What Patronus Animal are Dan and Phil?! - Pottermore (10 Dec 2017)

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actual demon phannie
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What Patronus Animal are Dan and Phil?! - Pottermore (10 Dec 2017)

Post by alittledizzy » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:38 pm

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actual demon phannie
actual demon phannie
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Re: What Patronus Animal are Dan and Phil?! - Pottermore

Post by alittledizzy » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:39 pm

1:04 - "the succ"
1:24 - Phil making fun of how Dan is mumble-speaking.
1:32 - Dan asking Phil, "Who's your spirit daddy?"
2:18 - The quiz tells Dan think of his best memory, Phil asks Dan if he's going to share that. Jumpcut away.
2:21 - (Dream/Discover/Dance) Dan picks dream. "I guess."
2:32 - (Sweet/Salt) Phil says Dan is full of salt. "Thanks, bitch."
2:37 - (Think/Feel/Sense) Dan overthinks the 'think' answer and misses the question.
2:50 - (Over/Under/Around) Dan would go around/think outside the box. He doesn't tackle things head on, he sneaks around the side.
3:15 - (Free/Safe) He picks safe instantly. Phil agrees he'd always want to be safe.
3:27 (Hope/Trust/Love) Dan picks trust because the other two are pointless without it.
3:39 - (Frost/Dew) He goes back and forth between them then settles on frost, because dew is nice to look at but not touch.
4:00 - Dan gets an eagle owl.
5:03 - "Patranus."
5:14 - Phil is afraid he'll say things about himself that he doesn't want to.
5:22 - "Stop saying patranus."
5:38 - Phil says his happiest memory is being on a roller coaster and eating popcorn at the same time and we're just gonna skim past how I thought he said peeing on a roller coaster at first and was here for this new kink revelation.
5:45 - Dan thinks popcorn + roller coaster sounds like a recipe for choking "and not in a fun way."
5:46 - (Seek/Protect/Serve) Phil goes for 'protect' right away. ("He protecc. He attacc.") Dan disagrees and says Phil is definitely a 'serve' though Phil argues he's quite protective.
5:57 - (Rough/Smooth) Phil loses it at this question and you cannot tell me his mind went anywhere besides sex to begin with. He picks smooth. Because he doesn't like the feeling of rough objects. And for no other reason. (The Philly doth protest too much, but moving on.)
6:10 - Phil's expression when he says, "I'll go with ROUGH." is so flamboyant and also so great.
6:12 - (Lead/Save/Escape) Escape. He doesn't want to be near any danger. Dan: "Phil wants to escape the pressure of answering these questions."
6:23 - He takes it back to the 'rough' question.
6:33 - (Forever/Sometimes) Phil picks sometimes, because forever sounds scary. Same, dude. Same.
6:41 - Phil dramatically reads 'it's forming, it's forming' and for some reason Dan says "It's coming?" and then starts to say "The way you read that sounded like-" but doesn't finish the sentence.
6:47 - (Mind/Heart/Spirit) He picks heart, because he goes with his heart over his mind which is sometimes a bad thing to do.
7:15 - Phil gets a Siberian Cat. At this point Dan and Phil realized that this quiz was definitely not enough to film an entire video and move on to fill two minutes on wikipedia because life is meaningless if you don't get that ten minute ad break.
7:46 - Dan says Phil could be an agile jumper with his body type.
7:57 - Dan comments on Phil's impressively large, full tail. Heh.
9:05 - Magestic, beautiful, elegant - the complete opposite of Phil, according to Dan.
9:23 - Bad #spon segue. Dan can't handle it, just starts talking over Phil.

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Re: What Patronus Animal are Dan and Phil?! - Pottermore

Post by lefthandedism » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:18 pm

Catallena wrote:
Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:09 am

Back to the video, here's commentary:

- is2g their gaming room lighting is getting worse?? It's so ugly. At this point they look more washed out than a kpop idol in pictures after a fansite edits them to erase all the melanin out of their skin.
- "It protects your from the succ." Leave it to Dan to somehow make Dementors kinky. Phil's "Oh." and uncomfortable giggle :')
- "I think the deer is Harry's dad, which is weird. Literal spirit daddy." 1) It's a stag. 2) You think do you? It's only a minor plot point in the series no big deal you fake fanboy you. 3) Don't compare Patronuses with the concept of spirit animals and definitely don't stink your daddy kink in there.
- "The questions are timed, don't say this isn't gaming people!" lmao at this self awareness. :thumb:
- The butterfly comment reminded me of the time someone photoshopped Dan's face on a butterfly as seen in ISG 1.
- "You're full of salt." "Ok yeah thanks bitch." :rofl:
- Dan doesn't tackle things head on and wants to always stay safe. Yeah, we know... *ahum*
- Soul or not, Dan doesn't need to worry. As long as he keeps staring all fond and soft at Phil on a daily basis those Dementors will stay the hell away from him.
- The 'your mum' jokes have really made a comeback recently and idk how I feel about that.
- UUUUUHM. Do you see how Phil's fringe is a bit messy there?? That shit looks 10x better than usual. Sadly only a second later he 'fixes' it. Boo. :sideeye:
- "Petranus." omg they're actually 10 year old..
- "It says Better With Headphones." "Fine, we did it wrong." Phil seems a bit suprised by his own sassy tone and laughs it off.
- "That sounds like a recipe for choking. And not in a fun way." Daniel "I Don't Have A Choking Kink" Howell everyone.
- Dan is very sure that Phil serves rather than protects and I'm very interested in this.
- All of NSFW Phannie Tumblr just got cancelled, turns out D&P are actually vanilla as hell. None of this rough shit. I'll cancel myself too I guess.
- Phil shares with us that he doesn't wanna be in any danger, forgetting that we already know he's the most non confrontational human being on this earth.
- Phil chooses sometimes because he doesn't like the word Forever, and Dan fills in with 'it's a bit of a commitment'. Am I the only one who thought of Phil's little 'marriage is just a piece of paper' thing from a few years back? #phandivorce is only a matter of time :')
- Phil is the heart, Dan is the mind.. they're truly a perfect pair :garbage:
- Siberian Cats are so gorgeous :love2: I don't remember what my Patronus was, but it wasn't a cat and I was pissed about it.
- Dan being a cat anti again. Fight me bitch.
- Phil wished he had a Siberian Cat that hoots because then he'd be a very rich man. CAPITA£ESTER.
- Yes Phil! Come to the cat side! Screw those pesky allergies of yours, cats are worth it.
- Video still didn't hit the 10 minute mark so they just plugged the tour again.
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