Liveshow Rewatch Thread (pre-2015 liveshows)

Dan and Phil liveshows
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

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to all of you, your names will be remembered.
anathema wrote:52:20 plays a few seconds of a piece I don’t recognize.
Aha, this made me smile. Dan plays this after saying "I just had another person say 'who are you?'" "Who … Are You?" is the name of part of the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, and the excerpt he plays is another part of that soundtrack ("The Nightmare Begins"). I love how he knows it so well that those words immediately make him think of it. even in 2012

I just found a clip of Dan playing the whole excerpt, although I've no idea where it's from (another liveshow I guess?).
fancybum wrote:I’m slightly confused about what conversation is even happening in general here

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by anathema » Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:08 pm

mez29 wrote: to all of you, your names will be remembered.
anathema wrote:52:20 plays a few seconds of a piece I don’t recognize.
Aha, this made me smile. Dan plays this after saying "I just had another person say 'who are you?'" "Who … Are You?" is the name of part of the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, and the excerpt he plays is another part of that soundtrack ("The Nightmare Begins"). I love how he knows it so well that those words immediately make him think of it. even in 2012

I just found a clip of Dan playing the whole excerpt, although I've no idea where it's from (another liveshow I guess?).
Thanks for letting me know!
"The saltiness reminds me of my tears."

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

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anathema wrote: (I now remember why I said I probably wouldn't be contributing much to this thread- it took me five days to watch this. Five.)
Haha! Well five days was worth it, it was a good read
Imagine a tipsy Dan liveshow these days, it'd be wild.

I know it's only September but I'm already in the mood for Halloween, so I watched both of their Halloween liveshows from 2012:

Phil liveshow: Oct 27, 2012

[TL;DR - psychic!Phil is prominent (well, kind of): says they should do a tour round the world to meet viewers, discusses a gaming channel (“it’s too much work” lol). Some height mentions.]
1:00 - This isn’t going to be a crazy Halloween show because Dan’s going to do that because his is the day before Halloween.

2:25 - Muse were amazing last night! Me and Dan went to see Muse last night. It was so good!

4:20 - I’m about 6 foot something..? 6 foot 1?

4:30 - (shows Dan playing Guild Wars in the lounge, of course)

6:45 -
So me and Dan almost died the other day. We were sat in the lounge watching TV, we were meant to be going out to meet my brother at some point, when I started to smell smoke. Dan had just posted his video and I was like, “I can smell smoke” and Dan said he was sure it was someone outside having a BBQ. There was no one having a BBQ and it didn’t smell of smoke outside. I left the room and came back in and could see smoke in the room. I was like, “Dan, there is smoke in the room.” He said, “Phil, I’m just posting my video, it’ll be fine.So I started to unplug everything and panic, I was going insane. I thought there was an electrical fire, I thought one of the mouse-- mice had set fire, I thought the XBox was on fire. So I unplugged everything, I pulled the TV out and I could see the smoke. I was like, “Dan, the house is on fire. We have to call the fire brigade or something.” We spent like an hour trying to work out where this smoke was coming from. And it turns out it was coming out of the fireplace. So that was scary. My brother came round and was like, “Let’s go get Mexican food!” not worrying that the house might burn down. So yeah, we left the house, got Mexican food, came back, it was still smoky. Turns out the guy underneath us was having a fire, like a real fire, and the chimney is broken. So all his smoke from his fire came into our lounge. Yeah I’m glad we didn’t get burned to death; I was scared we would get carbon monoxide poisoning or something.
Lol, another example of Phil panicking in an emergency and Dan just being casual (um too casual though in case of a fire). I like that they thought the best option was to just leave and see if the POTENTIAL FIRE just solved itself in their absence. Good times.

9:10 - I always think that, if something dramatic happens to me, like, 'Well, at least I can tell people about it in a video!'

I should maybe create a YT video-- this is morbid-- one of those ‘if you’re watching this right now, I’m dead’. […] Not like a suicide note, just like if I get hit by a meteor one day, I’d be like, “Oh yeah, upload the secret video.” It would be depressing, says [chat]. Yeah, it would be depressing, sorry, I don’t want to depress you. Maybe one that after I’ve died of old age, it’ll be like me from this time: “Hello from the past” and I’ll tell all the secrets about the world.
No, please don't wait for old age, do tell Phil

21:27 - Me and Dan are around the same height [person who asked]. I slouch. In pictures, it always looks like Dan is about 10 feet taller because I’ve got this subconscious thing where I lean down to the height of the person I’m having the picture taken with. [still true!]

4K people watching the show.

25:45 (talking about ideas for his next video) “I was thinking of doing a Halloween baking video with Dan. Would that be cool? Or something with loads of Halloween games? Or I could attempt some kind of sketch? But I don’t really make sketches, so that could suck. But I have faith in myself, I think I could make a sketch. If I wanted to."
[Everyone in chat votes baking]

27:00 - (says maybe a sketch for Halloween is too much pressure as it would need to be good for the occasion, but maybe he’ll spring a random sketch on us some other time)

“I used to do some weird ass stuff on my channel like 3 years ago. As anyone who’s watched all my video will know, I went through kind of an experimental renaissance where I just made some weird, weird stuff. I don’t think I’ll be going back down that route."
[!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the people constantly wishing for old!Phil should see this]

33:20 - (Phil has Dan move the router so he can show us his new shelf in his room without the internet cutting out. Turns into a room tour.)

35:55 - I always make scary bear noises when I hug, it’s kind of off-putting

41:20 - What would I do with a million dollars? I would buy a slide [no audio], go on a round the world trip and meet loads of you guys, uh, buy a golden camel [no audio]. I’ve always wanted to see inside of a pyramid as well, so I’d like to do that.

42:00 - [chat] says I should do a tour around the UK. That would be cool. [Dan says something in background]. I mean a tour to meet everyone, not like a travel guide.

42:50 - Or Asia, I’d love to do that. Yeah, if I get a million pounds, I’m gonna do a tour. So if someone-- someone-- give me money. Actually, Dan just got 500K subscribers, so everyone give him 2 pounds, then (looks at Dan) you’ll share a million with me, won’t you? [Dan: um] If it means we get to do a tour of Asia; everyone give Dan 2 pounds.

I like that it went from Phil saying 'I should..' to 'We get to..' (although I suppose if Dan's bankrolling it it's only fair he be invited along) :lol:
Also, thank you Monster Legends, thank you crunchyroll. Pretty cool they got to do it (minus Asia, whoops).

45:30 - There is an eevee watching, tomorrow she will be a vaporeon
(eevee congrats)

48:40 - [chat] said me and Dan should have a gaming channel. When would we have time to do that? It’s a lot of work. It’d be fun though. Maybe one that’s not like a frequent thing, because gaming people just literally play games all day everyday.
[Dan in background: They *literally* play games? 'Gaming people literally play games'?]
Phil: Noo, I said 'all day everyday’
{and then Phil possibly calls Dan ‘sassbot’ if I heard properly? I don’t know if I did, but I Want To Believe}

49:25 Dan finally joins properly and sits next to Phil

Halloween drawing game - cute

57:30 - Phil reads the chat sarcastically: "Oh my god their arms are touching"
(Dan doesn’t react or comment, just continues with drawing game - neither appear bothered by it, plenty of arm touching continues as they're sitting so close)
Dan Liveshow: Oct 30, 2012

[TL;DR - “Special Halloween show” where he has themed music playing throughout and tells creepy stories with the viewers. Dan and Phil discuss their belief in ghosts and share some family stories of paranormal experiences. A+ show, recommend listening to get into Halloween spirit]
5:00 - I don’t personally believe in ghosts, although this is interesting: when we’re talking about what you’re scared of, like people murdering you vs. a demon possessing you in your sleep, I don’t believe in ghosts or demons or anything fictional or stupid like that. I just don’t. But the only thing I’m scared of is supernatural stuff. What’s that about? The girl from The Ring terrifies me even though I know she’s not real. Anything remotely paranormal, a ghost or a demon, and I’m like ‘jesus christ I need to stop right now’. How weird is that?

I can’t deal with turning the lights off. If I was going to bed like two hours later than Phil, the guy I live with to anyone who’s watching this that doesn’t know, I would rather leave the lights on throughout the night than turn them off. Can’t deal with that, don’t know why. What am I scared of? I’m scared of a small girl, I’m afraid of children being in my house [even though I don’t believe in the supernatural, it’s the only stuff that scares me].

10:00 (reads comment from chat about a fear of somebody getting in their house) See that’s funny because my flatmate Phil, my biffle, is just afraid of horrible thug people that might beat you up. But I’m not, I’m just scared of small asian girls basically.

15:00 - reads story about a porcelain-faced Japanese monster thing (The Case of the Expressionless Woman)

21:25 - reading creepy viewer stories from his Tumblr asks

24:10 - tells a story of when he was 9. Halloween night after trick-or-treating in a playground with a friend. 9 years old out alone at midnight...
(That seems like questionable parenting just saying but maybe I’m sheltered. Also he probably misremembered the time because really?)
tl;dr - saw gooey shadow ‘people’ that makes him consider the possibility of ghosts

30:15 - Slenderphil appears

13K people watching

31:15 (Phil to Dan) “Play some spooky music. White boy.”
(Dan sings same sentence to tune of Play That Funky Music)

Dan: So, I was just telling the story of the gloopy creatures I saw in the playground when I was a kid, you know, that one.
Phil: Yes, yes.
Dan: Firstly, do you believe in ghosts?
Phil: Uh, I do now, thanks to my story that I’ll tell you. I didn’t used to really.

32:10 (paraphrased):
Phil’s parents bought an apartment on the Isle of Man, and he got a strange feeling staying there. His dad had a recurring dream of a woman with long white hair standing at the end of his bed staring at him. Three times he woke up to see her standing there, but after waking his wife up to see, she was gone. “We thought he was going mental.” His aunt stayed there for a holiday and none of them told her about this ‘creepy woman’ situation. But when she came back and Phil’s mum asked if anything strange happened, his aunt said one night she woke up and thought there was a woman with long white hair standing at the end of the bed. “Luckily we have a priest in the family, so we had an exorcism.” "Well, more of a blessing," he flung holy water around. And since then, no ghostly activity.

39:20 (Phil holds a toy ghost to his eye)
Phil: Spangle [the ghost] is trying to pull my eye out
Dan: That sneaky Spangle
Phil: Help. Help.
(Dan’s reading Facebook)
Phil: Help. Help.
(Dan keeps reading)
Phil: What a great friend Dan is, I was having my eye ripped out
Dan: I’m sorry, I’m on Facebook
Phil: Oh, ok

(I just want to say how funny it is that Dan literally is telling the following story mostly to Phil, he keeps turning and staring at Phil while talking and Phil just looks at the screen. Just such a glaring difference to how Phil told his story to the camera, it’s making me lol)

Dan: I think I got my ‘I don’t believe in ghosts’ vibe from my dad. I feel like a lot of my similarities are from my dad in that way because he’s a very sceptical, kind of science-y guy like that. And I was on holiday with my parents last year when I went to Sicily, and it was like 2am and my brother had gone to sleep, and I just decided to ask them, I was like, “Mum, Dad, do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal? Do you believe in aliens?” And they were like, “Yeah, there’s probably other life in the universe.” “Well what about ghosts?” “Yes.” And I was like, “Umm.. excuse me? Why?” And my dad was like, “Well, weird things have happened.”

One of the things, apparently was [his dad lived in Vietnam briefly as his dad (Dan’s grandpa) was in the RAF, so they moved around the world to different RAF posts. They were in Vietnam for about a year. During one foggy winter, Dan’s dad and uncle looked out their bedroom window to see a black dog standing there in the rice field staring up at them. It would run away if they went outside but came by every Tuesday. One night when their parents weren’t there, they heard growling outside and saw that the dog was sitting right outside the porch. Dan’s dad opened the door and the dog started barking crazily for like 20mins, then left before the parents came back. Later that night they heard howling. The next Tuesday, the dog was found dead in the middle of the field].

44:45 (discussing why so many stories involve some old lady ghost standing by the bed)
Phil: Why is she stood next to peoples' beds though?
Dan: Because she’s a frickin perv.
Phil: Why isn’t she at a theme park?
Dan: She just likes to watch people sleep.
Phil: Like you.
Dan: Yes, I do. I’ll be honest. But I’m not an old lady, so it’s okay.
Phil: You will be one day.
Dan: Thanks.

46:10 Phil leaves to finish editing his Halloween video; Dan says he’ll tweet it

Dan: Phil, why are you standing there? *laughing* I can see you through the crack, stop trying to prank me, you dingus. Phil’s not aware that I can see the doorway in the mirror. What a silly [boy? I don’t know what he says].

52:00 Phil tries again to scare Dan, this time wearing a dark coat and a scarf on his face, Dan laughs and tells him to go finish editing the video

59:00 Tells Lavender Town song story
(paraphrased): In Japanese version of Pokemon Red, the theme for Lavender Town had something hidden in the audio waves that made a bunch of kids commit suicide, and it was taken out of the European version.
(it's just an internet story)

1:03:40 “That’s the end of Spooky Time, we need to lighten the mood a bit” Starts playing the Monster Mash. Keeps reading creepy stories though. Plays Time Warp.

1:08:00 Takes his laptop and goes into the lounge
“Phil, I couldn’t cope. Too many scary stories.”
(Phil ‘aww's in the background).
Dan: Yeah, I jump out at Phil constantly, don’t I?
Phil: Yes! It’s horrible.
Dan: So to be honest I probably deserved an epic slenderman scare from you.
Phil: You did.

Dan: If you want some freaky stories, I can recommend some things to google:

-Ted’s Caving Page
-Lavender Town conspiracy
-Marble Hornets
Thanks and have a great day! Oil me

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

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17 July 2012 Liveshow
This is 2 hours long, so be prepared for the horribly long post.
1:26 Chat: Phandom broke the internet D: LOL, not that you’re a fandom. :roll:

6:00 They couldn’t edit their radio show, so it wasn’t as good as the Christmas one. [control freaks™]

6:55 [about Dan and Phil’s Super Amazing Guide to finding love online] ”Catchy title, I know, thanks to the people who edited it”

7:40-They’d love to have a regular [radio] show, but they live too far, so maybe in the future

8:22-Hogwarts house: Griffyndor or Slytherin

8:50 Rachelle is an exotic and sexy name, unless you’re 12

9:14 Fleur is a sexual name and a pretty sexual HP character

9:28 proposal ”I can put my finger in the ring hole. *moan* That was an inappropriate moment”

10:54 Chat: How is Phil’s mum? ”I could tell you, but I don’t know what’s legal on this website”

11:28 Chat: Are you in love with Anthony Padilla? ”No, but he is a cool dude and people should stop saying creepy things to him” [Is he talking about himself? :? ]

12:24 He’s going to upload the next dinof video, then the Vegas video

This is the last liveshow from the Manchester apartment

13:15 Chat: Do you want to get married sometime? ”I’d like to think I will, I’d like to think I won’t die alone, that will be nice”

13:51- He shows the new cat T-shirt and asks for opinions

16:08 His last video, Drama llama will be his first video with a million views

17:39 ”We should make it a tradition to basically troll the comments on my videos” [I’m sure he regrets saying this. ]

19:16 Chat: Is Phil masturbating? ”Probably, I think it’s a safe bet, he knows I’m not going to interrupt him for an hour. I would. joke”

23:04 Kanye mention :roll:

His favourite communitychannel video

27:55 His haircut is based off Jonghyun from Shinee

28:21 Chat: Your hair is perfect. ”It’s the most awkward thing ever”

31:16 ”I can’t sing, I wish I could. It’s weird, like, if I had Beyonce’s vocal cords, then I could sing, because I know how to sing, I just don’t have a good voice for singing. I don’t think I’ll ever be singing to you unfortunately”

32:48 ”One day I’ll do a world tour on a unicycle”

33:15 Chat: Do you ship Larry? ”I don’t actually ship anyone, I can’t get into fanfiction, because I can’t get emotionally attached to something that isn’t cannon. I couldn’t read something about Eric and Sookie from True Blood, because I’d be like - this isn’t real, you know what I mean. I could still appreciate it though, it’s a creative hobby.”

34:27 Chat: Phan is real *shakes head* ”Hate to burst your bubble, It’s not going to happen” *laughter*

35:45 Phil stood on the router *Phil opens door* P: It wasn’t my fault. D: It was, you were masturbating, we all decided this, you were masturbating, you slipped and landed on the internet connection.
P: I was looking at jellyfish and I wanted a bean bag
D: We all know what happened. Phil was masturbating looking at Sarah M-G pictures on his Buffy DVD case, weren’t you? P: NO
D: You got so into it, that you did a backflip and landed on the router. P: It was the jellyfish.
D: Tbh it was probably the mess that I left, it was under several cushions.

38:21 Chat: Do you wear eyeliner? ”No, I have really thick eyelashes. Some people used to say that in school. They were like- Hey kid with the emo fringe, you wearing eyeliner? No, dear God, no.” :(

40:35 He feels bad, because he has 100 000 Twitter followers, which is ridiculous.
When he had 100 followers, he was ” happily tweeting for months to nobody to be honest, nobody would even reply” Now that he has too many followers, he feels self-conscious about his tweets. :(

42:50 ”Luke proposed to me. This is beautiful, I’m gonna cry. This is a 9 to 1 ratio to girls to guys, I mean guys to girls proposing to me. I hope we have a happy life together in our big gay house, cause we are all polygamists” :sideeye:

46:29 ”I believe in science and sadness and the colour grey”

49:29 ”Taylor Swift is cool. And pretty. She has a nice face, doesn’t she?”

52:07 Chat: Are you gay? ”No. Are you shocked? Sorry guys and shipping girls.”

52:16 He has a second pillow to cuddle, without that he can’t sleep.

55:33 ”It’s nice to be appreciated for the fail that I am by so many people”

56:06 Chat: We want Phil ”That’s a first. Philgirls.”

British swearword talk

59:25 ”Haven’t had a girlfriend for 3 years. Not looking for one.”

1:04:00 Pimm’s is his all time favourite drink.

1:04:13 He’s glad they’re moving, because people have probably worked out where they live. In London, they will be sure never to show anywhere near their new apartment.

1:04:22 He’d go gay for Tom Yorke or Richard Branson, if he had to.

1:05:25 ”I’m very scared of ever encountering negativity on the internet” :(

1:05:27 Chat: Do you have a boyfriend? ”No, quite fond of tits.”

1:06:54 He got into YouTube because of Paperlilies (Bryony). ”She was a pretty girl that I liked stalking for many years. One of the many people I stalked for many years.”

1:07:20 Opinions on smoking. His dad smokes, but he smokes expensive, hipstery tobacco which is ok because it smells nice.

1:09:37 Chat: Does it annoy you when your followers are perverted?
”No, because they wouldn’t be if I didn’t encourage it, and I encourage it because I think it’s funny.” [2016!Dan probably agrees ]

1:09:59 His followers are hilarious and he has a much more personal relationship with them, than other people with people who follow people. [avoiding the word fan :roll: ]

1:11:43 Frank Ocean mention. His tumblr post was brave. [the one where he talked about his sexuality? :?]

1:12:53 He is a really good swimmer, but he isn’t into competitive sports.

1:13:24 The social situations we are born into don’t determine how nice we are as people. US-UK cities compared.

1:16:48 Chat: What is your all time favourite video game? Final Fantasy 7:somuch:

1:20:22 A lot of bad-behaving people took drama because of the hot teacher and the fact that they didn’t have to study a lot. Even though it was his favourite subject, he didn’t take it for A-level because he hated everyone there. :(

1:21:46 ”I hate my hair. A reason that probably contributes to the ’people immediately think that I’m gay-ness’ is the hair. I wish I didn’t have to fiddle with it, but I just do.” :(

1:23:36 ”Phil is probably watching this from the other room. If he’s done cleaning up the mess. Haha, how crude.”

1:27:28 ”I’m not famous, I just have a lot of Youtube subscribers, because I’ve been doing this for 2,5 years. Not even that many compared to some people.”

1:27:49 He left a white T-shirt on a lamp once and it turned black.[How are they alive?? :shock:]

1:29:37 Sexy internet dating is his funniest video, but it got deleted.

1:30:30 He hasn’t done any ’trendy videos’, because he thinks people would hate him and he wouldn’t have any integrity. He is paranoid of judgement and hatred. :(

1:34:10 He bangs on the wall to call Phil.

1:36:00 Dan to Phil ”Talk about Embarassing bodies, I will serenade you.”

1:36:34 ”Dr Christian is gay […] and every episode he gropes a bunch of naked guys” [So not cool Dan :facepalm: ]

1:37:00 They saw Dr Christian at R1. P: Omg, he can- he’s going to put his fingers in my disease. No, I don’t have a disease. [he seemed excited about meeting him ;) :gg: ]

1:37:47 About Oli Sykes D: ”I like his clothing line more than his band.” P: ”And his face.” D: ”Quite.”

1:37:58 ”We spent ages talking about vaginas [during the liveshow], which is nice”

1:39:04 Phil ’attacks’ Dan’s neck, Dan just laughs

1:40:10 The infamous ’I love you Phil’ moment

1:43:17 Phil pressing the Tonberry plushie against Dan’s face

1:45:30 P:”Now that my curse is lifted I can touch a woman again, if I wanted to. Not in that way. *suggestive handmove* Oops. This is Dan’s liveshow” They say boob and Phil said Dan corrupted him.

They are playing with thinking putty. [hand porn alert :gg: ]

1:46: Dan’s more into rap and metal than Phil. Phil’s music: The Smurfs Christmas album, Echo and the Bunnyman, obscure film soundtracks: The Fountain, Sunshine, Reqiuem for a dream, Howl's moving castle, Spirited away, Ink, Kill Bill

1:47:06 Chat: Are you brothers? D: ”No, we just have similar haircuts.” Phil compares their skintones.

1:48:35 D: ”Double proposition. It’s a girl, so my big gay house is becoming increasingly less gay.”P: ”Maybe I can marry her, and it can still be a big gay house.” :sideeye:

1:53:17 Phil puts on a fake mustache made of thinking putty

1:58:48 Them playing the piano together.

