Liveshow Rewatch Thread (pre-2015 liveshows)

Dan and Phil liveshows
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Liveshow Rewatch Thread (pre-2015 liveshows)

Post by oqua » Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:47 pm

Hey everyone!

When I watch old liveshows, I always find them to be chock-full of interesting moments. I figure other people probably have a similar experience, so I thought it might be nice to make a dedicated place where people can document transcriptions or summaries of noteworthy moments/facts/comments, etc. from old liveshows they watch!

I watched a couple old liveshows yesterday, so I'll start by posting stuff from those.

Please feel free to contribute! Anything funny/interesting/noteworthy is fair game, and don't worry too much about having everything perfectly transcribed or timestamped (though that would be nice, of course).

A good resource if you want to watch old liveshows is — you can find some liveshows here that aren't available on YouTube.

There are also Felucca's wonderful YouTube playlists of Dan's YouNows in order and Phil's YouNows in order.


Here's a directory of all their pre-2015 liveshows, and for the ones that have already been covered on this thread, I've included a link to the relevant post. I'll update this whenever someone adds a new liveshow.

Links that were broken in the forum move have been fixed!

May 5, 2012
May 10, 2012
May 19, 2012
May 26, 2012
June 2, 2012
June 9, 2012
June 16, 2012
June 23, 2012 - AVegasPhil
June 30, 2012 - AmazingPhil at VIDCON!
July 7, 2012 - ALatePhil
July 14, 2012
July 21, 2012 - RAWWRR
July 28, 2012 - KABOOM
July 29, 2012 - Quick Broadcast!
August 4, 2012 - THE DARK PHIL RISES
August 11, 2012 - RWWOWOR
August 25, 2012 - PHILL
September 1, 2012
September 15, 2012 - kaboom
September 29, 2012 - SNIFF
October 6, 2012 - MEOW
October 13, 2012 - PHILTOBERFEST
October 20, 2012 - VLOGGING SENSATIONS
October 27, 2012 - philoween
November 10, 2012 - PHILVEMBER
November 17, 2012 - DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU
November 24, 2012 - I CAN SEE YOU
December 1, 2012 - IT’S DECEMBER
December 8, 2012 - It’s FRRIDDAYYY! oh wait
December 22, 2012 - HOHOHO HOH OH HOH HO HOHoho
January 5, 2013 - AWOOOooo
January 19, 2013 - FILMING DAY
January 26, 2013 - BBBRRRRRRR
February 2, 2013 - Kaboom
February 9, 2013 - i just spilled m&ms everywhere
February 16, 2013 - I am a vampire
February 23, 2013 - A LATE PHIL
March 2, 2013 - cakes
March 9, 2013 - I am a robot
March 16, 2013 - DUN DUN DUN
March 30, 2013 - AMERRICUH
April 13, 2013 - ^_^
April 27, 2013 - VOTE FOR US!!
May 4, 2013 - PLEASE VOTE! - hover over me!!
May 11, 2013 - I am a vampire
June 1, 2013 - FLOOP
June 8, 2013 - don’t cry over spilt milk
June 22, 2013 - KABOOM
June 29, 2013 - YOUNOOO
July 13, 2013 - MELTING
July 20, 2013 - ~HIHI~
July 27, 2013 - mookachu
August 10, 2013 - WAZZZUP
August 31, 2013 - END OF SUMMER PARTY
September 14, 2013 - !@#$%^%^&*
September 21, 2013 - I cut my hair back and forth
October 5, 2013 - Philtoberfest
October 26, 2013 - PHILLOWEEN
November 9, 2013 - UMMM
November 16, 2013 - YER A WIZARD PHIL
November 30, 2013 - SLOWVEMBER
December 7, 2013 - 7th DECEMBERRRRRRRRR
December 14, 2013 - HO HO HELLO
January 11, 2014 - HAPPY NEW EARS
January 18, 2014 - RaAAaaAAaaAAA
January 25, 2014 - PHILNADO
Febuary 1, 2014 - POWER CUT D:
Febuary 8, 2014 - GIGA STORM
Febuary 26, 2014 - Bacon Pancakes
March 15, 2014 - Wasp invasion!
March 30, 2014 - AJETLAGGEDPHIL
April 19, 2014
April 26, 2014
May 17, 2014
May 30, 2014
June 7, 2014
June 14, 2014
July 12, 2014
August 12, 2014
August 30, 2014
September 6, 2014
September 13, 2014
September 20, 2014
October 5, 2014
October 25, 2014
November 1, 2014
November 8, 2014
November 22, 2014
December 6, 2014

July 10, 2012 - we broke younow
July 17, 2012 - yay servers!!
July 24, 2012 - ON TIME omgwow
August 7, 2012 - live & sexual
[timestamps by idk] / [timestamps by alittledizzy]
August 21, 2012 - danisveryhotthisevening (>^_^)
August 28, 2012 - alpacamazing
September 2, 2012 - Dan! a casual surprise sunday
September 4, 2012 - dan! vibrant and sexy tuesday
September 11, 2012 - ~erotic nights~
September 18, 2012 - slightly intoxicated dan
September 25, 2012 - dan’s intimate tuesday party
October 2, 2012 - llamarmyparty
October 16, 2012 - dan’s moist tuesday shindig
October 23, 2012 - enlightenment with dan
October 30, 2012 - halloween special
November 7, 2012 - ~dan live~ let’s get hot oohyh
November 13, 2012 - come watch dan’s thug lyfe $$
November 20, 2012 - chillin’ with the danmeisterde
November 27, 2012 - mm liveshow so cool yh wow
December 4, 2012 - ermahgerd lerv sher
December 11, 2012 - on webcam for you bby ;) xx
December 18, 2012 - let’s have some quality time
January 1, 2013 - 2013 omg woo lets catch up xox
January 8, 2013 - HAI GUISE OMG LIEVSHU hello
[timestamps by idk] / [timestamps by Susanisnotafish]
January 23, 2013 - rehab with dan! (bring snacks)
[timestamps by idk] / [timestamps by Susanisnotafish]
February 5, 2013 - omg dan he’s so kawaii wow omg
[timestamps by oqua] / [timestamps by Susanisnotafish]
February 12, 2013 - happy dancake day
February 19, 2013 - dandanhesourmanifhecantdoityay
April 2, 2013 - SENSUAL&SEDUCTIVE (2 parts)
April 9, 2013 - pls watch i have no friends
April 16, 2013 - DANHATTAN
April 30, 2013 - 2 much pressure 2b witty here
May 9, 2013 - ermahgerd gerdern herdpherns
May 14, 2013 - omg im so tired euthanise me
May 29, 2013 - dan not dead soz necrophiliacs
June 5, 2013 - wtf is happening / sup INTERNET BREAKERS how r u
June 18, 2013 - swiggity swoo whos in the room
June 25, 2013 - a hip hop the hippie the hello
July 2, 2013 - s-s-s-s-s-s-up MY HOMESWIZZLES
July 16, 2013 - suppity sup sup sup my frizzle
July 30, 2013 - tuesdaytuesdaygottagetdanontue
August 27, 2013 - THE ILLEST DAN (cold not cool)
September 4, 2013 - DAN HAS FRIENDS?!?!?!?!?!?!!
September 10, 2013 - what what in the butt
September 17, 2013 - cyber dan & his cyber friends
September 24, 2013 - yo ho time for a liveshow
October 2, 2013 - Come to Brazil
October 8, 2013 - tuesday rehab with doctor dan
October 15, 2013 - she wanted the d. here i am. (3 parts)
November 5, 2013 - DANISNOTBONFIRE
November 12, 2013 - i love me a 1d triple dip mmm
December 5, 2013 - Cooking and Questions with Dan
December 10, 2013 - danisnotcomfortablywarmtonight
February 4, 2014 - i literally spent 3 minutes sat here trying to think of a name for this show i wish this wasn’t a feature
February 18, 2014 - who are you and why are you in my house
February 25, 2014 - sup
March 18, 2014 - what
April 1, 2014 - sup
April 15, 2014
April 22, 2014
May 20, 2014
June 10, 2014
July 8, 2014
July 22, 2014
August 5, 2014
August 12, 2014
August 26, 2014
September 2, 2014
September 16, 2014
September 30, 2014
October 7, 2014
October 15, 2014
October 22, 2014
October 28, 2014
November 12, 2014
November 25, 2014
December 2, 2014
December 9, 2014
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by oqua » Fri Aug 26, 2016 6:40 pm

18 December 2012 Liveshow

[YouTube link]
I included timestamps where I could, but I made this pretty quickly and lazily haha. Anyway, enjoy!
  • He called someone a mango as an insult.
  • Turnip is the best vegetable/fruit-based insult, in his opinion
  • Most British YouTubers have fanbases with really good senses of humor, so it's hard to tell when people are being sarcastic or not
  • If you're sarcastic to someone, they shouldn't be allowed to be sarcastic back, if there's no hint that they're being sarcastic
  • He's wearing a jumper with zippers in the shoulders. Someone said "that shirt is kinky" and he said "it is, kind of."
  • Chat: “You should upload more videos." Dan: ”I do one a week! Well, apart from last week. It's better than one every three weeks! Which is what I used to do; god, I was the worst YouTuber ever."
  • "You don't see the photos I don't upload to the Internet. My iPhone photo album is just 'Dan and his many chins, and his horrible face.'"
  • "Radio show with me and ma buddy Phil."
  • He couldn't cope with not being able to read every letter he got, so he closed his PO box
  • He played football (soccer) when he was a kid, and then when he hit 13, he decided he was more interested in bands and the Internet, so he stopped caring about football. But he still loves swimming and going for long walks in the countryside and jumping on rocks
  • One of his perpetual New Year's resolutions is to take piano lessons again.
  • He's sure most people just voted him hottest lad to either be ironic or to troll the competition
  • "I'm annoyingly humble. I'll never compliment myself. There's probably some sort of deep seated emotional problem that explains why I never accept compliments. Haha."
    "No, it's not low self-esteem! It's like, to be a YouTuber you have to be really self-centered, and I don't like that. It's kind of, like, cringe. Because my videos aren't really about me; they're about like my experiences and like a point that I want to make about something."
  • There was a period when he was 12 where he could lucid-dream. Well, he couldn’t control his dreams, but he would become aware he was dreaming and then wake up in about five seconds.
  • 21:09 - Chat: "You're really skinny." Dan: "I'm actually not really skinny. I'm just really tall...I'm secretly fat. I'm just high. If I run for ten seconds I throw up."
  • He's six feet tall.
  • 22:45 - When he wears high-tops, he looks awkwardly tall, which is a shame.
  • 23:09 - Chat: ”You're taller than Anthony” Dan: "I *am* taller than Anthony, just a bit. Does that ruin all your fanfiction? Is he the dominant one, in the Danthony sex scene? (laughs) I go on the tag, I know what you’re up to— No, I don’t; I told myself I wouldn’t do that anymore. It’s just—freaks me out. It doesn’t freak me out; it’s just— yeah. Gonna stop talking now.”
  • He rambles a bit about how good his posture is. Wtf.
  • 24:17 - His mum once told him that if you slouch you'll grow up to have a hunchback, and ever since then he always sits up really straight. He never slouches. He could be a maid in a Victorian house and they wouldn't correct his posture.
  • Explanation of his accent: He's from the south of England and grew up watching Winnie the Pooh and had a grandma who spoke really properly.
  • 25:10 - Chat: Have you seen the masterpost of people that look like you on Tumblr? Dan: Yeah, er, if you don’t know, some people on Tumblr, and Twitter actually, people from all over, basically, that are you guys, have found pictures of guys that look like me that aren’t me but aren’t me, and it’s so funny. Some person did like a masterpost of all the people from like weird— like (laughs) okay, five of them, are from, like, gay porn, and they look exactly like me, and it’s really weird! ‘Cause I mean I watched it myself, and some people are like ‘Oh, Dan would be freaked out by this’— I’m not freaked out by it! I think it’s really weird! ‘Cause I think I have a really weird face. And I don’t look like anyone. I just think that I don’t look like many people. And then I saw this thing and it’s like, why do I look like all these weird people? So it’s out there, if you want.
  • 25:56 - Chat: “You watch gay porn?” Dan: “No, Sam, people on Tumblr posted pictures from it! I didn’t find it! (laughs) I didn’t go on a quest to find people that look like me!”
  • 28:45 - summary version of how he got into YouTube. He acknowledges Phil’s influence. It involves him at age 14/15 watching girl vloggers and video game videos, then at 17 he decided he should watch more relatable people. He started watching AmazingPhil, and @replied him on Twitter, and they talked about muse and stuff, and then Phil was like "you should make videos!" And then he was like "okay!" And here we are.
  • He's single at the moment. *awkward laugh*
  • Favorite Winnie the Pooh character: "ooh. In many ways Pooh. In many ways Eyeore. Might be Eyeore."
  • He feels bad for Rabbit, whose garden gets trampled. "Farming isn't easy."
  • "I would never post a video if my hair looked bad."
  • "My hair looks good in videos but it's a lie."
  • He's not metrosexual. He's too lazy. He always looks like a tramp. The only reason he goes through the effort to straighten his hair is that his curly hair is horrible. People think they like his curly hair but that's only because he only shows his curly hair when it looks good, which is almost never.
  • Also he's trying to go for this whole Asian look, which wouldn't work with curly hair.
  • "When is the end of the world? 21st? I should put that in my calendar. Of all the dates."
  • He'll probably put the Vegas video up the week after Christmas.
  • The only YouTuber he hasn't met who he wants to meet is Natalie Tran. But he's not sure he'd want to meet her, because she's like his idol, and so he's a bit afraid she wouldn't like him
  • He met Jenna Marbles while really drunk and he doesn't remember what he said to her.
  • He should decide on his photo face. Right now he doesn't have one.
  • This week he's been buying mince pies and sampling them, to see which one is the best, because he lives such an exciting life.
  • “Imagine if in 30 years I’m like a famous presenter or something and I’m still an Internet loser. (laughs) Don't worry guys, I'll always be a dork."
  • He doesn't think he'll ever stop making YouTube videos, even if he stops making comedy videos. He'll still probably make vloggy videos.
  • The first two seconds of The Hobbit he had to hold back tears because it started playing the Shire theme.
  • 56:00 - He writes some Slenderdan fanfiction: “‘I ship you and Slenderman’ said somebody. Great! Slenderdan. I’ll be expecting— ‘Dan was asleep in his bed. Slenderman was lurking in the corner of the room. This was when he usually killed people. But he just couldn’t stop looking at Dan’s curves. Usually, he just flashed back to those times when he was just standing in all those people’s bedrooms, waiting to make them die of fear. But this time, Slenderman wanted the D.’ Yup, there we go. The first Slen-dan fanfiction.”
  • 56:31 - “‘What curves?’ said somebody. Snap! Okay, there is this theory that I don’t have a butt. I can correct this theory. I do have a butt. I have a massive whale butt. It’s just that I wear my jeans so low-down that they’re literally below my butt and they’re on my legs. So where my belt is, going down to my jeans pockets, you’re just looking at my flat legs, because my butt is actually under my t-shirt (laughs) because my jeans are in a permanent state of falling down."
  • 59:15 - “But yeah oh god I can't wait to go home and have no internet! Like, on one hand, going home for Christmas is a good thing, ' Basically food, full stop. Doing nothing and being fed. That is what family is all about. But they have the worst wifi ever. And literally, I would visit my family more if their wifi wasn't so crap. So. (laughs)"
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by oqua » Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:05 pm

