Dan and Phil's Furry Throwdown! (9 Mar 2018)

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Dan and Phil's Furry Throwdown! (9 Mar 2018)

Post by lefthandedism » Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:21 pm

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Re: Dan and Phil's Furry Throwdown! (9 Mar 2018)

Post by sonicgreen » Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:50 pm

Don't mind me just adding these great timestamps to the thread!
alien wrote:
Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:33 pm
I’m sorry if this is ugly I’m on my phone

:05 “we’re having a furry threesome” Phil says he knew dan would say something about furries but doesn’t say anything about the threesome comment which Dan replies with “just living my truth Phil”
:34 dan says “peta would not approve” about the game they’re playing and my first thought was “who’s peter?”
1:58. “Cause hamsters they just roger(?) anything...same tbh” I’ve never heard the term “roger” for “have sex with”before is that what he says? Anyway it’s clear dan’s not picky.
3:46 out of all the animals Phil would like to ride a tiger is not one of them
4:02 “I’ll hit ya mum’s box...I mean I didn’t say that. I did not say that.” Phil really cracks himself up with that one. Dan: “that’s a solid not okay”
5:12-5:26 Phil talks about his heart racing which leads to this adorable quiet voice exchange between the two of them
6:26-6:34 Phil wins the first round and does the most adorable boasting
6:36-6:53 dan somehow knows Phil is going to make a “hit the road jack” reference which leads to dan saying the spend too much time together and they need some time apart which leads to them fake crying and then “but seriously we’re both really weird” and I think the whole thing was hilarious
8:52 dan: “you can imagine if we’re filming this right now how it was when we were actually doing this for hours trying to get the medals” they sure spend a lot of time together don’t they
9:26 dan: “I’m fine I’m calm and my resolution is to not scream because when we play games in real life and we’re not filming I’m never emotional” Phil: laughs “oh yeah” dan: “alright dans angry when he plays Mario kart Mr Phil playing fortnite- career ending - his language”
11:42-11:52 Phil’s goes to imitate what the next animal is but uses a noise which dan objects to. Phil: who makes the rules? Dan: “ugh *eyeroll* ok fine”
11:54- 12:10 talking wild hogs and horses
13:05 Phil: “how ya finding it?” Dan: “I’m concentrating massively” phil: “I can tell”
14:48 dans long drawn out bleep and Phil’s adorable laugh
16:34 dan dies where phil did earlier and they can’t remember the time correctly (genuinely I didn’t get the sense they were making this up) but say it’s the same which leads to an all or nothing but if you actually pay attention to the time dan was technically faster lol
17:20 a now 3rd mention of how much time they spent together playing this game “we did have no life for a solid 2 weeks maybe”
17:23 rock paper scissors, dan wins and chooses phil to go first. Phil: “I choose you philichu” in the funniest voice. Idk why I love this part so much
18:12 Phil puts the bandicoot cut out on dan’s cheek with a nice hearty pat
18:53 dan imitates a “wild phil crying at crash bandicoot”
19:06 “give us a thumbs up” “what does that say about you? That you want more furry threesome action from dan and Phil maybe we’ll add some more to the pile know what I’m saying? The dog pile” “stop”

Unimportant side note: I think it’s so gross when they bite the controller lol
Very important side note: phil looks incredible in his glasses

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Re: Dan and Phil's Furry Throwdown! (9 Mar 2018)

Post by kavat » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:27 pm

It's been 84 years but I found half finished notes on my computer so I though I might as well finish them and post them!

0.05 "We're having a furry threesome" - Phil laughs at Dan mentioning furries but ignores the threesome part.
0.41 Dan vs Phil is just some air puffing at this point
1.15 Phil is trying to mime a tiger. I would lose if I was in the same charades team as him.
2.02 The first level gives me so much nostalgia omg. The graphics are a lot better than on my brothers PS1 though.
2.20 Phil dies v quickly. Dan says "Barreled right in the tush" and I never want him to open his mouth again.
2.34 Dan misses the clock and has to start over. Of course Phil lets him.
3.11 Dan dies while making an Ace Ventura joke. Ace Ventura Pet Fucker, coming soon to a dodgy movie store near you.
3.30 Phil makes the same mistake as Dan. I thought they played this for weeks on end?
4.03 "I'll hit your mum's box. I didn't say that. I did not say that."
4.54 Bring me to life. Save me from the Evanescence references.
5.19 Talking about heart rates in soft voices, I approve
5.34 Phil says the word clockussy and I never want him to open his mouth again.
6.27 "One point to Philly!" He's such a bad winner
6.38 "Quit the game Jack" They know each other too well. But can't imaging being apart. I'm fine
7.21 Referencing the video of a bear eating a woman's kayak. Their over the top american accents makes me laugh.
7.43 Second Gaga reference. They're singing a lot today aren't they
8.28 "Don't sass my objectives"
8.52 They keep talking about how much they've played this irl. They're proud nerds and it's cute.
9.38 Phil playing Fortnite is career ending. I'm intrigued.
9.48 They make a comment about a hole and I'm uncomfortable
10.30 D: "I THOUGHT THAT WAS ICE" P: "That's not ice, Danny boy"
10.55 They get into an argument about how Phil pressed jump but the game didn't jump. Literally no one cares but I guess it's important to them
11.43 More animal charades and Phil is making up rules as he goes
12.25 Dan is pointing out the lack of consent from the hog
12.31 Spikey penis things are not Phils friends
13.26 "Silent Dan, holy Dan, he got far, Phil will win" Dan is disturbed by the Christmas songs
13.45 Santa is an anagram of satan
14.50 Bleeeeeeeep weasle bleep
16.40 The end up dying at the same place with the same time so they have to all or nothing it
17.30 Phil's competitive banter here is just plain flirting
18.11 Dan wins and double dabs while Phil slaps the sticker on his face, sure
18.33 Phil has lost his half of the Zelda sticker and Dan is making up rules about how the first to fall off is the loser.
18.53 More charades, this time the animal is a losing Phil
19.03 We end it all with another furry threesome mention, thank god it's over
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