Hi guys, I've been lurking for months and this was a good opportunity to procrastinate
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by ocelot » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:56 pm

1 December 2012 Phil liveshow

  • Pretty much a joint liveshow
  • Phil makes some quality innuendos
  • Their opinions have either changed completely or remained exactly the same, that's pretty visible in this liveshow
  • They look adorable in their jumpers and Phil hasn't straightened his hair and he keeps playing with it, so by the end of the video it's messy and that's hot af
  • 3:55 ”I’m thinking of getting a business in America where I sell advent calendars”
  • 4:36 Dan’s glorious ass appears and the liveshow has jut begun. Phil: ”Show your butt to the camera.”
  • 5:20 They won’t do Christmas baking, because they’ve already done a Halloween one [I still really hope they’ll do another this year tho]
  • 8:38 Chat: It’s illegal to stalk. Phil: ”It is. I deserve my privacy #creepsters”
  • 10:40 Dan: ”You’re like Hitler but worse.”
    Phil: ”I am. Maybe not worse than Hitler.” *Dan rolls his eyes *
    Dan: ”You denied chocolate”
    Phil: ”I don’t think even Hitler did that”
  • 11:35 Showing their Cadbury advent calendars. Stingy!Phil is stingy and doesn’t want to pay double for Lindor.
  • 11:50 Phil: ”If we get the same shape [of chocolate], I’m going to write an angry letter to Cadbury"
  • 12:03 Phil: ”Moisten your fingers”
  • 14:48: Phil: ”Eating Louis’s [1D] butt.”
  • 21.50 Dan: ”Come to our house, we got the WII U”
    Phil: ”I’ve technically bought most of the WII U except Santa has given me 50 pounds and Santa’s my mom.”
  • 22:21 Dan: ”I still get a stocking. My mom legitimately comes into my bedroom at 2 am […] Now, because I’m awake later than ’Santa’ [his mom], Santa’s usually is just awkwardly like ’Close your eyes!’ I’m just gonna hide this under your bed.Even though I’m freaking 21, I still get a stocking. It’s filled with like shitty DVD’s and stuff.”
  • 23: Yeah just goes-scoop and Dan’s Christmas is sorted. [is this shade on his family? :? ]
  • 24:47 Phil’s idea of a ’controversial thought’ is that the seasons have changed slightly.
  • 27:00 [someone ordered pizza in the chat]
    Phil: ”If you got a Texas BBQ Domino’s, would you please post it through the webcam.” [I feel like Phil probably won’t be vegan anytime soon. I empathise, sorry.]
  • 27:44 Dan has a list about his favourites in case someone asks because he can’t name all-time favourites.
  • 27:50 Phil: ”Which Pokemon would you eat?”
    Dan: ”Snorlacks would be good because it just sits on his butt and eats all the time.”
    Phil: ”It looks too human. I would eat one that looks like an animal.” [Phil cooks for them usually and judging by this he isn’t really into veganism, but this was years ago, so ]
  • 30:16 Chat: Do you guys have onesies?
    Phil: ”I’m against onesies.”
    Dan: ”You are against them?”
    Phil: ”I know they’re comfortable. Onesies look like a giant baby, it’s weird. How do you pee? Do you just take it off? I saw one with a bum flap, but that’s just even weirder.”
    Dan: ”Part of me wants to get a 1D onesie just for the irony factor. If you’re being really awful and getting a onesie, you might as well go all the way.”[…]
    Phil: ”Just get the flap open and…No.” [I can't I bet the onesies will cause the #phandivorce ]
  • 32:13 Phil saw gay lions at the zoo. Phil: ”They were humping. I should have got it on camera.” :wtf:
    Dan: It seems a bit strange that the lion would be happily receiving the other lion.
    Then they discuss bees breeding plants. [What is it with Phil&breeding and Phil&plants?]
  • 38:33 They are reading about characters on their advent calendars.
    Phil: ”Esther? Is that Lloyd’s girlfriend? Are they doing it?”
    Dan: ”No, fuckin’ Phil!” [Phil forgot how to play AP in this ls 8-) ]
  • 41:10 Chat: Can you fit your whole fist in your mouth? Dan: ”Probably not.” [What happened since then? ;) ]
  • 41:39 Finn Harries has hypnotic eyes.
  • 43:26 Dan: ”GOT will be finished in like 11 years” [he clearly doesn’t have Phil’s psychic powers :lol: ]
  • Phil's favourite TV show is AHS
  • 44:15 Phil: ”I feel like I’ve letterboxed myself into a scary non-cursing environment. I should just swear. Maybe one day. No, I don’t swear that much irl. It’s just, if I meet someone for the first time and I swear, they’re like whaaaaaat. Everybody swears a bit, ok?” [surprisingly honest ]
  • 52:14 Phil: ”I just feel like I choose the best gifts, so I want to help people. Like toasted gloves that look like toast that you plug into your computer. That’s a good gift.” [yes, those things exist ]
    Dan: ”So you’re just gonna say things on firebox.” [#spon ]
  • 52:38 Phil: ”I met Bryony at an airport and I jumped on her. Then I met Molly and then we were both quite nervous ’cause she was so beautiful.”
    Dan: ”Well, you’ve been internet friends with Molly for a long time, I had been a massive fangirl of Molly for a long time. So it was a bit weird for me, ’cause she had no idea who I was. She knew who Phil was, because Phil was a youtuber. But this was only after I’ve been doing it for 9 months, so not that many youtubers knew who I was. So I was like OMG it’s Mememolly.”
    Phil: ”We got off a plane so we just looked terrible and she just came floating down the stairs in a black dress. I was also quite shy. I’m still quite shy, but not as shy as I was then.”
  • 53:44 Chat: Do you date them? Dan: ”No, we have female friends we’re not dating.”
    Phil: ”You can have female friends that you’re not dating.”
    Dan: ”I thought you were gonna say you can have female friends you are dating. I was like, what?”
    Phil: ”That’d be awkward.” [extremely reaching, but I sensed some jealous!Dan]
    54:20 Phil: ”I enjoyed stroking Liam.”[1D]
    55:33 Moaning and Lara Croft talk combined with some synchronised moments [they're so married]
    Phil: ”I used to throw her off cliffs when I got bored.”
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by idk » Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:32 am

Dan's liveshow: May 20th, 2014
2:40 you can tell when vloggers aren't looking at their camera but at themselves, he used to do it too, it's a bad habit

3:55 he's doing a mini live show because he "didn't want to commit himself to anything"

5:10 It's summer and very warm. You can get fans next to your bed but he was telling Phil the other day about an urban legend in Korea "Korean Fan Death" that having a fan on next to your face will kill you. "There's an irrelevant fact for you, people in Korea are afraid of fans next to their faces, I'm not but I slightly freaked myself out by reminding myself of it the other day"

7:51 "the spider incident" could be a second channel video if he ever sorted his life out. Last night he went to the bathroom and there was a massive spider on the toilet roll - it was traumatising

13:33 chat asks "how do hedgehogs make babies" he google searches hedgehog mating rituals, clicks on a David Attenborough video and shows it to the screen, adding his own commentary

16:02 it's getting "kinky" / "wow does she want that or is she playing hard to get" / "okay females out there, I will nose your spines next time I get intimate with you" / "Dan's sex tips - do it with someone you're comfortable with and nose their spine"

18:12 Godzilla talk - went to see it, didn't like it too much - thinks there'd be at least one aspiring person who could make it a good film - whatever, "opinions, opinions, opinions"

19:48 not afraid of snakes

20:40 he likes living with the blinds closed constantly because he's a hermit with cabin fever and he hates the world generally. He wants "his house cave to be a cave which is his place"

21:20 The smell of people's barbecues is ruining his life

21:41"The only thing that mine and Phil’s beautiful, lovely, amazing flat is missing, is outside space. And people keep having barbecues, and I can smell them, and it’s ruining my life. Like, me and Phil always have to decide whether we’re going to stay in this apartment for another year - and I think we probably are, we're debating whether we're gonna stay in this apartment that we're renting for another year, we probably are. Cause it’s really, really nice. It’s just, it’s so lovely and charming, and it’s just got the right amount of rooms and big bedrooms that makes us not go insane and hate each other. So, it’s good. But no roofy/terracy/gardeny thing for barbecues, so tldr; I hate barbecues"

22:40 Chat asks what he's holding: "I'm holding a post it note. As some of you know, I'm in a transitional period where I'm planning many exciting things that I'd like to do with my life and stuff and it's a very slow and painful process for various reasons but I decided to buy a bunch of sticky notes because I can organise my life via notepad files so much before I just kinda wanna have an iron man visual spread of everything that's on my mind." the genesis of TABINOF? iirc phil mentioned they started TABINOF with post its in the office, also Louise in a vlog once mentioned seeing post its everywhere and saying she couldn't show the camera but it was exciting stuff

23:46 didn't like the pilot of Stein's Gate - questions whether he should continue, this shows up in his first anime rec video doesn't it?

24:32 "so Lousie, Sprinkle of Glitter, one of the few females who fan girls seem to like. Generally people should like everybody. You know, you're a girl, what did Tina Fey say in Mean Girls, 'girls need to be nice to girls cause there's enough people in the world that aren't nice to girls' you know, you can't hate on other girls for caring about their appearance or whatever or having male friends, it doesn't matter but for some reason people really like Louise and don't like other females, everybody's nice"

25:08 Louise came round and made some videos - dan's editing them

25:27 Chat: "I don't like anybody, what do i do" Dan: "there's a difference between not liking anyone/generally hating humanity and not being nice to people and generally being negative, you know what I mean, it's like I hate everybody, I hardly like anybody and humanity makes me so depressed constantly, I hate the world and society but I'm a very nice, positive person these days who generally loves everybody and everything, I'm just nice, chilling about this, I'll make a video about this one day and it'll be the most important video I've ever made.

Did I speak to you last week about how the biggest stress with my videos isn't coming with new ideas but deciding what order I wanna post the videos in, cause I've got the next 6 of my videos in a line planned out now already

27:17 typos talk - vigorously checks his tweets before posting them, still makes typos "need to stop missing out the d, man" who needs context? (context: missed out the letter 'd' in a Godzilla tweet)

29:13 chat suggests he should go on LBC, London's Biggest Conversation, says he doesn't like it because it's too political, conflict all day, appears about to say more, gets distracted by Ben C mention

29:23 "ben cook debate" was just bants tweets between him and Ben, don't take anything on the internet seriously

31:14 #danssextips is trending, "nose their spine and do it carefully"

32:32 he thinks kill bill vol 2 is better, phil thinks vol 1 is better "cause it's more Japanese, and cool, and Asian and Kung fu-y with cool action and stuff"

33:01 "I romanticise, in terms of things that kinda turn us on romantically ...that's not what I meant at all, just kinda thematically. You know how a lot of English people think American high school is... like they romanticise the idea of it so much, I might make a video about this one day so I won't waffle too much but American high school, American sport, the westerns, I just love westernness and I fricking love kind of like deserty America just as part of the world... I prefer KBvII because it's got that spaghetti western, with that absolutely amazing soundtrack" recommends everyone go watch all Tarantino films

35:16 "I should so make a video about things that people romanticise, I could make that interesting" - writes it down in video ideas notepad file

36:02 "I'm a part of many, many, many, many fandoms I don't have any fandom blogs for any fandoms, I don't contribute to any fandoms, but I am a member of dozens and dozens of fandoms when it comes to keeping up to date with it, appreciating it, appreciating what the community talk about, are talking about creating and stuff like that. yes"

36:28 Recommends getting a mac. He didn't buy a mac till he was 20, you should buy a mac because it'll change your life. All laptops prior to buying his first mac were "very, very crap" hand me downs from his uncle

38:03 "I hate Vine... I like some Vine, I hate most Vine, that's fine. Not generally, I'm not a mean person, I have re(asons? - cuts himself off there) I take that back, I don't want to get into my opinions on Vine, Vine is great, I watch a lot Vine videos and there are so many things on Vine that are amazingly hilarious, I'm very happy that vine exists because I get a lot of laughs from it"

38:38 he and phil have seen the Phanime. "It's incredibly amazing, one of our favourite things"

39:32 someone asks why he doesn't make more Vines "I don't wanna get into Vine. In my big list of things that I'm currently doing and want to be doing, going hmmm how can I get a good vine account is not one of them"

40:38 opens the door because there's a moth apaz

41:29 he's going to R1's Big Weekend, he's excited, says don't go to just see him cause he'll be eating lunch the whole time lol

43:00 AHS is one of his favourite shows - Coven season was underrated

43:50 going to vidcon, says the meet up won't be perfect because of the way it's organised, "it sucks and it's stupid" that so many people get to go and only a few get to meet them, it's the stupid thing about yt events

45:10 he's going to f off to eat food because he loves food. Earlier he broke down, went to a bakery and bought a pecan and maple twist. He's never going to look like Marcus Butler if he keeps buying pecan and maple twists, but he doesn't care cause it was amazing "would I rather be obese and eat the maple pecans? I really think I would because of the food"
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by idk » Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:57 am

Dan Liveshow: September 25th, 2012
00:29 Not intoxicated this week (last week was the incredible ~drunk liveshow)

00:49 Thinks he was 6 or 7 out of 10 on the drunk scale last live show, not 3 or 4

1:02 Chat asks if he got the mouse. - Dan: "That may or may not be a question that Phil wants to answer in one of his videos. I wouldn't ruin a Phil vlog video by telling the mouse story."

1:37 Someone mentions the Vegas video - Dan: "Oops, how could I forget about that for two weeks. I've just edited half of that, I'll get back to finishing that, Jesus."

4:19 He was going to make a side channel video about his hair / hair in general but then he was tired and had to do SAP so he didn't but he may make it on Friday

6:13 Chat: "Do you troll a lot of tumblrs?" - Dan: "I don't know what that means, but I do stalk a lot of people."

6:53 October's going to be a good month for gigs 'cause he's going to see Muse, Radiohead and iamamiwhoami

7:18 Chat: Is he afraid of injections? He's not afraid of them but he doesn't like them - "I'm not googling injection porn yet" ok

9:15 Chat: "Where's Phil?" - Dan: "In the other room, I'm guessing. He's got an illness. Someone gave him swine flu at the party in Manchester we went to the other day."

9:29 The chat misses him being drunk - Dan: "I honestly think if I have friends round, cause it would be a bit sad if I did it completely by myself, but if I'm in a social situation I should try to at least drink a bit before my live shows cause I think it's a good social lubricant innit"

9:52 Someone compliments his face - he thinks he doesn't look good in videos, it's all camera angles and lighting. "If you watch season 2 SAP and then watch the video I made last week on danisnotonfire and a video I made two years ago on danisnotonfire they look like three completely different people even though I have the same face and pretty much the same hair. It's just lighting and camera angles and I don't know how to do it in danisnotonfire videos. Seriously, people like Jacksgap and Charlie have clearly mastered the art of how to make their face look nice in videos whereas I still don't know what the f I'm doing."

10:54 Chat misses his long hair, he says that's okay because it grows back. He thinks his hair randomly looked good in pinof but it was actually horrific. He thinks his hair in this current moment is a bit too short and wants it a bit longer because it makes his face look nicer. He then tries to make himself look like a "shark/ice cream cone"

11:53 He's making a youtube video with "a successful UK youtuber next week" which he's excited for. He wanted to do it this week but the other youtuber was too busy. The AD collab, I think?

13:35 He'd have liked to make a video with Tyler Oakley whilst he was there but he missed that opportunity and now Tyler has left

15:12 SAP talk - they uploaded a video yesterday, and he really liked it. He thinks this season will be the best

15:50 "Check me out, new video every Monday, Thursday, and random side channel videos and liveshow and vyous. Who am I and what did I do with Dan? Well, I stopped being busy with horrible law course work basically. I was just lazy, let's be honest. I was lazy butt."

16:27 Chat: "Play Slenderman." - Dan: "I would. Gaming channel, that may or may not be a thing after the SAP. I will go insane if I try to juggle three channels. danisnotonfire is always the priority."

16:43 He uploaded a youtube video and youtube broke. Talks about how big American youtubers like Shane Dawson got popular was that they uploaded good videos a lot, got a large following and consequently when they uploaded more, they got featured on the youtube home page but that doesn't work anymore so the way they became popular can't happen any longer. "It's great uploading a video and youtube just breaking. That's what I have to deal with in 2012. Some people had it easy back in the day. Serves me right."

17:36 Chat asks about university exams in August. Dan: "Ohh so many side channel videos I'm supposed to make. Um, okay there's a video which I've been wanting to make for a long time on my main channel which is more of a talky serious, well it's not serious, but it's just less stupid than the usual video, that I've been thinking about making for a while and when I upload that, I'll put my life update video on my second channel. I feel like a lot of the people that have subscribed to my channel since March this year maybe have been expecting me to be the sort of person who just talks about my life and does cinnamon challenge and stuff like that but really that's not ever what I've been on youtube. I've sort of always just done reasons why dan's a fail and then random things in between. So I've never really been that much of a vlogger that just talks about my life so that'll go on my second channel. If you want someone to do that crap there's plenty of other people."

18:38 He hums a bit of a song then questions what it is that he's humming - "Oh Jennifer Lopez. Thanks Phil, for getting that in my head."

18:49 Chat: "I like you being a fail" - Dan: "Okay I'm the worst person ever, like seriously. Being a youtuber obviously people say 'you have to have thick skin cause people will leave mean comments'. I don't care if someone leaves a comment saying 'wow you're the stupidest gay f** I've ever seen, die' I just find that funny. I probably take a screen shot of it and add it into a folder. It's just if someone goes 'hmm I don't like this type of video' it makes me go 'uhhh' it makes me cry and it ruins my day. It's probably like 1/10000 comments that says that but I'm just such an awful person that takes everything so personally. Phil was like 'yeah, there's dozens of other pages of people saying that they enjoyed it and then you listen to the one stupid person that didn't get the video and is complaining' and I'm like 'uhhrgh I hate my life'. The internet's probably not the best place for me. I am rather insane. I don't have a very healthy mind so being a youtuber probably isn't the best career choice for me but doing it anyway. It's fine."

19:58 Chat: "Negativity stands out from the good." - Dan: "I know, I know. That's a Dan quote."

20:45 Chat: "More Instagram!" - Dan: "I do like instagramming but I only feel like I should do it when I'm doing something. I don't know why. Like it's either 'I've just had my hair cut' 'I'm in the changing rooms at Allsaints look at my hair cut' which is half of them but like, I dunno. Some people are just 'here's my face, here's my face again, here's my face again, here's a fucking pancake that I'm eating, look at my Starbucks'. I don't wanna do that, that's not an interesting Instagram to follow. I'll Instagram when I have something's to say like '35,000 feet above Greenland' cause I'm not a hipster. Oh, Dan."

22:35 Attempts to play some One Direction on the keyboard

23:33 Plays some Moonlight Sonata on the keyboard

24:00 Chat: "Single??!!" - Dan: "At the moment. Single and ready to mingle. I'm joking, I'm not ready to mingle. I have Guild Wars 2, that's all the love I need in my life. I was about to say something very weird then, okay..."

25:42 Chat: "Do you watch Big Brother?" - Dan: "Phil likes Big Brother so I usually walk around when he's watching it."

26:15 Chat: "Can you play Einaudi on the piano?" - Dan: "One of my favourite Ludovico Einaudi songs is called La Linea Scura" and he learnt how to play a bit / he plays that bit

26:48 Recommends 'Le Onde' especially if you're revising for exams

27:27 Chat: "House tour?!" - Dan: "Me and Phil have lived in the apartment for nearly 2 months and we still haven't bought a fricking arm chair. Seriously, we need to get our shat together. Seriously."

28:14 Plays some Fur Elise on the keyboard

29:35 "Me and Phil went to visit some old school friends from Manchester last weekend. A friend, and she had a partay and there was this girl and she was walking around with a digital camera and she was one of those girls at a party that takes photos of people with the camera like right there -has his fingers up close up in front of his face- and seriously she was a bit drunk and she was just walking through the room and then going -camera noise- just randomly taking photos and I was like 'every single photo on that camera is gonna be monstrous' so when she was sitting down and looking like she was gonna be sick, I was like 'can I borrow your camera, all I'm gonna do is walk around and take some good photos' and she was like 'okay' and then I took her camera, went upstairs and deleted every photo on her camera with me in it. Score. Probably didn't notice, but that was funny. There was a personal picture I saved myself from some true horror."

30:34 Chat: "Do you love all your fans?" - Dan: "Well, not all of my youtube subscribers like to call themselves fans. Some of them do, and that's fine, but either way I definitely love all of my subscribers. Even the ones who are a bit silly sometimes and don't understand my jokes, that's not their fault. Well it is, but I'm not gonna be angry at them about it cause I'm fricking Mother Theresa, okay."

31:13 Chat: "Can you cook anything?" - Dan: "I cooked today, a crazy Indian thing. It was very tasty."

31:50 Plays the Mario theme with his cheeks. Truly a sight to behold if you love Dan's mouth

32:48 Chat: "Jesus bracelet?" - Dan: "They're actually kittens, as you can see. Kittens. Would it be offensive if I wore the Jesus one ironically? I feel like it would, so I'm just wearing the kittens one cause that way I won't get called an evil guy. I am an evil guy who are we kidding. I'm so evil."

33:23 Would want a not evil twin cause an evil twin would just constantly do evil things

33:53 Chat: "Does Phil swear around the house?" - Dan: "He tries to but then a beeping sound just happens. God just goes beep really loudly."

36:08 Appreciation of the production of pop music - "I like Kesha, well I don't like Kesha like a 14 year old gay guy likes Kesha but I just appreciate it"

41:43 Chat: "Short hair doesn't suit you." - Dan: "Well, sorry if you want me to look like a big lesbian, but I think it does suit me. I think it does. I think it makes my face look cheekbone-ier."

42:12 Doesn't want a quiff because every single guy in England looks like that

43:31 Chat: "Cider?" - Dan: "Yeah, me and Phil have recently become obsessed with expensive cider that's fruity tasting. Seriously. It's a Swedish cider brand called Rekorderlig who make loads of tasty ciders and it's like mmm"

43:51 He, Phil, and Chris went to Lionhead Studios today, played a horse game, it was weird

45:23 He's glad Anthony Padilla still follows him on twitter, it was validating to him - "Like seriously when Charlie McDonnell followed me on twitter, it was like an academy award or something. It was like a seal of approval that I'm respected by my peers basically."

45:54 Likes Pewdiepie, could never make as many videos as him because he likes to eat and play video games after he's made a video

46:30 "I'm really OCD about the order of my videos. Like, a lot of people are like 'how do you come up with video ideas' I'm the opposite of this. I have a video ideas file on my computer which literally probably has more than 40 video ideas that I could make. So when they're like 'ooh video every week, Dan, are you sure you can come up with the ideas' I have the ideas, for me it's just whether it feels right to put that idea after the next idea, and for me in my head, it was 'oh god, I made three reasons why Dan's a fail in a row, how did I do that, oh dear'. Sexy internet dating 2 cause that's so different to everything, that's like okay, a bit different. Then I was gonna post a video that I'm filming with a youtuber next week on Thursday, but I can't do that now because I'd planned the next sequence of my three videos and I got really excited and now I can't do that until next Tuesday and it's like my video order OCD is like ahhhh and it's ruining my life to be honest. Ruining my entire life, serious business, first world problems."

49:23 Tried on a pair of jeans from Allsaints and the buttons popped off story

57:25 Chat: "What do you think about Phil's Toxic vid?" - Dan: "What, his lip syncing one? I think the cover's really good." - starts talking about the Toxic sexy intro

57:47 Plays a bit of Sunburn by Muse on the piano

1:00:10 Plays a bit more Einaudi on the piano

1:00:40 Goes to see Phil - I'd truly recommend watching the last 11 minutes of this liveshow because they are honestly some of the best dan and phil minutes that have graced the internet

1:01:29 "Is this the sympathy Phil in a hoody?"
Phil: "I'm so ill, it's just hit me like a car"
Dan: "How come I'm not ill? We went to the same partay"
Phil: "I don't know"
Dan: "Did you make out with somebody? I bet you did"
Phil: "No"
Dan: "You made out with a slug didn't you"
Phil: "I made out with a slug"
Dan: "You got wasted and made out with a giant..."

1:01:47 Phil has Strepsils and other medicines - he got excited by buy one get one free at the pharmacy

1:02:07 Dan likes Lemsip drinks, Phil doesn't

1:02:25 Phil thanks people for the 'get-well-soons'
Dan: "You're hamming it up so much"
Phil: "I'm not"
Dan: "Why have you got your effing hood on"
Phil: "Cause I'm cold"
Dan: "You're inside you gimp and the radiators are on"
Phil: "I'm dying"
Dan: "No you're not. You heard that I was coming in so you put up your hood so that everyone will feel sorry for you"
Phil: "I've been like this" - Folds into himself-
Dan: "No you haven't. We were playing Kinect earlier, you were groping a horse at high speed and now you're pretending to be ill"

1:02:52 Dan: "Someone asked me what I thought of your Toxic video"
Phil: "Oh really, what did you think?"
Dan: "I said the song's good, I don't really have an opinion of you lip syncing to it. It was very old school wasn't it, back then"
Phil: "It was. I like that video"
Dan: "That kind of video, like when you could just do things like that"
Phil: "I wanna do another music video"
Dan: "The good old days when it wasn't so serious business"

1:03:18 Sexual Toxic discussion and attempts - truly incredible and the origins of the Toxic intro Thing that has survived the years

1:05:39 Dan: "Wow, you're just sex defined, aren't you Phil. Seriously. The ladies can't handle it."

1:06:10 Phil: "I'm probably going to go to bed after this"
Dan: "Liar. How was your documentary on the guy who can't forget?"
Phil: "It was kinda boring actually"
Dan: "Yeah, I thought it would be. I think we heard the whole thing this morning"
Phil: "Yeah, it could have been like 10 minutes long... It was a guy who could remember everything in his life, which I can do too I just don't brag about it on tv"
Dan: "Hah, ooh. No you can't"
Phil: "Ask me"
Dan: "Okay, what happened on the 10th of February 2011?"
Phil: "10th of February 2011... I went to the shop and bought some milk"
Dan: "No you didn't"
Phil: "I did"
Dan: "No you didn't"
Phil: "What did I do"
Dan: "You were with me in Wokingham"
Phil: "Really?"
Dan: "Ha ha ha, foiled"
Phil: "How do you know that?"
Dan: "Because it's my mums birthday, that's why I remember. Foiled"
Phil: "Oh, I went to that. Foiled."
Dan: "You are such a bag of lies"
Phil: "I'm not a lie, you're a bag of lies"
Dan: "No. You're a bag of lies, you're not a lie, I'm not being that mean"

1:07:19 Chat: "Have you been taking care of Phil?" Dan: "Not really."
Phil: "I only got ill like really quickly"
Dan: "I made you stack the dishwasher"
Phil: "Yeah. He made dinner. I didn't want to make food"
Dan: "I made dinner but that's because I was effing hungry and food is all I care about."
Phil: "Yeah, but it kind of just attacked me today. As I was playing with the horse."