30 July 2013 Liveshow

[YouTube link]
  • He's not going to vlog vidcon because he needs a holiday and doesn't want to have to worry about whether he's being funny or not
  • “Who flies business class on a flight? Why would you waste thousands of pounds on eight hours of your life? Those people must be ACTUAL MILLIONAIRES.”
  • Why he didn’t upload the previous week: He was in Norwich for a few days and got back on Thursday, so then he was supposed to upload on Friday, but it takes him a long time to make videos, but he did make a video, but on Monday he didn't want upload it because it was really bad, and he wasn't happy with it. “And Phil was all like, ‘Dan you should totally upload this video!’ And I was like, ‘Nope. It’s not the danisnotonfire quality level.’ It was good. It was a good video. And Phil made the point that like, an average video by me is probably still gonna be pretty good compared to a random YouTube video, but I dunno.” (- 13:20) But the thing is, once he makes a video about a topic, he can never make a video about it again, so he was looking at this video like "is this EVERYTHING I'll ever want to say about this topic?" And he decided it wasn't, so he's going to refilm parts and upload it tomorrow or the next day (oqua's note: try two weeks from now he'll upload a truth or dare video)
  • 16:03 - The younow is lagging and Dan yells out, "Phil? Stop torrenting porn!" Then he turns to the chat and is like “He wouldn’t do that; I’m only joking.” Then he yells out, "But seriously, stop downloading stuff if you are!" Then turns to the chat again and goes, “He’s probably downloading porn,” then adds, “he’s not really.”
  • Chat: "When are you going to post a new video?" Dan: "Depending on how happy I am with its goodness, either tomorrow night or Thursday. Or if I have a COMPLETE mental breakdown, there might not be one till next Friday. But let's all join hands and form a prayer circle and try to have me not have a mental breakdown, and then you might have the video in two days. Or one. There we go."
  • 21:21 - Chat: ”Collab with your mum like Phil did." Dan: "Maybe. My mum's not senile enough yet. Maybe I should collab with my grandma. That would be lollage."
  • Chat: "Did you just indirectly call Phil's mum senile?" Dan: "No, (laughs), I understand how that might have sounded. I was just saying that my mum is too totally with-it... so I don't think she'd be that funny."
  • 27:55 - His favorite color is gold and his favorite three colors are black, white, and gold, which are also the only colors he wears.
  • 29:01 - He talks about how clothes fit him. 29:13 - Topman clothes don't fit him, because he's a size small width-wise, but he's really tall, so size small Topman shirts are like crop tops on him. 29:56 - The patchwork shirt doesn't look good on him. He should have gotten a size bigger, because it makes him look really fat, because it’s too small. Like it’s really tight around his arms. (oqua’s note: I think he's in denial of the fact that he had a growth spurt. The patchwork shirt used to fit him differently)
  • He likes all saints clothes even though they cost a million pounds, because they're very long.
  • His day today was good. He bought some trainer socks, got a haircut for VidCon, and got rained on
  • His life is going much more successful inside his Nintendo DS than it is in the real world.
  • “‘You look depressed,’ said somebody. I'm not, but thanks for saying that.”
  • “‘My friend says that everyone calls her depressed a lot. And she finds it really annoying.’ There we go.”
  • Chat: “What do you think of Russia?" Dan: [he talks about how the Russian government is stupid, making it totally illegal for gay people to exist, and.... illegal to swear on the Internet.... and just generally being douches.]
  • Explanation of the robot poster they have: "The first week we moved in, we needed something to go above the fireplace, so Señor Philip, who I live with, just went online to like  and found that robot, and then just bought it, and it's been there ever since."
  • "(Bitter laugh) I like the person that called me lazy, when I literally haven't not worked for about nine days in a row right now. I feel like I need to cry. I really need a holiday, to VidCon."
  • What he's been doing: dinof video, radio show, Chris Geek Week thing, Knightmare Geek Week thing, attempting to film another dinof video.
  • Chat: "Where is Phil?" Dan: "I don't know. We're not attached to each other. He's doing Phil things in his Phil life. In your head, me and Phil might constantly be together, but not in the real world, I'm afraid."
  • Chat: "So touchy about Phil!" Dan: "No...(laughs) You need to tell when I'm being silly about something."
  • Chat: "You're very sassy today, Dan." Dan: "No I'm not. I am not at all sassy today. There has been zero percent sass in this chat."
  • Chat: "Are you going to vlog VidCon?" Dan: "No, because I need a semi-holiday to not have a mental breakdown."
  • Chat: "Are you a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world?" Dan: "Yes. I could not be more."
  • Chat: "Are you a thousand percent done with the chat?" Dan: "No, and even if I was, it would be in an endearing way."
  • Chat: "Can I hug you at SITC?" Dan: "Uhh...say hi first, otherwise I'll be scared."
  • He dropped a jean size this month.
  • Chat: "Dan, aren't you tired yet?" Dan: "No, I sleep at like 4 AM, so this is like midday for me right now."
  • Larry Stylinson is sooo 2011.
  • "I think that there's a real problem with ambition with today's generation. I just think it's all about ambition. People aren't dreaming big enough. People could have artistic dreams, people could have career dreams... People are just thinking 'oh, I'll just get a job.' No! Go for that job! Climb that career ladder! Start a business!"
  • And then he talks about how university is worth it.
  • "I had already been offered a job by Radio 1 when I dropped out of university."
  • "But then, you know, MY existential crisis, college's about, you's about having no regrets. And following your dreams. You know what I mean?"
  • If he'd been getting a degree in English, he probably would have been really passionate about it, and nerding out all the time, and he wouldn't have dropped out. But law sucked, plus he had a successful YouTube channel and the radio one thing happened, so in his case, dropping out was logical.
  • But if you're debating whether to go to university, you probably should. "But don't let that terrify you, because obviously 50% of my life is spent having existential crisises."
  • He didn't do a liveshow last week because he was in Norwich.
  • "I missed you guys. I need the liveshows, you know what I mean? There's just something about the live chat. I need it. It's been quite humanity faith restoring."
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by swofro » Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:10 pm

I am so fond of reading this summaries (I have almost no patience in watching old vyou so this is a great thread!) Thanks, oqua!
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by anathema » Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:37 pm

I'm excited for this thread! I probably won't contribute anything, because I get immensely bored watching their liveshows (oops), but I'll definitely be lurking :lol:
oqua wrote: Chat: “You should upload more videos." Dan: ”I do one a week! Well, apart from last week. It's better than one every three weeks! Which is what I used to do; god, I was the worst YouTuber ever."

oqua wrote: Chat: "Are you a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world?" Dan: "Yes. I could not be more."
:lol: Made me think of his childhood videos!
If he'd been getting a degree in English, he probably would have been really passionate about it, and nerding out all the time, and he wouldn't have dropped out. But law sucked, plus he had a successful YouTube channel and the radio one thing happened, so in his case, dropping out was logical.
This is interesting. I've always wondered if Dan would have stayed in Uni had he gone with a major he was actually interested in. I guess he seems to think so. I wouldn't have pegged him as an English guy though, I assumed he would have pursued something in the arts.
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by DryCereal » Fri Aug 26, 2016 8:13 pm

oqua wrote:
  • “Who flies business class on a flight? Why would you waste thousands of pounds on eight hours of your life? Those people must be ACTUAL MILLIONAIRES.”

IckleMissMayhem's evil fic writing alter ego. :twisted:

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by Winston » Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:15 pm

I love this thread!!! Thank you Oqua! I wish i had a functioning laptop so i could contribute. I have a list of favorite live shows that I watch when nothing else is happening. I find them relaxing.
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by oqua » Sat Aug 27, 2016 2:22 am

5 February 2013 Liveshow

[YouTube link]
I posted this on Thread #2 of IDB (ah, memories), but I figured I might as well re-post it here! (I'm literally just going to copy and paste my old post below)

For context: This is his first liveshow after he hit a million subscribers.

2:00 - implication that Phil has his Tumblr password?

7:12 - (regarding his million subscribers video) - “Hopefully it’ll be interesting in some way, and I won’t cry like Shane Dawson.”

8:34 - “Are you sure you’re British?” - “Well, you know, adopted grandma, slightly Mexican is the theory everybody’s thinking, who knows.”

8:44 - No, the Vegas video won’t be his million subscribers video

11:30 - He introduced himself to Jenna Marbles while he was drunk, he touched her butt accidentally at Playlist live, talk of assorted YouTubers, Smosh, NigaHiga, etc.

12:00 - “Have you got any plans for Valentine’s Day?” - “I’m not one of those people that gets lonely at Valentine’s Day. I just — I just don’t for any reason.” [hmm I wonder why not ;)]

17:00 - “Someone said, ‘So, gay marriage is legal’ — Yeahhhhh! Go House of Commons! Whoo! That’s the advantage of the UK legal system: the House of Commons can use the ~power of democracy~ to keep the old farts in the House of Lords from having opinions that stick. No one understood what I just said. Anyway—”

18:30 - He says to Google “I am Mexican” if you haven’t seen it. Apparently the the video is quite funny. [oh dan :roll:]

19:10 - “Do you travel a lot?” - I don’t travel as much as I’d like to; I always see the twins like, ‘Oh I’m going to Sri Lanka and South Africa’ and I’m like I miss traveling. ‘Cause I used to — my family didn’t used to have a very big house but we used to go on holiday every year, which was kind of a thing. So I had some friends that had kinda big houses but they never left the country; they thought that France was exotic. Whereas I’d been to like Australia! and stuff, so… I would like to go on more adventures. I want to go to like Africa or something, that’d be cool.” [I found this interesting due to the vague talk of family's financial situation, Sri Lanka, adventures, etc.]

25:49 - “Why do we never see your family in your videos?” - “’Cause it’s called privacy.....I'm JOKING haha!” [sure you are, dan, sure you are]

29:24 - “Can you tell us about your last girlfriend?” - “What, when I was seventeen? It was really funny, I saw a fricking post on Tumblr that was a quote from me that I said fricking ages ago about love — which was stupid — but, erm, I was talking about my girlfriend at the time and everyone thought I was talking about Phil. And I was like, ‘Oh for fuck’s sake, Tumblr. You planks.’” [LOL, this is such a blatant lie, I actually laughed as I listened to him talk. It was like, 'Hmm, you asked about my girlfriend. You know, I once wrote a thing on formspring and it was STUPID and also TOTALLY ABOUT MY GIRLFRIEND not Phil because I don't love Phil got it?? You're all such planks I wasn't talking about Phil!!!1!]

