DAB GETS FAMOUS - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #61 (22 December 2018)

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DAB GETS FAMOUS - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #61 (22 December 2018)

Post by itasca00 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 3:46 am

"I thought 'ass' is funny 'cause eating ass is a meme, and it's nice and nonexclusive. I don't want to exclude anybody! You know what I mean? Everybody has one. Um.." - Dan Howell, 3/6/18 So many questions.. Answered 6/13/19 :prideheart:

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Re: DAB GETS FAMOUS - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #61 (22 December 2018)

Post by itasca00 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 3:47 am

itasca00 wrote:
Sun Dec 23, 2018 3:44 am
Of the three videos of The Sims that have come so far this Dilmas, I think this has been my favorite. Here are my highlights:
  • [1:15] It sounds like Dan has given this a lot of thought.
    P: So are we thinking that Dab’s going to be an actor, then?
    D: I think that we’ll see what’s on offer, but he seems--
    P: Yeah.
    D: --like that kind of type.
    P: I think he is.
    D: But he’s not doing it for attention. He’s doing it for, you know, the artistic expression of trying to have a deeper understanding of human emotion.
  • [1:55] Dan, if you want a skeleton maid, just go on the same adventure that Dab and Evan did with Phil. Easy peasy.
    D: The Totecallama.
    P: Yeah, that’s his!
    D: We have to. That is his.
    P: He needs to inherit the--
    D: Exactly.
    P: --the skeleton maid.
    D: The goat. Yeah. Oh, my God. Well, that’s gonna be a life changer for two young bachelors in the city.
    P: Yeah.
    D: A skele--Where’s our frickin’ skeleton maid?
    P: Exactly.
  • [2:42] Phil really walked right into that one. Good work, Dan. :lol:
    P: Right, what are we transforming?
    D: The giant cock?
    P: I like the cock!
    D: Okay.
    P: What about the--the plant next to it? I’m not fond of that.
    D: I think you just told us a bit too much there, Phil. Right. Well, let’s mo--
    P: I didn’t--I didn’t even realize what I said.
    D: I’m sure you didn’t. Okay. FIne. There we go. Let’s just set fire to the snow angel.
    P: Oh, my God. That would be awful.
    D: I love that the snow angel is, like, a feature now. I’m just tryin’ to talk about the snow angel, Phil.
    P: That’s gonna be clipped up or something.
  • [4:09] The way that Phil asked Dan if his apartment was a mess was really cute.
    P: Whenever my mum came to my apartment in Manchester, she would just clean everything. I’d be like, “Mum, sit down. Have a cup of tea.” She’d just be scrubbing the surfaces.
    D: But did you have a problem with that?
    P: It wasn’t a mess! Wa--Was it a mess? It wasn’t that bad.
    D: It wasn’t that bad.
    P: It was organized chaos.
    D: But I’m asking if you told your mum to stop doing that, Phil.
    P: No, I didn’t ask her to stop.
  • [4:31] Dan continues to thirst after Evan:
    D: Wait a minute! Does that have an ear piercing?
    P: He’s got a piercing!
    D: Oh, I see. Moves to the city. Gets a stud.
    P: Yeah.
    D: Stud with a stud.
  • [6:37] Wow. So Phil thinks an apartment isn’t truly yours until you’ve had sex in it. Okay.
    P: “WooHoo.”
    D: “WooHoo.” *gasps*
    P: What?
    D: They’re no longer teens.
    P: Oh, they can WooHoo! They should mark their territory on the bed and--That sounds weird. I mean, just like--
    D: Okay, whatever you’re trying to say--
    P: Don’t pee all over the bed!
    D: --when you--when you use the object--
    P: Use it for the first time.
    D: --“mark your territory,” that’s n--Okay, I mean--
    P: Christen the bed?
    D: --going straight from “make--making out” to peeing on the bed. Okay.
    P: Do something to make you officially part of the house. I forgot the word.
  • [7:34] I guess we know one way to get Dan in the mood. :lol:
    D: You gotta WooHoo! Don’t put on your coat!
    P: But it’s snowing in the city! This is the first snow we’ve had.
    D: Awww.
    P: Ayy.
    D: What a perfect time to WooHoo.
  • [7:48] Falling asleep after sex: Bad in Dan’s book.
    D: We could watch it like a couple perverts through the window.
    P: That’s so weird!
    D: So just so you know, this is what everybody’s seeing right now.
    P: The bigger the glass, the more ass.
    D: The more ass.
    P: That’s what we saw when we lived opposite a hotel. Jeez.
    D: Oh, God. There was a lot of ass.
    D: I mean, that does look like a very nice bed to WooHoo in.
    P: It does.
    D: You have, like, a head rest and everything. Okay, wow.
    P: Ooh.
    D: There’s a whole--I’m sorry. We have to do this. And here he goes.
    P: Oh, my God. What am I seeing?
    D: Oop. Okay! This is some first-person WooHooing that you’re seeing right now. Wonderful. I love the--the miracle of love. Yep. Yep. Sure. Okay.
    P: Wow.
    D: There we go, and he’s asleep. Alright, Evan’s that guy.
    P: That was delirious.