1:07:45 Dan makes Phil turn off the lights as in the Fable Kinect game and it's just essentially jerking off with his hand movements

1:07:57 Phil: "I want to cover my hands in glitter glue and then pick it off. I might do that for rest of the day"
Dan: "And that's what you missed on Phil"

1:09:56 Phil sticks a sticker on Dan's face

1:10:28 Phil sticks another sticker on Dan's face
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by idk » Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:57 am

Dan liveshow: August 28th, 2012
1:58 Early liveshow because he's going somewhere tonight

3:43 Phil's doing "Phil things in his Phil life"

16:05 Dan has a tradition of spamming his latest video with a random word, this week it's "uterus"

19:44 He read something on tumblr and he's thinking of starting a segment called 'stupid thing dan saw on tumblr of the week' "I'm only joking, I love every body"

20:03 "I've had lots of people talking about me and Phil sharing clothes. Just because, regardless of situation, we've worn the same print of t-shirt on about 4 occasions over the last 3 years doesn't mean we share clothes like sisters do or something like that. It's like we own several items of the same clothing cause we've either been given them by somebody like baby cakes or stuff like that but me and Phil don't like each other's clothes so don't worry about that"

20:41 "Although I do kind of hate phil cause even though I got the bigger bedroom in this apartment, he's got a bigger bed. He's got like a quad billion king size bed with a memory foam mattress and I slept on an air bed for 3 weeks and then bought a bed off eBay"

20:58 "It's not good to lie said Abby. I want to punch you in the face. I'm only joking"

21:08 Chat: "Denial much" - Dan: "No. Stop being creepy"

21:27 London talk: He likes london, they have friends in London which is why they wanted to move there and now they have too many friends who won't leave their house. People have been staying at their house almost every day "I've had more youtubers sleeping in my bed than I can name to be honest. I'm a pretty lucky guy." Most of them have been youtubers, some weren't. Majority are boys.
22:10 "We have had couple of ladies though. Of course, get some ladies back to my place."

22:29 The Edinburgh diary videos are up "If you wanna see Phil get in a four way with a bunch of cabaret girls then it's good to go"

22:39 Chat: "Do you have a girlfriend" - Dan: "Not at the moment. I'm the selfish centre of my own universe. Guild Wars 2 is my girlfriend at the moment and that's all I want"

22:48 Chat: "They were straight on Phil" -Dan: "They were straight on Phil. Wingman of the year 2012. Basically there were these cabaret dancers at this show that me and Phil went to in like proper moulin rouge clothing, and they were basically the people me and Phil got friends with the most just cause they were really nice but it's quite funny, if you go to the day 3 video at some point I'm filming them and I'm asking them how they're so flexible and they say 'we can touch our toes because of all this practise that we do' and then I said 'well why don't you try to make Phil touch his toes' and then all of a sudden he finds himself surrounded by loads of mostly naked girls being bent over trying to touch his toes. It was pretty funny and I got to film it. Didn't get to join in though, but I know how to sacrifice myself for my bro, I'm not a cockblocker, man, I just throw him into a pit full of naked ladies. He was probably a bit scared to be honest. It was a bit awkward but I was laughing behind the camera. It was good. Bros. Bro feels."

24:23 He forgot to eat yesterday because he was playing GW2 all day

24:43 His school used to have a 'Japan day' where everything was Japanese, his teachers wore kimonos and he had a bad sushi experience which is why he doesn't really like it

30:42 Old man who lives across from him was staring at him getting changed in the morning

32:21 Went to the tate modern the other day and he did an actual art appreciation face according to 'some friends'

33:30 Chat: "Gaming channel?" - Dan: "Possibly but I couldn't do that and the SAP so what would you guys prefer to see? Would you prefer to see Phil and Dan gaming or SAP? I'm just throwing this out there, cause we are pretty funny I do say so, going by our sonic 4 and crash bandicoot. 'Both' said somebody... Maybe. Well there will be S3 SAP and maybe I'll have a/ we'll have a/ a bunch of people will have a gaming channel at some point. Cause to be honest I feel like there's a lot of people who get like a billion views with gaming videos and they're just really fricking boring like 'oh hey guys, oh I'm playing mine craft today, oh look at this thing' whereas I feel like some of the actual youtubers would be pretty entertaining"

34:47 Side channel talk - the reason why he hasn't uploaded to dini like he said he would is because his "super epic 15 hour long Vegas adventure" video is still being edited. Because the Vegas video will take a long time to upload he asks whether people would prefer he do side channel vlogs until Vegas is uploaded or wait until Vegas has been uploaded and do them after

37:15 "'Phan' said somebody into the chat. What about it? Good for you"

37:22 Chat: "Naked vlog?" - Dan: "Probably not. One day if I get sexy I could do like a hiding behind objects calendar but I'm totes fat right now, um not really but I'm just not ready. I'm not ready psychologically."

37:57 He starts talking about social media, when he gets asked which he prefers he talks about how they all serve different purposes, uses the one direction fandom as an example - youtube is where they watch the music videos, twitter for the actual people, tumblr for fandom creepiness. He uses the 1D fandom as an example and then definitely begins to really make it not about one direction: "tumblr is the place where you go drawing naked pictures of them and write the fanfiction and take screenshots of them making eye conact with each other to prove that they're secretly in a gay relationship. That's what tumblr's for, cause god forbid anybody makes eye contact with somebody of the same sex, tumblr will be on you"

42:10 "Why would you type 'do you ship phan' into the chat? Unless you're doing it to be funny in which case fair enough. Obviously not. Yeah, I'm only worried for your sanity if that's an actual question if you're joking then you go person but if that's an actual question then I worry for your face."

42:55 Goes to get Phil - "Philip, can you come?"

43:30 Dan to Phil: "How are you today?"
Phil: "I'm good. Haven't seen you all day because you've been playing guild wars 2"
Dan: "That's all I'm doing with my life at the moment"
Phil: "I've been tiding the house"
Dan: "Go you, you tidy that house"

44:23 Phil's just hit 300,000 subscribers, congrats

44:49 They eat cheese llama bites

45:36 They show a cup they got when they went to the 'bodies' exhibit in Vegas, it was full of dead bodies and it was cool

47:56 They wouldn't hire other people to edit their videos
Dan: "I don't even trust Phil to edit videos. I edit all of the SAP and all the Edinburgh videos"
Phil: "No, I do half of the SAP, that's not true"
Dan: "You do the news"
Phil: "And the other.. Like half of it"
Dan: "Which ones?"
Phil: "The segment and the news"
Dan: "Oh the segment, it's been so long I can't even remember what it's about"

48:34 They were on Jeremy Kyle

49:13 They do that alternating sound thing they've been doing a lot recently after one of them says something dumb

49:33 V-neck talk - Dan bought a v neck once (his dan mail 2 shirt) and can't decide whether he likes them

51:29 Phil entertains Dan's audience as Dan changes his shirt

52:43 Phil was taking the recycling out and the recycling man told him to throw it in the truck so he did but it missed the truck and the man laughed at him

53:20 Talks about clavicles and shows them - talks about licking toffee sauce and strawberry gel out of his clavicles

55:26 Phil says they need to go making it clear that Dan's plans tonight also involve him
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by 000dia000 » Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:34 pm

idk wrote:Dan liveshow: August 28th, 2012
1:58 Early liveshow because he's going somewhere tonight

3:43 Phil's doing "Phil things in his Phil life"

16:05 Dan has a tradition of spamming his latest video with a random word, this week it's "uterus"

19:44 He read something on tumblr and he's thinking of starting a segment called 'stupid thing dan saw on tumblr of the week' "I'm only joking, I love every body"

20:03 "I've had lots of people talking about me and Phil sharing clothes. Just because, regardless of situation, we've worn the same print of t-shirt on about 4 occasions over the last 3 years doesn't mean we share clothes like sisters do or something like that. It's like we own several items of the same clothing cause we've either been given them by somebody like baby cakes or stuff like that but me and Phil don't like each other's clothes so don't worry about that"

20:41 "Although I do kind of hate phil cause even though I got the bigger bedroom in this apartment, he's got a bigger bed. He's got like a quad billion king size bed with a memory foam mattress and I slept on an air bed for 3 weeks and then bought a bed off eBay"

20:58 "It's not good to lie said Abby. I want to punch you in the face. I'm only joking"

21:08 Chat: "Denial much" - Dan: "No. Stop being creepy"

21:27 London talk: He likes london, they have friends in London which is why they wanted to move there and now they have too many friends who won't leave their house. People have been staying at their house almost every day "I've had more youtubers sleeping in my bed than I can name to be honest. I'm a pretty lucky guy." Most of them have been youtubers, some weren't. Majority are boys.
22:10 "We have had couple of ladies though. Of course, get some ladies back to my place."

22:29 The Edinburgh diary videos are up "If you wanna see Phil get in a four way with a bunch of cabaret girls then it's good to go"

22:39 Chat: "Do you have a girlfriend" - Dan: "Not at the moment. I'm the selfish centre of my own universe. Guild Wars 2 is my girlfriend at the moment and that's all I want"

22:48 Chat: "They were straight on Phil" -Dan: "They were straight on Phil. Wingman of the year 2012. Basically there were these cabaret dancers at this show that me and Phil went to in like proper moulin rouge clothing, and they were basically the people me and Phil got friends with the most just cause they were really nice but it's quite funny, if you go to the day 3 video at some point I'm filming them and I'm asking them how they're so flexible and they say 'we can touch our toes because of all this practise that we do' and then I said 'well why don't you try to make Phil touch his toes' and then all of a sudden he finds himself surrounded by loads of mostly naked girls being bent over trying to touch his toes. It was pretty funny and I got to film it. Didn't get to join in though, but I know how to sacrifice myself for my bro, I'm not a cockblocker, man, I just throw him into a pit full of naked ladies. He was probably a bit scared to be honest. It was a bit awkward but I was laughing behind the camera. It was good. Bros. Bro feels."

24:23 He forgot to eat yesterday because he was playing GW2 all day

24:43 His school used to have a 'Japan day' where everything was Japanese, his teachers wore kimonos and he had a bad sushi experience which is why he doesn't really like it

30:42 Old man who lives across from him was staring at him getting changed in the morning

32:21 Went to the tate modern the other day and he did an actual art appreciation face according to 'some friends'

33:30 Chat: "Gaming channel?" - Dan: "Possibly but I couldn't do that and the SAP so what would you guys prefer to see? Would you prefer to see Phil and Dan gaming or SAP? I'm just throwing this out there, cause we are pretty funny I do say so, going by our sonic 4 and crash bandicoot. 'Both' said somebody... Maybe. Well there will be S3 SAP and maybe I'll have a/ we'll have a/ a bunch of people will have a gaming channel at some point. Cause to be honest I feel like there's a lot of people who get like a billion views with gaming videos and they're just really fricking boring like 'oh hey guys, oh I'm playing mine craft today, oh look at this thing' whereas I feel like some of the actual youtubers would be pretty entertaining"

34:47 Side channel talk - the reason why he hasn't uploaded to dini like he said he would is because his "super epic 15 hour long Vegas adventure" video is still being edited. Because the Vegas video will take a long time to upload he asks whether people would prefer he do side channel vlogs until Vegas is uploaded or wait until Vegas has been uploaded and do them after

37:15 "'Phan' said somebody into the chat. What about it? Good for you"

37:22 Chat: "Naked vlog?" - Dan: "Probably not. One day if I get sexy I could do like a hiding behind objects calendar but I'm totes fat right now, um not really but I'm just not ready. I'm not ready psychologically."

37:57 He starts talking about social media, when he gets asked which he prefers he talks about how they all serve different purposes, uses the one direction fandom as an example - youtube is where they watch the music videos, twitter for the actual people, tumblr for fandom creepiness. He uses the 1D fandom as an example and then definitely begins to really make it not about one direction: "tumblr is the place where you go drawing naked pictures of them and write the fanfiction and take screenshots of them making eye conact with each other to prove that they're secretly in a gay relationship. That's what tumblr's for, cause god forbid anybody makes eye contact with somebody of the same sex, tumblr will be on you"

42:10 "Why would you type 'do you ship phan' into the chat? Unless you're doing it to be funny in which case fair enough. Obviously not. Yeah, I'm only worried for your sanity if that's an actual question if you're joking then you go person but if that's an actual question then I worry for your face."

42:55 Goes to get Phil - "Philip, can you come?"

43:30 Dan to Phil: "How are you today?"
Phil: "I'm good. Haven't seen you all day because you've been playing guild wars 2"
Dan: "That's all I'm doing with my life at the moment"
Phil: "I've been tiding the house"
Dan: "Go you, you tidy that house"

44:23 Phil's just hit 300,000 subscribers, congrats

44:49 They eat cheese llama bites

45:36 They show a cup they got when they went to the 'bodies' exhibit in Vegas, it was full of dead bodies and it was cool

47:56 They wouldn't hire other people to edit their videos
Dan: "I don't even trust Phil to edit videos. I edit all of the SAP and all the Edinburgh videos"
Phil: "No, I do half of the SAP, that's not true"
Dan: "You do the news"
Phil: "And the other.. Like half of it"
Dan: "Which ones?"
Phil: "The segment and the news"
Dan: "Oh the segment, it's been so long I can't even remember what it's about"

48:34 They were on Jeremy Kyle

49:13 They do that alternating sound thing they've been doing a lot recently after one of them says something dumb

49:33 V-neck talk - Dan bought a v neck once (his dan mail 2 shirt) and can't decide whether he likes them

51:29 Phil entertains Dan's audience as Dan changes his shirt

52:43 Phil was taking the recycling out and the recycling man told him to throw it in the truck so he did but it missed the truck and the man laughed at him

53:20 Talks about clavicles and shows them - talks about licking toffee sauce and strawberry gel out of his clavicles

55:26 Phil says they need to go making it clear that Dan's plans tonight also involve him
These liveshows are so many layers of cringe :facepalm: can't understand how you can watch them and not want to flip the laptop and scream. Btw thanks for making these these are so interesting to see

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by oqua » Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:17 pm

mez29 wrote: to all of you, your names will be remembered.
Oh my goodness, truly! Thank you so much fancybum, ticia, lain, starlight-still, anathema, ocelot, and idk!!!!

This thread has seriously surpassed all my wildest dreams and expectations! It's such a treasure trove of information!!

Ahhh I'm so happy right now reading through all these. :D
busy being happy~

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by oqua » Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:15 pm


I added a table of contents to the first post on the thread. So if you want to quickly check if a certain liveshow has been covered here, hopefully that will be useful!

I will update it as people add new shows to this thread. :)
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by papierklemmen » Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:16 pm

21:27 London talk: He likes london, they have friends in London which is why they wanted to move there and now they have too many friends who won't leave their house. People have been staying at their house almost every day "I've had more youtubers sleeping in my bed than I can name to be honest. I'm a pretty lucky guy." Most of them have been youtubers, some weren't. Majority are boys.
22:10 "We have had couple of ladies though. Of course, get some ladies back to my place."
that caught my attention... interesting... so when did their narrative change to "we have no friends" then? were they still not marketing themselves as "relatable recluses" back in 2012?

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by idk » Mon Jan 02, 2017 5:31 am

Dan liveshow: December 11th, 2012
0:30 Chat: "Nice cardigan, gay boy" - Dan: "It's a hoodie, you fricking idiot. God how stupid do you feel, Elaine. God, Elaine. Who invented Elaine."

2:37 Chat: "Apartment tour?" - Dan: "No. You've seen all of my apartment.”

2:57 Drowning in ladies would be a good thing

6:21 He sent his family his Christmas list today. It had books, tv shows etc on it

8:01 Seeing Skyfall tomorrow

8:11 He’s been so busy lately, he’s been too tired to do anything with his spare time

9:03 Men vs Women was his latest video. He was talking to ‘other youtubers’ and commenters who were saying it was funny that “even though you put up a screen saying that the video was supposed to be entertaining people were still going ptttfffff in the comments which was quite funny. Although, I don’t think they’re my subscribers. I think a lot of people that randomly saw the video came to it and then all it takes is one 12 year old boy in the comments to go ‘kicking in the nuts is well harder than child birth’ shit storm 9000. Seriously. It’s pretty funny though. I do recommend reading the… people are saying it’s a cardigan. It’s not, it’s a zippy zip hoodie. I actually lost this for like 3 months and then I just fricking found it under an airbed in my… laundry cupboard or something.”

11:31 He’ll see if he feels like editing the Vegas video over the Christmas break

11:46 “Amber B says are you gay cause I’m gay for you and a girl. That makes no sense but no.”

12:49 He doesn’t spam the comments of his videos anymore “cause a bunch of people had a problem with that” even though he thought it was funny

13:44 He “really, really likes Anne Hathaway in many, many ways” so he’ll go see Les Mis

14:06 Running jokes he can’t get away from: placenta, llama, delia smith, ‘where’s phil’, shitstorms

15:01 His favourite colours are white, gold, black

15:13 “Stephanie said ‘I bet Phil’s doing Phil things in his Phil life’ I think you’re on to it. How’d you know?”

17:54 “Chalendar cocklets”

18:17 He’s going to have a blog where he talks ‘behind’ his videos. He’s going to talk about why he makes the videos etc

19:05 He doesn’t like the new youtube, wants it to stop trying to be a social media site (display pictures now appear with comments on videos.) He thinks it’s ‘generally better’ even though the new homepage sucks

19:58 He doesn’t reply to emails from subscribers because it’s for srs bsns only. Twitter, facebook, tumblr are where he talks with subscribers

20:19 Someone got a B in English - “If you were Asian I’d disown you, will not do, go read some Shakespeare.”

21:47 This Thursday he and Phil are going to a srs Radio 1 thing for R1 presenters and he’s terrified because famous people will be there and he doesn’t want to look like a gimp

22:36 He can’t escape being the ‘weirdo from the internet’

22:42 Chat: “What’s the age limit young and old dating?” – Dan: “That’s just a weird question to be fair, isn’t it?”

23:23 “I finished school and then I dropped out of college to become a full time internet homo."

27:28 “I’m not that socially awkward all the time but I do a number of incredibly socially awkward things all the time at completely random moments and trust me when I say there are many more reasons why dan’s a fail videos that could be made.”

28:26 Chat: “You’re rapidly approaching 1 million subscribers, thoughts?” – Dan: “Rapidly? I dunno, it’s still going to be several, several months. On one hand I think it’s absolutely insanely mental. On the other hand, a lot of youtubers do now. Like I don’t even think you’re in the top 60 youtubers if you get a million subscribers now so the times are changing but it’s still absolutely insane and incredible and I’ll be very happy if it happens. Eventually. I’d like to get there before Jack Harries. It probably won’t happen. Unless I start trying a bit harder.”

29:06 Chat: “Do you miss Manchester?” – Dan: “Yeah, I used to live in Manchester in the UK up north and I liked it cause it was quite a small town centre that was very nice and I lived very close to it which was convenient but all my friends are in London so I think I’d be very depressed.”

30:14 ‘Are you wearing make up’ is going to become the new ‘where’s phil’

31:20 Chat: “What’s your Christmas present for your friend?” – Dan: “Probably something selfish that I can enjoy too like a video game.”

32:24 Chat: “Thoughts about Portugal?” - Dan: “It’s very nice. I’ve been there a couple times. You have good beaches.”

38:57 Chat: “Why don’t you have cat whiskers?” – Dan: “I don’t traditionally have cat whiskers unless I’m making a phil is not on fire video. And when I say ‘I’m making it’ I just kind of sit there.”

43:34 He’s talking about people who he should get his hair cut like, someone mentions Zayn: “People are allowed to joke about Zayn cause he’s like an 11 out of 10”

49:55 He wasn’t a total wallflower at school, he did go to prom. He went to two proms when he was 18 because his girlfriend at that time went to a different school

50:20 Doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment - “I’m married to the internet. Almost literally.”

53:38 He’s talking about the midnight beast & kesha and how they did a tik tok cover and someone says their cover is better than Kesha’s version – Dan: “Everyone, literally everyone, did a parody of tik tok. It’s like ‘hey you want 10 million views, do a tik tok parody’. Congrats ijustine. Do you feel cheap, ijustine? How do you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror? I’m only joking.”
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by idk » Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:49 am

Dan liveshow: Janurary 1st, 2013
0:15 He's wearing the galaxy shirt his grandma got him for Christmas

0:23 "Someone's already typed 'hipster' into the chat. Get out, you don't know what the word means. I'm only joking. I'm not joking, I just don't want you to feel offended."

0:42 Someone thinks his voice sounds different and asks if he's sick - "I'm not but thanks for saying that. That really helps my confidence and all that."

1:21 He was consuming alcohol yesterday but didn't get drunk

4:11 He didn't have a New Years kiss - "No. I didn't. I kissed some chocolate. That's okay, wasn't really expecting one."

6:41 He's not hungover today but he was about a week ago when he went out with some real life friends. He hadn't seen them in like a year so it doesn't count as friends. "Don't worry, guys. I don't have any friends. I'd let you know if I got any friends."

8:48 He got a bunch of dvd's for Christmas, a galaxy shirt, halo, "and then me and phil, my buddy that I live with, got a wiiu"

10:30 He wonders if the wiiu would work through the walls but then everyone would see the dolphin porn he looked at in his browser "cause I do that a lot"

12:10 He's worried that all his real life Facebook friends are watching his live show because he accidentally left a box checked before he went live

17:43 Discussion about the christmas radio show that he did with "mi amigo phil"

19:04 He's not going to promise to do a video every Friday anymore

20:09 Discusses who he should get his hair cut like, someone mentions miley cyrus and he says he could pull it off because her hair is just "slightly more lesbiany version of the hair I already have. Slightly."

20:54 He can always rely on the internet to ruin any situation that he tries to take seriously "which is a good thing"

21:22 Hannah Hart said she may want to do a video with Dan. It may or may not happen.

24:43 Chat: "Who do you want to marry, Dan?" - Dan: "I don't know. Jesus, I'm only barely not a teenager. I don't want to be thinking about marriage right now. Need to be thinking about regressing back into childhood and playing video games."

27:37 Shipping is an addiction, get out while you can. "It makes everyone go mental."

28:20 He's gonna watch les mis with his grandma

32:17 Gives a masterclass on how to eat malteasers

38:13 He doesn't find day in the life videos "creatively satisfying" to make but that doesn't mean he won't do them every once in a while

40:08 Chat asks him to make a video with Charlie - "I would if he wanted to be my friend"

42:00 He won't do every day vlogs for a lot of reasons, most notably: it takes away from the other stuff you do, radio show etc

43:24 He's implied a few times throughout the stream that the Vegas vid isn't going to happen. Chat: "What is the story behind the Vegas video? - Dan: "I went to Las Vegas last June for my birthday and to go to vid con so I basically went to Vegas, met up with a few people, had some fun. I just went as a holiday but then I just happened to film some of the things I got up to and then I was like 'oh yeah I could edit that' and then people were like 'yeah, that's a good idea' and then people were like 'so dan, are you gonna upload this thing' and I was like 'oh yeah, yeah maybe later' and then like two months later people were like 'dan, what did you do with those things that you filmed in las vegas' and I'm like 'oh yeah, I'm not gonna edit that cause it's gonna take ages to edit so I'll do it at some point' and then it became an inside joke where people go 'vegassss videooooo where are you??!?!' So it's like the reality of what I filmed in Las Vegas is a lot [less] interesting than how funny the joke is but one day I might do it."

44:58 It's like the India vlog that's never going to see the light of day

45:24 "After watching Life of Pi it made me really wanna go back to India. It made me wanna become a Hindu cause it seems so amazing and spiritual. I like the spiritual religions a bit more than the more straight and narrow ones. There's just something about the romanticness and the moral stories of Hinduism that's like 'oh that's just nice and it's making people nice people' whereas like catholic it's like oh god. No offence to catholic people."

46:16 He's not mean but if someone says something stupid he may be a bit sassy but only in a jokey way - "I'm never negative. I'm only ever trying to make people laugh cause I don't take life seriously. It's probably some kind of weird emotional problem. 'Dan, why don't you take life seriously ever' is there something that you're trying to... It's probably just procrastination. I don't want to deal with life. I'm procrastinating from dealing with life's issues so I just try to make everything funny all the time, oops."

47:45 Chat: 'What's the youngest you would date?' - Dan: "Aren't you aware of how that is the weirdest question you could ever ask someone... That is just a weird question. No offence to you but it is a bit strange."

49:16 He tells the story of the blue statue thing that he has on his nightstand - "I went out with some friends over the Christmas period from school and we went to this bar and I accidentally stole a cup. One might ask 'dan, that's a bit big, how did you steal that cocktail glass' okay it was an accident. Okay, I didn't mean to. I was making a joke and I put it down my trousers cause someone said 'that'd make a good cod piece' and I was like 'would it', put it down my trousers and then I forgot that I put it down my pants. I literally forgot that this was behind my belt so when I got home I was like 'I'm really uncomfortable' and I was like 'what the hell' so now I've got this lovely cocktail glass/toothbrush holder. So yeah, sorry. Stealing is bad. Don't steal unless it seems morally right to you for some reason. Don't steal."

