move. And what I do with my life, which is basically just writing words and/or saying them, I don’t exactly need to get out much, and that means that I’m really inactive. So even if I’m doing all this exercise, I’m not someone with a healthy lifestyle.”

12:30 (re: new years resolutions) “I’d say a good one is to make emotional resolutions, to think about how you behave in your relationships with people, how do you treat your family, how do they treat you, maybe you should be nicer to them, or maybe you should stop putting up with their bullshit. What are you like to your friends? Should you be more generous with them? Would that make you feel happier?” etc

13:15 (chat) Is that an earring?
“No, not wearing earrings right now. Still just not a part of my life with the earrings. Maybe I just need to get some classy Topman earrings”

16:50 “So maybe what I should do is just spend more time on twitter, seeing what people say about the world, and then offering my hot take, who knows.”
20:25 (chat) Logan Paul opinions
“Oh christ sake. That happened. I was so exhausted over Christmas this year, ‘cause we were doing gamingmas, gave people bloopers, and I [just wanted to have some chill relaxing time after all the family/friends holiday socializing].
“A few people were like “wanna come to Manchester for New Year?/wanna come to Brighton for New Year?” And I was like ‘I wanna do nothing. I ain’t gettin on no train for none of you bastards’”
[went into a cave and played BOTW for a week instead]

31:00 “Oh yeah, so the point I was trying to make about Logan Paul was: I was having a rest, okay? I was like, ‘I want to come into this new year with no anxiety/baggage. I just wanna be calm, I wanna be zen, I wanna take things slow, I wanna be happy, I wanna be creatively inspired. 2018. Who is Dan? Who do I wanna be? How can I still improve as a person? Who am I as a creator, as an entertainer, [ETC OMG]"
[and then saw the Logan Paul thing on twitter and was like ‘who did what now’]
32:35 “One thing is that I hate YT drama because when it’s not really that important, I’m like, there’s more important and dramatic things happening in the world. When I see a lot of people spending a lot of their time and energy discussing an idiot on YT doing something not that important, when it’s not that bad, I’m like ‘omg but Trump’s happening here [etc], there’s lots of things to get passionate about, so some idiot doing something idiotic— I’m sorry, it’s hard for me to care that much. But the Logan Paul thing was quite dramatic, I guess. But my thing was just- other people have said everything and it’s been handled. So I’m like, because I’m having this break so that my anxiety’s at an all-time low, I’m gonna be calm. So sorry, sorry if you wanted my hot take on it. I mean, I shouldn’t have to denounce bad things that happen every time they do, ‘cause I’d hope that you’d just know as a person that I don’t think that things are good, which is a thing.”
-well if he was ever a personal guest at, I don't know, Logan Paul’s intimate bday sleepover for example, I might expect at least a room-temperature take, but overall I generally agree with the sentiment.. generally..

34:30 “I think that YTs response was slow, but they did it, and it was a good response, um, and whatever”
-whatever indeed

24:22 “Some people were like ‘do like a wholesome positive reflection on the year’. Bruh. Who are you subscribed to? You think I’m gonna make a video doing a wholesome reflection on the year and saying what I’m thank— that’s not what I’m about, that is so boring. It would be nice, but like, that ain’t me. That ain’t me, okay?”

41:30 (chat) Troye Sivan’s new song
“Troye. Troye. God, isn’t he just one of the best things? Just like a good thing in your life, a good presence in our lives, he’s just a guy that we all like doing good things.”
42:40 “I’m really invested in Troye, as a person, and an artist, and I’m looking forward to the album so much”
43:15 “I hope that there’s a couple [songs] that are more stripped back; I want raw, sensual Troye pumped into my ears, people.”
-enter him Troye
-ahem, with music

48:50 “My therapist said that I’m a procrastinating workaholic. Because once I start working on something, I work so hard that I injure myself and forget to breathe and do all this other stuff. I just have a problem getting started, and for me it’s like a perfectionism thing. It’s because I can’t just do something and try my best and whatever, I’m like ‘if I do this thing, it has to be amazing, so it doesn’t matter if it’s like an essay or a YT video or tidying my bedroom, I’m like ‘if I do this thing, I have to like do it man’. And that’s the thing, I put this fear in myself.”
“I know that when I start it I’m gonna work so hard that I’m gonna be bleeding because I care too much ‘cause I’m a freak.”

49:50 “Maybe when I see my therapist this year, I can be like, ‘hey, what does me procrastinating and being afraid to tweet and all this other stuff have in common? What am I afraid of? What childhood trauma made me not just be more casual in life?' Who knows, maybe it’s who I am, I don’t effing know.”

50:45 “‘You need to do this about merch stuff’, says Martyn.”
-are pastel plushies dead or

53:30 (55:50ish on tumblr) “Some people are more awful than others, some people make worse mistakes than others, but nobody’s perfect. You can’t just like watch someone make one mistake and then just cut them off forever. It’s about learning from mistakes, forgiving and being forgiven, unless someone murders someone and you know, eats like 12 children, and that’s- that’s pretty bad. That doesn’t gel with society.”

54:55 (chat) your video made us remember the fun we had
“It was fun. 2017, oh my god, so many things happened, it was a rollercoaster of a year. I want 2018 to be more chill. Is that gonna happen?”

55:20 “Today I went to Kensington Palace, that’s right, I was invited to Prince William’s house" (re: #stopspeaksupport campaign- and Prince William wasn't there)
56:30 “So they just wanted me to come and chat about their plans ‘cause they want me to help them come up with some ideas for something cool that would happen soon.”

58:06 “Liveshows: I ain’t doing them weekly every Tuesday at 9 o’clock. Said this before.”
“I will do them as and when I feel like I miss you and I love you and I want to catch up, I will try to let you know before, but don’t turn up here next Tuesday at 9 o’clock because I am definitely busy”

58:35 “Obviously these liveshows are me just waffling on the spot. Don’t judge me, don’t take any notes away from my personality, don’t evaluate me as a person, this is a very strange environment.”
-he’s onto us
:whiskers: Phinal Tally: said ‘Phil’ 14 times :whiskers:
~14/60 mins = 0.23 per min

Was Phil in the room and was Dan constantly glancing at him as he spoke? 38:30 looks like it to me. 43:45? 44:08-44:13? 46:30?? (and probably earlier, but I only started paying attention 38mins in?)? If so, Phil should have click-clacked on HIS laptop the whole time for revenge.

Anyway, I love Dan. And I prefer his liveshows on younow by a large margin. And as the first liveshow of 2018, it was amazing and underrated and set the bar so high that no one’s ever gonna touch it for like ten years

Ok back to listening to the Cranberries in the dark byyye.
"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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