DIL'S FAMILY WINTERFEST - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #63 (24 December 2018)

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DIL'S FAMILY WINTERFEST - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #63 (24 December 2018)

Post by itasca00 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:13 am

"I thought 'ass' is funny 'cause eating ass is a meme, and it's nice and nonexclusive. I don't want to exclude anybody! You know what I mean? Everybody has one. Um..." - Dan Howell, 3/6/2018 - So many questions...

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Re: DIL'S FAMILY WINTERFEST - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #63 (24 December 2018)

Post by itasca00 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:14 am

itasca00 wrote:
Wed Dec 26, 2018 8:48 pm
This post is late because, well, it was Christmas Eve and then Christmas, but my highlights for the final video of Dilmas are below. I really enjoyed this one, and I thought there were a lot of signs that the plan is for this hiatus to be on the shorter side of things. But I guess all we can do now is play the waiting game...
  • [0:13] Who is the dad? A great question, Dan.
    D: On the last day of Dilmas, my daddies gave to me--
    P: The best--
    D: Who’s the dad?
    P: --Christmas jumper Phil has worn.
  • [0:22] Phil could have left it, but what he said wasn’t any worse than what Dan said in my opinion.
    D: I’m in my onesie.
    P: You are.
    D: I’ve clocked off for the year. I’ve stopped caring. I’m gonna be wearing this onesie for two solid weeks from now.
    P: But what if you need to pee? That’s a big effort. Isn’t it?
    D: Two solid weeks from now.
    P: He’s wearing a nappy.
    D: No, you could’ve left it. Uh, okay. No.
  • [1:03] Dan and Phil talk about the hiatus of the gaming channel:
    D: But, before that, there is something that we should probably say on a video on this channel.
    P: Yes. We have decided to go on a break from the gaming channel.
    D: Yeah.
    P: I mean, that sounded a bit dramatic. Didn’t it? Not a break. What’s the best word?
    D: Hiatus is a good word.
    P: Like--Like One Direction.
    D: No!
    P: No, not like they--
    D: Well, that’s a terrible example--
    P: Oh, yeah. They never came back.
    D: Are you ki--Like Fall Out Boy.
    P: Okay.
    D: That was fine--Okay, Jesus.
    P: Fall Out Boy.
    D: So scared [unintelligible].
    P: A holiday--
    D: For the holidays.
    P: --where we don’t go anywhere, but we don’t come here.
    D: Anyway, obviously, we love the gaming channel and all of you and--
    P: Yeah.
    D: --and the Howlters--
    P: Especially you.
    D: --but, after the crazy year we’ve had, we want some time to just step back and have a think about our lives.
    P: Yeah. Creatively, this is. Not in life.
    D: Yes, no.
    P: I mean, I’m not gonna go join the circus. Although, I could.
    D: If you joined the circus, that would be literally the most terrifying circus in the entire world.
    P: Exactly!
    D: That would get shut the hell down.
  • [1:52] Honestly, thank God Dan has Phil to moderate his aesthetic philosophical ideals. :roll:
    P: So we thought the best video to finish off--
    D: If this was going to be the last one for now--
    P: --this chapter of the gaming channel, would be the Dil episode.
    D: It had to be.
    P: Yeah.
    D: And this perfect, wholesome ending, which was your idea.
    P: Mmm.
    D: I wanted to kill Dil.
    P: You can’t kill Dil!
    D: I wanted--I wanted a full--
    P: Right.
    D: --rest in peace, Dil.
    P: Listen.
    D: We’ve been arguing about this for--What?
    P: He’s got a teenage son. He’s only just aged up, so it’s not light he’s 85.
    D: That’s true. Right, no. Before we get into the technicalities--
    P: Yeah.
    D: --I was like, you know, philosophically, I think it would be great to do a “Rest in peace, Dil Howlter.”
    P: Yeah.
    D: It could be a funeral. Invite everyone over. It would be really sad. We’d all cry. And Phil was like, “No!”--
    P: No!
    D: --“What?!”--
    P: I hate sad endings.
    D: “We’re not doing that!” But--
    P: Yeah?
    D: --I will concede that aging him up and then literally four episodes later being like, “You’re dead.” Uh, that makes no sense, so sure. This is the nice, wholesome open chapter that Phil wants.
    P: Ayy.
  • [4:41] Tabitha comes out of the shower headless, and Dan yells/screams. :D
  • [7:56] Dan and Phil scream in delight when they see that the top of the owl slide has been decorated. :D
  • [10:19] Some interesting opinions on school:
    D: Oh, here we go: Parenting moment. “School is Stupid.”
    P: “School is Stupid. I should be able to start working or living life. Can I just never go to school again?”
    D: “School teaches important things” or “Society requires school for success.” Wow, um.
    P: Does school teach important things, though?
    D: Does it--Do you require school for success? No.
    P: Have you ever used a triangle in your life?
    D: No, but one plus one did help.
    P: That helped.
    D: And I know how an oxbow lake is formed.