50:27 "I was wearing quite baggy jeans so I don't think I realised. It was just under my belt. So it wasn't that noticeable cause it was just under my belt but the fact that no one else noticed that this was behind my belt is... Clearly they were a bit too drunk."

51:18 Goes to see his friend phil cause people would be sad if he didn't

52:00 "Do you want to say hi, flatmate"

53:05 They're talking about how to eat malteasers, phil just sucks them - Phil: "You gotta let the pleasure last."

53:47 Phil got Death Note, burger socks, egg socks, banana socks (from his mum), dessert flavoured gum (from Cornelia), a book called 'Unlikely Friendships' (from his mum) - it's a book about unlikely friendships between animals, eg/ a kitten & deer, snake & hamster. Dan's favourite one is a goat and hippo.

58:25 Dan's had really bad chapped lips for about a month. Chapstick isn't working, Phil says it's because Dan doesn't drink enough - Dan: "I have a fricking vagina in my lip. It's a crevasse. It's a meat crevasse... I have a clunge on my face."

59:50 Phil's New Years resolutions are to eat less crisps, go to the cinema more, have more fun, more videos
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by idk » Tue Jan 03, 2017 2:59 am

Dan Liveshow: October 23rd, 2012
2:22 He's tired today because he was up late editing a SAP video

3:14 He's going to see Muse this Friday at the O2

3:23 His latest video was the 'how to speak internet' with Jack & Finn Harries. He felt it hadn't been done before because people usually do "how to speak my little ethnic minority"

4:34 He and Phil don't really have time to being doing SAP because they're super busy now, unlike when they first started doing it

8:32 He finally put up his GW2 poster above his piano - "I totally ship him with a different guy. The only guy I ship with somebody. Got Guild Wars feels I do."

9:47 Chat: 'What do you order at Starbucks?' - Dan: "Caramel macchiato but at the moment I'm having the salted caramel mocha which is extremely fat but yolo."

10:00 Chat: 'Can you and Phil sing Always?' - Dan: "No, I don't like singing."

10:25 They're still on season 1 of Full Metal Alchemist

10:31 "You homo said somebody. Surprisingly not. I feel like I should be. No, wow, okay. Without context Dan what the hell are you on about? No. Just... I'm not gonna even explain that. No. Just shut up." this part is so weird. the comment literally comes out of nowhere and he offers no context to it at all idek

10:56 November is his favourite month

12:32 Chat: 'What's your view on the presidential elections?' - Dan: "Ooh, I shouldn't influence politics. Well you always have to choose between the lesser of two evils don't you and based on my personal views I'm probably more of an Obama girl."

12:55 His least favourite season is spring

15:27 The India video is a lost cause "It's in the same category as the Vegas video except I'm telling myself I'm gonna do that one day"

15:43 He doesn't think Scotland should become an independent country - "I don't think it should because it pretty much has its own independence as a country, like it has its own nationality and heritage and individuality. So much. The only thing it benefits from is the economicness and not having to deal with so much political crap because London does it all for it. I mean there is the Scottish government that sort out some stuff but Scotland would be so much worser off if it had to fend for itself in all these ways cause I dunno... people are like they wanna be proud of Scotland and they want it to be independent but I just feel like they... you know everyone knows how separate it is because of golf courses and kilts and bagpipes and everyone around the world knows what Scotland is. It doesn't need to make life harder for itself. That's just my opinion. I might have been massively ignorant cause I'm not Scottish."

17:23 He went to Huddersfield once when he went to visit Crabstickz, it was quite nice.

18:07 "Love a bit of Hayley Williams. Woof."

18:26 He was on the news on channel 4 the other week

18:38 Chat: 'Are you gay you said woof' - Dan: "Well I was saying... If woof gay? Is it? I was saying it in regards to Hayley Williams so I guess not."

18:47 He was on the news because of a youtube vlogger segment. They interviewed him and Phil for about an hour and asked a million questions - "They just used two answers and they completely cut out my friend which was quite funny but it also, they were like 'hm, to get you both in shot for this tv we need you to squeeze together' and we were like 'uh, what do ya mean' and they were like 'well'... No Emily J, I'm not gay. Are you deaf? We were debating whether saying woof is gay. I did not just say I am gay. Oh, Emily. But yeah they were like 'um, if you wanna get you both in shot, you need to get closer together' and we were like 'this is gonna look a bit awkward on the tv' and they were like 'no it won't' and everyone was like 'wow, you were sat really awkwardly close to your friend' and I was like 'yeah, me and Phil were touching thighs cause of the tv people'. Maybe the tv reporter was a phan shipper. Everywhere. Bastards."

20:54 Chat: 'How did you meet Phil?' - Dan: "We had a mutual friend in Manchester and I recognised him off the internet. A lot of people seem to think I used to be a fangirl of Phil, that was only a joke I made for a video. I didn't used to really watch that many British youtubers when I was like 14 and I was just watching youtubers for ages I used to just watch American youtubers really and gaming videos. I was one of those guys watching American girls and gaming videos but I did know who Phil was so then when I saw him in Manchester I was like 'you're off the internet'.

21:33 "Jamie G said he would go gay for me. Thank you, that's a big compliment. Maybe we are in an alternate universe."

22:02 Best gig ever was Muse at Wembley stadium in 2007

23:02 He had a Blink 182 pencil case when he was in school

23:13 Chat: 'Why don't you swear as much?' - Dan: "I do swear, I just censor it if it's either... We censor the Super Amazing Project cause Phil doesn't swear so Phil viewers might wanna watch it without getting sweared. I censor videos if I swear a lot and it's a bit vulgar but I will happily drop the f bomb whenever I feel like it cause I'm a rebel, obviously."

23:39 He can play the drums, he's very good

24:43 "I was into K Pop before Gangnam Style. I'm so cool."

24:48 Someone says his aura is very red "Is that good? Let me know."

25:17 Someone mentions they're into Frerad - "I feel like I'm not allowed to find things creepy because I have to have a more personal connection with the internet whereas if he's (Gerard Way) a mega successful guy in a band he can be like 'what the fuck, what the fuck is fanfiction, freaks'"

25:44 Gangnam Style is "too organic" to be considered KPop. "It's not manufactured and soulless enough."

26:00 There's no anon on his tumblr because he doesn't like spamming his tumblr with loads of asks, he just privately answers them

26:55 Chat: 'Where's Phil?' - Dan: "Doing Phil things in his Phil life. I'm guessing. Unless he's dead."

28:05 He found out that looking at any kind of animal porn is illegal. He used to have easter eggs on his tumblr and one was a link to one of his favourite shock sites 'eel soup' but he removed it.

29:25 Someone asks him if Chermion is real idky this is so funny to me - "Yes. I know this from personal experience that Cherimon is very real. Very."

30:23 Chat: 'Is Phil doing dishes again?' - Dan: "Yeah, I guess so. That's what the clinking is. I wake up and they're dealt with."

31:22 He recommends people play GW2. He's had a few people message him in game asking if it's really him, he ignores them. Someone asks what realm he plays in - "don't stalk me"

31:54 Some subscribers have planned a meet up in Hyde Park and he's aware of it. He said he would go but then the Toby Turner meet up ordeal happened and so he won't be going. It's now generally been decided it's a bad idea.

32:53 He saw You Me At Six in a bar in Reading in about 2005 when they had about 2000 friends on MySpace. He was friends with cool people on MySpace but he wasn't cool himself.

34:33 Chat: 'The channel 4 video makes you and Phil seem gay' - Dan: "Yeah, we went over this. They kept telling us to squish together cause we didn't fit."

35:57 He likes the idea of a gaming channel but "I wouldn't want to turn something I really like into a job. It'd probably get loads of views because there's a lot of gamers that have a lot of subscribers but I think I'm pretty funny. So I'm just saying that if I was to do gaming commentary it'd probably be more entertaining than the average person. But the people like Syndicate and Pewdiepie and Yogscast that have gaming channels all they do ever is just play games, record it and put it on youtube and I need time to just do nothing so I can't work. I can't be jealous of Tony Turner's success cause I could never work as hard as him."

36:41 Chat: 'Have a llama or marry Anthony?' - Dan: "Is that give birth to a llama or just own someone? Cause that would really change whether I'd get married to Anthony Padilla or not."

43:16 Chat: 'Snog/marry/avoid - Batman/Superman/Spider-Man' - Dan: "Avoid Batman, he seems a bit violent. Snog Spider-Man. Marry Superman. Cause I think superman has got the most promising career." Batman is too angsty to marry.

55:23 Listens to some Ludovico Einaudi (this is after he's been playing the llama song, afro circus etc)

58:50 Donnie Darko is one of his favourite movies

1:00:25 He doesn't really have a favourite book but he likes the Edge Chronicles, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Angels and Demons, Black Holes and Baby Universes by Stephen Hawking

1:01:05 He wants to start a segment where he tells people what articles he's been recently looking at on Wikipedia. He goes to his browser history and this week he's been looking at: "zoophilia, stang's law, spaghettification, gravitational singularity, super massive black holes, the French Revolution, the Age of Enlightenment, LaVeyan Satanism, satanic ritual abuse, satanism, satanic grottos, the Abbey of Thelema... Ordo Templi Orientis, illuminati, the New World Order, Freemasonry, Pazuzu, the exorcist, Metatron. That's the sort of stuff I read at 2am. If you're wondering why I'm weird, if you think I'm a weird guy that's obviously had some traumatic incidences I just do this to myself on a nightly basis. It's always post graduate level theoretical physics or something horrifically terrifying. Those are my two areas of interest."

1:02:43 The voice of god is supposedly Metatron. Dan imagines it has a whisk hand and a laser cannon with anime eyes 'oh, Christianity'

1:03:59 Phil enters Dan's room with an owl light

1:05:28 Phil's favourite film is The Science of Sleep

1:07:37 Phil has disappointing cereal

1:09:00 Dan: "My OTP is me and Rytlock Brimstone."

1:09:04 Phil helped Dan put up his GW2 poster

1:10:31 Dan plays Sunburn by Muse on the piano whilst Phil meows the lyrics
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by dollicious » Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:06 pm

this was a great thread idea . i really enjoy reading/writing timestamps and it is always interesting to see what other people pick up on in their ls. i watched the first dan and first phil liveshows as i’ve never seen a lot of the early ones.

Dan liveshow: 10 July 2012
there were countless more “ladies”/men proposing mentions i chose to leave out (i put enough in to give the idea of it).

1:31 - “if you’re wondering where i am uh me and phil have been flat hunting in london so i’m currently in the world’s most awful hotel room.”
4:47 - “chat: dan, you seem so hyper.” “d: if i sat here looking relaxed then everyone would be like ‘why were you sad on you now?’ so i just- i have to look uh suspiciously excited..”
8:47 - “where is phil by the way? he’s having a shower so uh yeah in his hotel room, which is not this hotel room.” i laughed too hard at this clarification.
9:38 - dan’s version of the brixton story
17:36 - “chat: why are you leaving manchester?” “d: basically, it’s cause all of my friends- mine and phil’s friends now live in london, all the work is in london, and also it’s time to just do the next exciting chapter in our lives.
24:02 - dan gets super camp when brendan proposes.
Image (gif from phan-liveshows).
26:37 - “why is it only boys asking me to marry them, c’mon ladies.. i mean no offense.”
28:26 - “stupid hoe - i’m not going to go into this right now.. i love stupid hoe, it’s an amazing song.” reminded me of SIMS 4 #31 where phil said dan makes him listen to it at least 5 times a year :lol:.
30:02 “chat: did you see ian and anthony naked at vidcon?” “d: i think i walked past that (laughs). me and phil got asked to do that and i was like no. it’s okay for ian and anthony looking like sex gods but i’d just be looking like jabba the hut who let loose over christmas, which wouldn’t be attractive.” sad to see dan constantly be so critical about his body image/weight.
33:53 - “maybe i’ll do a world tour one day.” said as a joke for everyone in the chat saying to come to the countries they live in. it made me weirdly happy to know that today d&p actually have done a world tour.
37:16 - “another boy proposing to me(...) let’s just all get married and live in a big house (pause) although there’s no girls that have proposed to me yet. ladies, what’s happening? we need some more girls in here what." (i had to take a break from these timestamps after this moment because it was hard to watch tbh).
37:59 - “interesting fact - when i was six i could pretty much speak french. what? yeah when i was about four my grandma took me to an extracurricular french classes so when i was like four i was doing french classes every sunday and i could speak insane french and then i just forgot, which sucks.” this is super interesting to me, i don’t think he has talked about taking french at age four before?
47:03 - “someone said ‘is that t-shit phil’s?’ it was, he bought it from all saints like a year ago and then only wore it once. (...) wears it in a video once and then never wears it again. how annoying is that? (...) silly phil.”
57:03 - “have you all seen my new video [drama llama] by the way? did you like it?(..) did you like it or do you wish i would shut up and stop giving my opinions. just wear t-shirt boobs and do stupid stuff, dan.” worried that people only like him for doing "stupid stuff."
58:58 [text to phil] “iight bitch get in my room.”
1:00:24 - (dan bursts into laughter) “hey mate, thanks for proposing to me.” (continues laughing) “seriously girls i just - ah man this is the gayest chat ever.”
1:01:21 - phil joins the ls.
1:03:29 - “d: get a twin room with your best friend he can see you pooping. okay, i’m sorry but even if a married couple stayed here wouldn’t that be a bit weird, being able to see through the toilet.” just thought it was an interesting jump - regardless of even being married he wouldn’t want to share the room because of lack of privacy in the toilet.
1:04:16 - discussion about getting drunk and having deep conversations at university.
1:05:46 - phil: “have you told them about our potential flat?”
dan: “uh, that it’s too expensive but it’s awesome.”
phil: “it’s awesome.”
dan: “yeah, like you know when you have to live in a place when you’ve already envisaged filming the SAP in it. that’s what i was doing.” i love this exchange so much and i always get nostalgic for SAP. it is cute that envisaging filming SAP was what dan was doing while flat hunting.
1:09:04 - phil’s version of the brixton story.
1:09:22 - “d: phil’s got this adorably dorky folder.”
1:12:09 - “are you wearing my t-shirt?” “d: uh, we’ve been over this” “p:what?” i thought it was funny phil only just noticed dan was wearing this shirt and also forgot that he gave it to him.
1:19:00 - synchronized singing the mario theme.
1:22:34 - “d: phil always pretends to edit videos and then i can hear him attempting to play the mario theme tune on my keyboard.”
1:23:40-1:27:26 - the longest goodbye off you now ever.[/spoiler]
Phil liveshow: 5 May 2012
with phil’s first liveshow i didn’t find much to comment on just a lot of games and requests for the most part. he also spent nearly half of the time trying to read the chat.

4:26-5:21 - tries accents from various places from people in the chat.
8:45 - does a dance.
9:22 - “chat: where is dan?” “p: dan is at his friend’s house, unfortunately.”
9:53 - “chat: dan has friends?” “p: yeah, he does have a friend.. that’s not me (laughs).” weird phrasing. also changed "friends" (plural) to "a friend" (singular).
20:51 - the drawing game.
31:55 - “should i make new ‘simons’ or would that just be horrible and against his memory? because i have another simon making kit but i don’t want to replace him like that.” well it took over 4 years but he did end up making more triops.
47:58 - “yes, i am single.”
48:22 - second drawing game.
56:05 - phil shows off his messy bedroom.
56:49 - “how did i meet dan? uh we were talking on twitter and then we had a friend that lived in manchester that we both knew, um which was weird. but then yeah, we met up and went to some youtube gatherings and stuff and we became best friends aww.” infamous 'mutual manchester friend' story :roll:. is this the first time he used this story?
58:20 - “see, i can’t lie. i wish i- i wish- well i don’t wish i was a good liar because i don’t think lying is something people should do generally but i suck at it.” this was in reference to people wanting him to prank call dan but it was funny when 2 min. prior he lied about how he and dan met :facepalm:.
58:33 - “chat: girls hate lying.” “p: i would never lie to a girlfriend..”
58:50 - “like i need a girlfriend to be able to watch horror films, that’s one of the requirements.”
1:03:48 - live ‘phil mail.’
1:12:07 - dan joins the ls.
1:12:37 - “p: you should sit on the bed so we can both be on.” “d: i’ll kneel awkwardly over it.”
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by lishachi » Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:09 am

really cool thread idea! i've had so much fun reading through, excited to see some more :D thanks for making these guys
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by idk » Thu Jan 26, 2017 7:11 am

Thought I'd mention what I often leave out: talk about llamas, placentas, Delia Smith, malteasers, talks about favourite and least favourite words, favourite bands, favourite tv shows, generally talk about favourite ___ unless it's particularly interesting, do you like x band, how are you all discussion, what he did for his gcse's, do you like/have you been to x country
These all show up almost, if not every, single liveshow.

Dan Liveshow: August 7, 2012
2:16 They haven't bought any paintings for the new apartment yet, they may put Phil's giant Buffy poster above the fireplace

2:29 Chat: "The hat makes you look like Sean Connery" - Dan: "Really? Well then, time to go womanizing. Heyhey."

2:48 His latest video was 5 Kinds of Drunk People. Someone says they loved it, "aw, you don't have to, you don't have to." Someone says they didn't see it "yeah, well I don't need you... you can go..."

4:15 He and Phil were on Radio1 yesterday doing a talent contest for the Edinburgh festival

6:45 Chat: "Short girls or tall girls?" - Dan: "I don't discriminate. Personality probably matters more than height."

6:53 Someone asks him about Amsterdam - he went to Amsterdam last year. It's very beautiful, he wants to take some people there. A "pimp guy" yelled at him for vlogging a girl in a red light district

7:17 Chat: "Play Slenderman with Phil" - Dan: "We've considered that quite strongly but that would maybe require making a gaming channel"

7:56 His and Phil's Jeremy Kyle episode plays a lot. Jeremy Kyle said he liked Dan's haircut

9:10 Chat: "Where's Phil?" - Dan: "He's in his room, I'm guessing. He's editing a video, how exciting"

9:52 The Domo lights on their fireplace are dead because they're American and when they were plugged into the wall they exploded

10:25 He is "man personified" because he built the coffee table, the tv stand, and the shelf thing adjacent to the couch. He's covered in cuts from all the construction

10:41 "I am manly. I didn't think I was cause I think me and [he pauses here and it seems very likely/definite his next word would be Phil but decides to say] "guys with haircuts like to joke about not being very manly but it's surprisingly easy actually building furniture"

13:24 He checks all messages on all social media, he just doesn't reply

13:46 He likes both tumblr and twitter. They both have difference purposes, they both have places in the world

14:27 He hasn't decorated his bedroom yet. He was going to have a 'theme' but people said that was stupid so he's not going to do it. He asks how he should decorate his room someone suggests "photos of Phil everywhere" he replies with "no, that would be fricking weird"

15:23 Everyone keeps commenting that all his shirts are black in his videos so he bought a purple shirt. He talks about how colourful shirts are how people stand out and be interesting in videos. “People need their eyes stimulated”

16:10 "KPop meets the grim reaper" will always be the fashion look he goes for

16:28 He and Phil were at Topman and Keith Lemon walked past them

18:24 He asks people to troll the comment section on his latest video with the phrase "sexy beavers"

19:21 Chat: "No offence but your videos aren't good lately" - Dan: "Well, you know, I've gained two thirds of the subscribers I've ever had in the last few months so obviously the majority disagrees with you, unfortunately"

20:03 "I react to negativity badly. It's a flaw of mine."

21:23 They have a few decorations in their apartment. Domo lights, Tetris lights, red beanbag. The person who lived there before them left art hooks in the walls so they had to get art, they got official Marvel Hulk and Ironman prints.

22:18 Chat: "You're not cool" - Dan: "Uh, that's kind of the point. The reason I'm relevant is because I'm not cool and lots of other people aren't cool and we all are friends with each other because we're not cool and we laugh at how not cool we are. So if you are a cool person who doesn't like the fact that I'm not cool, then I guess you're in the wrong place cause this is where the actual cool people to come hang out where cool is hanging up the phone cause you're too awkward to speak to the pizza guy. That's the kind of cool that I am."

23:40 People keep asking about the Vegas Vlog. "I'm making a video for Thursday cause I've got my new danisnotonfire video every Thursday thing that I'm trying out for the near future until I go mental or fail. I filmed an entire week of holiday and it's gonna take a while to edit. So, Vegas video is coming. It's gonna happen after my next danisnotonfire video because it's a very big undertaking to edit an entire week of crazy filming. But trust me, it will be very good when it comes."

24:35 He cooked a Jamie Oliver Japanese beef stir fry earlier because he's tired of eating the same thing every day "and I was like Phil, try this shit and he was like ohmygod and I was like yeah... It was good."

26:34 The walrus song is "a thing that's a thing even though Dan doesn't want it to be a thing" like placenta

26:44 He and Phil went and saw the Dark Knight Rises with a couple friends the other day

26:57 He hogged the flat tour video, so he's gonna let Phil do it for this apartment funny bc dan ends up doing it anyway

27:10 Anne Hathaway was sexy in the Dark Knight Rises

27:50 Chat: "Anne Hathaway's ass makes me question my sexuality" - Dan: "Well she underlines mine with a big frickin cement stamp. That ass."

28:01 He will talk about his university exam in an upcoming side channel vlog

28:21 He's going to start day in the life vlogs once week on his side channel rip

32:47 "It'd be quite good to be a guy in the dressage sports cause I suppose there's only gay guys and a million girls. So, you know, if you're a straight guy looking to get into a sport - dressage horses. You're gonna be up to your neck in clunge."

35:37 There was a "phandom police" blog on tumblr trying to "arrest" people for posting 'irrelevant things' in his and Phil's tumblr tags. "I kind of think it was funny, some people were kind of getting a bit offended and maybe the person was being a bit of a dick but drama llama" - tells people not to get serious about 'drama llamas'

36:51 He can't wear v necks "without sending people the wrong message" - he just mentioned v necks were 'camp'

37:55 Chat: "You're so posh" - Dan: "No, I'm not posh I just know how to talk. How someone talks doesn't mean they're posh cause posh implies they come from an upper class family with lots of money that do snooty things like dressage horsing. I'm not posh, I'm just articulate."

39:30 "The other day I was at a friend’s house and she's moving house and she was like 'just take any of my shit that you want' and she has a Cypriot boyfriend, a boyfriend from Cyprus, who gave her this weird instrument. I don't know what this is cause I haven't bothered looking it up, and I should, but do any of you guys know what this is?" it's a cymbala, he plays it

42:12 "Sophie's brother thinks I'm hot. Well, if I ever decide to bat for that camp, send him my number. That's a weird thing to say he might be like 10. I retract that statement."

52:30 He's asking people about their favourite tv shows, someone mentions Big Brother - "Phil is, Phil, my friend Phil is a big Big Brother fan so I always end up watching Big Brother just cause he always has it on"

56:30 He gets a text - one of his real life friends from Facebook, James he knew from high school, is watching right now

57:27 He's asking people to guess what his next video is going to be, someone mentions Phil's mum, he says no. Someone mentions his own mum - "No, it's not my mum. I wouldn't want that to be a video either."

59:43 He goes to get Phil - "Phil, get yo butt in here."

59:49 "That's how we communicate. He's like 'do you want a coffee' and I'm like 'yo bitch get your ass in here'"

1:01:25 Phil plays the Strawberry Song on the cymbala

1:03:26 They literally just spend the rest of the liveshow taking truth or dare requests for Truth or Dare 4[/spoiler]

Dan liveshow: August 21, 2012

6:26 Someone in the chat is from Israel. "That sounds exotic. Id like to be from Israel. Would I? Do people get Arrested for having weird hair in Israel? it seems like one of those places."

8:20 He would rather be too cold than too hot

9:40 Guild Wars 2 is out on Saturday, he’s excited

10:05 Phil is in the other room living his Phil life

10:19 He met some new people at Summer in the City (Jack and Finn, Bertie) but he’d met most people before

13:44 Chat: “Do you and Phil ever argue?” – Dan: “Yeah, I argued with him this morning cause he used all the milk. Seriously. Phil had to go somewhere this morning to do some work stuff, poured a massive bowl of frosted shreddies and used like all the milk. Oh, man. Oh, man. That’s just not on. You can’t just let your flatmate wake up to no milk. It’s just not good.”