39:53 - “How’s the existential crisis coming along?” - “It’s okay Karina! I’m in a good place at the moment.” [I'm actually kind of surprised at this wording. "In a good place at the moment" strikes me as an uncharacteristically-serious way of talking about his existential crisis status]

“I said in my, er, my college dropout video, ages ago, I go through phases of existential crisis where I’m fine and then … I think it’s once every five or six weeks I have my quarter-life crisis again, and that week I just don’t get anything done. So, like, there was a couple weeks ago where I had my relapse into quarter-life crisis, and I spent the entire week just lying on the floor going “euhhh.” (laughs) So I’m okay now. But I think sometime in late March I’m gonna have another lapse of quarter-life crisis and I’ll just spend the entire week planking on the carpet being miserable…Gaining weight again.” [dan :cry: ]

40:50 - “Why don’t you have a girlfriend, Dan?” - “‘Cause I just don’t want one at the moment. I had a girlfriend for a long time when I was a teenager and I just like…being busy basically (laughs)” [is it bad that my first thought was, 'is that a euphemism?']

Trigger warning: discussion of weight
42:50 - “Someone said ‘you’re so chubby’ — I’m not chubby! Look at my fricking arms, I’m like a — I’ve actually lost weight! It’s quite funny, (laughs) some lovely person on Tumblr posted a video that I uploaded like last October where you can see like a fat crease when I sit up and it’s like great! Thanks! Thanks for turning that into a slow-motion gif! But, uh, yeah. So I have people on Tumblr going, ‘ah, Dan’s a bit chubby’ and then I have people on my James Bond Radio 1 video going, ‘God Dan, you need to gain some weight, you’re too thin!’ and I’m like ‘Aw great, I’m like fricking Britney Spears!’” [At first I assumed he meant the person who made the gif on Tumblr was somehow poking fun at his weight, but then when I thought about it I realized it was ambiguous and he might just mean that he saw a gif of himself and thought he looked fat in it. Idk. :/]

43:30 - (regarding previous weight discussion) “Isn’t that a song? ‘She’s too thick now she’s too thin, you want a piece of me.’ Yup. TOTALLY NOT HOMOSEXUAL DAN. You know all the words to Britney Spears.”
[Then he thinks to himself in an exaggerated manner, says, “Why do I know all the words to that?” and talks about how he had a friend who always used to listen to it in art lessons and “God that was annoying. Constantly.” Thanks for clearing that up; if you found it annoying that means you're not homosexual]

44:00 - “Alana H said ‘You’re so camp!’ — I take offense to that. That’s not what— I— I’m not. (laughs) You don’t know what ‘camp’ means, if you think I’m camp.” [I'm not sure whether he was actually offended or not]

Trigger warning: discussion of weight
45:18 - “You have a muffin top” - “What the fuck is a muffin top?” [he googles it] “Oh. Thanks guys. Not fucking quite. Jesus Christ. (laughs) I don’t have a fricking muffin top! I have people on my James Bond video telling me that I’m like an African orphan. Thanks! Okay guys: do I need to see my personal trainer more, or do I need to eat more? Make up your mind, guys! Am I too chubby, or do I need to gain weight ‘cause I’m too skinny? God, I’m like fricking Lindsey Lohan to YouTube. Ah, the Internet, such a lovely accepting place, isn’t it? (laughs)” [he said this all kind of jokingly, at least after he got over his initial indignation, but I actually started to feel pretty bad for him during this part. :?]

46:00 - “Oh now everyone’s going ‘you’re fine just the way you are.’ Seriously, if you saw me actually topless, I’m like Tom Daly. Totally. Totally. Or I will be after six months of personal training. Which is totally happening, isn’t it?”

46:20 - people tell him he’s perfect, he says he needs to be more physically fit, he doesn’t want to gain muscle because he’d “look weird” if he gained muscle. He just wants to look like Pete Wentz, “just, like, a slim guy who won’t die of heart disease.”

46:56 - “All I wear is black. My wardrobe is basically like a funeral slid into a tar pit, and then a couple bright t-shirts which everyone hates ‘cause they’re too interesting. Basically.” [since when does/did everyone hate his colorful t-shirts?]

48:06 - “Never express negative opinions on the Internet, unless you’re willing to put up with stupid people. ‘Cause I’m not. I’ve been utterly traumatized by stupid people on the Internet.”

49:26 - “‘Everyone’s so judgmental’ says Erin. Don’t worry, Erin, the thing with my subscribers is you can be safe in the knowledge that nearly everybody’s being sarcastic.”

58:13 - (They’re discussing non-offensive insulting names, like spork, plank, turnip, etc. etc., and people in the chat are saying their favorites. Someone says “boob”) - Dan says: “Boob. Boob’s a good one. ‘Oh, obviously not, you boob.’ I say boob occasionally. Quite fond of boob. Ahahaha. Singular.” [lollll, I can see it now: "fyi i like boob"]

58:28 - “What’s up with that fricking lollipop song with Justin Bieber?? Have you guys heard that? It’s not a Justin Bieber song, it’s a song featuring Justin Bieber, but it’s basically like, ‘I’m Justin Bieber! Singing about penises!’ And it’s like, whooaaa, Justin, what happened man? Go back to ‘Baby’; I’m not ready for this! Anyway it’s called ‘Lollipop,’ which is basically the least-interesting blowjob euphemism in the world, but — if you haven’t heard it, google ‘justin bieber lollipop’ and it might either make you really excited in an inappropriate way, or scared. If you fancy being scared by Justin Bieber.” [please Dan, don't leave us hanging; what are your personal favorite interesting blowjob euphemisms!]

59:14 - (regarding the possibility that JB started drugs) “God, such an overreaction. It’s not like ‘Justin Bieber found buried up to his neck in cocaine!’ It’s not really the same thing. Although I guess he is sort of a Jesus role-model for 12-year-olds everywhere. So, you know, it depends. Are you judging him like a normal person, or are you judging him for, you know, who he is and where he came from? I suppose Justin should feel free to define himself; you know, he was pushed by the music industry to become the Justin Bieber he was and now he’s becoming the Justin Bieber he wants to be and are we supposed to judge Justin Bieber for just being who he wants to be? You know man, getting deep about Justin Bieber here.” [sometimes Dan goes on these rants and then about halfway through I'm like, wait, is he actually talking about himself??? lol.]

1:00:08 - “‘Dan shut up, you’re rambling,’ and I have other people going ‘I love how insightful you are!’ (laughs) The two sides of Dan’s YouNow chat: ‘Dan shut up no one cares’ / ‘Talk more please!’ (laughs) Love you guys. Always.” [When did he start denying he loved all his subscribers? Recently I've only heard him say, 'Well, I can't say I love you, because some of you are probably murderers or something...' I dunno, I think it's nice when he expresses genuine love for his subscribers instead of feeling the need to make a joke of it.]

1:00:42 - “Are there any guys watching this over… 25? That’s it, that’s an ask. ‘Cause I was looking at my analytics; I have about 100,000 guys that are subscribed to me that are around 18. I don’t know if there’s any old guys. ...What am I asking for? Hey, any creepy paedophiles in their basements watching?” [Note -- Phil’s age at the time of this YouNow broadcast: 26 years, 6 days. The transition from "guys over the age 25" to "creepy paedophiles" is interesting. Plus this is an example of Dan's apparent stealth desire for male validation/fans.]

1:02:36 - “This has been very fun. As always. As always. It’s been good talking to you. I am very happy and grateful that I’ve hit a million subscribers. And obviously I love all of you. Whatever way you want me to love you. That’s up to you to decide. (laughs)” ["whatever way you want me to love you" lol]
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by oqua » Sat Aug 27, 2016 2:39 am

30 April 2013 Liveshow

[YouTube Link]
(I posted this on GG once upon a time. So if it looks familiar, that's why. Lol)
  • 7:50 - Ryan Higa’s Draw My Life was so good that it harmed itself by being too good (he talks about this more at 17:06)
  • 12:32 - He asks the chat what they want him to talk about, then says, “I love how there’s so many things that I definitely don’t want to talk about. Talk about sex! Talk about your family! Talk about your negative experiences at school! Talk about your ex-girlfriend! NO, twelve-year-old stalkers, I’d rather not talk about those things.
  • 17:33 - Interesting blast from the past: At the time when he made this liveshow, Smosh was the #1 most-subscribed channel, followed by NigaHiga
  • 19:53 - “Isn’t your life terrible because there’s hundreds of girls stalking you?” - “I try to just never think about it. Otherwise I’d cry and probably die.”
  • 22:54 - “Why don’t you talk about your family more on YouTube?” - “Because I’m just a guy that uploads comedy videos. I have no obligation to share every aspect of my life with a bunch of teenage girls. [laughs] No offense. I like having a private life. And my family really don’t want to be plastered across the Internet.”
  • 21:08 - He has everyone type their age into the chat.
  • 28:00ish - a bit of a chat about being famous vs. being a celebrity, being a celebrity is repulsive, being famous is more objective
  • 28:45 - If he could live in one room of the house he’d choose the kitchen because “FOOD!”
  • 32:00 - When he was a kid he met Johnny Depp on the set of “Willy Wonka” through his dad’s job
  • 34:50 - He plays the piano very very badly and the drums “quite well” (Why does he never play the drums?!)
  • 39:11 - “So many tears for Snape”
  • 41:20 - Regarding Manesh: “I accidentally sent a guy — not that I date guys — my location on a dating app”
  • 46:00 - “My favorite thing in the world is food”
  • 48:48 - ‘A white girl lost her Starbucks cup right before she Instagrammed it’ wins for “guess the crime”
  • 52:30 - He’s not a big fan of the XD face, but he adds: “In situations where I am TERRIFIED of people misinterpreting my tone, I will use XD to make it PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that I am not being remotely sarcastic and just trying to be funny.”
  • 54:20 - Someone asks “thong or g-string?” - he googles what the difference and reads the definitions until they become a bit graphic.
  • 55:00 - Then he decides to google (with safesearch turned off) what a g-string looks like when someone’s wearing it lol
  • 57:20 - He likes his coffee quite strong, he’s one of those people
  • 58:40 - He had a purple fringe when he was younger, and then the dye ran out, and then it went ginger, and then it went white, and then it grew out.
  • 59:45 - His favorite curse word is c**t. “It’s literally the worst word in the English language, it’s horrible, it is horrible, it is the worst word in the world, which makes it amazing, but it’s just the most horrific and disgusting and horrible word…” blah blah blah (:?)
  • 1:00:00 - YouTuber cliques don’t annoy him because he’s friends with everybody. He’s utterly drama-free in every aspect of his life.
  • 1:00:29 - Someone asks “Dan Radcliffe or Logan Lerman” - He chose Dan Radcliffe because “Logan pulls faces. Logan’s one of those guys that knows how cute he is so he goes
    in every photo of him ever!”

    All I can think is:
~The arrival of Phil~
  • 1:00:54 - Someone asks if they still hear vicious sex noises coming from the neighbor and Phil pipes up that he just heard one! Then Dan invites Phil into the video.
  • “Phil, come sit down. Do an impression of the sex.”
  • 1:01:14 - Phil comes into the video and does an imitation of what “the sex” sounded like.
    Image Image
    (gif source: internet-cult-leader-d)
  • 1:04:18 - If they win the Sony Radio times thing they’ll do a Day in the Life - London Edition.
  • 1:05:07 -
    Dan: I uploaded a new video last night, which is draw my life, where I basically tell my life story.
    Phil: I’m in it!!
    Dan: And Phil is — you make a cameo, don’t you!
    Phil: Yeah.
    Dan: And I’m in yours.
    Phil: Yeah!
    Dan: I guess ‘cause…you’re next to me…in my life.

    (Awww )
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by fancybum » Sun Aug 28, 2016 6:16 pm

Aw this is a great idea for a thread! I've kind of missed doing little recaps for Crabstickz shows since he disappeared off the planet again, so yayyy.

Phil Liveshow: Nov 10, 2012
(timestamps are from the full video linked from the phan liveshows tumblr, the full show doesn't seem to be on YT, plus most of the beginning was Phil asking if the sound was working/leaving and coming back/switching to Dan's laptop. v annoying)

[TL;DR - they just found out they got the radio show the day before this, Phil says several times it hasn’t sunk in for him yet, mentions throughout some worries about getting hiccups or something on their first show but also excited about getting to talk to ‘you guys’ since it’s a request show, also have no real ideas yet about what they’ll be doing. Both of them encourage non-UK viewers to google how to watch the show in their country (while winking a lot and assuring us they're definitely not encouraging such things, no no, of course not).

