NEVER SLEEPING AGAIN- Dan and Phil play: Little Nightmare (25 Oct 2017)

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NEVER SLEEPING AGAIN- Dan and Phil play: Little Nightmare (25 Oct 2017)

Post by autumnhearth » Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:47 pm

I never thought I’d make timestamps for a spooky video, yet here I am. I don’t warn for all the jumps, sorry. It’s mostly just cute quotes.

0:18 “We’ve got a frickin raven.”- Phil
“Quothing in the background.”- Dan
“Quoth me up.”- Phil

2:22 “I like that it’s a scary bleak world, like the one I live in inside my mind, but the character is this little yellow glowing beacon of hope and happiness.”- a metaphor for depression

2:35 Dan tells Phil to get over his motion sickness. Such a supportive friend. Still it seems effective.

2:55 Phil is worried about splinters on their character’s bare feet while Dan insists that their “a unique person, that doesn’t need to follow the rules.”

3:30 Dan waffles about repressed dreamscape metaphors while Phil thinks it would be a great place for a slinky.

4:34 “Phil master of physics.”

5:05 “Friends!” (cute gnome interaction)

5:10 “What’s your game here Lester?”- Dan

5:33 Really cute leech land gestures (what am I typing?)

5:55 It’s “nicht” not “niet” Dan.

6:11 “Why don’t we just go back and hang out with Triangle Pete?”- Phil

6:18 “What’s more important: friendship or eating? Eating.”- Dan

6:35 “Look little gnome friend.” (I just love Dan cooing okay?)

8:38 “I don’t need you or any of your family.”- Phil

8:44 “Well done Phil.”
8:45 “That was the best leeching I’ve ever done in my entire life. That was so smooth.”- Phil says as he jumps right off the platform.
8:52 Broasting. Dan takes away the controller. But not really, apparently.

9:45 “Oh my god. Can you not exist please?”- Phil
9:50 “Whomst are you?”- Dan

9:55 “This is actually his third leg... like Rapunzel.”
I get the Rapunzel imagery... but I don’t need to picture the prince climbing up a penis. Thanks Phil.

10:10 Rat. What kind of accent are you trying to do Dan? Is that Austrian?

10:20 “Who would like, wanna poo next to each other?”- Phil.
I’m so glad that this is where he draws the line for personal space.

10:35 The groaning/moaning. Phil turned it more sexual than Dan.

10:55 Queue the big bad and Dan screaming.

11:29 “frusjabuhbuhfuh!”- Dan

11:33 “Maybe he just wants a hug.”- Phil
“No he wanted to crush us to death.”- Dan

11:50 Phil’s little “eee”s and their shushes.
“You’ve spat all over the tv.”- Phil
“I was scared okay?”-Dan

12:30 “I’m back. I needed the rat. A little rat relief.”- Rat (looking this over before posting and realized I meant Dan. That wasn’t even intentional, and my autocorrect wants to capitalize Rat now.)

13:00 “Omnomnomnom.”- Phil
“See any friend that gives you food, that’s what true friendship is.”- Dan

15:30 “At least he died doing something important.”- Phil
“Exactly. His life had worth, helping us pull this lever, which is not going to do anything nice.”- Dan

17:30 The room of shoes is probably the creepiest part and it has nothing to do with foot fetishes.

19:17 “Jesus wept.”- Dan

20:35 “Lets just live under the floorboards.”- Phil
“With the little monkey. I’m sure that will be fine from now on.”- Dan
(Why does this sound like a cute domestic arrangement to me?)

20:45 “what the fuck is he doing?” sounds adorable when whispered.

20:55 Salad Fingers reference

21:09 “What do you reckon he’s got under that trench coat?”- Dan
“Fiivve hands.”- Phil, creepily wiggling his finger.
“That’s the most disturbing thing you’ve ever said.”- Dan

21:40 They get so excited about their monkey plan.
Phil whispering “go, go, go. run.”
And then it all falls apart and ends in screaming.

22:33 “I want death.” -Dan x2

22:45 “what do we do?”- Phil (I just love the whispering I’m sorry.)

23:10 Jesus wept again

23:13 I’m surprised Dan didn’t say “fetish” in his scared rant about the clocks.

23:50 “Oh my god. Oh my god. How did he get up there?”- Phil
“How’d you *think* Phil, he’s got the freakin longest arms in the whole universe.”- Dan

24:05 I just love all the whispering here... about monkeys...

24:34 “Now I reckon I have to go *down*?”- Dan
“*Yeah*”- Phil (why the heck is the way they both inflect those words so frigging cute? I don’t understand.)

24:48 “Oh My God. Okay. Okay. I want death. And I feel like- it’s coming for me.”- Dan

26:16 “Okay, I’m feeling good. I’m f- *rude*. Woo! So, uh, this might be the end of the chapter then.”- Dan
“Yeah.”- Phil
“Or something, I mean this has been- bloody arm. *gasp* NOO!”- Dan
“There was no warning for that one.”- Phil

26:33 “I blame the *rat* for that one.”- Dan.
“That was definitely the rat.”- Phil

27:17 Suspiciously cute close up on Dan as they figure things out

28:02 Shriek at the final jump scare

28:33 “Is that going to give you some big nightmares?”- Dan
“Yesss.” Phil
“I’m gonna have some *thicc* nightmares.”- Dan
“Those hands, grabbing me in the night.”- Phil

It’s okay just leave that fuzzy jumper on Dan and I’m sure you can cuddle.

It was interesting watching the ls directly after last night. It felt more like spending an evening with them. And gave me a bit of perspective on their energy. :blackcat: ;ghost; :hugbw: :pumpkinphil: :skeleton:
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Re: NEVER SLEEPING AGAIN- Dan and Phil play: Little Nightmare

Post by lefthandedism » Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:58 pm

julian wrote:
Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:33 pm
- "It's a scary, bleak world, like the one I live in inside my mind." I love Dan
- Dan saying Lester :garbage: :garbage:
- "Who would want to poo next to each other?"
- Salad Fingers. Nice.
- "his massive clock"
- thicc nightmares
sugar wrote:
Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:05 am
i'm rewatching already so i've decided to do a little list of all the moments i liked/wanted to comment on in this video that i completely forgot in my last post.
now realizing maybe people would've like timestamps...oops. next time.
  • dan saying the creepy figure is phil's mum and then "hey kath". i always love that familiarity
  • honey i shrunk the kids IS a movie....isn't it? what are you talking about phil?
  • phil: ooh, crack! should i go down in through here?
    dan: never say that again
    is dan hearing it in the drugs way or the dirty way? i can't tell since both came to mind for me.
  • phil's face and attempt to fix it when he realizes what he's implying by saying they're climbing up his third leg...too funny
  • dan's pronunciation of that the accepted pronunciation in the uk? hearing him say it twice just really...rubbed me in a pet peeve kind of way but seeing as phil didn't comment i must assume that a lot of people say it that way?
  • random thought but dan's jumper really looks SO soft and phil saying it was like a teddy bear sees even cuter now.
  • seems like phil gave up and let dan control for the last 10 minutes of the video. i don't know how i feel about it.
    just an observation.
  • i love dan using "jesus wept" for some reason. is this his new "shitting down my (insert body part here)"?
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