18:16 He likes Muse’s new song (Madness)

19:56 He has a written list of topics to talk about

21:23 He’s had youtubers staying at his house - “one of the many reasons why me and Phil moved down from Manchester was cause basically all of our friends had moved so we had no friends”

21:51 They don’t really work for Radio1, they’re “just kind of friends at the moment” – they’ve been doing the Edinburgh Diaries “it’s really fun, me and Phil like everyone working with Radio1, we like everybody there, and it’s really fun”

22:17 Chat: “So you and Phil are living together?” – Dan: “Yeah we are. It’s kinda weird, as I learnt from… when I first started youtube I was still living at home with my parents and filming a video was the worst thing ever. I had to wait for all of my family to go out and then make a video and it was awful. Can you imagine me making one of my videos while my family are downstairs in our small house where you can hear everybody through the walls? The worst ever. So I couldn’t wait to get out of my parents house for youtube and then when I got to uni, it was kind of funny cause it’s like, if you’re a youtuber and you’re at uni there’s always the moment like where you have to come out to your flatmates about the fact that you’re a youtuber. It’s like ‘guys, guys, I’ve got something weird I need to tell you… I make youtube videos’ and then it’s like ‘what the hell is a youtube video’ but they liked it and that was cool but it was still a bit awkward, you know, people walking past your bedroom at three o’clock in the morning when I’m doing a fricking pom bear video. It’s awkward, so you know, living with a youtuber, if you are a guy that makes youtube videos a lot is the easiest thing cause, you know, if Phil walks past my bedroom at 2 o’clock in the morning wearing a Robert Pattinson mask, I won’t question, I’ll just go ‘oh, making a youtube video’ whereas most other people would be like ‘oh my god, what the hell, this guy’s a psycho, please help me, I’m calling the police’. So yeah, that’s why, that’s why I live with Phil, because if you’re a youtuber, living with a youtuber makes your life a lot less awkward, plus we like the same tv shows, which helps. It’d be really bad if we hated the same tv shows or different ones either.”

23:53 He likes living in London, he’s being having a lot of fun

24:26 He asks people for a word to troll the comments of his video with, this week it’s “butts”

28.53 Chat: “Is Phan real?” – Dan: “No. Dan, blowing holes in people ship since everyday ever”

31:40 Someone says he looks 14, he asks people what age they think he looks

32.26 “I do think I’m a couple years behind mentally. I think I’m a good person but I feel like if I was born 2 years earlier with the brain that I have, or you know, if I have the brain that I have now, two years ago my life would be more convenient. I took a long time to not be annoying and stupid.”

37:01 Chat: “Does Phil feel like an older brother to you? – Dan: “Very rarely. I think most of the time, as you can tell from our radio/SAP personality I’m the more, uh, cynical one, if you know what I mean.”

37:43 Vegas video will be soon

37:59 He finds it hard to get into fanfiction because it’s not canon but sometimes he reads it (if the show has ended, or if it’s continuing in the future) he doesn’t like AU’s

39:41 Chat: “Do you ship…” – Dan: “I probably don’t ship whatever gay couple you’re throwing at me but I appreciate that you probably do and I’m not gonna have a problem with it”

41.26 “Youtube fanfic is grim said Rebecca. A bit extreme. Some of it is just like, ‘and then Dan and Charlie went to the park and had some cupcakes’. It’s not always ‘and then Chris and PJ had dildo’s coming out of their ears’ although there is a lot of that. I’ve seen a lot of male youtubers wearing sailor outfits. Usually people link me to it like ‘hey Dan, read this’ and I’m like ‘oh god, oh god I didn’t want to imagine myself in that situation’”

43.03 Chat: “Are you homophobic?” – Dan: “No. Who’s homophobic in 2012? Seriously. Imagine if a youtuber was homophobic, they’d get destroyed. That’s one thing about youtube. You know, there’s a lot of stupid people, there’s good videos, there’s bad videos, there’s drama but, you know, there’s no homophobia. There’s no racism either. I mean, I’m sure there are weirdos who say homophobic or racist things on youtube but there aren’t any youtubers that are, you know, things like that. Which is good, you know what I mean? It’s good, it shows that we’re a part of the humanity that’s moving forward.”

46:14 Chat: “Do you ship Phan?” – Dan: “What do you think? No, surprisingly.”

49:33 “I’m very susceptible to music based emotionless” – he saw the hobbit trailer and almost cried because of nostalgia

52:32 Chat: “Am I important?” – Dan: “You are the centre of your own universe as a human with existence. So yes, you are important. Every human that can realise their own existence is important.”

53:22 Calls Phil to come into his room

57:29 “I said the other day that when I was decorating this room, which I haven’t finished doing yet, that I’m gonna try make this room into, you know, a pretentious tumblr cave with lots of little fairy lights everywhere and crap like that and Phil just said ‘oh great, so your room’s just gonna be fairy lights across every surface”
Phil: “You should let me say my parts. ‘Oh great so that means there’s gonna be fairy lights all over the surface”
Dan: “That’s what Phil said and then as a joke, when Phil went to the shops, I got some Christmas lights and I sellotaped them to the piano on the basis that they’d look really shite but when Phil came into the room I’d pretend I was really serious about the fact that I’d just selloptaped loads of fairy lights to the piano and Phil was like ‘those are awful’ and I was like ‘I’m only joking’ but the thing is, I kind of made it the most homosexual piano in the world.”
Phil: “It looks like Elton John’s piano.”
Dan: “Yeah, it’s like an Elton John piano. Like seriously. So, it’s horrific but I’m going to keep it ironically cause it’s so bad.”
Phil: “You should show them. Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on.”
Dan: “Phil, go turn off the lights and I will…”
Phil: “No, you turn them off.”
Dan: “No, Phil. I’ll go… you have to get off the bed and do interpretative dance.”
Phil: “Oh, I was gonna do it on the bed.”
Dan: “No, you’re doing it in the room.”
Phil: “You’re not the boss of me.”
Dan: “Yes, I am. Phil, go do it.”

58.51 Dan sings “It’s the gayest piano in the world, it’s the gayest piano in Dan’s bedroom”

59:21 Dan plays Fur Elise on the piano, Phil does an interpretive dance

1.00.36 Chat: “The piano isn’t the only gay thing in the room” – Dan: “Ha ha, you’re so funny”

1:00:39 Phil plays To Zanarkand on the piano

1:00:53 Dan: “Oh almost, Phil. You almost got away with playing To Zanarkand one note at a time with one hand until you played that note wrong.”
Phil: “I’ll play your mum”

1:03:06 Dan: “Someone said did we party with Nick Grimshaw on the weekend
Phil: “Um”
Dan: “Um, kind of.”
Phil: “Perhaps.”
Dan: “The less said about that night the better.”

1:03:31 Phil has cheese on his jeans. He was making pizza and then got distracted by Embarrassing Bodies on the tv
Phil: “Embarrassing Bodies – why do they show it at dinner time?”
Dan: “I don’t know. Yeah, let’s look at some guys genitals with some horrible disease while you’re eating, that’s great. Whats that? You liked vaginas? Let’s show you this [bllahhh sound] Great, yup, definitely the gayest person the in the world now.”
Dan Liveshow: September 2, 2012
2:39 Chat: “Where’s Phil?” – Dan: “Phil is in Manchester with his family and I am in my bedroom on younow”

3:09 Chat: “You’ve been left all alone.” – Dan: “I’m not actually alone. Someone is staying at our apartment tonight. His name is Adam and he’s called whataboutadam on youtube and he’s currently getting settled in as he’s had a long day travelling here all the way from Ireland.”

3:58 Chat: “Gay.” – Dan: “Thank you for your contribution to humanity. You have obviously no idea who I am.”

4:19 “Do I miss Phil? Not really, no. I go to be noisy in the morning. Phil always shouts at me for playing my music too loudly when in my bedroom so I was quite happily listening to iamamiwhoami obnoxiously loud today.”

6:19 Chat: “Is Phil still with his parents?” – Dan: “Yes. Unless he’s not. As far as I know.”

6:27 “I tried to troll his younow show by putting him in jail but apparently no one even saw it.”

6.33 Chat: “Do you have multiple tumblr accounts?” – Dan: “Maybe I do. Maybe I have a secret blog where I stalk all of you. Maybe I don’t but maybe I do.”

8:16 His favourite Doctor Who companion is Donna Noble. Rory’s his general favourite character. “I would go so gay for Rory.”

9:41 “Amy’s the hottest companion though. I mean, Billie Piper is pretty sexual but the whole chav thing is not really what I’m into. I find Amy’s general character more attractive even if she is a bit of a bitch sometimes.”

10.04 “Let’s all go gay for Doctor Who characters. Sounds good.”

11.56 Someone gave him a bracelet with cats on it and someone gave Phil one with pictures of Jesus on it and Dan wanted to wear both - “but then Phil told me that it’s actually like a religious thing. I don’t know. I don’t want to offend some Hispanic Catholic section of society by wearing it ironically.”

12.48 “I love gays said somebody. That’s good. I’m not gay but thank you for… If you said I am then I guess that’s only a compliment, that’s fine.”

13:10 Chat: “Obama or Romney? – Dan: “I’m on the internet. How can anyone be pro Romney on the internet?”

13.18 “On tumblr everyone has to be gay. The most gay obsessed website in the world. It’s good though. It’s showing the progression of society, isn’t it? I mean, like, you know on tumblr, you don’t get homophobia and if they did then they’d get annihilated you know what I mean? It’s like on youtube there isn’t any homophobia as well. It’s like you have random people in Brazil that’ll leave a comment on Charlie’s video just saying ‘fag’ for no reason but there’s no homophobic youtubers, you know what I mean? Which says something about the advancement of society. If there was a youtuber who was like ‘I don’t like gay people’ then they’d get destroyed which is cool, you know what I mean? It’s cool. And then obviously tumblr, god help the homophobic guy that tries to go onto tumblr. It’s like do I follow gay people? I don’t know. How can you… you can’t go on tumblr without seeing random gay porn gifs on your dashboard, can you? You know what I mean? I’ll be in the kitchen oh look, Pokemon, Adventure Time, hipstery pictures, fricking arse thrusting into something I’ll be like ‘woah, woah who am I following’ but then most of the time it’s not.. it’s just a random… a girl who’s just like ‘oh I’m just gonna reblog some gay porn now’. It’s like okay.

14.37 “Seriously though, tumblr - not safe for work. I remember once I was torrenting a tv show to watch with my mum and I was just sat in the kitchen and on all the torrent websites, not that torrenting is good. never torrent at tv show unless you can’t buy it on dvd because its coming out a year later than you have to watch it, like Game of Thrones season 2. There’s always porn up the sides when you go to a torrent website and there’s always just like ‘casual tits, wanna meet up here?’ and I was just torrenting something and my mum was like ‘ugh, woah, Dan’ and I was like ‘what’ and she was like ‘what are you doing’ and I was like ‘oh, oh god, yeah not looking at porn, I was just torrrenting something’. Had to explain to my mum that it’s a common thing and that it wasn’t weird. She got it though, it wasn’t awkward. She just thought it was a bit strange that I’d just be like ‘yup, casually on redtube in the kitchen as you do’ but tumblr, nope.”

19:07 “No, Erin. Phan isn’t real. Stop being creepy.”

22.27 He found ‘Flatpocalypse’ funny

23.41 He doesn’t consider himself a ‘celebrity’ he just has followers

28.24 Glee S1 was his favourite show ever - “I bought the box set and I made Phil watch it” and then S2 was okay, S3 was so bad.

31.40 Plays Fur Elise on the piano

32.47 Goes to see Adam, they talk about KPop for a while

36.18 Chat: “Prank call Phil” – Dan: “Do you have any idea how boring… how could… that would be terrible. He’d instantly know it was me. If anything remotely strange happened he’d instantly go ‘is this Dan?’ I even tried it in one of my truth or dare videos when I had to prank people I rang like 9 of my high school friends and they were just like ‘is this Dan’ and I’m like ‘I said I was a Chinese takeaway, you butt, stop ruining my life’”

36.44 In his last truth or dare video he did a dare where he actually called a Chinese takeaway store and then broke up with them like he was ending a relationship but he didn’t include it

40.25 “Phil’s brother’s girlfriend gave me her members card to the Tate Modern to go see the Damien Hirst exhibit and I forgot that I had it, oops, and I think it ends tomorrow.”

40.37 Chat: “Where’s Phil” – Dan: “Phil is at home with his parents getting a hair cut.”

41.06 Chat: “Is he cutting his hair short?” – Dan: “He’s joking about it. I don’t know if he would. The internet would explode. Imagine if AmazingPhil cut off his emo fringe. Could you imagine? Could you imagine?”

43:42 “It’s weird cause like if you think of pop bands people are like ‘Harry Styles is my favourite cause he’s the prettiest’ you know what I mean? It’s like is there a prettiest in Girls Generation? Cause they’re all stunningly attractive. That’s the thing, all KPop girl groups, I watch them and I’m like they’re all 10 out of 10, you know what I mean? They’re literally Asian babies, KPop girls.”
Adam: “Cause they all have the same surgeon. I went there, I went there.”

47:02 “Dantology. Some people made a religion for me on a Facebook page. It’s pretty hilarious. I usually always look at these things but then if they start getting creepy about me and Phil I’m like ‘okay, I don’t like this anymore, I don’t like your words’”

48:00 Talking about whether Slenderman is good or not - “Me and Phil are really into horror. Horror movies and horror games, I don’t know why. Phil’s obsessed with horror but we’ve played all the scariest games ever so we’d be a tough critic for Slender.”

48.53 Dan to Adam: “Have you heard of Pewdiepie?”
Adam: “No, what is it?”
Dan: “He’s a Swedish guy who’s a gamer who has like 2 milllion subscribers”
Adam: “Oh wow, I didn’t know.”
Dan: “Yeah, he uploads a lot of videos. I could never be jealous of someone that works infinitely harder than me, you know what I mean? I could never look at Toby Turner and go ‘oh I wish I had as any subscribers as him’ cause he makes like 50 videos a day and until a month ago I was making 1 every 3 weeks. So it’s like ‘do I really deserve… no cause they work a lot harder. Regardless of how much you like Shane Dawson, you can’t fault the fact that he works insanely hard. ‘Video every Saturday, 3 videos on my second channel, video everyday on my third channel’ and up until a couple of weeks ago I was like ‘oh, it’s been a month or two, maybe I should put another video on danisnotonfire’. I’m the worst.”
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by ocelot » Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:27 pm

Phil liveshow: 4th August 2012
5:30 He has 100 000 Twitter followers now.
7:10 He shows Bryony’s painting.
7:17 His mom calls him.
K: Hello! I’m just speaking to Phil, who’s my son and he has sent me lovely birthday presents. So let me just talk about the birthday presents because he’s the most thoughtful guy in the whole world. And so is his brother, of course, because it wouldn’t make any difference if you exchanged them.
P: Did you like your birthday presents?
K: Yes, I love both of them. (?) and I’m going to watch Bridesmaids tomorrow night.
P: That’s good, hope you enjoy Bridesmaids, I’ll talk to you later. Bye!
She really wanted to watch Bridesmaids so obviously it went down well. *adorable smile* I also got her some chocolate and a fridge seal.
11:08 Singing the Owl song
13:40 Singing Robot unicorn attack
14:55 He cut his finger open and shows off his injuries that he got while building furniture.
16:50 Listening and dancing to Macarena
20:00 Phil shows a school picture
21:00 ”Why do parents dress their children in fleeces? A bright green fleece. Thanks mum. I looked like Ron Weasley. All my clothes chosen by my parents were made for hell.”
23:35 [about pranking Dan] ”I thought it was a good prank, because I’m not really a prankster, you know that.” [this is part of why I don’t think the voldy prank excuse works]
28:00 ”Sometimes being weirdly jokey on the internet is bad, because there’s always 1 person whos’s like-wait, are you serious???”
30:10 ”Sometimes I put on epic film soundtracks on when I’m doing really boring stuff. When I go to the post office, it turns into the most epic thing ever”
36:25 ”I like MattG, he’s so funny.”
41:48 Chat: ”Would you ever make a sketch video?”
P: ”I’ve never made sketches before. I made a few weird videos, but there haven’t been sketches. I’m not really a comedy channel, but I might give it a go, because I got some funny sketch ideas and sketches seem to go well on youtube. I don’t want to do things that are too overly produced, because then it kinda feels a bit fake. I want to be Phil most of the time obviously.”
50:26 D: Have you seen my new video? You should go watch it.
P: I love how the first thing you did was promote your video.
54:30 Playing jenga with Dan to the Dark night rises soundtrack
1:00:00 Phil loses.
1:02:57 Dan building a man out of jenga. P: I kinda wanna kick it over in vengeance for earlier. Dan knocks it over with his head. D: I’ll let you clean that up later.
Phil liveshow: October 13, 2012
3:20 Chat: Where’s Daniel? P: I’ve buried him under the floorboards, because it’s mirrorworld and I like killing people. No, he’s doing a video with someone, so it’s a Phil only show. I think he’s gonna be home in half an hour or something.
4:10 ”I can relate to Dan’s latest video [Fandoms] I was obsessed with Buffy, but Tumblr wasn’t a thing. If Tumblr was a thing and Buffy was on, then the Buffy gif-set fandom craziness would be insane. Shipping Angel with Giles, it would be mental. Not that I ship Angel with Giles, no. Honest.” *side eye*
7:12 Chat: If you had a 3rd nipple, where would it be? P: Probably on my foot, so no one would see it. Harry Styles has a 3rd nipple, I think.
9:30 ”Me and Dan and Alex, Carrie, PJ, Bryony all went to the premiere of Frankenweenie by Tim Burton and we got invited last minute so they were like- You actually need a suit. About an hour before the thing was happening me and Dan went to Topman and I didn’t know how hard it was to buy a suit. You have so many sizes to know and I had no idea what size jacket I was and the trousers were long and short and I didn’t know what colour to get. I almost got a silver one but I decided on navy blue. We got to be on the red carpet, which I wasn’t expecting. We didn’t have to make any videos about i tor anything, it was just like- Come to this thing! –which was really cool. Some companies are like, you must tweet about it, you must do this and that. We had a hotel room looking over the red carpet, so we could see Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter. Everyone on the red carpet was like- Are they famous? Who are they?Why are they looking at them?- but then some girls recognised us and we started signing stuff and it was insane. Thank you to those girls, you made my experience 20 times better.”
11:20 Chat: I have a girl crush on Helena Bonham Carter. P: Yes, so do I. Well, a man crush. There was a super VIP section which we snuck into and I saw her on a sofa, but I was too scared to- I didn’t want to be a fanboy, so I just stalked her from afar and looked at how beautiful she was.
11:40 ”Though, complete racism. They had goodie bags for the girls and not for the guys. So the girls got this vulcanic ash exfoliator and the guys didn’t get anything. I wanna rub vulcanic ash on my face.”
12:33 ”I hate it when people in public are like completely making out. There was a guy and a girl in Starbucks and I was like- omg I’m just trying to enjoy my salted caramel macchiato. I think PDA-s are okay if it’s like a hug or a kiss on the cheek but not full on making out, that’s gross. I guess if you’re in a park behind a tree maybe, but that’s kind of dodgy, idk.”
17:00 ”I shook Zayn’s hand for some reason, idk why I shook his hand, but I did.”
17:46 ”We saw Taylor Swift and she was so beautiful and also really tall.”
17:55 ”I know that not everyone is a fan of 1D but they are nice guys, I don’t see why anyone would hate them. They are just successful guys, you dont’t have to be into their music, but you don’t have to hate on them.”
18:12 ”Connor Maynard was really funny as well, we had to cut a lot of it out, because it was a bit risque and it was a Would you rather?”
21:06 #heightgate How tall are you and Dan? P: Like 6’1 or something.
21:18 [some girl said that she and her boyfriend are cosplaying as Deppy on Halloween] Which one is going to be me, the girl or the boy? I wanna know that for sure. I don’t mind, hopefully it’s gonna be me. Send me pictures of your costume, that’s so funny.
22:48 Chat: Which male Buffy character would you lick chocolate off? P: Glem. :roll:
24:25 It’s tradition on my street that everyone goes to someone’s house for a giant bonfire, which is cool.
24:38 Chat: Do you know Lukeisnotsexy? P: Yes, I have met him at Sitc and he gave me pizza, he’s a nice guy.
28:37 I’m a nice guy. I hope people think so anyway.
32:23 [about The perks of being a wallflower] Damn you people for being pretty. It’s like the 3 prettiest people on a poster.
33:05 I’d love a gaming channel. Maybe next year me and Dan and maybe Pj and Chris could make one, idk, maybe. Or I could just make one with oldschool games like Crash bandicoot.
34:40 I’d love to play Happy wheels on the gaming channel.
36:00 I’ll go back to the north for Christmas. I miss my mum’s cooking. When you move away from home that’s the first thing you miss, then you miss your family second. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to be making something and at home it’s like- I have made you an amazing dinner with four desserts.
36:28 [someone in the chat would cook for him] P: please. I want mexican food, make me mexican food and you’ll have my heart. [insert clip of Dan cooking Mexican food in the London DITL ]
41:07 Chat: Have you ever had a fan stalk your house? P: In Manchester me and Dan had lots of people sitting outside all the time in the garden, which was kind of annoying if I’m honest. It’s fine to bump into me, but if you’re sat in the garden waiting for me to go outside, it’s like aghhh. Next I just wake u pin my bed and I’ll be like-hello!!! But I know that all of you guys aren’t creepstons, it’s 0, 0000001%
Phil liveshow: October 6, 2012
0:35 ”I know there are some guys that are watching me. There are more girls, I think it’s about 75% girls, maybe 70%, last time I checked it.”
6:10 Dan’s going out to dinner with his family and he needs to leave in 5 minutes.
6:50 ”I have #swag, especially when I fall over.”
7:47 [Phil talks about the new Muse album being the best, Dan tries to question it] P: Woah, we have a music geek over there, okay, what is the best at the moment? I like to exaggerate.
9:12 Dan’s going to and indian restaurant. [This whole thing is so funny, Phil said that he needs to leave in 5 minutes and he’s still in sweatpants]
16:16 ”I still don’t have any money btw, because someone frauded my account and my card got cancelled at the exact same time as Dan’s. So I can’t be like-Let’s borrow some money off each other. They bought something from a diy shop, I hope they’re enjoying them.
D: Dildos!
P: Dan! *eyeroll* I hope they’re enjoying their lawn mower, I was gonna say. Can you gangnam style out of the door?
D: What’s that? *does it*
P: Okay, he’s served his purpose. Bye, have a nice meal! I’m alone now, I can get naked, walk around the house, not gonna though, because you’re here.”
19:18 He puts on the blue Teen awards shirt.
19:29 Phil reacting to compliments is the most heartwarming thing I’ve ever seen, just watch it. ”It’s just green” [I really need to get my eyes checked, because it seems blue to me lol]
20:25 Dan forgot his keys and oyster card.
21:10 P: ”No, Manesh is not at the door, don’t scare me. I get quite scared if I’m alone in the house overnight. Not in this place, buti in my parents’ house. It’s really old, so it makes scary noises.”
21:50 ”If I’m in a house and I hear a noise I just freeze, said that in a video, instant ninja meerkat. It’s like *cute face* wait for the violence to go away.”
27:18 I went to see Looper with Chris and Dan. It was really good, I had no idea what to expect. One thing that disturbed me was that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was wearing lipstick, and had really crazy eyebrows, but I got used to it in like 2 minutes.”
28:55 I will marry you Becky and we’ll have... I almost said we could have children, but that’s a bit forward.”
29:45 His worst injury was his broken nose. P: I was playing trains in the playground when I was in primary school and I was in front of the train. I thought it would be a good idea to stop in front of a brick wall. The entire train of people smashed into me and my face collided with the wall and I got crushed by everyone. I remember I had lead in some girl’s hair. I have no bentness in it so the doctor did a good job.”
31:38 ”Chocolate salted balls, that’s what I was thinking of. Put them in your mouth and suck them.” #nocontextneeded ;)
40:32 Singing Toxic
40:59 A flash of those Shakira hips while showing his favourite game, FF7
44:20 ”My parents used to give me wine and stuff when I was 14, just to taste. It depends where you’re from about how strict it is, ’cause I know you can’t drink at all, if you’re under 21. In England, if you’re with your family aand you gave your son some wine at a restaurant, they wouldn’t be like- Get out, call the police!-because it is not illegal t odrink it, just to buy it.”
49:40 Chat: Cuddle! P: I’m sorry I kinda just crushed you with my hands instead, it happens sometimes.
52:15 Chat: Vajazzle! P: I don’t have a vajazzle. Men have them? I don’t think so. Some family friend had lots of jewels on their hand, I called it handdazzle or handjazzle. Oh god, let’s not get into that! That’s a thing? What’s wrong with people?
54:34 ”If I go to the beach I usually don’t go swimming I usually just stay and read a book and I love digging giant holes in the sand. I’ve never grown up, that’s my favourite beach activity.”
57:07 Chat: Please cheer me up before you leave. P: Cheer up, have a heart *hand heart* Just think, you could be in a space war, those are never fun. Aliens, probing *side eye*, cats are crying, so just be thankful that it’s Saturday.
Dan liveshow: June 5th, 2013
4:15 ”I realised last week when I was looking at the video how many times have I said #awkward literally, out loud. It’s one of those things that no one would ever say that sincerely, unless they were the worst person alive. I find myself going #awkward in awkward situations, because I’m saying it ironically ’cause it’s a bad thing to say. But at the same time it says what you want to say so perfectly.”
6:37 ”Everyone loves this website, it’s like that girlfriend that you hate. They keep being mean to you but you just keep coming back because of the fond memories and ’cause you’re used to it. Strange metaphor, isn’t it?”
9:40 Chat: Would you ever go vegan?” D: ”Not for political reasons. I don’t have a problem with meat. I think being vegan is a good way to lose weight. I mean, when we- when Phil and I hang out with Anthony and Kalel in LA they were both beautiful sex gods and I was like- I’m a whale.
17:43 He’s drinking Rekorderling cider (orange-ginger flavour)
20:02 ”There was a crime in front of mine and Phil’s apartment the other day. A real, actual crime, someone was kicking a window. It was scary, but then Phil called the police and I went outside and I gave them a statement.”
25:30 ”I went on a team building weekend when I was 13. They took all the nerds and sporty people and took them all to a random place in the middle of Wales to basically do team-building activities for a week. It was kinda fun and we went caving and it was kinda freaking scary ’cause we were split into groups. They basically said ’How brave are you?’ There was the pussy route, the medium route and the hardcore route. Because I fancied this really grungy girl that was like -I like caving and danger-I’m in the hardcore group.”
34:45 He accidentally deleted his last video (Fictional friends)
43:33 ”Youtube is very bad in this sense, because you never really get time off ever, ’cause even though you could’ve uploaded a video, you could always work on your next one. One of the reasons youtubers go mental and stop or die is ’cause it’s hard to tell yourself when you shouldn’t be working on something when technically everything you do is work. Woahh. Becoming youtube deep.”
44:40 [he makes everyone type their job in the chat] ”You guys have cool jobs. I like that it’s creative or helping people. No one has been like- investment banker or innoccent baby puncher.”
46:47 ”Dylen O’brian is one of those people who has a disgustingly nice face and it just makes you depressed.”
52:13 ”I like reviews personally. I’m not the kind of guy that reads a review that’s like-’This film is bad!!-and then not see it. I’d read a good review and listen to the points that they make and decide whether I could agree with them or not. I don’t just let critics decide my things.”
55:03 ”I watched the first episode of Hannibal and I’m not sure I wanna keep watching it. Oh god, I’m going to stop with the opinions.” [fite me Dan, that’s probably my favourite show :sideeye: ]
55:15 ”I hate it when really hot people play nerdy characters that are like-’I’m such a nerd and my life is awful like in Perks of being a wallflower- No, you’re all stunningly beautiful, don’t try to tell me you’re a nerd. I was a nerd in school and I had an awful time in school, you have a good face.”
Chat: Where’s Phil? D: ”I don’t know, ask him. I think he’s making a video, or finishing one, he’s editing it.”
1:03:00 Chat: Do you like sloths? D:”Yeah. Have you guys seen this video that’s like baby sloths being bathed? I nearly died watching it.”
1:04:16 ”I won’t do anything unless I’m amazing at it. It’s a problem that I have”
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Re: Timestamp Thread