I wanted to start with shows around the late Oct 2012 period *dun dun dunn* to get a sense of how they were dealing with certain things and also focus on Phil's shows in particular.. Some parts are a bit strained (Dan being a little shit with swearing and whatnot) but they have some lovely moments as well dare i say flirty. I feel like things get slightly awkward every time one of them (Phil twice in this one) brings up girls, but that of course could just be me. ]

Anyway, The Show:
Just found out the previous day that they got the radio show, which will begin in January:
Phil: You don’t need to worry, we’re not going to stop making YT videos, we’re not going to join the circus— Things are going to remain the same

Phil: Dan’s been nominated for Hottest Lad of the Year
Dan: Oh god how funny was that, I was drinking milk at the time and spat the milk out of my nose. I find it funny because it's basically a bunch of A-list celebrities and pop-stars and then it's like 'in brackets: danisnotonfire' and it's just like oh god, what the hell
Phil: We should all vote for Dan though because that’s going to be hilarious
Dan: *laughs* No, don’t do that
Phil: It’s going to be so funny
Dan: It'll make them sad, you're not supposed to troll the competition, you're supposed to take it deadly seriously
Phil: But I'm sure there's some ladies out there that might find you hot, Dan
Dan: Yeah... ironically
Phil: Ironically- no. Um..
[changes topic, reads another question]
Got slightly awkward? They move on.

27:30 - discussing playground games from childhood
Phil: What about this? *holds his hands out*
After a second, Dan joins in on some clapping game with him
Phil: That was the extent of ours
Dan: (sarcastically) Oh, that's a really complicated one. You have to be the coolest in school
Phil: But I used to, like--
Dan: Didn't just the girls do that, Phil?
Phil: They did. The girls did do that. But the thing is, I used to pretend to like it so then I could talk to the girls
Dan: Hehey! That's a good tactic
Then Phil talks about how interesting it is that children everywhere know the same games/songs seemingly without being taught by adults

38:17 - Phil: “Mark K just called me a plum. I guess that means I’m tasty and delicious? No? Ok.”

44:20 - Phil reads “Dan 2012 Fittest Lad” from chat and then says “I’ve cast my vote”

48:45 - Phil reads from chat “Why are you so famous? p.s. your friend is cute” then leans to the side to get more of Dan in shot and sing-songs "Sara thinks you're cute"
Dan: *waves hand* Oh, stop it

49:05 - chat: are you gonna live together forever?
Phil: Well, this house contract goes on for a year. So. At least a year. *Dan nodding in background* So, next summer.
(Continues on about getting a housemate maybe, leads into famous Adam/'jealous!Dan' exchange - “Oh, that guy" at 51:40)

53:10 - Phil discovers he’s got an extra button and no hole at the top of his shirt “I think I’ve done this wrong though”
Dan: "How have you done it wrong-" *looks at Phil’s shirt* “I can tell from looking at you that you’ve done it wrong”
Phil: I’ve done my shirt up wrong guys
Dan, singing and clapping: Phil is in his twenties and doesn’t know how to do his shirt up

Phil: I can’t whistle *Dan starts whistling* I’m so jealous. If I could swap one body part with Dan, it would be his whistle
Dan: That would be most of my face probably
Phil: Yeah, I’d just take that section of your mouth
*mimes taking off Dan's mouth and putting it over his own*
Dan: You'd look like.. Quasimodo
Phil: I would

54:40 - chat: One Direction are on the X Factor tonight so good luck competing with that
Phil: I'm doing well, 2000 people [watching on younow], that's ok
Dan: What are they going to be singing
Phil: I don’t know what they’re going to be singing, you can watch it in the background Dan, no one's gonna judge you

56:40 - Phil apologises for saying ‘Damn’ and Dan starts spouting off inoffensive swear words: "Damn, dammit, damn everyone to hell, damn you, damn me, damn it all, this is crap, you're crap, what a load of crap, crap crap crap damn"
Phil opens the case for Pokemon Black on Dan's face to shut him up

Phil: Someone submitted an anonymous confession about me saying they hate it when I sing on younow. So whoever you are, you’ve ruined it for everybody
Dan: You can just stop watching, you smelly hobo
Phil: I don’t like anonymous confessions, I think—
Dan: They need to die
Phil: They’re just made to hurt

Phil: We’re actually quite good singers
Dan: We just don’t want to tell anyone
Phil: No
Dan: In fact, I am secretly Beyonce, I just don’t want to tell anybody
Phil: He’s Beyonce from the back. Because he never really shows the back of his body
Dan: I’m like Professor Quirrell, except I’m just Beyonce
Phil: Sometimes you see her face like protruding from his body in various areas
Dan: It’s not good, sometimes it comes through my shirt

(Hmm, why isn't this in the conspiracy thread already)

59:50 - chat: Fix your shirt Phil

Phil: All the people with OCD are like “Nooo the buttons don’t match up”
*wiggling his shirt around, exposing some chest area*
Dan: Put it away
Phil: *stops* Sorry.
Also I know people do have genuine OCD which is more of an issue, but I’m saying it in a different way [sound cuts off for the rest of his sentence]
Dan: What, saying you can’t say OCD without offending people? *rolls eyes*
Phil: You can’t say anything these days
Dan: Nope
Phil: Sorry
Dan: Never say anything negative, Phil. Never make a joke, never smile. Just smile at the camera and don’t open your mouth. There we go
Phil: Or bite my lip on the camera *bites lip* Sexy!
Dan quietly and adorably laughing
kill me
Phil: Not sorry
Phil reads from chat: 'Oh my God Dan is so adorable and I love you Phil'
Phil: Thanks [person], I hope I’m adorable too
Dan: Stop it, you (to the chat, not Phil)

1:00:45 They’re dropping an iPhone into each others hands to test reflexes: Dan catches it every time, Phil drops it every time

Discussing what they want for Christmas, Phil says his mom asked for his list:
1:01:50 - Dan: We could just buy a WiiU.
*looks at Phil* Share one *looks away*
Phil: Share a WiiU
Dan: Because we’re massive nerds.

(Discuss just getting their families to buy them ‘the peripherals’: controllers etc)

1:02:45 - chat: Have you seen Charlie McDonnell's new video? [referring to his I’m Scared video]
Phil: Uhh
Dan: The black and white one
Phil: Oh! I haven’t watched it, I’ve seen the thumbnail
Dan laughs and looks at Phil
Phil: I haven’t really been on YT today. Have you seen it?
Dan: Um, yes *yawns obnoxiously*
Phil: [reading the chat] 'Poor Charlie'. Is he sad?
Dan: Existential crisis.
Phil: Oh.
Dan: Been there, done that.
Phil: I hope he’s okay.
Dan: Made two videos about it. *laughs*
Phil: I like Charlie, he’s a nice guy.
Dan: Too nice. That’s his problem. *laughs*

Yikes Dan. An interesting way to speak about somebody he idolized, did that video strike a nerve, or just a bit of pettiness that Charlie’s encroaching on his brand..?
(I really don’t know what to make of Dan’s attitude here, but then again didn't he have the same kind of reaction to one of crabstickz's YT dilemma videos on a different liveshow? He seems pretty dismissive of other people having issues with YT as a platform/creative outlet. I'll look out for that liveshow next..)

Anyway, he leaves to take a shower.
Dan: Phil, if I'm being honest, I have to go get naked now
[sound cuts out for a second]
Phil: Not on my- liveshow
Dan: Not-- no, no, in the shower, Phil
Phil: Oh
Dan: Not in the liveshow. So, um, goodbye Internet
Phil: Bye Dan. Enjoy your shower. We have no shower gel, so enjoy using handsoap
Dan: Yes!

1:22:00 - Phil: "I’m not going to re-do my shirt, anyone that's asking, so you’ll have to leave if it’s bothering you"
(after reading a few 'take off your shirt' comments and joking along, he put his foot down)

1:27:30 - chat: Can non-UK people watch your new radio show?
“Umm, not technically I don’t think. But there may be *winks* a way to do it if you do your research. But I didn’t say that. I didn’t— what? who? what? who? I didn’t say anything.”

1:28:15 Dan asks from outside the room “are you cooking?”
Phil: No, I’m still live on younow
Dan: I’m hungry!
Phil: Dan’s hungry *looks over* Dan’s in a towel!
Dan: Oh god, don’t show them
Phil: Guys, I just saw Dan in a towel
Dan: I’m just going to cross the room to get my phone; don’t show the internet my sexy butt
(He doesn't)
Some more general chat from Phil (advice for new YTers, he has a headache "it might be my teeth, you know, my wisdom teeth are coming through"), then leaves to cook for himself and a whiny Dan.

Seriously, when will he get his wisdom teeth out.
Thanks and have a great day! Oil me

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by Ticia » Tue Aug 30, 2016 12:06 pm

Dan Liveshow: Nov 13, 2012.
02:03: “You like my new Twitter picture? First Twitter picture I haven’t wanted to instantly delete in about a year. It’s funny, because I always take loads of photos of myself and go ‘Hey guys, check out my new Twitter picture’ and then go ‘Oh my God, that’s embarrassing’ and then delete it within seconds and then everybody on Twitter and Tumblr is like ‘YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE WHEN YOU’VE POSTED SOMETHING. ONCE YOU’VE POSTED SOMETHING THERE’S NO WAY YOU CAN GET RID OF IT”. God dammit.” (a deeply subtle reference nakedbooth and 2009-2012 tweets)

03:37: (Someone on the chat: “It’s Phil’s shirt!”) “Ehm no, it may come as a shock to you, but many people own red-checked shirts in the world”.

05:14: (Talking about the Radio Show) “If you didn’t know, I’ve got a radio show now, which means I can’t be too inappropriate, otherwise I would get fired by the BBC, but I can be inappropriate on Youtube, so don’t worry” (…) On one hand, having a show on Radio 1 is a real job but it doesn’t really feel like it, because it’s…it’s basically this, doing a Younow show, but with music, so it doesn’t really feel like a real job. A ‘real job” is a office job 9 to 5, not playing music videos”.

08:40: “I should probably listen to 1D’s new album just, you know, pop culture knowledge. I feel like, if Justin Bieber releases a new single, I should become familiar with it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to understand a lot of the Internet, regardless of whether you like it or not. It’s like Lady Gaga’s music videos: even if you hate Lady Gaga’s music videos, you should probably watch them, just so you know what everybody’s talking about”.

10:15: (About his most recent video, Internet Support Group). “I feel so much that video, you have no idea. (…) I’m very, really, really happy with my videos when I upload them”. (A person says he answers stupid questions). “Oh, well, pretty much every question was like ‘I like a guy and he doesn’t like me, how do I get help?’. I wanted the video to be funny, I couldn’t answer questions, really serious, publicly in a Youtube video, because that’s not really appropriate, is it? I’m sure there are lots of people that would like to know my opinion on extremely serious topics, but I don’t think publicly on a Youtube video in front of five thousands billions is a good place to discuss people’s family problems”.

11:45: (Also about Internet Support Group, it being originally +30 minutes because of his long answers for “life advice” questions). “Phil, Phil, I was like ‘I need to cut this down ‘cause it’s too long’ and he was like ‘you have to just delete all these questions’”. (…) “I was happy when I uploaded it, which is rare, very rare”.

14:09: (About the Envy video) “Do you guys want me to do videos on the rest of the seven sins? I’m aware that you probably just want me to make a video about Lust, I’d probably do that last, if I do a series, but it’d be funny”. (it’s been 84 years…).

TW? 14:30: “Whenever I get sad or procrastinate, I just eat, which is probably my life. 90% of my life is food. Eat when I’m sad, eat when I’m procrastinating, eat when I’m bored.”.

16:16: (Someone asked him how many languages does he speak) “I used to speak French good and then I forgot. I used to speak German OK, and then I forgot everything. And I know 10 words in Japanese, Korean and Swahili, but that doesn’t count.”.

17:45: (Browsing his Spotify account) “Apparently, my top artists are Old Jay, Muse, Loreen, Frank Ocean, André 3000, Dimmu Borgir, Jaden Smith, WHAT THE FUDGE (…) Isn’t Jaden Smith only in that Justin Bieber song? Spotify is so full of shit”.

22:23: (Someone says VEGAS VIDEO) “Maybe! I could just edit that and it could be a video for next week after this one. I don’t even know where the files are now. I need to get my life in order. The Vegas Video…oh Jesus on a boat. It would probably be effing hilarious as well. I know a lot of hilarious things happened as well, like when…me, Phil and Stephen and a girl that Phil know-knew from somewhere in his life and a couple of other girls all got really drunk about 2 in the afternoon accidentally”. (blabla they had 5 jumbo-sized cocktails because “someone suggested it ironically”)

(…) “It got to a point where we went to a restaurant (here he mumbles something I couldn't catch) to eat because we thought we would get sick if we didn’t eat and none of us could even read the menu” (…) “Ugh that video…it would take weeks to edit. I should edit 10 minutes each day and then it would be edited. It’s like the India video. Some of you may know this, but I went to India three years ago with my family, and I filmed like 4 hours of footage (…) editing 4 hours of footage down to 6 minutes of video, that’s gonna happen…NOT.

