Phil liveshow (Joint broadcast) - 15 Dec 2016

Dan and Phil liveshows
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Phil liveshow (Joint broadcast) - 15 Dec 2016

Post by oqua » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:10 pm

busy being happy~

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Re: Phil liveshow (Joint broadcast) - 15 Dec 2016

Post by peekatyou » Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:28 pm

I tried to transcribe what I thought were the most interesting parts of this liveshow a year ago, and then completely forgot about it. I stumbled upon it on my computer a few days ago and decided to post it here, cause why not, so here it is. These are not proper timestamps really, I mainly focused on work-related things, and like 90% of the following are Dan's words despite it being a Phil liveshow lol. Also, I still don't quite understand how English punctuation works, so please forgive me all the mistakes, I swear I'm learning.

7:03 Phil: Brandcast is basically a thing where youtubers say, hey people that work in serious-
Dan: Serious business people, you should take YouTube seriously.
7:20 Dan: It’s a very mysterious weird event because they don’t do anything about it publically, ‘cause it’s just for like old people that come to the event. But YouTube like to ask youtubers to come to show their support, which, you know, is like fair enough.
7:36 Phil: They said, hey Dan and Phil, do you want to go to Brandcast? James Corden is presenting it, you just have to come on stage and wave.
Dan: And I was like, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up. Right. You want us to come – sure, what exactly do you want us to do? What exactly do we have to do? And I was like, you need to- exactly, I swear to god. And they said, you will literally just like walk onto a stage and wave. And I was like, exactly. 'You’ll just walk onto a stage and wave.' And then I turned up, Phil is arriving like two hours later...
Phil: I was at a wedding, so I didn't get there til about 2.
Dan: And I was like, so, what’s happening? And they’re like, so in half an hour you’re practicing the dance routine, and I was like, what?! The dance routine? I didn’t agree to a dance routine, what the hell are you talk-? So it turns out James Corden was opening this presentation with a musical number.
Phil: Which turned out to be really funny.
Dan: And they wanted the youtubers to go onto stage, wave in time with music after a sassy entrance. And then go, YouTube, like the YMCA.
Phil: What. We didn’t know this.
Dan: If they told me, I wouldn’t have gone. Are you kidding me.
9:16 Dan: And it was kind of cringe.
Phil: It was like funny cringe. I think it was on a good side of cringe.
Dan: It was though?
Phil: Yeah.
Dan: If we were aware of it, it would’ve been fine, but we were all forced to be there. James Corden’s musical number was good. But then all the youtubers being like, *imitating the dance moves with his hands* please kill me, I want to die. So yeah, that happened. Thank you, YouTube.
9:35 Phil: I liked it. There was a giant T-Rex on the stage. Whenever there’s a T-Rex on the stage, I’m happy to be on the stage.
9:40 Dan: They were like, this is just, you know, it’s great to get all the people that’s been on the buses and all the posters in the UK. Me and Phil were like? We’re not on the buses. Louise’s on the bus, Tom’s on the bus. We’re not on the bus.

Phil: We have issues – we upload to YouTube, but then it says 'processing,' and it can take anywhere between ten minutes and two hours – you never know.
18:33 Dan: Also we have things to do during the day, like go to meetings and send emails, speak to an accountant. And then get home, film the video, edit it, and then desperately try to finish it before 12.
18:46 Phil: What we’ve learned is people that do daily gaming videos deserve some respect, because there’s a lot of work that goes into it.
Dan: Well, that’s all that they do, Phil. Our problem with gamingmas is that we’re still trying to be… (the internet lagged, my guess he said something about them trying to be productive with other things as well)
19:05 Phil: We do enjoy it.
9:58 Dan: I think we’ve made a load of really fun videos. I genuinely think all the videos are really good.
Phil: Yeah. Good? Of course, they are, Dan.

20:26 Dan: I think, like, to say that there were literally about 500 youtubers in it, I thought we were in it a great amount.
Phil: We were! Dan: The fact that we were in it so much – it was amazing.
20:42 Dan: I think the thing with YouTube Rewind is you have to just appreciate how insane it is that it even happens. Like especially this year, they had so many youtubers from around the world, like it wasn’t all just the big British and American youtubers, they had youtubers from Japan, Brazil, and from all around Europe, and it was more inclusive internationally. And just to make it is just absolutely insane. 21:10 Every time I watch YouTube Rewind, the first thing I think is it’s just incredible- Phil: It is crazy. Dan: -that they’ve even made this. That being said, I think I still prefer the 2014 one the best. I feel like this one wasn’t as funny, and it kind of just turned into a lot of dancing at the end.
Phil: I loved the first half, and then the second half was quite danc-y.
Dan: A lot of people think it’s a bit cringe, and I think it’s like... It needs a bit more of the self-awareness. I thought 2014 - it was more of like a parody, and all of these youtubers kind of like recreating these viral videos – it was funny, and it felt very self-aware. 21:50 I feel like 2016 was just a bit like ‘happy dancing!’ and if you’re not somebody that likes all this super sweet, happy, cheesy celebration, you’re probably be like *mehhh*
22:33 Dan: YouTube make YouTube Rewind to show everyone in the world how good YouTube is, so they want it to be very happy and safe and just celebratory. So if you’re a massive edge lord, I don’t think you’re ever gonna like YouTube Rewind.