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Dan's liveshow - 7 August 2012
:42 - One word emotion.
1:40 - "I'm in my- our- new apartment's living room."
1:57 - Brought his hat so he doesn't have to fiddle with his hair for an hour, immediately asks chat what they think of his hat.
2:20 - They were going to put Phil's giant Buffy musical poster above the fireplace.
2:37 - Someone says the hat makes him look like Sean Connery. "Time to go womanizing."
4:11 - "Because I'm a bro, and I talk like that."
5:24 - "That wardrobe that we bought." Plural on the bought, even though it was for just Dan's bedroom.
6:07 - Refers to the liveshow as "a Q&A."
6:58 - "I went to Amsterdam last year, it was amazing. I really want to take some [long pause] people."
7:08 - He tried to vlog a girl in a red light district cube in Amsterdam and got in trouble. "That wasn't a video."
7:18 - Someone in the chat asks him to play Slenderman with Phil. "We've considered that quite strongly. But that would maybe require making a gaming channel."
7:37 - Someone in chat asks him if they can poke his dimple. "That would be weird. Imagine if you're just sat there and you're just poking my cheeks as I react to it. That would be strange." cue montage of Dan poking Phil's cheek.
7:51 - Not against the idea of tattooes.
7:55 - Their episode of Jeremy Kyle is playing a lot. Jeremy Kyle liked Dan's haircut.
8:30 - "I'm not a fan of audience interaction."
9:13 - "Where's Phil? In his room. I guess. He's editing a video. Exciting."
9:57 - Domo lights exploded because the lights are American and they plugged them into a UK plug.
10:27 - "I am man personified." (because he built a few shelving units)
10:41 - "I am manly. I didn't think I was, because guys like me and [pause] guys with haircuts like to joke about not being manly."
11:15 - Dan shows people how his Kinect works. "Oh my god, it's the future."
12:22 - "I have ten thousand messages on younow." Tells people to send him a tumblr message if you have a 'creepy secret' not a younow message.
13:29 - "I check all my messages all the time."
14:30 - "I still haven't decorated my bedroom."
15:02 - Dan asks for tips on how to decorate his bedroom, chat says "Photos of Phil everywhere' and Dan reacts with a strong, "No! That would be freaking weird."
15:22 - Shows a purple shirt be bought because people were telling him that he wears too much black.
16:15 - Reassures the audience his fashion sense will always remain "kpop meets the grim reaper."
16:28 - Story about he and Phil going down the stairs in Topman and Keith Lemon walked by them.
18:15 - Dan explaining how he had people watching the liveshow comment placenta on his last video and it ended up being twenty pages of the word 'placenta.'
19:28 - Someone in chat says 'no offense but your videos just aren't good lately. Dan: "Well, I've gained two-thirds of the subscribers I've ever had in the past few months, so obviously the majority disagrees with you, unfortunately."
20:08 - "I react to negativity badly. It's a flaw of mine."
21:33 - "The guy that owned the apartment before us put art hooks in the wall." So they hung up the Hulk and Iron Man prints. "It's a talking point. We're like, oh yeah. We're cool. We're not even going to pretend to be genuinly cool people who like genuinely cool things."
22:16 - Chat asks if he ships Iron Hulk. "Do you ship ironhulk? Yeah."
22:50 - "Cool is hanging up the phone because you're too awkward to talk to the pizza guy. That's the kind of cool that I am."
23:42 - Talking about Vegas video and how he's trying to do a video every Thursday. "Vegas video is coming. It's going to happen after my next dinof video."
24:37 - He cooked a Jamie Oliver Japanese beef stir fry recipe earlier. "I was like Phil, try this shit, and he was like, oh my god, and I was like, yeah."
25:19 - He had 6k viewers.
26:49 - "What do people think of The Dark Knight rises? Because me and Phil finally got around to seeing it... with a couple friends."
27:10 - Reads off someone saying Anne Hathaway was sexy, agrees.
27:50 - Someone in chat says Anne Hathaway's ass makes them question their sexuality. "Well she just- she underlines mine with a big freaking cement stamp. That ass."
28:25 - He was planning on doing DITL vlogs once a week, with themes.
28:50 - "I was at law school, studying law at college/university. Didn't necissarily want to become a lawyer, I was just doing it because it's a degree that makes you look clever when you get it."
32:49 - "It'd be quite good to be a guy in the dressage sport because there's only gay guys and a million girls, so you know, if you're a straight guy looking to get into a sport - dressage horses. You're going to be up to your neck in clunge."
35:35 - Talks about "the phandom police" who were arresting people for opsting irrelevant things in their tumblr tags. "Maybe the person was being a bit of a dick, but drama llama. But come on guys, don't get serious."
36:06 - "I have an infinite love for John Green that could not be quenched by any [chat lag] material."
36:59 - His patronus is a giant grizzly bear. Defends why it wouldn't be a llama.
37:58 - "No, I'm not posh. I just know how to talk."
38:15 - "I'm not posh. I'm just articulate. That's two different words."
39:35 - Tells a Bryony/Wirrow story without naming names. "I was at a friends house and she was moving house" "She has a Cypriot boyfriend - a boyfriend from Cyprus" - shows the weird instrument he got from Bryony's house.
(Long discussion on what kind of music the chat likes.)
48:41 - "I'm weird, I'm into everything." (music-wise)
(More extended music discussion.)
51:30 - Dan talking about how he has diverse internet followers.
52:01 - Talking about the television he's working - Fringe, Dexter, True Blood, Game of Thrones.
52:16 - Glee season three was just awful. I was the biggest Glee fan in the world and then it just - everything about Glee was amazing and then the writers just made it rubbish.
52:30 - "Phil is- Phil- my friend Phil, who I'll get on in a couple minutes, probably, is a big Big Brother fan. So I always end up watching Big Brother, just because he has it on."
54:25 - "I love Community. Been watching that a lot."
56:35 - "Someone texted me - oh my god. One of my real life friends. One of my real life friends from high school, James, and his friend Ben, are watching me live on younow right now."
57:03 - Talking about how he hasn't seen any of his 'real life' friends in ages.
57:57 - He set his age on youtube as really old when he made his account. In 2012, his actual age on youtube was 72. "I'm not 72. I'm barely finished being a teenager, never mind 72."
58:59 - Someone in chat says 'Boobs or Phil dies.' He tries to pull his shirt down but the tshirt doesn't go down that far. "I'll get my tits out next week."
59:38 - Dan stands up, butt on full display.
1:00:08 - Phil joins.
1:00:13 - Dan is stretched out, Phil has to perch behind him. Dan: "I'm sitting like one of your French girls."
1:00:20 - Phil shows off his rubix cube mug, Dan talks about having taken a drink out of it earlier.
1:00:46 - Phil: "I was busy being a man." Dan: "You were busy being a man, were you? Were you assembling furniture?"
1:01:25 - Phil serenades the audience with The Strawberry Song on the instrument.
1:04:20 - Someone in the chat says "I just came." and Phil makes a hilarious face.
(They start to discuss dare suggestions for Dan's upcoming Truth or Dare 4 video.)
1:04:25 - Phil leans over to read someone suggesting Dan hump Phil: "He's not going to hump me. That's not going to be-" Dan's response: "No, that's definitely - I'd probably get flagged, to be honest."
1:05:30 - "Pretend to be a dog in public. Not if you expect Phil to film it." Phil talks about feeling awkward filming things (in public, I assume).
1:06:00 - "Let Phil do your makeup. Um. We don't have makeup, surprisingly. So we'd have to go look a girl." (Phil suggests Bryony's, or permanent marker.)
1:06:45 - "Dare: have sex with me. I'll put that one in the reserve pile. I might come to that, if uh. The things aren't good."
1:07:42 - Phil haggled for the art prints. (They were very proud of those Iron Man and Hulk prints.)
1:08:40 - "Someone said play Slender. We'll do that separately at some point."
1:08:42 - Phil holds up Dan's new t-shirt and asks what people thought about it. Dan re-iterates his style is still kpop grim reaper, but that he's trying not to wear nothing but black t-shirts in videos.

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

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Phil liveshow: May 10th, 2012
2:32 “Dan isn’t here, sorry.”

2:35 “Erin fancies me -mumbles something behind his hands I can’t make out- unless you’re 12 then that’s still nice. I’m flattered.”

2:44 Chat: “Amazing Ovum” – Phil: “That was so embarrassing. Yeah, I sent an email to a really important person today and autocorrect corrected ‘Phil’ to ‘ovum’ which is apparently like a female reproductive egg cell or something. I was like ‘nooooo’ and you know when you’ve just clicked send? It was the worst.”

3:20 “Dan is not here. He’s just got out of the shower. I’m sure you’d like a naked Dan in the video but he might come on later and say hi.”

3:47 He’s just recorded a video

4:47 “Yes I was in the audience of Jeremy Kyle. It was hilarious and kind of scary. I’m not sure I’d recommend it but it was interesting.”

5:02 Chat: “Knock on the wall and see if Dan notices” – Phil: “Okay, see if he replies.” Dan knocks back. “There you go. See, he’s there. He’s in a towel but I’m not gonna shout through the walls to Dan anymore because our neighbours will probably hate me. He’ll come in if he wants to come in.”

6:14 He wants to be relaxed for a while, he’s had a bit of a stressful afternoon

6:36 “I can’t make Dan sneeze unless I, like, shove loads of pepper in his face.”

6:57 Chat: “Favourite Disney princess?” – Phil: “I was gonna say Jasmine cause she’s got a tiger but then she’s kinda like ‘I’m so rich but I’m still sad’ um, but I’m gonna go with Jasmine cause I mean it’s pretty badass to have a pet tiger. Ariel is cool though I didn’t like the Little Mermaid that much, if I’m honest, it’s a bit girly.”

8:25 Chat: “Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars?” – Phil: “I think movie wise Lord of the Rings, definitely. I haven’t read Lord of the Rings books. I like the Harry Potter books though.”

8:46 Favourite Studio Ghibli film is Howl’s Moving Castle

8:50 Favourite Mario Kart character is Mario himself, he also likes Yoshi and Dry Bones

9:05 “Yeah, I’m gonna go see the Avengers this weekend in London. I’m going to London tomorrow, very early actually. I’m doing this crazy thing, I don’t even know what it is, it’s called Crystal Vision TV with Dan. So you’ll be able to watch that. We’re gonna be eating crazy jelly flavours and stuff. So we have to get early and go on the hot train, like the train to London is so hot it’s like I’m melting.”

10:04 He won Next Vlogger with Dan - “I’m really excited about it. It means that we’re gonna get crazy homework assignments from iJustine and also learn how to be better vloggers and get some lighting so I might actually be able to see my face properly.”

11:43 He showed some things he put in water in his last liveshow, spills some water on his mac, takes off his sock to wipe it up – “Oh my god, bare feet. I should never show my bare feet on the internet after getting some creepy messages. What is it with people and feet? Seriously. Feet are gross. I mean, if I thought of a sexy part of the body like a foot, it’s probably the bottom of the list. I don’t think we should be talking sexy body parts as a topic but I’m just saying. C’mmon.”

12:14 His shoe size is 11, 12 in the US

13:06 He had a haircut today - “I don’t like it being like super long anymore.”

13:21 He told his hair dresser he was doing an online web chat tonight on webcam and she thought it was a naked one - “I’m sorry it’s not a naked chat but I’m not that kinda guy.”

14:15 He’s not going to do the salt and ice challenge “I have a low pain threshold. I’m kind of a bit pathetic when it comes to hurting myself.”

15:05 He shows stuff he’s bought to wear cause he has an important thing tomorrow, he wants to know which one he should wear

20:10 Drawing game

23:16 Someone knocks on his door, he turns the computer towards the door
Dan: “Can I – No, no, camera away. Can I borrow the thing that I need to remove my hobbit hair?”
Phil: “He wants to borrow the hair straighteners before you can see him.”
Dan: “The hair dryer, where is it?”
Phil: “The hair dryer?”
Dan: “I’m literally wet.”
Phil: “He’s wet.”
Dan: “Not in that way. Okay, um.”
Phil: “I’m filming you.”
Dan: “No, no, stop. Uh, oh, it’s not in here.”
Phil: “They’re all saying hi”
Dan: “Hi, internet.”
Phil: “You can go dry your hair.”
Dan: “Yup.”
Phil: “We’re opening a box later.”
Dan: “Are we? Pandora’s box?”
Phil: “Pandora’s box. They said bye.”
Dan: “Bye.” – He leaves
Phil: “He will be coming back later.”

24:15 Dan re-enters - “Hey, seriously, where the tits is the hair dryer?”
Phil: “I don’t know, I think it’s there on the floor.”
Dan: “Here.” – he finds it
Phil: “Buy your own hair dryer.”
Dan: “Your mum can… do things.”
Phil: “You’re making me lose my train of thought here, Dan.”
Dan: “Sorry, are you talking about something really important?”
Phil: “Yup, I was talking about the owl song.”
Dan: “Right. Oh, what Weebl’s owl?”
Phil: “Yup, I was gonna sing it.”
Dan: “You should.”
Phil: “Okay, I’m gonna sing it. Do you wanna join?”
Dan: “No.” – he leaves again

24:53 Phil sings the owl song

28:42 Staring contest

30:28 He ate beef stir fry today

31:09 He likes almost all foods. He doesn’t like mushrooms nor does he like tomatoes

32:10 Chat: “What do you think of the fanfiction?” – Phil: “I think it’s funny. Um, it makes me laugh. I saw a fan video of me, Dan and Sarah Michelle Gellar which was hilarious. So yeah, I’m not offended, don’t worry.”

33:58 He does animal impressions

35:16 “Emily just asked did I ever think I’d become famous from youtube. No, I’ve always just been doing it for fun, I don’t think I’m like famous. Like, David Beckham’s famous but I’m quite well known on youtube, I’ll give you that. It’s exciting though, I love it. I love you guys.”

36:12 “So, what is everyone’s… porn star name?” idk why but just the way he brought this up was hilarious. It’s the name of your first animal + the name of the street you live on. His is “Henry Kingston.”

39:30 Second drawing game

43:56 Phil goes to Dan’s room
Phil: “Dan, are you ready to open boxes yet? Can I come in?”
Dan: “No, there are chocolate prositutes in here.”
Phil goes in
Dan: “I haven’t made my bed. This is so embarrassing, oh my god.”
Phil: “This is Dan’s room.”
Dan: “I think they know what my room looks like.”
Phil: “Yeah, but I feel the need to narrate everything.”
Dan: “Okay.”
Phil: “This is Dan’s face.”
Dan: “Oh no, oh no. Hello, internet.”

They go to Phil’s room to open the box

44:41 Phil: “My pants are falling down.”
Dan: “Nice view.”

45:30 They open the box of stuff sent by a fan

45:50 Phil: “I’m just really excited. Whenever I open presents, I shake.” - Dan rolls his eyes.

46:50 They get soft toys, socks (Dan: “Aw, get Phil socks. I’m the one that needs socks.” Phil – “Yeah, Dan always steals my socks.”) and other random stuff in it

47:20 Phil gets a grow a happy valentine’s day
Dan: “Oh that’s so Phil, isn’t it?”
Phil: “Well I didn’t have a valentine.”

49:11 Phil: “I’m getting lots of hugs. I’m guessing they’re for Dan as well.”
Dan: “Oh, I thought all those people were like telling me to give Phil one hug.”
Phil: “No, no. They’re giving hugs.”
Dan: “Oh, you’re not creepy, you’re clicking a button. Okay, that’s alright.”

52:01 They’re talking about ligers - Phil: “Did you know that all genetic hybrid animals are infertile?”
Dan: “I didn’t. That’s the sort of fact that you’d know, isn’t it?”
Phil: “It is. I’ve done lots of breeding attempts.”

54:36 Dan (reading the chat): “Plait your hair, Phil.”
Phil: “I just had a haircut so I can’t really plait it. Help me.”
Dan: “No.”

54:47 Martyn taught Phil how to braid hair

55:20 They have a thumb war, Dan wins - “Hah, bitch.”

56:30 Dan: “[someone] bought Phil 3 drinks. Tryna get him drunk, are you?”
Phil: “Thanks.”
Dan: “I know your ways.”

57:29 Phil (reading the chat): “Share the hat. What d’ya mean share the hat?”
Dan: “No, no, I’m sorry that’s something that can’t happen.”
Phil: “It’s forbidden, no one’s allowed to touch Dan’s hat.”
Dan: “True.”

57:43 Phil: “Do you know I was convinced Dan had a cat for like a year of knowing him and I was like ‘you don’t have a cat?’ I must have dreamt you had a cat. I still think you had a secret cat.”
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

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Phil liveshow: 26th May, 2012
1:06 He’s at Ian’s house

1:22 “It’s been the nicest day ever today. Me and my friends went walking around a reservoir.”

2:06 Ian gave him a Calippo

2:34 He’s really hungry, his friends have gone to get a design your own pizza

3:14 Someone asks for a Phil fact and he tells them only males can be colour blind. He asks if there are girl colour blind people. Someone at school told him that so he’s not convinced it’s true.

3:52 Most of the males in his family are colour blind, but he’s not because it can’t be passed down through female genetics. His mum is not colour blind.

4:16 Another Phil fact is that slugs have 4 noses

4:45 “So yeah, it’s weird I’ve just been left in my friend’s house, I could just like ransack it and run away. He used to work at the Disney store so his house is just full of Disney stuff.”

5:34 The other day he was in the kitchen and he heard Dan yell ‘Why were chickens invented?!’

7:46 There are balloons in the background because his friend had a baby. The baby has gone to Asda to get pizza.

8:49 The baby’s name is Emily - “It’s cute.”

9:19 He’s had a horrible headache all day but it’s gone now

9:43 He’s so excited for the pizza his insides are hurting

10:24 Dan is at Asda getting the pizza with his friends

10:31 It’s not Dan’s baby

11:08 Someone in the chat is from Sweden - he loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. “Also, my brother’s girlfriend is a Swedish pop star. Fact. She was on pop idol in Sweden.”

13:45 His iPhone is called Sonic the Hedgehog

14:35 “I’m not perfect, nobody’s perfect.”

14:49 Chat: ‘Your t-shirt’s offensive.’ (He’s wearing his OMFG shirt) – Phil: “My t-shirt isn’t offensive. Oh My Freakin God. Freakin. You’re the one that made it offensive with your mind.”

15:36 He’s the worst at exams because he always forgets, especially if it’s a morning exam because he can’t function in the morning

15:57 “The way to get me to speak to you on twitter is to actually reply to what I’m saying and just like say stuff and I’m sorry if I never reply but the worst way is probably just to say ‘notice me, notice me’ because then I’m not really – probably gonna reply to the people that are like talking to me about stuff but I like all replies. If you wanna say ‘notice me’ then do it. I might reply.”

16:44 Eurovision is tonight, he kinda wants Jedward to do well. Jedward have a place in his heart.

17.28 Weirdest fan experience, aside from the girl who licked his eye, “I got a creepy letter once off some girl’s husband who was like ‘my wife plans to come to England and marry you’ that was a bit creepy. I don’t want to tell you too much about it in case he’s like creeping on me right now. It was scary, though. I don’t like creepstens.”

17.51 Him and Dan are 60% going to Vidcon. They want to go but it’s expensive. They might be moving to London as well “so there’s lots of money happening at the moment.”

18:53 Chat: ‘Do you and Dan plan on living together in London?’ – Phil: “Um, yeah, but we might live with someone else as well maybe, because it’s expensive to live in London and it’d be cool to have another house mate.”

19.09 Chat: ‘Do you ever watch your own videos?’ – Phil: “Uh, I watch the recenter ones but I kind of cringe if I watch them from like a year ago or something, I dunno why. I just think I’ve got a lot better at making videos recently. I do like my old ones, though. I actually unprivated a video called ‘Awaiting the Tide’… that’s the first video I ever made in 2006, I think I was 15 or 16. It’s so bad, in a funny way.” It went into everyone's subscription boxes, he didn’t mean it to.

20:10 There’s a sequel to Awaiting the Tide, he’ll unprivate the sequel one day, though not to the subscription boxes. “Cause like the people that- like you guys are like the proper people that love my videos, I hope, but a lot of people unsubscribed on youtube, like they don’t watch me that much so if I just randomly uploaded ‘Awaiting the Tide’ they’d be like ‘what the hell’”

20:48 “Kiera just gave me 29 hugs. Glad I acknowledge that one. Thank you, Kieran. Kiera! Kieran. You have boy and girl parts.”

21:13 Ian’s house has a load of other Disney stuff, he gets a plush of the dog from Up. “I love Up, I thought Up was really good. I kind of preferred the first half to the whole third section but I did like it.”

22:33 He’s not a massive Disney person. He only watched a bit of Disney as a kid, blame his parents. He does love the Lion King though.

22:44 Chat: ‘Do you still live with Dan? – Phil: “At the moment, yes I do.”

23:02 His parents only had channels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 when he was growing up. They have freeview now though.

23:47 The scar on his knee is when he fell on a nail in his parents conservatory

24:04 He hasn’t been to Norway. He hasn’t been to that many places in Europe - "I’ve probably been to more places in America. My parents were all like ‘go America’. I like America too but I’d like to explore Europe some.”