25:55: (About Youtube existential crisis) “I think, worst case scenario, I stop promising videos oncely weekly, but that’s not gonna happen for ages, I have so many videos that I want to make”. (LOLOLOLOL).

27:30: (Someone asks him about doing again “Sexy Internet Dating”) “Yeah…I could…maybe in like a year” (or 4 years…).

28:40: (About a bracelet he wears). He says a girl gave it to him in SITC and that it’s not a catholic bracelet because it has pictures of cats. “I only believe in cat Jesus”.

29:17: (“Have you ever read a really good fanfic you’re in?”) “Mmm…not in a while”.

29:22: (“Where’s Phil?”) “Doing Phil things”. Some seconds later, he talks about the video “Innuendo Bingo” being in his “friend, Phil, channel”.

32:15: (“What do you think of gay people?”) “I think they’ll burn in hell and that they all are evil. Joking obviously, you silly-billies. They’re like everybody else”.

42:13: (“Stop saying Jesus”) “So I can say ‘cunt’ but I can’t say ‘Jesus’, is this what you’re saying? Because I don’t mean to offend your religion, I just think is nicer than saying that.”

45:02: “I’m sorry, but I’m a bit of a classy bitch when it comes to food”.

47:20: (“What do you want for Christmas?”) “I don’t know what I want for Christmas! I think me and Phil might buy a Wii U and then I’ll ask my mother for all the cheeky controllers and stuff (…) I might get my mum and my grandma to buy all the crap”. (interesting that he doesn’t mention his father…)

47:45: (“What’s your opinion on premarital sex?”) “If you’re religious then obviously you have differents views on premarital sex. If you’re not, then I appreciate the beautiful notion of saving yourself for…I feel like…well it depends, because, you might feel it’s not like a big deal but you should at least try to lose your virginity to one you’re happy with, even if it’s not true love…I don’t know, it’s a very long question. Just don’t have sex when you’re 13, don’t do it, you will regret everything. Or not. Maybe you’re a sex fin (?) when you’re 12, who am I to judge you?” (Someone asks him “Did you?”) “What, did I lose my virginity when I was 12 and then regret it? No, that did not happen in my life.”.

48:45: “There’s this gossip website, well it’s not really a gossip website, it’s more like a teen girl forum in the UK called ‘Escape’, which posts articles about One Direction all the time, and they put me in the competition of the ‘Hottest lad of the year 2012’, which I think it’s the funniest thing ever and I felt sorry for them because if I win I’d feel like I ruined the competition they’re trying to have” (…) “Who buys Sugar magazine? Like seriously…”.

52:46: (“Have you ever had depression?”) “Probably. Well, yes, but everyone does. Well, not everyone, but most people. It’s a very human thing, isnt’t it?” (He continued to talk for a few seconds about it, but the audio went off).

59:45: (“Where’s Phil?”) “This may come as a shock to you, but Phil is in fact a different person than me. We’re not a singular pulsing entity. That being said, I’m not annoying him because he’s editing his video”.

01:02:50: He sneaks on Phil to scare him while he’s editing in the living room, but he wasn’t successful because he heard him coming. “That’s what she said” LOL Dan you is totez funny. Phil gets up and says hi. He also shows a Youtube mug, and Dan says “Funny. Corporate whores. Youtube, you Google penis-suckers.”.

01:07:20: (Phil) “I was not a Nintendo kid (…) I was all about Final Fantasy”. (cough cough). At 01:09:00, he proceeds to touch Dan’s neck in slow-motion, Dan doesn’t even flinch.

01:10:39: (“How did you guys meet?”) “So, I went to Manchester for uni, and I knew a guy who knew Phil. It’s really boring. The least interesting story ever.” (Phil then says he saved him from a lion blabla). About stalking him: “No it was just a joke for the Internet friends video or whatever”. (Iconic. I really don’t understand why someone could ever believe this giant BS).
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by spider » Tue Aug 30, 2016 12:58 pm

Ticia wrote:48:45: “There’s this gossip website,
Ticia wrote:well it’s not really a gossip website, it’s more like a teen girl forum in the UK called ‘Escape’, which posts articles about One Direction all the time,
Ticia wrote:01:10:39: (“How did you guys meet?”) “So, I went to Manchester for uni, and I knew a guy who knew Phil. It’s really boring. The least interesting story ever.” (Phil then says he saved him from a lion blabla). About stalking him: “No it was just a joke for the Internet friends video or whatever”.

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by Ticia » Tue Aug 30, 2016 4:01 pm

Phil Liveshow: Nov 17, 2012.
05:04: “I went to have Mexican food with Dan and crabstickz, Chris Kendall, if you don’t know who he is, he’s a cool guy (…) I was about to say the name, but then you will know where I live, so I’m not going to say the name.”

07:14 “4.100 people here? What!?” (aww)

15:47: He’s showing winter clothes he had bought, lasts for several minutes. He says he doesn’t “buy anything, ever, like clothes-wise, except for like a T-shirt.” (…) “I’m the least fashion conscious person, like, I’d have the same pair of jeans for five years”.

25:25: (Someone suggests they get a cat to help with the mice in their flat). “Yeah, then the cat would catch the mice. It’d be a good mascot. Can you keep cats in an apartment? Because we don’t have a garden. Can you have a house cat, do they mind?” (…) “I’m not getting a cat, by the way, but if I did…I don’t have time to look after a cat”.

During this first part of the LS, you can randomly hear at least a voice in the background, but at 27:40 is specially noticeable and Phil pulls a weird face, and stops talking for a second. He then says Dan is recording a video, so we might hear him in the background. A couple of minutes later, he mentions he is going to gift a Totoro plushie at the end of the LS to a random viewer there.

32:15: (He had his hair cut that same morning by a new hairdresser named Eve, a pretty, blonde woman from Lithuania) “I may fancy Eve a bit, yes (…) She did actually flirt with me. It’s rare, it’s rare actually, a girl flirts with me, I will be honest, but I think we had some chemistry. I was telling her a lot of stuff, and she laughed, and she was like, stroking my arm, in a ‘I like you’ kind of way. But she hates Christmas, you know? I can’t go out with someone that hates Christmas. It was an ego boost though (…) We’ll see”.

36:25: (About not being able to bring a bottle of rum to the Isle of Man) “Stupid terrorists, they run everything about planes. I had to go through the naked body scan there as well. Twice. I did feel like the guard people were choosing like, people in their teens and twenties to go through the scan”.

Dan suddenly appeared next to him, he says something about naked body scans as well but the audio went off. Phil gives him some Oreo chocolate and he moans. And moans a bit more. Dan says the chocolate could’ve helped with his period pain the day before. Laying in fetal position while looking at pictures of Ryan Gosling did help him. Phil adds that looking at pictures of Ryan Gosling cures all types of illnesses. Alright.

48:50: (About Thanksgiving) “I will tell you that I’m thankful for all of you guys for coming to this show. No, but seriously, I am, I am. I’m also thankful for Dairy Milk with Oreo, which has revolutionized my universe in the last ten minutes. (…) I’m also thankful for Tims biscuits. I’m also thankful for Lynx deodorant for making me not smell bad. ‘Attract’. I was wearing this when I went outside, maybe that’s why she fancied me. (…) She stroked my arm, OK? That was exciting.”.

51:10: “I’m getting better at talking on the phone. I used to make my mum do everything, like ring a hair appointment for me. (…) I used to be very shy about that, for some reason. I still don’t like phone conversations though. If someone is like ‘Let’s talk about that on the phone’ I’m like ‘Ugh can we just e-mail about it or something? or text me’ (…) In person you’re just allowed to not to be talking all the time”.

52:34: (Someone says on the chat that the jumper he’s wearing costs 32 quid) “Actually I had a gift card, and…I stole… Dan’s student discount. Don’t call the police!” (he doubted for a second to mention Dan, because it means they most likely went shopping together I guess).

56:44: (About the Totoro giveaway) “I have Younow officially choosing the winner, just so you know I’m not choosing my mum or something” (There was this theory that in every chat of Deppy there’s a Younow employee supervising, right?).

57:19: (Someone asked if he would tell if he ever went out with his hairdresser) “I don’t know. I think some things should be kept private. But you know I like her”.
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by Ticia » Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:56 pm

Dan Liveshow: Nov 20, 2012.
05:25: (He’s wearing a hoodie of the University of Manchester) “I only went to University for one year, and then I dropped out to become a full Internet hobo. So, I should be allowed to wear the hoodie? ‘Cause it’s not like I represent them. I represent a dropped-out of the University of Manchester. It’s not whether I look good in the hoodie, it’s whether I morally deserve to wear it. In short, no”.

13:33: (“Please unprivate the World’s fastest stacker video”) “I would…a lot of people think that I privated that because of my hair. I actually privated that because…um…that video used footage that was shoot by Cadbury’s for their campaign and when the Olympics ended, their rights to do that thing ended. They sent me a scary e-mail that said like ‘We could sue you for like a million pounds, you should probably just private that video’ and I was like ‘Oh God, I don’t have any money, don’t sue me’ and then everybody was like ‘We’re bullying Dan because of his hair’ and I was like ‘No no, keep laughing at me’”.

14:47: (“Are your videos scripted?”) “No. They used to be, and you can tell, seriously. If you go back and watch my first five Reasons why Dan’s a fail, you can tell they’re scripted. Now what I do is, apart from the sketches which I obviously can’t just make that, I just write down bullet points and I just waffle for like two hours and then I just edit it down.”.

17:38: “This is just an idea, but I may post the Vegas Video on Christmas Week. I might not. I probably won’t. It’s an idea though”.

18:36: “Me and some Internet friends are having a Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday, I think, I have to ask my friend. What friends? Internet friends (…) I could do a Day in the Life before Phil films a proper one. (“Internet friends” = Phil and Bryony, according to what Phil said in his previous LS.)

19:23: (“Does anyone call you DJ?”) “No, although I’m technically DJ Howell”. (war flashbacks).

20:55: (“Would you ever eat a llama?”) “No (…) I’m gonna be on an interview in a newspaper website, this is like a proper newspaper, and one of the questions this newspaper emailed me was ‘What would you do if you bumped into Delia Smith in a supermarket?’ and I’m like ‘Are the mainstream aware? I just thought that the underground members of my followers’”

23:15: About languages. Asked by some LS viewers, he speaks some French, then some German. He says he knows some words in Spanish and that he can understand half of what its said in Dexter. He thinks Spanish and Chinese are the languages that people need to learn. He wants to learn Japanese or Korean, but he can’t choose.

24:42: He hates tomatoes in every form, cucumbers and “really fishy fish”. Cue to 5 minutes chatting about pickles, cucumbers and gherkins.

31:13: “Jack and Coke is what I always order when I go to a bar in London and then instantly regret it because it costs like freaking 6 pounds, like 10 dollars” (and now he spends 300 pounds on ugly sweaters aw). He admits he drank a lot when he was a Manchester student, “that probably took 2 months of my life”, didn’t do much Law homework, played a lot of Final Fantasy and hung out with students and friends.

33:22: (“Margarita blog though”) “Yeah, that was funny. It was more like a joke that went for like a week and then I was ‘Fuck this, it’s not funny’”.

34:10: (“Video with Tyler Oakley”) “Yeah, I feel like I should’ve when he came to England, but I wasn’t part of the Tyler Oakley collab train he was doing at the moment” (Yeah, I don’t understand this either).

34:35: (“Do you know Bertie?”) “Yes I do. He gets the ‘Dan stamp of approval’”.

34:41: (“Is Phil around by chance?”) “Yes, he’s doing Phil things in his Phil life”. He says that while pulling a weird face and voice.

35:27: (“You said that Phil is doing Phil things the last time, recycling”) “No, you don’t get it, it’s become a thing, like ‘literally’ and ‘Delia Smith’, it’s become a thing I say when people ask. God. (“What are Phil things?”) “God, looking at weezle porn or something, who knows, crazy bitch” (LOLOLOL).

35:49: “(Which Youtubers are you having Thanksgiving with?”) “Mine and Phil’s good Youtube friend Bryony, who neither of us are dating because she has a boyfriend. She’s basically going out with Batman.” (“Phil’s mum?”) “Yeah, that the other Youtuber that’s coming”.

36:18: (“Do you get your eyebrows done?”) “No. I’ve been saying that a lot. You girls with your eyebrow tweezers, I’d rather not subject myself to that terrific torture”.

38:10: (About videoconsoles, “Are you rich or something”?) “It took me 8 years, we had a lot of time to ge the money to buy them. I got an Xbox with my dad, and it was my birthday, so it was an excuse, and then Phil got the Wii by himself, and then I won the PS3 in a freaking competition on Tango’s Facebook page, just so you know.”.

47:31: (Favourite Harry Potter character?”) “Luna, probs.”.