    P: Yeah.
    D: So let’s just go with this one. *selects “School teaches important things.”*
    P: Okay.
    D: I’m copping out.
  • [11:36] Phil tells a story of his childhood:
    P: My best friend as a kid had a German mum, so they got their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. Ooh, what was that?
    D: What?
    P: Winterfest has officially begun!
    D: It’s officially Winterfest!
    P: Yeah.
    D: Hurray. What’s the significance?
    P: Anyway, we would all wait--All of the family would wait in the dining room. And then Santa would knock on the door. And then we’d hear him rummaging around inside the house. But we were all in there.
    D: Was it a home invasion?
    P: I don’t kn--I don’t know.
    D: Did you--Did you know him?
    P: It was magical.
    D: Okay, sure. That’s fine.
    P: Had jingling bells and everything.
    D: And how long after that did you look back and go, That was weird.
    P: I was like, Who was that?
  • [12:15] The mind of Phil Lester: :facepalm2:
    D: “Father Winter”...
    P: Wh--”Father Winter”?
    D: “Father”--Speaking of German men breaking into your house.
    P: What the f?
    D: “Catch Father Winter, and ask him for a present. He appears at 8:00 near the fireplace.”
    P: My first thought went to--
    D: Catch him?
    P: --Can you WooHoo with Father Winter?
    D: Probably.
  • [13:56] Dan congratulates himself and Phil on Nuki’s new outfit with a round of applause and a beautiful expression. :lol:
  • [14:21] Foreshadowing:
    D: Now, who should we invite for now?
    P: I think just Dab and Evan for now.
    D: I mean, Evan, you know, he can see the rest of his family later.
    P: Yeah.
    D: He’s a Howlter now! Or not yet actually.
    P: Not yet.
  • [16:17] Dab starts serenading Evan, and Dan and Phil start dancing along to the music. :D
  • [19:06] Dan was very quick to qualify Phil’s statement...
    D: So this is all very well and good and now, but they have an extended family.
    P: They do.
    D: That I think also need to be included in this--
    P: Okay.
    D: --so, after they’ve eaten, I think we need to get this party started.
    P: Yeah. We always went to our next-door neighbors’ on Christmas day, so it’s a similar thing. Pancakes, come over.
    D: Except you weren’t, you know, dating your neighbors.
    P: No, and one of them wasn’t a clone. At least, I think.
    D: From another dimension. Probably.
  • [21:25] Father Winter appears. Hilarity ensues.
  • [21:44] Dan puts his hand to his heart and runs it down the front of his onesie. 👀
  • [22:46] Imagine if we were all aliens, and we could make Dan reveal his kinks to us. I think that’d be awesome. 😏
    D: But wait a minute.
    P: What?
    D: We are aliens.
    P: Ah, so we can see what he’s like on the inside.
    D: What’s your secret? Reveal your kink to us, Clement Frost.
  • [24:53] “Slow-burn.” Right.
    D: If this is all about tying things up in a wholesome bow--
    P: Yeah?
    D: --we need to look forward to a future chapter.
    P: What would the future be?
    D: What the future would be. And I think it’s about time two slow-burn lovers finally committed to something.
    P: Yes!
  • [25:25] Dan and Phil on Dab and Evan’s relationship:
    P: Come on. He’s not gonna say no. They’re so strong together.
    D: They’re like Romeo and Romeo but--
    P: Yeah.
    D: --without the death.
  • [26:27] I know some people liked this wording, but I did not care for it. It’s just called a wedding, Dan. :roll:
    D: Well, you know what the next thing would be: Gay wedding.
  • [26:37] Dan is v traditional when it comes to “gay” weddings.
    D: “Elope Immediately with Evan.”
    P: No. I don’t think so.
    D: Or “Plan their”--He seems like the kind to immediately elope. Stop.
    P: Yeah.
    D: We’re gonna do this properly.
  • [26:51] This is only a highlights because of the “Not today, Satan!” line.
    D: Oh, God. Wait. What?
    P: W-w-what is happening?
    D: Not now.
    P: Dil!
    D: This is the last epi--No, you’re not doing this. You’re not--
    P: Cancel.
    D: Cancel. Cancel getting abducted. C--
    P: Can you cancel that?
    D: I want you to go here.
    P: Go over there!
    D: Now. Not today!
    P: No!
    D: Not today, Satan! Where’s the satellite? It’s ‘cause we got rid of the s--
    P: Ugh.
    D: Obviously. Obviously. Did you expect any different? Did you honestly expect literally anything else?
    P: Of course.
    D: And now he’s being probed.
    P: If we--If he gets pregnant again…
    D: A pregnant, elderly s--male storyline--
    P: That was not how I th--
    D: --is the one thing that would upstage the gay wedding, to be honest.
    P: That’s not how I thought this was gonna end.
  • In the video description of the final gaming video “for now,” merch links continue to point to individual merch shops.
"I thought 'ass' is funny 'cause eating ass is a meme, and it's nice and nonexclusive. I don't want to exclude anybody! You know what I mean? Everybody has one. Um..." - Dan Howell, 3/6/2018 - So many questions...

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