27:00 Chat: 'Can you drive?' - Phil: "Yes, I can but I'm scared of it because I passed my test and then didn't drive for 2 years and then I never had a car, so it's scary."

28:47 He's never been to Brighton but he's going to a wedding in Brighton next year

29:54 “Lena wants me to make another phil is not on fire. I think that’s overdue now, I think I should make one. Um, soon. Maybe before summer is over cause I like them to be the best like exciting thing so I don’t want to rush into this. Have to get some good questions in. Also, we can’t use helium again cause apparently it makes you die.”

30:18 They’re doing top secret radio things, they’ve been practising things at Radio1

30:35 “Yeah, I’m not gonna leave Manchester yet. If London happens, which it’s probably not going to, maybe, I don’t know, uh, it won’t be till like July or August.”

31:05 Drawing game

34:09 He gets a text from the girl from Awaiting the Tide saying ‘I can’t believe you uploaded that’

34:41 Her name was Victoria, she was one of his best friends at school

34:48 He once drove to John O'Groats, Scotland with his dad in a car his dad had made

35:51 He sings/listens to the Narwhal song

36:49 “I don’t know how they made narwhals. They? Let’s not get into that. Religion.”

38:00 He’s excited for Eurovision, he gets weirdly excited and makes everyone vote and see who wins – “If I can turn anything into a game, I’ll make it into a game. That’s something you’ve got to know about me.”

39:33 He listens to Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf

40:48 “’Where’s Dan, where’s Dan’ Dan is not here. He is away. I’m sorry. Um, one day we might make a show together but not today. But I don’t want you guys to think we that we can’t do stuff apart either cause then we’d turn into like Ant and Dec or something. Um, we don’t do everything together or we’d get sick of each other, as friends. It’d be like [ugh].”

41:36 “Would I be Ant or Dec? I don’t know. Um, I don’t think either of us share the qualities of Ant or Dec to be honest.”

42:28 He sings along to the Pokémon song

43:51 “I don’t want to prank call Dan, sorry. He would know it was me.”
44:28 “I told you I’m like the worst prankster.”

44:50 “Crabstickz. I love crabstickz. If I lived in London I could make videos with crabstickz, he lives in London.”

45:20 They got the baby a Totoro

45:34 “Yes I know kickthepj. Me, Dan, Chris, and PJ all went on holiday together to Italy for two weeks, so we’re like biffles. And I’ve known PJ since I’ve started youtube which was like 5 years ago so yeah, we are friends.”

46:27 He’d have been called Fiona if he were a girl. His dad wanted him to be called Richard. Alternative names for him were also Luke or Mark.

48:26 He does animal impressions

49:52 New Born is his favourite Muse song

50:51 Dan and friends return with pizza and the baby

51:10 Dan enters the room “Pizza, pizza, bitches. I mean, don’t swear in front of the baby.”

51:16 Lauren gives the baby to Phil

52:01 Phil: “Everyone’s taking pictures.”
Dan: “Of course they are… ‘it’s time Dan and Phil adopted a baby’ everyone on tumblr will be saying….”

52:08 [Lauren says something off camera] - Dan: [Laughs] “Lauren’s the double beard.”

54:50 Emily leaves, just Dan and Phil talking

55:10 Dan bought chocolate and stuff

55:21 Phil: “We’re not playing gay chicken.”
Dan: “Internet creepos.”
Phil: “Unless you give us 500,000 pounds.”
Dan: “Yeah, then maybe.”

55:38 Dan: “What cheese hides a horse?”
Phil: “I don’t know.”
Dan: “Mascarpone… It’s my go to joke like the badminton thing is your go to joke.”

56:05 Chat: ‘How did you guys meet?’ – Dan: “On the internet.”
Phil: “And then we had a friend in Manchester which was a coincidence.”
Dan: “Coinky dink.”
Phil: “Of the highest calibre.”

56:54 Phil: “Where are we thinking of moving to in London?”
Dan: “We have no idea.”
Phil: “We don’t know what’s good in London and what isn’t.”
Dan: “We need to work that out and near our friends, basically.”
Phil: “Yeah, and if we’re going at all.”
Dan: “Indeed.”

57:29 “’Dan looks like he just woke up’ thanks. No, I got assaulted by the wind. ‘Dan looks like he has sex hair’ yeah, I do. Wind… it does the same thing.”
Phil: “Asda sex… awkward silence.”

59: 52 Dan: “’Do we ever have arguments’ yeah, if he finishes my cereal. I will shoot a bitch if that happens.”
Phil: “Yeah, I do finish your cereal sometimes.”
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by idk » Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:25 am

Phil liveshow: 9th June, 2012
1:21 He’s good, he’s had a headache today but he took an ibuprofen

4:31 He went to see Prometheus this week, he liked it

5:32 “Claire says ‘how often do you dye your hair’ what? I don’t dye my hair. [winks] I’m having a nervous twitch which I get when I lie.”

5:47 He can’t put cat whiskers on because he’s going out later, they wouldn’t be allowed where he’s going

7:06 Chat: ‘Are you going clubbing?’ – Phil: “Unfortunately, no. I’m doing radio interviews which is also quite exciting. Me and Dan have got a top secret radio-y thing coming up which I can’t say much about but it’s exciting.”

7:35 His favourite episode of Buffy is the musical episode

8:08 He and Dan are going to go see Muse in October

8:34 His favourite Doctor is David Tennant

9:16 As a kid he used to like watching other people play video games rather than play them himself

10:33 A random person sent him a friend request on Facebook, he asks people to refrain from doing that because it’s his only social media where he has family and real life friends on it

10:58 Chat: ‘When are you moving to Orlando?’ – Phil: “I’m not moving to Orlando, though my parents might have a house there one day so that’ll be cool.”

11:19 He prefers twitter over tumblr

11:41 He thinks he’s good at cooking. He doesn’t use microwaves, he cooks everything himself.

13:24 He plays a game in which you draw something with your eyes closed

17:17 It’s Matt Bellamy’s birthday – “Happy birthday Matt Bellamy if you’re watching. I want to have your babies, metaphorically.”

19:47 Chat: ‘Are you in a relationship?’ – Phil: “No. I’m looking for love, perhaps with you, unless you’re 12 or 13 or 14. You’re like ‘how many ages is he gonna keep counting’ I’m just gonna stop. That’s not saying it’s my limit though.”

20:59 He’s only worn make up during the filming of Faintheart and when he went to Ireland for Apartment Red

23:31 His grandad had two different coloured eyes, one blue and one brown

23:51 He uploaded his Weakest Link episode to a youtube account but because it’s copyrighted he only had it up for an hour

25:25 Final Fantasy 7 is his favourite game

26:09 “It’s only been boys proposing to me tonight, I will marry them all.”

28:12 Chat: ‘Would you rather lick a hobo or marry Dan?’ – Phil: “Hobo.”

28:56 Chat: ‘Would you rather hate Buffy or Dan?’ – Phil: “What? Um, I don’t know. I’d hate Buffy, it’d be a bit weird to hate my housemate, though I do love Buffy quite a lot.”

30:10 He plays charades

33:14 [Reading the chat] “Am I bringing Dan to London? Like he’s my pet or something. Uh, yes, we are both going to live in London.”

33:31 They haven’t found a place to live yet, he’s been tabbing a lot of properties on Rightmove

34:14 He used to play the Sims. He used to set them on fire all the time. He’d build intricate mazes and then trap them, block the exits, fill the place with fire places and leave them until they burned to death.

36:50 He plays a game of ad-libs

45:16 Dan enters and they open a box, it’s got food etc. in it

48:54 Phil: “I said I’d rather lick a homeless man than marry you, Dan.”

Dan: “Did you? Well, marry is a big commitment, isn’t it? I think licking a homeless man isn’t that bad.”

49:34 Dan: “Taking snapshots of Dan and Phil eating. Perverts. I’m joking.” (They’re eating edible paper idk it’s rather amusing)

50:16 They play a draw with your eyes closed game

52:04 Phil auditioned to be on Big Brother but he wasn’t allowed on the show because of his youtube, they said it wouldn’t have been fair

52:58 Phil: “Dan, are you in a relationship?”
Dan: “No, I’m single and ready to mingle. No, I’m not, I’m not ready to mingle. I’ve got Guild Wars 2, I’m never mingling again.”
Phil: “You could mingle with a girl on GW2.”
Dan: “I’m roleplaying with my own characters on GW2, I don’t need a girlfriend.”
Phil: “No?”

53:23 Phil picks up a piece of edible paper – “Ugh, is that the one that’s been in your mouth?”
Dan: “No, I ate all mine. Did I?”
Phil: “Oh no.”
Dan: “Did you just put that in your mouth?”
Phil: “I just licked your saliva.”
Dan: “Gay. Joking, that was a joke.”

53:33 Dan reading the chat: ‘You roleplay?’ – Dan: “No, that was also a joke. I need to stop joking. Context on the internet. When do you stop joking?”

54:19 Chat: ‘Do you like olives?’ – Dan: “I do. I love olives.”
Phil: “You have to have 7 olives before you like them.”
Dan: “You and your bloody gypsy northern parents.”
Phil: “I’ve only had 5 and I still don’t like them.”

55:02 Phil – “I keep going into Dan’s room and cutting up all his stuff with these scissors.”
Dan: “Seriously. Like, he kept going on about how amazing these left-handed scissors are, I came into my bedroom and he’s just sat at my desk cutting up loads of stuff.”
Phil: “It’s cause they’re the sharpest scissors I’ve ever experienced.”
Dan: “And I had this duct tape and there was a spider on my wall and I was like ‘uh what am I gonna do’”
Phil: “Oh, this was gross.”
Dan: “I had to react quickly so I just stuck the duct tape on the spider and then scrunched it into a ball.”
Phil: “I like how you just left it on your desk.”
Dan: “Yeah, and I was like ‘I’ll put this in the bin later, playing Guild Wars right now’ and then Phil had come into my room and cut up the - it was obviously a test of how good the scissors are–”
Phil: “Yeah, it was disgusting.”
Dan: “And was like ‘oh I’ll cut up the duct tape’ and I was like ‘Phil, you do realise that I had to kill a spider with that’ and he was like ‘ahhhhh’”
Phil: “It was like the grossest thing ever, I was like innocently going like lalalala”
Dan: “And I was like that’ll teach you to stay out of my bedroom and cut up my shit.”
Phil: “Yeah, it’s just got mummified duct tape spiders in your room.”

56:16 They start discussing bras, bra sizes, and then boobs

1:00:12 Chat: ‘Dan or Mudkip?’ – Phil: “Mudkip.”
Dan: “Thanks.”

1:00:25 Happy birthday to Dan for Monday[/spoiler]

Phil liveshow: 21st July, 2012

0:17 “Rosie just proposed to me. So soon into our relationship, Rosie! Aww, I accept. And Cody. Hi, Cody, yes I’ll marry you as well. We can have some awkward joint wedding and then you and Rosie can fight to the death, how does that sound?”

1:32 This is his final broadcast from Manchester. “Goodbye, room. Will you miss the room? I won’t miss the room, I don’t like this room that much.”

02:35 He’s had a stressful weekend trying to organise new internet, new phone line, new other stuff, a moving van and how they’re going to get into the new place

3:00 His room is empty, he’s just got a few things left - “I’m officially leaving. Into the big smoke as they call it.”

3:19 Chat: ‘Don’t get into the van, Phil.’ – Phil: “I won’t. We’re not actually going in the van with the guys so they’re probably just gonna steal all our stuff as we sit on the train. That’ll be fun. Uh, yeah, it’s a really cheap van from some like dodgy ebay website so it’s probably just gonna be a fail and they’re gonna steal our stuff. I thought I could hide my iphone in one of the boxes and then I could track it but then I kind of need my iPhone to coordinate the whole day so I can’t do that.”

4:05 They’re going to live near Crabstickz. He’ll be three tube stops away.

4:18 He’ll come back to Manchester all the time because his parents still live there

4:33 He and Dan are going to SitC for sure on the Saturday, not sure about the other days because they’re going to the Edinburgh fringe festival for Radio1. He mentions that their BBC email is ‘philanddan’.

5:21 They’re moving to London because they have more friends in London and also there are more opportunities in London. They’ve been doing a lot of Radio1 stuff, living near the station would be good so they could go on Radio1 more.

5:35 He will miss Manchester. He’s literally just got back from his parents and then he went straight onto younow.

5:51 Chat: ‘How was Vidcon with Cat?’ – Phil: “Vidcon was amazing and I love Catrific, she’s so nice. She’s one of my best e-friends, not really an e-friend now cause I’ve met her twice, but we hung out loads. She’s really nice, I wish she lived closer so we could hang out more.”

6:38 Dan is packing boxes but he’ll be in later because they’ve got some fan mail to open

6:53 He didn’t steal his parent’s sofa so they still need a sofa. He doesn’t know what colour to get, he wants one that is either black, grey or red.

8:13 He’s hyper because he’s eating Australian licorice.

9:42 He’s going to try to decorate the walls better in London

10:19 “My fans have never broken younow, it’s just the crazy Dan ones, which I’m sure most of you are as well.”

10:41 He was trying to sort out the electricity on the phone and a lady called him ‘AmazonBill’ – “I was like ‘no, do you know who I am, Matilda’ so I put her in her place. It was actually quite funny I was like actually crying with laughter on the phone to this woman.”

13:04 Someone asks him to draw Lion and he starts drawing things that people request

15:01 Dan enters the room - Dan: “One second, one second.”
Phil: “What? Hi, Dan.”
Dan: “Uh, to the person on tumblr about the Manchester meetup, [to Phil] what time did you get back from your parents? Not very long ago…”
Phil: “I just got back.”
Dan: “Yeah, no white lies here. I’ll go back to packing up my bedroom.”
Phil: “I don’t know what that was about. I think there was a tumblr meeting today in Manchester.”
Dan: “People wanted us to go meet them in Manchester but we’ve been busy packing.”
Phil: “Yeah.”
Dan: “We weren’t lying to you, okay, Phil was at his parent’s house. He just got back.”
Phil: “I was at my parent’s house, I have video evidence I was at my parent’s house.”
Dan: “You don’t need to show them a video, unless it’s a good video.”
Phil: “It’s a nice video of my brother’s girlfriend playing a harpsicord.”
Dan: “What did you draw?”

15:37 Phil shows the picture and discusses it with Dan who gives it an A* and then he leaves.

17:58 “Dan is packing, though I know all the stuff he said about me, what I was “doing” so he’s having some kind of walrus orgy.”

18:14 Someone says he looks like Jay from the Inbetweeners and he says he doesn’t and he takes offense to that

19:05 He was tempted to cut his hair shorter and without a fringe but he didn’t because he knew people would go ‘crazy’

19:34 Chat: ‘Do you know your new neighbours yet?’ – Phil: “No! Knowing me, they’re probably going to be creepy ass neighbours that do witchcraft. Um, there’s only one person on either side so it’s less like this place which is like a metropolis.”

20:18 His favourite place to eat is Chinese food or Indian food - “Anything foreign”

20:44 He doesn’t listen to KPop but he hears it through the walls from Dan’s room

22:27 Shows a brief video of Cornelia playing the harpsichord

24:26-26:54 He does a guest broadcast of someone random

28:27 He and Dan are going to see Muse live in London, he’s really excited

29:20 He makes up a fanfiction of Harry Potter and PJ

33:36 He shows how the packing’s going, there are boxes every where

33:55 He shows Dan’s room, he’s playing Guild Wars and not packing

35:07 They still have a lot of packing to do, they’re probably going to be up all night

35:15 “Yes, I still wanna call my child Jack and Emily or maybe… Moe and Sylvester”

36:51-37:20 He does another guest broadcast but he ends it because it’s too loud

40:12 Drawing game

44:39 “You’re all saying ‘prank Dan’ but how would I prank Dan in the next two minutes? I don’t know. I’m not really that much of a prankster if I’m honest.”

45:25 He gives a sneak preview of the London flat – “I’m going to be living with danisnotonfire from Youtube.”

46:24 “I love you guys. I wouldn’t make youtube videos if it wasn’t for you, you are the best.”

48:02 His current neighbours don’t know who he is but the guy down at the shop does

48:26 Goes to Dan’s room, he’s still not packing

48:51 “Oh my god it’s danisnotonfire. Oh my god. What you doing in my house? Get out.”

49:32 Dan joins him in his room

53:10 They listen to the Walrus song

55:04 They open a box, Dan gets the green Mario hat in this box, they get lollies and chocolate

58:20 Dan: “Haha, snapshots. ‘Ohmygod Dan’s wearing a hat, I need to preserve this moment forever.’
Phil: “Ohmygod Phil’s wearing Dan’s hat, their skin molecules are touching.”
Dan: [Laughs] “My feels.”

58:39 Dan: “Did you guys know that, to an extent, all chewy sweets are basically grinded hooves?”
Phil: “Are you ruining Haribo for everyone again?”
Dan: “Yeah, so any time you have a chewy sweet you’re eating grinded pork feet.”
Phil: “Stop it. I don’t want you to talk about grinded pork feet in my chat.”

1:00:30 Dan goes to get his offensive shirt

1:01:32 Dan returns with his patchwork shirt on – everyone went into a tizzy after he wore it whilst answering VYou questions. They discuss the shirt and Dan’s fashion habits for a while.

1:05:09 The shirt cost “an amount you probably wouldn’t approve of.” He’d rather buy 1 expensive thing he’d like than cheap things from Topman he’d never wear.

1:05:45 Chat: ‘Dan, you look gay.’ – Dan: “How do I look gay? [Laughs]”
Phil: “Let’s not go there.”
Dan: “How can something look like a sexuality? And how does my hipstery, nerdy skater hat and a Japanese t-shirt equal gay?”
Phil: “That would just make the whole of Japan--”
Dan: “How does it?”
Phil: “The whole of Japan would be gay.”
Dan: “How does it? You need to assess your life. I’m gonna have a bunch of people calling me sassy on tumblr now. What’s up with that? Has a thing happened recently where sassy has become the new- everyone’s favourite word.”
Phil: “I think it’s just to describe you.”
Dan: “No, no, no I’ve seen it – loads of people have been saying it. Um, loads of things.. yeah, on twitter I’ve just seen people talking about things going ‘why is this person being so sassy’ and I’m like why are people using that word all of a sudden”

1:07:53 Dan: “You know what I mean like um, I think that there’s no denying that the sort of people that wear clothes like this hat look cool when they do but that’s just not how I wanna dress cause I don’t wanna feel like I’m just following a trend. Not that there’s anything wrong with it cause I think it- you know, usually it looks cool but I just feel boring which is why I don’t have any fashion sense and it’s just a random collection of things that I deem unboring.”

1:08:31 Chat: ‘You look like a twat with it on’ – Dan: “Well don’t worry, I didn’t buy it. Appreciate me wearing this hat now because I’m so afraid of negative reactions that I’m probably never gonna wear a hat like this ever.”

1:09:06 They do a guest broadcast, they guy they’re guesting looks like Phil

1:09:31 The guest person says everyone thinks he looks like Dan and Phil’s love child
Phil: [Laughs] “You are our love child, our secret, secret love child.”
Dan: “Well procreation would have to happen for a love child to happen, I’m not down with that.”
Phil: “True, I’m not down with that either.”

They spend the rest of the show pretty much just talking about Dan’s shirt and hat
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

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Aug 11th, 2012
7:36 "You’ll have to bear with me because I have the worst headache ever. I don’t know why I get headaches every Saturday, I wasn’t doing crazy drinking last night I promise. My brain hurts, I think it might be my wisdom teeth."

8:20 "I can hear Daniel and I think he is assembing our new microwave."

9:02 "I kind of do want to read 50 shades of grey, just to know what everyone’s on about. I think it’s really hilariously bad and that’s why it’s good. Also kinda awkward that moms read it. I anyone’s mum reading it? Would it destroy my innoccence? I see women just sat on the tube reading it and I know they are reading porn basically. Or in Starbucks, some woman next to me was like-mmmmh, when it’s like vagina" [worst moment to cut off ]

10:16 [someone’s mum, nan, etc are all reading it] P: "I wonder if they swap notes."

10:29 "Appearently Peter Andre is writing a man version of it, like a book for men like that. That’s not gonna work, guys aren’t gonna read that, sorry Peter Andre. Let’s get off 50 shades of grey topic."

12:02 "I just don’t like licking of the face area. *side eye* Or any area. If I never met the person before. So hugs are good, I love the hugs."

12:42 "I swear I won’t be able to have any children because of how warm this laptop is on my lap."

16:17 "I recently filmed a video at Bryony’s house and I just looked through the footage and I look really horrible. So I’m gonna colour correct it or something. I’m looking at my face now and this is my face, but for some reason I look super lumpy and weird in there. Youtube comments can be harsh, so I’m like *weird face*, do I wanna post this, or just refilm the whole thing?"

21:52 "Dan and the queen were starting their Mars exhibition-oh, expedition- they were wondering through the murky depth of the planet as the queen adjusted her crown and said: Daniel! Fetch me some wine!
He started drilling for wine in the depth of Mars, when all of the sudden a swam of bees came out of the ground.
They were like-Oh god, we’re gonna get raped by the bees!
Ran into a cave, then Dan saw an alien. It had glistening eyes and it was brandishing a knife. Not the knife, he said, put it down!
All of the sudden, it posessed the queen. She started straddling him and going-Daniel, the blenders are coming! Outside, the blenders started to rain.
Dan cried as the queen kissed him, slowly filling him with her alien life force. They both died in that cave. Never heard from again, until now." *takes the box off*

26:26 Deep opera voice

29:27 "I slipped over and landed on a nail that wast sticking out of the wood. That was blood just going [everywhere]
My dad was like-Philip, how could you do that? You stupid boy.
I was like-Why are you shouting at me?
My dad always shouted at me when I injured myself and that’s the thing that you don’t want to be happening in that situation is being shouted at.[younow cuts off]-aah they look after you.
No, I just got shouted at when I injured myself.
Another time, he shut my fingers in the car door by accident and then shouted at me for it. I was like-What are you doing? I was having some repressed issues that I’m sharing. If I was a parent I’d be like- Oops, sorry son, didn’t mean to shut your hand in the door."

34:49 Chat: 50 shades of popcorn. P: "You should get on writing that. I could write a pornographic book about popcorn, because I like it that much.[younow cuts off at the worst time :wink: ] That was scary and I hurt my throat, maybe I shouldn’t write pornograpic books."

36:50 Shuffle song game
The song that describes Phil’s life: New found glory-My friends over you
describes his whole life: MCR: Dead
his past: generic happy vlog music
his future wife: a love song from final fantasy 8. Hopefully my wife’ll be like Rinoa.
his death: Muse-Uprising

42:40 "These shows are kinda intimidating, I’m gonna be honest with you guys, ’cause it’s an hour long and what am I gonna talk about for an hour? But then once I get started it’s just lalalala-it flows."
45:34 Chat: Does anyone call you Danny? D: "No, that’d be weird."

46:11 D: "You crushed my leg."
P: "Gross. D: Great weight. "
P: "Great whale."
D: "Phil walks in Dan posing like a french girl on his bed with the webcam open. It’s not like that!"
P: "I was kinda disturbed."
D: "It was like that guys, wasn’t it, having a moment."

48:55 P: "Pleasure my audience!" #nocontext

53:05 Phil loses the jenga

57:28 P:"I just got an email. No matter what it is, I'm just gonna read it out to you guys."
D: "It's just a newsletter, isn't it?"
P:" Sarah sent me a private message, it said now kiss."
D: "Well, *in unision, Dan laughing, Phil pokerface* NO.

1:00:40 Playing the 'unacceptable' loop with really cute smiles.
D: "Oh god, the animation is looping perfectly. You really know how to sustain your audience in your liveshows."

1:01:41 Chat: Has your mouth recovered from the chili yet?
D: " It was wuite traumatising, wasn't it? I had no idea that the whole chili eating would be that traumatic, ut it was horrific, seriously.
P: "It was kind of hilarious. It was all hilarious."
D:"Aww, thanks"
P:"I loved it Dan. Not as good as my next video though. All joke."

1:02:53 "Dan's playing the piano in the room, I'm gonna make some food, and then cry about how small my wardrobe thing is."
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

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Phil liveshow: 7th July, 2012
0:05 He’s late because there was traffic on the way back from his parent’s house. He was at his parent’s house looking at properties.

0:28 He hates being late for things

0:57 He’s still jetlagged from being in LA

1:38 “Dylan hates me. Sadness. Why do you hate me, Dylan? Let’s talk about this, I’m sure we can sort out our problems.”