47:52: (“Why do you have a credit card with you?”) “It’s not a credit card, it’s actually a VIP Lounge pass for Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas”.

53:55: He goes to the living room, Phil’s on the sofa with his laptop, being sick and miserable. According to Dan, he has dog AIDS because he had sex with a dog. Phil denies it, but don’t we all know the truth?

55:05: Dan shows the Supernote trophy (i.e the iron lungs). It’s not Phil’s because he didn’t make a video for it.

58:16: “I’m all for camping because I’m a manly man who likes to wrestle bears and confront the wilderness”. Phil says he hates camping. Dan: “I shared a tent once with my girlfriend in Reading and what we did, best idea ever, is, I don’t have a girlfriend now, this was four years ago before you flip your shit, we went to Primark and bought lots of cushions and blankets and stuff because they cost like a pound, and then our tent was a freaking castle of cushions and then everybody was dying and sleeping with rocks and we were like ‘Come to the freaking and bouncy castle’”. Someone in the chat says that Phil looks like jelly. (In my opinion, Phil gives off a weird vibe while Dan is explaning the tent story).

01:00:20: “We have Dance Central because we are classy bitches that have a Kinnect”.

From 01:02:00 to 01:08:00, Jenga game with dramatic background music. Dan calls him a bitch several times, Phil makes so many sexual innuendos I won’t even write them down because I’d like to think this is a PG rated forum. Phil loses.
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by Ticia » Wed Aug 31, 2016 4:52 pm

Phil Liveshow - Nov 24, 2012.
01:27: (He’s recovering from a cold) “People always say ‘Phil you always say you’re ill all the time’. I don’t think I’m ill than a normal person, it’s just that you’re used to me talking on the Internet so you just kind of take note of it”.

01:58: “If I was an animal, I would be a lion”.

04:57: “This week I had Thanksgiving, UK Thanksgiving! With Bryony and Wirrow (audio goes off) and it was cool! We tried to do everything Americans do (…) Bryony challenged me to build a cornucopia so I built this (shows a shiny, foiled mistake of a cornucopia) (…) I did Art in A-Levels, so the inner artist in me was released (…) I quit after ??, so I only got an AS level.”.

12:35: (“What’s Dan’s Guild Wars server?”) “I have no idea. I know I used to be a sylvari, had a plant creature with lettuce hair, but I haven’t played it that much. I really like it though”. He then announces he will do another giveaway for this LS, too. Makes a Rebecca Black reference and gets a text message from a friend.

16:55: (About Santa and Christmas presents) “With me, I got lots from my parents but then Santa would bring me some other little things. (…) I would get Tipp-ex in my stocking though (…) My favourite thing about Christmas is buying presents, actually. I prefer buying presents for people than I do getting them.”

21:55: “Maybe I’ll get a Wii U, but I’ll have to pay it by myself. I still don’t know if I want one”.

35:00: He moves to the living room, Dan’s there playing GW.

36:20: He doesn’t want to grow a beard. His brother grew a moustache for Movember and he thinks he looked ridiculous.

36:48: “I’ve had an idea, because I have lots of deleted videos from 2007. I could upload them to Lessamazingphil like a ‘Week of really old videos’ (…) I’m really northern in the old ones, like, really northern, and there’s been about a thousand people that have seen them, and I’m scared of them being really boring because I sucked at making videos. (…) Ok, I’ll do that. Not definitely, because I want to watch them first to see how cringy they are.

38:00: Out of the screen, Dan is looking for some batteries, Phil then says he’s bent over the table and that it’s not a good angle.

49:18: (Someone complimented his eyebrows) “Oh thank you. A lot of people comment on my eyebrows. I don’t pluck them or anything. Why are they good? I don’t understand. Are they the perfect amount of bushiness and not bushiness?”.

54:04: “My favourite thing about Christmas is food. And seeing my family. And food. They’re kind of tied. I don’t get to see my family that much. My brother lives in London but I hardly see him, so…too busy”.

56:20 to 01:03:00 : They play with some indoor fireworks.
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by anathema » Wed Aug 31, 2016 4:58 pm

Ticia wrote: 21:55: “Maybe I’ll get a Wii U, but I’ll have to pay it by myself. I still don’t know if I want one”.
Didn't he and Dan end up buying one together?
36:48: “I’ve had an idea, because I have lots of deleted videos from 2007. I could upload them to Lessamazingphil like a ‘Week of really old videos’ (…) I’m really northern in the old ones, like, really northern, and there’s been about a thousand people that have seen them, and I’m scared of them being really boring because I sucked at making videos. (…) Ok, I’ll do that. Not definitely, because I want to watch them first to see how cringy they are.
I wish he would have gone through with this :wahh:
38:00: Out of the screen, Dan is looking for some batteries, Phil then says he’s bent over the table and that it’s not a good angle.
"The saltiness reminds me of my tears."

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by daichii » Thu Sep 01, 2016 8:02 am

stan y'all for watching the old ls! I cant go through the sound cutting off all the time so having these timestamps is awesome!

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by Ticia » Thu Sep 01, 2016 8:44 pm

anathema wrote:
Ticia wrote: 21:55: “Maybe I’ll get a Wii U, but I’ll have to pay it by myself. I still don’t know if I want one”.
Didn't he and Dan end up buying one together?


In a Dan's LS, he said Phil and he would like to jointly get a Wii U and then ask his mum for the extra controllers and such. But in this particular LS from Phil, he mentions buying a Wii U by his own for Christmas, twice, and emphasizing the "by his own". One of those mentions is actually when Dan joins him for the LS.

My theory is that Dan wanted to share the console, but Phil wanted Dan to be a responsible adult and save his recent, sweet Youtube money.

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by Lain » Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:50 pm

~pls watch i have no friends~ (Dan's Younow - FULL) (April 9th, 2013)
1:10: "Oh god, I should have straightened my fringe before I got on here, said Dan, trying to convince everybody he's not a flaming meterosexual."

3:17: "How did we like my last video? Which is a thing that I should probably talk about. "The Apartment Tour". I thought that was good. I never usually like my videos by the time I've finished editing them for 15 hrs 'cause I get so disgusted with my own voice and face, but I thought that one was ... quite happy with it."

4:08: Fan - "Did they model the butt chair off you?"

Dan - "Uh yeah, 'course they did. That's just ... that's what my butt looks like. I mean it's not like you've seen my butt every time I stand up. Ever. 'Cause my belt doesn't work, but. Eyy."

4:50: Fan - "My Dad bought me Muse tickets!"

Dan - "That's gonna be awesome. Can always guarantee on a muse gig being amazing."

5:35: Fan - "Are you going to Reading Festival this year?

Dan - "I probably have to work at Reading Festival this year, now that I'm like corporate whore at the whim of the BBC."

8:26: (1D vs The Wanted) "I think, uh, One Direction team were sassier .. but, in my opinion, was it Tom or Jay from The Wanted kinda killed it when he was a bit homophobic. That was like, Oh. Awkward. You just made this really weird. So I mean. All fun and games until a member of The Wanted makes a gay joke ... classy."

12:20: (Classic Omegle joke) "Don't go on Omegle. Just don't go on Omegle. It's just penises ... not even good penises. *laughs* I joke. I shouldn't joke, it's just a mistake."

13:02: Fan - "Teddy bear in the back is cute."

Dan - "Ohhh yes. It's Mamma Mia. My grandma went to see Mamma Mia at a West End musical and she bought me that. How cute is that, right? My grandma bought me a Mamma Mia bear."

16:04: Fan - "Can you say my name?"

Dan - "See, that's kinda the same thing as 'follow me on Twitter!'. It's like ... you shouldn't be sad if your favourite person doesn't say your name on Younow. It - it doesn't matter. You know what I mean?" (younow chat please take note )

20:01 - 20:56: Offers some advice for YouTube channel growth

22:12: (Discussing titles for future Q&A's)

Fan - suggests Ask the Tallest Lesbian

Dan - "I appreciate that it could be Ask the Tallest Lesbian, but then ... we'd kind of be implying that sexuality and appearance have any kind of correlization (correlation, Dan, correlation), which we probably shouldn't."

25:51: Fan - "What's the most tabs you've ever had open all at once?"

Dan - "The other day I had, like, 60 tabs open 'cause I unfriended like half the people on my Facebook." I wonder what prompted the unfriending spree.

30:58: Fan - "How often does the danisnotonfire tag on Tumblr make you punch yourself in the face?"

Dan - "Well, as I just said, I can't be angry at young people for acting the way that young people do."

33:28: Fan - "I made you on The Sims and your character turned gay. What do you think?"

Dan - "Did you make me that way? Probably did. I don't wanna know what you made the Sim you designed after me do. Or do I? No I don't. I - I really don't.

34:23: Fan - "Best person you met at Playlist?"

Dan - *rambles about Jenna Marbles from 34:38-35:21*

40:58: Fan - "Are you high maintenance?"

Dan - "No I'm extremely low maintenance. *laughs* My life is."

40:05: Fan - "Where did your love for Delia Smith come from?"

Dan - "Yeah if you have no idea, I made a video 2 years ago, quite recently, called "How to Make British Pancakes", which is a Delia Smith recipe for how to make pancakes, and me and Phil, my friend, have done a couple cooking tutorial videos and we like using Delia Smith recipes as it's kind of like a running joke now."

53:36: Fan - "Have you physically recovered from falling off your chair yet?"

Dan - "I have. The floor hasn't - but don't tell Phil or the estate agents. Ahem."

57:25: Fan - "What's your favourite sleeping position?"

Dan - "I have to sleep on my side, which is weird. I usually get into bed and just stay there lying completely straight until I get comfy and then I just roll over."

59:22: Fan - "Are you high?"

Dan - "I'm not high but when I do these things I kind of have to be a bit hyper and energetic or people think that I'm bored or sad or sleepy."

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by tracyzz » Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:02 am

did he say FUCKER at the start that cheeky bastard

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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by starlight-still » Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:38 pm

Phil Liveshow - June 16, 2012
In anticipation of the return of the ls, I’ve waded into cheery, pre-move 2012 Phil and there are so many precious gems that I just had to share. We’re talkin’ flirtatious camera staring, mad smirkin’, alcohol, and milkshakin’ with Danny. This one comes from June 16, 2012.

1:49: In domestic news, he and Dan just had an “epic flat tidy.” Phil gives us a quick peek at his pristine bedroom.

2:21: “I hope you’re all…happy. Is everyone happy?” This is so sweet, it kind of reminds me of a gentler version of what Dan does on his ls a lot. Then he starts talking about the rainy weather.

2:34: [a lot of people giving him “hugs”; Phil answers with his signature smirk] “Whoa hugs guys…Talk to me! Why don’t we talk? Instead of hugging? I love the hugs but…talking would be nice.”

2:49: “Lucy says ‘what did you buy from the shop?’” He got oreos to make more milkshake, a fajita kit for tonight, some milk, and some lemonade and coke “…ca cola…not drugs,” he assures us. “It’d be weird if you could buy drugs from Blandis(?- store name I don’t recognize)

3:41: Ella asks for a telepathic hug and he sends one…”Ella, I didn’t say it was a naked hug, geez.”

4:34: Sock check! He’s wearing red and green robots. “…[cuts out] “I almost said the space between my legs was amber…I didn’t mean it like that.” [smirk]

5:09: He tells Sophie, who just arrived, that she missed the “naked dance party”…nudity on the mind quite a bit there, eh Phil?

5:56: This one made me lol: someone asks if he ever played a music instrument. He mentions how he used to play violin in school but he was really bad and the teacher was like (does high-pitched strict violin teacher voice) “If you don’t learn to use the bow I will stab it through your heart!” It’s a shame he gave it up, though, perhaps he’d enjoy fiddle a bit more than classical style.

8:40: Phil-i-oke time. Today we have the Pokémon theme. Enjoy Phil’s voice and pantomime and sing along!

10:27: He mentions watching True Blood with his dad and how awkward it is because of the sexual content.

11:28: Best way to get Phil to notice you on Twitter: don’t just say “Reply to me! Reply to me!” wait until he tweets then reply with your own comment.

13:31: Phil’s in the kitch ‘cause he’s thirsty and wants to get something to drink. Options? Robinsons summer fruits, Pimms (?!?!-it’s out b/c he has nothing to mix it with), a milkshake, the iconic Ribena…milkshake wins! And, of course, Dan should come along on this adventure.

14:21-21:35: If you’re domestic phan check out the mini-cooking vid here, guest directed by JJ Abrams (you'll see what I mean). Highlights include Dan telling Phil not to spill anything on the just-cleaned floor, dance break, them arguing about how much cereal to add, “You’re like Hitler but worse”, Phil’s ice cream scooping action, and Phil just peacing out at the end, leaving Dan to clean up as he shouts (shrieks, more like) in the background.