  • [9:46] I think it’s a little late to start acting like a prude, Dan. 😏
    D: Alright, they can also play doctor at home.
    P: Oh, wow!
    D: Oi. Okay, arms and legs inside your own gowns, people.
  • [10:56] This anecdote brings to mind Dan’s story of burning spaghetti. He must have been so impressed by Phil’s abilities at the time. :lol:
    P: Scrambled eggs was one of the things I always made in my apartment. Wasn’t it? I was like--
    D: Very true.
    P: --“Lunch: Scrambled eggs.”
    D: Phil's like, “I know how to make great scrambled eggs.”
    P: “Dinner: Scrambled eggs.”
    D: What was your secret to good scrambled eggs?
    P: Put a little bit of cream in there as well. Not just milk. Little dollop of cream.
    D: Absolute. What is this bourgeois-ness?
  • [12:55] Phil reveals that he was in a commercial once. Dan is surprised that Phil is drawing attention to this fact. Phil says it was mortifying, and he tells everyone not to look it up. Then a part of the commercial plays. I found two videos of Phil in commercials:
    • Commercial 1 (in the video): Here
    • Commercial 2: Here
  • [13:47] Sounds like there’s a story here.
    D: Don’t ever walk down Hollywood Boulevard. You’ll have great expectations, and then you’ll be scared.
    P: Yeah.
  • [14:14] Someone’s been keeping tabs on Tyler.
    D: That’s an up-and-coming hotspot where you go to the gym. You might see Tyler Oakley there.
  • [14:43] Dan has an immediate visceral uncomfortable reaction when he sees how fancy the place he chose to send Dab is, and he asks Phil if they can go to the other option instead. I don't know. This just stands out to me as an interesting reaction.
  • [16:37] What’s wrong with fanboys?
    D: Look, we cannot be associated with all of these other fanboys. We just need to leave. Okay. This is embarrassing.
  • [17:19] Look. This is Dab and Evan’s space. If Tabitha hears something she doesn’t want to hear, I say that’s her own fault.
    D: But how will Dab help Evan learn to be a doctor?
    P: I don’t know.
    D: ‘Cause you’re not gonna be playing doctor while your mum is outside. Okay? P--Please don’t do that.
    P: Just let me chop your arm off. I’ll sew it back on.
  • [17:57] Sharing a bathroom with your boyfriend while he’s pooping: Also bad in Dan’s book.
    D: Wow, now they’re that couple.
    P: Yeah.
    D: Okay. I see how it is.
    P: Didn’t take long.
    D: Slightly awkward there.
  • [18:55] Dan pretends to barf when he sees that the new floor he just placed underneath the wardrobe doesn’t match the floor in the rest of the room. I mean, yeah, that’s not great, but I personally think this apartment has a ton of much bigger problems.
  • [19:39] I definitely thought Dan’s last sentence here was going to be “I prefer to get attacked from behind.” :lol:
    D: He’s a--He’s a look at the spout kind of guy.
    P: That’s crazy! No one should look at the spout!
    D: I looked at the spout this morning.
    P: Why?!
    D: I dunno--I was just--I was just--
    P: Face--
    D: I was in one of those moods.
    P: Face away from the spout! You’re gonna get attacked from behind.
    D: I was in one of those moods. I prefer to get attacked right in the face.
  • [22:08] Dan and Phil agree that they both have always liked the people who do their makeup.
  • [24:11] Something about this just sounds right. 😏
    D: You need to hear what I've been working on. Okay? I've been practicing this in my mirror to my boyfriend, and it's honestly so deep, it's got layers.
  • [24:56] Phil’s anecdote here was okay, but the only reason this is a highlight is because of the voice Dan used to mock Phil.
    P: See, when I was in a movie--
    D: Mmhmm.
    P: --I made the mistake of not having breakfast.
    D: *mocking voice* Oh, I was in an advert.--
    P: Yeah. *mocking voice* Oh, I was in a movie.
    D: --Oh, I was in a movie. Okay.
    P: I got the mistake of not having breakfast before we did it--
    D: Yeah.
    P: --and then we were stood there getting ready to film, and I was stood next to a mildly famous actor. And my tummy was rumbling so bad. It was like, “Bellow.”
    D: Audible rumbleage.
    P: Yeah.
    D: That’s just--You can’t do that.
    P: So I think he thought that--
    D: Can’t be about that.
    P: --I had some digestive issues.
  • [27:09] I presume they must be talking about makeup from when they’re on TV, but I imagined them walking home in stage makeup, which tends to be pretty garish. :lol:
    P: I hope he gets to keep the eyeliner.
    D: He’s saved time on the budget. You’d go home wearing the makeup. I always go home wearing the makeup.
    P: Yeah. I mean, if they make you look nicer, why wipe it off?
    D: Then why would you--Exactly.
  • Individual merch links again point to individual shops for this video.
"I thought 'ass' is funny 'cause eating ass is a meme, and it's nice and nonexclusive. I don't want to exclude anybody! You know what I mean? Everybody has one. Um.." - Dan Howell, 3/6/18 So many questions.. Answered 6/13/19 :prideheart:

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