2:05 “I don’t do anything to make someone hate me.”

2:29 He’s making a new video tomorrow

2:35 He’s looking at apartments Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week

3:04 “I’m moving to London […] with Daniel Howell and we were maybe gonna have another housemate but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Crabstickz suggested that he might live with us, that’d be cool. It’d be like a youtube house. And PJ as well. The fantastic foursome house.”

3:36 “I love Chris. Crabstickz is the best person, he’s so funny.”

3:43 “Yeah, a fantastic foursome house would be good. We could all be in each other’s videos and play video games and do crazy liveshows and play the story game again.”

4:32 “I’m moving because London is the land of opportunity and I’ve actually got more friends in London than in I do in Manchester. So if we’ve got radio stuff happening and stuff like that we can be like yayyyy.”

4:48 They’re not sure where they’re gonna live yet but he’s narrowed it down to about 10 places

5:01 He got a temporary lady rainicorn tattoo in Vegas, it made him realise he doesn’t want a tattoo

6:59 SitC is becoming like Vidcon, it’s moving inside this year. All the other years it’s been in a field.

7:13 He shows some things he got from Vidcon, socks etc. Dan got Domo lights but they’ve agreed to share them for the lounge

8:22 He is doing Stickaid this year, he and Dan are going to be quite early on in the show which is exciting

8:34 He gives a geography lesson on the UK and its various accents

10:34 His hair is “skanky” because he hasn’t washed it for a day. “I’m one of those people that gets like greasy hair after four hours.”

10:43 He got a text – “Shall I share it with you? Oooh, it’s from my secret admirer. Oh it’s from Sophie. Hi, Sophie. Sophie is my friend that I -mumbles something I can’t make out- (I think he might be saying “live in front of” but idk). She’s watching, she liked the accents.

11:36 “I just realised there’s Pocky on my bed. I did not know that was there. Did I just sleep with Pocky on my bed today? Perhaps.”

11:45 “Dan’s working on his video but I’d like it if he was here, he just can’t be here right now.”

12:00 He likes chocolate orange’s but when he worked at WHSmith a lady threw one at his head, it made him quit. He wanted to make a video about it but he was scared they’d get angry and sue him.

12:34 He’s 6 ft 1 depending on whether or not he’s slouching

12:48 He suggests you don’t work at WHSmith. On his first day at the job he expected he’d get a training day but they just put him straight on the till and expected him to know how to do it. It was also during Christmas so it was worse. It made him realise he didn’t ever want to work in a shop again. He worked there for 4 months.

14:52 He got to 1500 people watching the stream so he draws a pineapple on his face

15:21 “I would love to draw Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox on my face.” – He met Anthony, he kept it cool. “He was bonding with Dan cause they look the same and I was just kind of stood there like [waves] but we did shake hands.”

16:54 His favourite cartoon of all time is Adventure Time

18:18 “Dan is the same height as me, he’s like 6 ft 1ish. Whenever it gets brought up we always like try to see who’s the tallest.”

18:33 He’d like to meet Natalie (communitychannel) and Smosh again

18:54 “What do I think of phan shipping? I don’t mind. Um, as long as the stories aren’t like mega creepy cause I’ve seen a few creepy ones but it is entertaining.”

20:43 “I have been to Dubai, it was crazy, it was like 50 degrees. I always think like on the news everyone’s like ‘if you go to Dubai you will get arrested for everything’ so it’s a bit scary. Apparently you can’t kiss a girl in Dubai in public or something so I’m scared I’d like kiss someone and then get arrested.”

22:36 “I didn’t grope Brendon Urie but he did get mostly naked on the stage so the girls were like ‘ahhhhhh’”

23:10 He’s getting ideas to tell a story about something – “It can be my first fanfiction as in with an ‘f”

24:22-25:48 He creates a story about Crabstickz and Susan Boyle, they have “passionate sex in the back of the train”

27:03 They have to be out of that apartment by the 25th of July so they really need to find a place

27:45 He plays/sings along to the Adventure Time theme

29:13 His real-life friend Ben is watching

32:22 Drawing game - He’s drawing on the back of a private and confidential letter that isn’t for him so it doesn’t matter

35:38 “Dan’s really busy, I can’t get him but I would happily have him in the show, that would be cool.”

36:21 He plays ‘hand charades’

37:21 Chat: ‘Cats or dogs?’ – Phil: “I think I’d own a cat but I think dogs are cool as well. I like them both. I’m a bit allergic to cats though so if it was like a super fluffy one it’d make me sneeze.”

39:19 His favourite season is winter because it has Christmas, his birthday, the New Year and he likes his warm bed in winter. He likes summer too though. He likes wearing t-shirts more than jumpers.

40:14 His favourite video that he’s made is his Space Adventure even though he thinks it’s a bit flawed and hard to play. It was one of the first interactive videos on youtube so he’s really proud of it.

40:38 Someone asks when he hit puberty, he mentions the time that he was sat around the dinner table and his voice broke in front of his whole family and he was really embarrassed

41:40 “’Going through the change’ I know, it makes me sound like I was a transsexual or something, which I’m not.”

41:50 He goes to see if Dan wants to say hi but Dan appears at the door before him and scares him

43:06 He asks Dan if he had any embarrassing puberty stories – Dan: “Not really, mine was a very slow and non-obvious transition.”

43:24 Chat: ‘Lick Phil’s nose, Dan’ – Dan: “No, Lucy.”
Phil: “But I’ve covered it honey pie.”

43:30 Chat: ‘Dan smells’ – Dan: “Your mum smells, Nadine. Your mum smells.”

44:03 They open a package it has a pocket size Winnie the Pooh collection, Phil wants to give it to his friend that just had a baby

47:32 Chat: ‘What do you do when you’re not making videos?’ – Dan: “Sleep in my crypt and eat virgins. Not really.”

48:13 Phil: “I wrote a fanfiction about Susan Boyle and Crabstickz earlier.”
Dan: “Really? That sounds good.”
Phil: “It was pretty amazing.”
Dan: “I’ll take that into the bathroom.”

48:26 Chat: ‘Do you want to fight?’ – Dan: “Yes, yes I do.”
Phil: “I wanna fight you.”
Dan: “Not with you, with the person.”

49:01 Dan leaves to edit his video

52:07 He likes Buffy the best from Buffy also Anya, he’s friends with the person who plays Anya

53:43 New SAP in August

55:56-57:17 Drawing game

58:19 He’s leaving now because he’s hungry
Phil liveshow: 14th July, 2012
0:48 He’s tired. He’s been in London for the past week looking for a house. They’ve officially put an offer on a house now they’re just waiting to hear back.

2:42 They’ve now got to get a van to drive all their stuff. He’s going to see if a friend can drive a van for them. Also, the entrance to their new place is narrow and so he’s concerned as to how they’re going to get all the stuff in.

3:10 He can drive but he hasn’t driven in two years since he’s moved to Manchester so he doesn’t feel comfortable driving a van

4:35 He’s got a new deodorant ‘Lynx: Attract’ it’s meant to attract ‘ladies’ – “it’s not worked so far. I walked past a pretty lady outside and she was just like [pulls grossed out face]

6:19 “There’s actually a girl in my garden that was tweeting at me saying ‘come outside’ and I felt really bad cause I was like ‘don’t be creepy’. Luckily, I’m moving. I think next time when we’re making the showing everyone around videos I think we’ll show less of the outside if people are like camping in the garden… it’s a bit- it’s like- I’m not angry at her, I was just politely saying ‘could you not do that’ because I wanna be able to like go get some milk without someone like being in my hallway. So, I hope that’s fair. Am I being fair? I think I’m being fair.”

8:12 He has a guy that’s like ‘give away Totoro’s’

8:38 He’s got to start packing. He’s trying to decide what to throw away and what to keep but he’s a hoarder. He’ll donate the clothes, not throw them away.

10:41 His favourite Ben and Jerry’s flavour is Half Baked Cookie Dough and Chocolate Brownie

11:35 He thinks 3D is slightly overrated and because of his eyesight problems it’s blurry for him

12:32 He’s not down for prank calling people

12:56 He can’t wait to get a new bed, his current one is so small

13:59 Lion is on Dan’s desk because he was filming in there

14:44 He gets emails from foot fetishists asking for him to model his feet and send them pictures – “It’s weird that so many people are attracted to feet also the fact that we always come onto the subject of foot perverts in my liveshows.”

15:25 “Yeah, I don’t find feet really attractive at all.”

15:33 He saw the Woman in Black with his brother and his brother freaked out

15:55 “Yes, Dan is gonna live with me in London. We’ve both got two epic sized bedrooms as well which is cool cause the bedroom’s not that big in this place but in the new place they’re like ‘woahhh’”

17:05 “Ohmygod me and Dan just watched the last episode of Game of Thrones season 2. The show is so good. I’m glad I’ve caught up with everyone now cause now I can track the tag on tumblr and stuff, before I was like ‘don’t spoil it, please don’t spoil it’. I hate spoilers. If there’s anything that I hate in life more it’s being spoiled for a TV show or a movie. I don’t even like watching film trailers cause I think they show the whole film.”

17:59 “Yeah, Game of Thrones, if you think it’s just gonna be boring like ‘ughhh old age knights and kings’ it’s not, it’s amazing. Lots of lesbian sex though, if you’re not really into lesbian sex don’t watch it with your parents.”

18:40 He gets an email, apparently it said ‘your invitation for renting a van has been declined’

20:42 His OTP is him and Sarah Michelle Gellar also known as ‘Puffy’ or him and Krave or him and lions

21:04 His tumblr fans call themselves ‘Phillions” or ‘Philosoraptor’ but he thinks that’s too close to ‘Danosaurs’

23:35-25:34 He makes up a story about Super Mario and Ian Hecox – “and asked Ian to sexually twiddle his moustache”

26:36 He mentions going to the dead body exhibit in Vegas and he saw that livers are very big. - “I’d eat a liver if I was a cannibal.”

27:00 His last liveshow inspired his most recent video ‘The Change’

27:30 He draws whiskers on his face because there are 2800 people watching

29:49 Someone dares him to ‘get clothed’ so he puts more clothes on

31:22 Someone mentions he’s their favourite youtuber - “That means more than you would think.”

31:33 He’s been thinking about his videos, he asks whether he should do more video blogs, keep doing what he’s doing, more funny videos or different things – “I am actually wanting some advice right now, cause I love what I’m doing but I’m just wondering if you want me to do anything else.”

32:16 He wants to do more day in the life stuff when he gets to London

32:42 He thinks he’ll be more inspired to make things in London, his current bedroom isn’t inspiring and is always filled with crap. Their new place in London has “loads of storage” (lol)

33:00 Someone tells him to do pole dancing and he does it on the tripod for the light which is in his room

34:08 Chat: ‘What would your mother say?’ – Phil: “What would my mother say? She’d be like ‘lol’"

34:22 “You’re all going ‘scare Dan’ but how would I scare Dan without just like throwing spiders on him?”

35:45 He likes getting new viewers and old viewers. Re: old viewers “I love that they’ve stuck around.”

36:02 “My videos like went through a really weird section about 3 years ago where I made stuff like ‘The Basket.’ I think that was like my experimental period.”

36:27 “Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking when I made ‘The Basket’

37:38 Drawing game

40:30 He asks how people found his videos, people mention Dan, VlogCandy, tumblr, fanfiction, PJ (“I love PJ! I’ll be able to see PJ more when I’m in London. There’ll be some Peej and Phil collaborations going on.”

41:34 “I think people should just be allowed to wear cat whiskers and it would be socially acceptable like gay rights but cat whiskers in public and in jobs like banking and stuff like that.”

42:56 Drawing game

45:12 He gets his magic 8 ball and asks people to ask questions

45:41 Chat: ‘Will Phil marry Dan?’ – Phil: “Let’s find out. ‘Forget about it.’ 8 people’s lives just got ruined. It also went onto ‘are you kidding’ before it landed on ‘forget about it’

47:53 He knocks on his wall to Dan

48:12 Dan enters

48:24 Dan gets a text/notification of some sort from his grandma – “No grandma, not now.”
Phil: “Talk to her.”
Dan: “No.”

49:14 Dan asks the magic 8 ball whether he should buy some Alexander McQueen shoes, it says ‘absolutely not’

49:36 Today has been a ‘non-day’ for them. They need to tidy the apartment and then pack.

49:46 Dan: “Every time I make a video I completely destroy the apartment by the way. Fact.”
Phil: “It’s just like super carnage. There’s just Dan props everywhere.”

50:04 Dan: “How do you level up? I was gonna put you in jail.”
Phil: “Oh, were you?”
Dan: “But I don’t know how to level up.”
Phil: “You need to do more liveshows.”
Dan: “Well then you know look forward to that one day, Phil. I’m gonna jail you up.”
Phil: “Can’t wait.”
[Both side eye]
Dan: “We’re gonna get fanfiction about that one.”

51:01 Phil shows Dan the drawing game pictures, he shows the picture of satan he drew
Phil: “It’s kind of like a satan sperm.”
Dan: “I thought you said satan spawn wrong then but you meant to say that, didn’t you?”
Phil: “Yes. That’s what someone else said, I wasn’t saying that.”

51:41 Dan shakes the 8 ball and it says ‘lookin’ good’
Dan: “Now’s not the time, 8 ball. There’s 2000 people watching.”
Phil: “There’s 2000 people watching. Do you reckon there’s any fanfiction about Dan and the 8 ball?”
Dan: “Well there should be now. Don’t wanna know how that would go down.”
Phil: “I challenge you to write it.”

52:07 Someone mentions penis enlargement in the chat
Dan: “Guys, this is not the time or the place.”

52:25 Phil: “It’s an alpacalypse.”
Dan: “It’s an alpacalypse. Yeah, my last video might be my first video ever to get a million views.”
Phil: “What is this madness?”
Dan: “That’s exciting. It’s only taken two and a half years. A lot of people just upload ‘boob vagina’ with an obscure thumbnail and it gets 12 million views. I did it slow way but it’s worth it.”
Phil: “What is a boob vagina?”
Dan: “I don’t know but you know everybody has a boob vagina video with a million views.”
Phil: “As soon as you- my live chat has been so innocent and lovely and as soon as you sit down-“
Dan: “As soon as I get here penis enlargements, boob vaginas.”
Phil: “We’re on the boob vaginas. I’m sorry.”

53:39 Chat: ‘Dan, how is your grandma? – Dan: “That’s good, I might tell her about the email incident.”
Phil: “What was that?”
Dan: “You don’t wanna know.”
Phil: “Really?”
Dan: “Yup, you can find out afterwards. It wouldn’t help the current inappropriateness of the chat, let’s just say that.”
Phil: “Involving your grandma?”
Dan: “But I did tweet it so you can go look at that now.”
Phil: “Okay, I’ll go look.”

/Sidenote: My investigative research tells me the tweet was: “@danisnotonfire: just got an email from my grandma titled 'fANTASTIC dildo anonymous postage!!' ..i'm praying to EVERY GOD that she has been hacked.” rip deleted 2012 tweets./

54:18 They’re gonna be on Radio1, it’s a one hour documentary about internet dating

55:41 They open a box

56:32 Phil: “PJ’s here!”
Dan: “PJ’s asked you to marry him.”
Phil: “I’ll marry you, PJ”
Dan: “Yes. Let’s have a triple wedding.”
Phil: “Did he propose to you first?”
Dan: “Yeah.”
Phil: “PJ, I thought we were meant to be together.”
Dan: “Well we’re both here so it’s a double proposal.”
Phil: “Yeah, I mean in you liveshow though.”
Dan shrugs
Phil: “I feel offended Peej that you didn’t choose me first.”

57:28 They get a drink in the box
Dan: “Smell it before you drink it. That’s a good life rule generally. Smell it before you put it in your mouth.”

58:02 They both try the drink - Phil: “’They drank out of the same bottle’”

58:50 They get some Swedish lollies
Phil: “Oh my god this is cool. Uh, my brother’s girlfriend is Sweden so she got some of this-”
Dan: [Laughs] “Your brother’s girlfriend is Sweden?”
Phil: [Laughs] “Yeah, yes, my brother’s-”
Dan: “Your brother is one of those weird people in documentaries that got married to like a horse or a… that he got married to an entire country.”
Phil: “Yeah, my brother’s girlfriend is Sweden….” It’s the Swedish traditional candy

1:00:24 Phil: “Yes, Veronica, I think Ian and Anthony are sex gods.”
Dan: “Oh yeah, thanks to the person that replied Anthony saying that, that’s great.”
Phil: “It was funny.”

1:01:22 Chat: ‘Do an Indian accent.” – Dan: “I’d feel uncomfortable doing that without it sounding racist.”

1:01:36 They’re just sitting and eating lollies – Phil: “We haven’t eaten much today.”
Dan: “We haven’t actually. I bought an entire tub of sundried tomatoes that Phil doesn’t even like so now I have to eat them all myself.”
Phil: “Bad choice.”
Dan: “I know.”
Phil: “We always come back from the supermarket with like random stuff like that.”
Dan: “With exciting things that Phil refuses to eat.”

1:02:03 Phil: “I made the girl in our garden unhappy.”
Dan: “What by telling her to go home?”
Phil: “Not be weird.”

1:02:40 Chat: ‘What happened to the girl in your garden? – Dan: “We killed her and then we ate her.”
Phil: “I made her a bit sad on twitter.”
Dan: “Did you?”
Phil: [Nods] “I’m sorry.”

1:03:48 Chat: ‘Do a Chinese accent’ – Dan: “I would but then people might think I’m racist. What does that say about society?”
Phil: “Is that just your answer to everything?”
Dan: “Yeah.”

1:04:23 Chat asks if they like peanut butter and jelly – Dan: “I do really like it. I only went through a brief period of time where my mum would actually let me have peanut butter and jam but it was really nice.”

1:04:53 Chat: ‘Does Dan have chlamydia?’ Dan: “Um, if you’re joking I’ll say yeah. If you’re being completely serious then you’re a bit stupid because that was a joke I made on twitter about a year ago but that’s okay.”

1:05:10 Dan has a voicemail from his grandma

1:05:39 Someone thinks they have ‘swine aids’ – Dan: “I actually had, well both of us, and all our friends had swine flu-”
Phil: “Yeah, we were coughing for like-”
Dan: “In 2010 from September till February.”
Phil: “It was horrible.”
Dan: “Everyone. All the family, all my friends.”
Phil: “The worst of all swine’s.”

1:07:53 Chat: ‘Do a Jamaican accent’ – Dan: “I don’t think that’s racist. What does that say about society?”

1:09:02 Dan- “C’mmon. Who doesn’t ship Johnlock, person in the tags”

1:09:14 Phil- “I ship the housekeeper and Moriarty.”

1:10:00 Dan: “Walking Dead game part 2 is out. We should do that.”
Phil: “We should play that, let’s go play it now.”
Dan: “Gaming channel, we need it.”
Phil: “Do you think we should make a gaming channel of any kind?”
Dan: “Well all these people that are vloggers that make gaming channels, have gaming channels, have like 6000 subscribers.”
Phil: “Yeah, I think ours-”
Dan: “Which, comparatively, makes it kind of not worth the time.”
Phil: “But I think ours would be really entertaining if we were like playing cause we’re good.”
Dan: “It would cause we’re quite funny. We’d make funny comments about things.”

1:11:07 Dan’s going to edit the Vegas video before they move to London

1:11:45 Chat: ‘Dan, you’re fit.’ – Dan: “I’m not. I’m really not. I need to hit the gym.”
Phil: “We’re never gonna go to the gym.”
Dan: “We are, we have to.”

1:12:02 Dan’s sick of filming videos in his current bedroom – Dan: “I don’t wanna film another effing video on that effing bed. I hate this bedroom, I never really settled into it. I hate it.”
Phil: “You’re not- you mean your bedroom.”
Dan: “Well yeah, this bedroom is the bedroom I film my videos in.”
Phil: “Yeah, this bedroom.”

1:12:46 “Yeah, you can make a video in my bedroom and I’ll make a video in your bedroom. It’ll be inception.”
Dan: “No.”
Phil: “What d’ya mean no? There’s nothing wrong with my room. I think I need to like, in my next room, I need to decorate the wall better…”
Dan: “This apartment is just the most awful one to customise. The reason that me and Phil chose the apartment that we’re moving into is cause the bedrooms are really cool.”
Phil: “Yeah.”
Dan: “And that’s important for filming videos, having bedrooms that are actually happier and freer.”

1:13:43 They talk about doing a let’s play of Crash Bandicoot, they think it’d be hilarious – Dan: “but then no one would watch it cause it’s not Minecraft so would it be worth spending all of our lives doing?” They don’t want to do Minecraft because “bandwagon”

1:14:36 Chat: ‘Any word in Portuguese?’ – Dan: “Periperi. [To Phil] You must know Portuguese words.”
Phil: “I do. Si.”
Dan: “Come on.”

1:14:55 Phil: “PJ said to me, he text me yesterday, and said instead of having-”
Dan: “God, why don’t you just go out with him? Sorry, what?”
Phil: “Instead of saying we should have a house warming party we should have a house freezing party and fill it with snow themed drinks and an ice machine and snow chairs.”
Dan: “But then I can’t force everybody to drink copious amounts of Pimm’s.”
Phil: “Well you can have ice Pimm’s.”

1:15:27 Dan: [Reading the chat] “’No one cares’ says Tamara yeah well your mum.”
Phil: “Tamara!”
Dan: “I think there’s a lot of people that care. I don’t think I even read your name right that’s how much I don’t care that you don’t care.”
Phil: “Yeah, Tamryn. Your mum cares.”
Dan: “In the butt, woaah zing.”
Phil: [Z snaps] “Don’t cross us again, Tamaryn. We can be feisty.”

1:15:57 Dan was debating on VYou whether to dye his hair whilst he is still young, a discussion proceeds. Someone suggests pink (1:17:18) – Dan: “Not a really, really bright pink because I don’t think I’d pull off being so fabulously homosexual looking but maybe if it was a really like washed out fadey pink at the back or something.”

1:17:44 Phil says if Dan dyes his hair pink he’d get the piercing and tattoo that everyone wants him to get. Dan says Phil wouldn’t suit a piercing.

1:18:34 Chat: ‘You guys play Nazi zombies? – Dan: “Phil never did, I used to.”
Phil: “What’s Nazi zombies?”
Dan: “COD.”
Phil: “Oh, yeah. I have played it.”
Dan: “Yeah, not by yourself. At a friend’s house, badly.”
Phil: “Alright.”
Dan: “Phil.”
Phil: “Didn’t know you were the Hitler of Call of Duty games.”
Dan: “The dictator of truth.”

1:19:15 Phil forgot to get some chicken out for them to eat – Dan: “Worst day of my life.”

1:20:19 Dan: “Someone said I look like a Canadian supermodel. Wow. What does that mean? A moose. An anorexic moose.”

1:21:53 The show won’t end so Phil messages an official Younow person. The show continues to not end.

1:24:50 “Let me just ring my younow person and see if they tell me what to do.”
Dan: “Ring them? Why don’t you just go out with them?”
Phil: “I gave them a one missed call. Let’s see if they-”
Dan: “Hah. Missed call. Bitch.”

1:26:01 The show still won’t end – Phil: “What should I do?”
Dan: “What should you do? Just break it.”
Phil: “Okay I’m just gonna have to break the website cause I have to go.”
Dan: “Oh yeah. Phil’s a rock star.”
Phil: “I’m sorry.”
Dan: “He will smack bitches and break websites all over the place cause Phil is a rockstar and he doesn’t even care cause he is so awesome.”
Phil liveshow: 29th July, 2012
2:55 He’s been watching the Olympics today

4:04 He’s live because he wanted to say sorry for promising a video and then not uploading it. He’s had bad technical issues, he filmed half of his video on Dan’s camera and then the camera settings weren’t compatible with his mac so he couldn’t edit it properly. He spent 20 pounds on converting software but it’s going to take 4 hours before he can edit it. It’ll be up tomorrow.

6:28 There’s a flat tour coming soon. It's not his next video because they just want to buy some more furniture before they film it

7:09 He says everyone is entitled to ask where the video is because he said it would be up. He genuinely thought it would go up today so he’s a bit sad that it didn’t

7:45 He and Dan are going to be on Radio1 tomorrow

10:41 Chat: ‘Will you and Dan do a gaming channel?’ – Phil: “That would be cool. We want to try like- well I wanna do loads more youtube now I’m in London.”

13:07 He analyses someone’s dream about aliens

14:28 He’s only ever had 2 lucid dreams

14:42 Moving is going alright, they’ve been super busy so they’ve still got loads of boxes to unpack

16:51 He listens to Weebl’s Kenya song

17:57 He tripped over a box in the lounge and injured every part of his body
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