(an aside: at 13:40, he shows his shirt and does this “roar” muscle man thing, then he’s like “I’m not muscle-y” ::cute laugh and smile::)

24:42: “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” ::chugs it::

There’s some drawing game-time now but I usually skip those, tbh…

28:24: He pops on the light he won from Google (?) recently to test it out. It makes him glow like a god but he shuts it off saying it’s too hot and probably uses a lot of electricity.

28:56: ::unapologetically:: “Crotch cam!”

32:28: He prefers Sherlock over Doctor Who. Tara from the chat: “How could you, Doctor Who is amazing.” “Yeah, but so is Sherlock…I like Doctor Sherlock the best.”

32:54: Phil gets deep…like, actually though especially for him. “The meaning of life is to make yourself happy…that’s my and Dan’s philosophy anyway. Phil-osophy! And other people obviously as well. But if you are happy within yourself ::holds fist to chest:: then…life is good. Because if you’re happy within yourself, then other people are happy too around you. Wow, we got all philosophical then.”

34:26- 35:41: Someone asks him to tell an embarrassing story and he talks about one time at the swimming pool when he was 14 where he left his locker deposit in the changing room and when he went back to get it, he accidently ran into the ladies’ room!

Some more Q&A, another drawing game, etc….

46:18- 52:09: Dan comes back for mail time! They get a pair of masks- lion and llama- and wear them for a good part of the segment. Dan is genuinely creepy as he sits very still in his mask just “staring” at the camera. Phil also gets a cute lion hat and lion plushie.

55:17-50: Phil’s hugging a Totoro and looks a bit melancholy, though he assures us that he’s not, he just likes hugging Totoro.

Phil’s face in the camera these last few minutes is stunning (and he knows it). I’ll let you experience it for yourself, but you’re been warned.

55:53: “Let’s lie down together.”

56:29: He talks a bit about how his dad does the best bbqs and that he sent him a Father’s Day present recently, but he felt bad because it’ll arrive late. He got him True Blood and made a custom card from this popular UK site, Moon Pig (?).

57:06: “I feel like, when I’m lying down on my bed like this, we’re just like friends hanging out. It’s nice.” Smh…as Phil as I am, even I’m like yeh-hah…Phil you’re shameless.

57:49: Kelsey says Phil looks like a good hugger, and he confirms that indeed he is.

58:54: He had a dream about crabstickz where they were in Game of Thrones together and he was a king. Probably one of those alternative universes he was just talking about on his own ls yesterday.

59:56: It seems like more of his rl friends were watching the ls back then…”Jonathan W” with the “extra soft” hug might be one, and he mentions “Sophie” texting him in the July 7th show, which I want to do next…if I don’t get around to it, though, do check out his hilariously adorable accent tour of the UK in the first 10 minutes and also enjoy some more alternative universes like one where the fantastic foursome all live in the same house in London and one where there’s a third roommate in the flat.
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by starlight-still » Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:09 am

Phil Liveshow - July 28, 2012
After viewing a few more of the 2012 pre/post move ls, I bring you Phil’s first show in the London apartment.

Before we even get started, what even are Phil’s eyes in this one? Seriously, this is a whole new level of beauty.

0:35: Phil thanks Wesley for “the nice words you said” and smiles. Yes, it is an event. Just watch it. Of course, someone in the chat tells him he should smile more and he immediately starts pulling faces again.

0:45: Phil tells Tappiwha (sp?), who proposes, that “it’s a yes.” “I want to marry you, Tappiwha…I wanna have babies with you.”

1:14: “Yeah, Luke, I agree, I hope Tappiwha wasn’t a 52 year old Danish man ::laughs::”

1:49: Phil has so many moving bruises- he shows them off. Btw, what is it with Phil and showing off his injuries? He sure seems to like to do it a lot. Is it like “see my battle wounds”?

5:26: The new flat doesn’t have a breakfast bar so much for those…ahem…anywaybut it does have other features, like the “space kettle of destiny”…which is way cooler than the other one, which was just “black and boring”…and he’s not being “kettle racist.” Um, wat, OK Phil :sideeye:

5:50: He gets called out on his kettle racism and is all mea cupla now :roll:

6:32: Just. Just watch it. Without context.

6:53: HOLD UP DID WE MIDDLE AGED NOSE PERVERTS JUST GET A SHOUT OUT HELLS YEAH WE DID. And it looks like Phil is one of us :thumb:

8:10: Breakfast bar wants to eat his eyes ‘cause they are beautiful. Even he has to admit they are, though he blames the Mako glow on the iMac.

8:22- 48: Phil’s Eyes 101, for anyone who hasn’t taken this critical foundational pre-req for their advanced degree in Phil -ology. Bottom line: the yellow ring around the pupil means you could be a warrior Maybe this explains the showing off battle wounds. and are also why they appear to change color.

10:27: Now he’s rolling around his bed to get his fan that looks like EVE from WALL-E. Is this the fateful fan that was being discussed on the main thread a few days ago?

Some general chat for a while, not wanting to do things on demand (like sing the llama song), Dan not liking to do things on demand, superstitions…Phil also plunks on some prop glasses.

15:43: Someone in the chat says he looks “so unamused” and he explains it’s just his talking face.

16:22-21:29: Enter Dan. Topics include- a worrying lack of orgasm noises in women’s tennis, the Queen, dongles, the lottery, and manly t-shirts. There’s also a shitload of hair futzing. Oh, and Dan’s OTP is Peter and Olivia from Fringe. Dan is soooo young….

21:33: This part reminds me of that one part of that video where Phil is in Florida with his family and his dad shushes him in the car, so he says he’s just going to talk about maths for the rest of the time. It’s his gentle way of saying “reel in the creepy just a bit, pls? k, thanks guys” It is also at this point that you can hear Dan playing piano in the background.

22:55: Dan stopped playing abruptly and there was this “booong” sound. His voice off camera tells us he just dropped a box on it and he’s not dead.

23:23: I had to chuckle b/c Phil’s like “yes, Dan is a good piano player, I’m jealous isn’t he such a cultured and refin-“ and then he’s like “How the fuck do you close this door? Sorry, language.” in the background. Though part of me thinks he was brushing off the compliment a little there.

26:24-30:40: Grim/creepy/dark Phil fans, you’re in luck. Here he reads a short story from one of his favorite books, The Cat with a Really Big Head. His cheeky grin at the end as he looks to the chat for reactions is icing on the cake.

And then more random stuff, Dan still playing in the background for a bit. His variety of sexy faces. Getting more Twitter followers. He also has people try and guess what an object is in the background…turns out it’s an old polaroid camera!

42:58- end: Dan comes back wearing a controversial shirt by a Japanese designer. Also, mail time, getting pizza, how they don’t look like twins (Phil says Dan looks like he’s a different ethnicity and then puts his hair in his face and says he looks like Dan now), Phil constantly chewing on things (first Smarties, then bubble wrap), and being late for Bryony’s.

Signing off for now in hopes that we get a ls from Phil tomorrow I just want to say that watching these older shows has made me realize…just how delightfully nerdy they are? And I mean it in the nicest way. It’s endearing, if anything. But, yeah, the earlier shows, like where Phil is “chill” and drinking coffee and Dan wades in and out really let their personalities-not personas- personalities shine through.
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by Ticia » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:35 am

Dan and Phil Liveshow - June 23, 2012.

AKA The Vegas LS.
0:35: Starting off with Dan not really wanting to sit closer and fit in the camera frame.

01:46: Phil allows Dan to say the name of the hotel they’re staying (Caesars Palace). Good old times where they didn’t have to elaborate a complex timeline so fans won’t harass them in airports. Ahem.

03:02: (“Read more fanfiction”) (D) “No, I think I’ve already offended enough people by doing that”.

04:00 - 05:30: Phil does a hotel room tour. There’s a weird bathroom situation, where you can actually walk through the shower and get to the other side of the room, and on top of that, there’s a weirldy placed mirror. There’s a double shower. (D): “I like pacing whenever I’m doing anything. I was brushing my teeth in here, and I looked up and I could see Phil through that mirror” (whilst he was pooping? what?). They also mention their room is on the 27th floor.

05:43: (“You’re just making easier to stalk you”) (D) “Yeah, I know”. (P) “The hotel is massive though, so there would be (audio went off).

06:11: (Someone asked if they were going to use the double shower) (P) “No, we’re not going to use the double shower function”.

09:01: (P) “So the plane journey was horrendous” (D) “It was alright” (P) “It was 11 hours and we were delayed for an hour, so…Dan got the window seat, and I was just sat in the middle next to a woman” (D) “Phil just likes to be overdramatic” (P) “You know it’s true! and she looked like my mum. From the corner of my eye, I thought I was sat next to my mum”.

11:05: (P) “Me and my friend Bryony were having a ridiculous conversation the other day, if the world was just completely pancakes” (D) “I was just trying to edit my video and you weren’t helping” (P) “Because she went to a restaurant where you could food, but instead of using knives and forks, you used pancakes. And I was like ‘Oh my God what if the waiter was made of pancakes (audio went off)’. Turns out it would be a terrible world.” (D) “A nightmare land”.

12:23: (“Where’s the drunk vlog?”) (D) “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m going to film my trip. I’m filming everything we do, whether is danisnotonfire worth it is yet to be seen”.

12:35: (P) “We might go to some bars with him (Steven). There’s one called “Shadow” where they got naked women behind this dancing walls, so you can’t see them, you only see their naked shadow, their silhouette, which is sexual”.

15:25: (P) “#Dansfrenchtoast”. (D) “No.”.

French Toast
A sexual act when a man ejaculates on their partner's stomach, and immediately flips over the partner and burns them. "Why does she have a burn mark on her back?” "Cause I french toasted her last night”

15:30: (Someone gived them 100 coins on Younow) (P): “I’m just going to spend them on gambling. I won my first gamble thing!” (D) “You did, you put first 5 dollars and you left with…” (P) “I won at Lord of the Rings (what) (…) so we won like, 28 dollars”.

16:40 - 16:55: They sing “Amazing horse”. Scientists are still investigating how Dan can look at Phil without blinking for that long. It’s OK because Phil reciprocates the LOVE by touching his dimples.

18:00: Phil says he HAS to make a video that week and that he still doesn’t know what he will do. It’ll be quick because he doesn’t want to spend his holidays editing, but he will try to make it good. (Umm…).

19:20: Dan receives a Happy birthday text message. Basically, Phil says it was from Carrie and Dan says it was from Charlie. (So, Carrie or Charlie? )

19:40 - 20:30: Dan vs Phil: Staring contest edition. Phil won.

21:15: (P) “I want to get laser eye surgery but I’m scared I’d be the 1% people that gets blinded by it”.

23:37: (“Dan’s a Mexican”) (D) “I color corrected that video, which probably was a bad move. (P) “It was a bad move” (…) (D) “Yeah, I wasn’t literally black”.

23:46: (“Don’t be Mexican again!”) (D) “And what? Would you hate my Youtube videos if I was just so ugly to look at?” (Exhibit A: problematic statement).

25:30: (Someone on the chat said he had visited Manchester that day) (P) “We’ve got a few of regular stalkers, they would sit on our garden” (D) “You said regular, but it was like, two people, and it happened once”.

The LS froze, enjoy:

01:34: (“Have you seen any strippers yet?”) (D) “No, we’ve just seen sexy dancers.” (P) “They had nipple tassels”.

02:14 - 03:00: Dan and Phil discuss the correct pronunciation of the word “dance”. Phil points out that “the Queen is your mum”.

03:55 - 04:19: Phil sings his own version of “Paparazzi”. Dan says he’s going to reply some tweets, but he actually sits there, facepalming, regretting his life. Apparently, it’s the “7.000th time I’ve heard you singing that”.

05:20: (Someone must’ve asked them to kiss, but they don’t read out loud the message) (D) “No Maria, why don’t you go and kiss your dad?”.

05:45 - 07:20: Phil makes Dan draw blindfolded a vampire shark with a rabbit riding on his back.

07:21: (“Why you no kiss?”) (D) “Because ugh ew no get away” (P) “Nooo”.

07:50 - 09:00: Phil is now the one doing a drawing with his eyes closed. Lady Gaga on a rollercoaster, riding away from a tidal wave which is coming to destroy the rollercoaster.

14:00: Phil is showing their room minibar. (P) “There’s also an ‘Intimacy Kit’, I don’t know what that is”. Dan laughs in the background because…m8. It costs $25, mind you.

15:40: Phil takes Dan’s hat off, Dan gives him a murderer look, Phil doesn't put up a fight anymore.

16:31: (P) “My OTP is Buffy and Robot Buffy”.

17:00: (P) “Someone made a music video of me and Sarah Michelle Gellar and it was amazing”. After that, OTP talking. Danteasers is real, Phil + pancakes is a thing. (P) “I said I wouldn’t talk anymore about pancakes, but here we are”. (Seasons come and go…)

18:10: (P) “There’s a pretty girl who works here in the casino. I’m going to marry her in one of the chappels.”