25:50 (that’s my personal favorite) Dan: *reads the chat* Iceland legit has the best mince pies. There you go, Phil. Recommendation there. Phil: Actually my grandma had the best mince pies, God rest her soul. Dan: Oh, what did she do? Toasted them and then immediately put butter on them? Phil: Don’t you make fun of grandma’s toast, that is a prime Lester tradition. So leave it out, mate.

27:20 *shows the disk to the camera* Phil: Look at this! It’s like one of those official things that you see on the wall of an angry music producer in a documentary.
Dan: Gold record for The Internet Is Here - how hilarious is that? Gold record for The Internet Is Here. Just amazing. We can frame that and people’ll be like, wow, are you rock stars? And we’ll be like, haha, this is a long story.
Phil: Thank you Stand Up To Cancer! But a lot of you thanks for this as well, because you bought the song and donated to Stand Up To Cancer. Dan: So go you for donating to charity.
28:10 Phil: Add that to your bio, said Amy. What, I have a gold record? Dan: That’ll just fit in. Very humble.

30:56 *Dan's singing some songs from the show The LazyTown* Phil: Why do you know it so well? Dan: Cause it was on CBBC when I was still a teenager. Phil: Why were you watching it as a teenager? Dan: No, it was just in the background. Phil: In the background. Background. *makes air quotation marks*

34:10 Dan: *the chat* What’s up with danisnotonfire? I’m making the video before Christmas. It’s the plan. Phil: I’m gonna make a video before Christmas as well.

34:35 Phil: *reads the chat* What’s your favorite gamingmas video so far? Dan: Maybe yesterday’s, cause it was just amazing. Phil: The birth of the baby… Dan: Let’s look at the channel actually. That’s a good question that allows us to subtly promote the channel.
35:04 Dan: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Yandere Simulator – hilarious, Best Friend Quiz – that was amazing actually… Phil: It was a good one. Dan: …and money to charity. Who can complain? Phil: Slender Christmas. Dan: Making a baby. Phil: I enjoyed doing the Katamari. Dan: Yes. Bishi Bashi was funny, Just Dance - oh, the dancing video, Impossible Quiz 4, Slender Christmas, Akinator, Bubble Bobble, The Button. The Button was a great video. Phil: That was a fun one, to just like discuss the button. Dan: I think the baby one that just happened might be my favorite one. Phil: The baby one… Yeah. The baby one. I think it was a big moment in Dil’s life, so it’s the one I’m most proud of.

36:42 Dan: There’s a bit in the TATINOF stage show where I get a bottle of non-alcoholic wine out of a giant llama to symbolize the drinking that I don’t condone in the Internet Support Group series. And when I went to different places on tour, we thought about what is like the stereotypical drink of this place. So in Germany we changed it to a giant like cask of ale, and it’s like a comedy size glass. And in Sweden I just had like a thing of vodka. Phil: And you also had some... how's it called? Julmust! Dan: Julmust! Yeah. Which went down very well, actually. And this has never happened before when I get out the alcohol, but in Germany and Sweden, when I got out this beer, someone in the front row just started going ‘chug chug chug,’ and I was like what the hell, and then suddenly like 2000 people were also going ‘chug chug,’ and I was like, what is wrong- You’re peer pressuring me to down this beer in front of the people, I could see all the angry dads in the audience [being] like, after the show I’m gonna find you I’m gonna break your legs.
38:18 In Sweden I was holding a liter of vodka, and they said it too, and I was like, really? I would die if I did this, so shout-out to the European tour for being bad influences with their drinking peer pressure.

44:27 Dan: danisnotonfire is a place to creative express myself, they’re not the gaming videos, I’ll do one before Christmas and then in the New Year, after I’ve had some rest and we’ve finally finished all of these crazy things that we’ve been doing this year.

51:19 Dan: Thanks for watching. We appreciate you taking an hour of your time to come hang out with us. Phil: Yes. Dan: We love you and appreciate you. Thank you for watching our videos. Phil: And as I won’t see you live, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Dan: Enjoy the rest of gamingmas, I hope you’re all relaxed and happy, you’re all precious swans that deserve it, stay hydrated and breathe deeply, and remind you that everything’s fine and you’re valid.

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Re: Phil liveshow (Joint broadcast) - 15 Dec 2016

Post by mermaid blood » Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:24 am

@peekatyou thank you! those are fantastic. i should go back and see if i can fill in any gaps for other shows too from my old google doc. thanks for starting us out :thumb:
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Re: Phil liveshow (Joint broadcast) - 15 Dec 2016

Post by peekatyou » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:34 am

mermaid blood wrote:
Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:24 am
@peekatyou thank you! those are fantastic. i should go back and see if i can fill in any gaps for other shows too from my old google doc. thanks for starting us out :thumb:
Aw, thank you! I'm looking forward to reading your timestamps!

And if that's okay, may I suggest people who are reading this go check out the video called 'A Prime Lester Tradition' made by oqua on YouTube - it's hilarious :)

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