19:10: Dan affirms that saying “me and Phil” is gramatically correct. Phil is pulling a “Bitch please” face.


19:53: (Someone says Dan’s being sassy today) “No I’m not. I’m joking, I’m never sassy”.

20:30: (D) “You’d strip ‘cause you’re a whore, aren’t you Phil?” (P) “Yeah”.

21:57: (“Film a drunk vlog”) (D) “Why do people keep saying that? As if I ever would record myself being drunk, doing something embarrasing, then edit it and upload it to the Internet. Why would that happen?”


31:45 - 32:19: They do a jumping contest. Dan wins.

34:00: Someone says on the chat that Phil’s hair is gay. He says his hair is very much straight at the moment, Dan adds that everybody loves his hair and that he shouldn’t worry. Someone says CATZ, yadda yadda apparently Phil’s hair is a “zoophile”. Much bantz, very cute Phil laugh. Everything is right in this world.
If you enjoy Phil randomly singing several times, rewatch both videos.
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by Ticia » Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:50 pm

Dan Liveshow - September 10, 2013
00:50: That week is his first year anniversary using Younow.

01:22: “If you’re wondering why I’m late, it’s because I locked Phil out, basically, and I didn’t realise he was locked out for a while because I was busy setting this up” (…) “I was setting up the webcam and then Phil rang me and he’s like ‘I’ve been ringing the doorbell for like ten minutes and it’s raining outside. Why haven’t you let me in?” (…) “So now I have a very moist friend sitting in the lounge because I left him out in the rain. Good friend Dan”.

02:18: Louise just texted him to say she’s watching the LS. “Hi Louise, I don’t like when my friends watch my Younow shows”.

03:00: He shows off the Youtube hoodie he’s wearing, it says ‘Dan’ in the back “Apparently they don’t have enough money to write danisnotonfire. Thanks Google”.

05:11: “Can I talk you guys about an OCD I have? So, I have this thing where…I don’t like it when my phone says I have a notification, like the one on my Facebook. I need to see it as soon as possible, that’s why I hate missed calls”. He had +1000 notifications on the Facebook pages app.

07:32: (About Top Artists in his Spotify) “Apparently, my ‘Most listened to’ song is, since the last time I told you guys this, is ‘The Siamese Cat Song” from ‘Lady and the Tramp’” (He plays some seconds of it) “Horribly racist song, very racist”. Cue to a relatively long opinion on rejection.

13:00: (“Gerard Way follows you on Twitter”) “Let’s talk about that because he’s obviously not watching this” (Interpretative dance of the moment he saw that notification) “How does he know I exist? But cool, amazing, like one of my biggest idols in life, it’s nice when they follow you on Twitter. Dying, just dying internally. There go”.

15:00 (Dougie from McFly follows him on Twitter, too) “It’s weird being followed by people you think are really really cool, because obviously it’s really cool and nice that Tyra Banks and Gerard Way follow me on Twitter, but at the same time I kinda wish they didn’t, well I don’t wish they didn’t, but I’m saying that that makes me think ‘Jesus Christ I’m so annoying on Twitter’”.

16:33 (“Can you drive?”) “Yes, I just don’t have a chair”


He then talks about Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ video and giving opinions until 24:45. His conclussion is that the world is a big shitstorm and the best way to not to feel depressed about it is to don’t care about anything.

26:00: “So a friend mine has had a baby, I don’t know if you’ve seen a picture of me holding a baby (…) I don’t have judgment of how fast the time is going (…) I’ve only seen them three times in the last year (…) I came back like, 5 or 6 months later, and the baby was crawling, it clearly had emotions, like I could make eye contact and the baby would find things funny. I went there and it was just a sack of flesh, the next time I saw it, it had the ability to be entertained by games of peek-a-boo. That freaked me out. I was like ‘this child…its life is developing, I’m dying’. Last time I saw her, or heard from her, it’s walking, it has hair, it wears pink clothes, what? I’m freaking out”. (Curious use of the pronoun “it”)

30:07: (“Where’s Phil?”) “I don’t know, I think he’s hanging out” (Wasn’t he in the living room Danyul? #exposed)

30:40: (“Are you a lightweight?”) “No, I’m not. When I drink alcohol, naughty naughty, being 6’2’’ I have to drink a lot”.

31:39: (“Admit it, you read fanfiction”) “I don’t read enough fanfiction. I think I’ve been so traumathized by the world of fanfiction that I stopped doing that. What type of fanfiction would I be interested in reading? That’s the thing. So, I was curious about what the world of Attack on Titans hentai was the other day, so I went to a website called “wonderful hentai adventure”, because I was like ‘Attack on Titans’ is the biggest anime right now, I bet there’s so much hentai. So I went on 4chan and there was. I don’t know what I expected, but it’s all very, very, very high quality art, as it often is. Yeah, maybe after this LS you could all tweet me the best fanfictions, like the ones that make you cry because they’re so good, but I don’t want them to be about me because that would freak me out (…) unless it’s like horrifically awful like ‘The Skin fic’ or something (…) I’m so happy that there are horrying things about me on the Internet”.

33:19: (“You didn’t reply to my tweet last night”) “Sorry, I was busy doing…what did I do last night? I don’t remember” (He couldn’t talk faster even if he tried).

38:35: (“What grade piano are you?”) “Technically I’m in grade 2. I was gonna do my grade 3 exam but then I was like ‘my piano teacher is a bitch’, so I stopped, to much regret”.

40:55: (“What Youtubers would you date?”) “Let’s not talk about that, Chloe”.

41:01: (“What’s your favourite musical?”) “I’m seeing ‘Book of Mormon’ again soon because it was so good”.

41:40: “The best live band in the world are probably ‘Muse’ but I’ve had a lot of good live experiences. I saw Fall Out Boy live in 2005, when I was 15 and obsessed with Fall Out Boy, and that made my entire life because it was one of the first gigs (…) Metallica had a good live (…) My Chemical Romance in 2011, Reading Festival (…)”.

43:08: (“Carrie tagged you in the Youtube Survey”) “Thank you Carrie but unfortunately I won’t be doing it. I don’t like the Youtube Survey”.

45:25: (“How was Sixth Form for you?”) “It was great, because all the horrible people mostly dropped out to go and become professional douchebag people and mostly the nice people stayed to do Sixth Form. It was smaller, so you kind of established more of a friendship with your teachers, and it’s more chilled out and you get more free time, so I really really really really enjoyed Sixth Form” (…) “During my A-Levels I played with the Xbox everyday, all day (…) I just played Xbox and didn’t text my girlfriend back. That’s how it went”.

49:48: (“How did you come up with danisnotonfire?”) “I was 12 or 13, and it was my username in Myspace. Well, it was my username in everything. I’ve no reason why, I was just being random”.

51:31: (“Have you ever read ‘The Milk fic’?”) “Obviously, we’re on the Internet”.

52:08: “FUCK, SWITZERLAND, how could I forget? So I went to Switzerland, to Zurich, the other day for an International Radio Festival (…) We went for 2 days and it was amazing (…) I give Zurich a 9 out of 10”.
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Re: Liveshow Rewatch Thread

Post by anathema » Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:04 pm

Dan's liveshow on Sep 18, 2012
1:33 he spends about 30 seconds tweeting the show and spells hour wrong at first

3:33 “Why the is Phil logged into my tumblr? Phil is so lazy, like seriously, if my MacBook is on the sofa, and he’s left his in his bedroom, he’ll just open my MacBook and he’ll sign into all the websites … as him, and then I’ll just be like ‘hey I want to tweet something’ and then I’ll nearly tweet it as Phil. What a fiend. What a fiend.” (this is about the third time he repeats the end of his sentence)

5:00 “This will be remembered as the time where Dan had had slightly too much wine as the result of a particular situation and thus couldn’t coherently put together sentences.”

5:42 “‘Explain the intoxication’ okay okay. I had a serious buissness meeting today- nothing bad, nothing boring, something quite interesting, something quite fun, I had a serious business meeting today. (seriously dude, stop repeating yourself!) And the thing is, when serious buissness people have meetings in London, they like to drink. But you don’t get anything done if you drink alcohol, so they order three bottles of wine, and the thing is … that isn’t that much alcohol, between four people, but, I haven’t had any dinner, ‘cuz I went there at four, so um, I’m- I am mildly uh intoxicated right now. So whilst- before I get sober half way through this liveshow, is there anything you’d like to ask?"

6:22 "Okay if- if there’s- if there’s a scale, from 0 to 10, 0 being completely logical, 5 being bluh ehhhhhh (my best attempt of transcribing the noise he makes), and 10 being dead, 9 being- paralytic, 8 being throwing up, 7 being room spinning, 6 being can’t put sentences together, I’m probably 4 or 5.”

7:15 “I started making YouTube videos in 2008.” (He’s just explaining why his username is danisnotonfire, but I thought it was funny he said he started making videos in 2008. You sure you’re a 4 on that scale Dan?)

8:48 talks about falling up the escalator and gives an “elbow update”

9:35 “Someone said ‘favorite Muse song’ *whispers* I can’t chose that.”

9:59 “‘You look gay today’ said somebody; thank you. I won’t comment on that, in case you were joking and I’m rude to you. (uh, what?)

10:17 shows everyone the hood of his sweater because “you aren’t ready for this” (is this the first time he wore it?)

13:32 “‘How did you meet Phil?’ Through a mutual friend.” (ah, who could forgot about the “mutual friend in Manchester” era?)

13:57 he leans over and his shirt rides up and (excuse me being dan trash)

15:53 “‘Do you watch smaller YouTubers?’ I watch loads of YouTubers. I even stalk some people that aren’t considered p- like, big YouTubers ‘cause they’re just you guy- I stalk a lot of people.”

16:50 “‘Favorite Final Fantasy game?’ Seven.”

20:39 “‘Are you sure you’re not gay?’ Find me the right guy, who knows what might would happen.” (“what might would happen” yep Dan still pushing that 4 on the drunk scale)

21:20 he rants about dishwashers for about a minute. Riveting.

23:33 “I’m going to do a secret Facebook show soon, and maybe a secret Twitter show soon, and maybe even a secret piano flaying- playing … piano playing, I’m not gonna flay the piano like it’s a crème brûlée.” (I’m over him never doing his “secret piano playing show”.)

24:09 he’s now a 4 or 3 1/2 on the “drunk scale”

26:54 “I’m not vain! All I ever do is laugh at myself.” (someone in the chat called him vain because he had been talking about why he’s so popular)

28:59 “‘Where’s Phil?’ are saying people. (gotta love that tipsy grammar!) Phil, in case you didn’t know, isn’t my conjoined twin. We in fact have individual YouTube channels, and individual lives. However, towards the end of our Younow shows, we do go get the other person so it’s a more … inter- well … flowy ending to the liveshow. So if you’re only here for Phil, then he will be here later. (I thought it was weird how he started to say “interesting” but stopped himself and said “flowy” instead, which really doesn’t make much sense, lol.)

32:26 someone asks who his favorite Doctor is but for a few seconds he makes the cutest thinking face

34:12 he plays the piano and drums but would like to learn how to play the guitar

34:40 this is just me admiring him but he shifts from laying on his side to criss-cross apple sauce and I honestly can’t believe how gracefully and smoothly he swings his legs underneath him, especially for someone of his height.

35:27 “I blame Arthur for the fact that I’m a furry.” (one of the first furry mentions? )

39:51 “‘Make a video with PewDiePie’ he- he- PewDiePie almost definitely doesn’t know who I am.”

40:02 “‘What is Pingu?’ Pingu was a clay animation cartoon about a pingu- about a pingu … Dan, Dan, Dan don’t drink wine, Dan.”

44:42 “Kanye West is probably [one of] my top five music people ever.” (Dan’s tipsy grammar strikes again! also I didn’t realize how long he’s been Kanye trash for :lol: )

45:04 spends about 40 seconds defending Kanye

51:56 “Two seconds of chopsticks by Dan.”

52:20 plays a few seconds of a piece I don’t recognize. Apparently he can’t play the piano with his eyes closed unless it’s Für Elise.

52:51 plays the beginning of Für Elise (but only the beginning because he doesn’t know the middle.)

53:16 Phil joins! (He shows the rug in the lounge and I’m 99% sure it was in Phil’s room at a later point - I wonder why they moved it to his room?)

55:28 “You bought flowery shower gel? I have to have that now.” (Uh, Dan, why would you have to share shower gel with Phil?)

57:44 they show everyone how to do the Gangnam Style dance

1:01:51 Dan says he shouldn’t go to any more buissness meetings where he gets slightly intoxicated and Phil says “you could invite me if your getting free wine.” (I wonder why Phil wasn’t at there?)

1:02:02 “He came home and fell up the stairs. He was like ‘Phil! Liveshow!’” -Phil
(I now remember why I said I probably wouldn't be contributing much to this thread- it took me five days to watch this. Five.)
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"The saltiness reminds me of my tears."

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