If Dan and Phil were Girls?! - FACE APP (29 April 2017)

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If Dan and Phil were Girls?! - FACE APP (29 April 2017)

Post by oqua » Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:53 am

busy being happy~

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Re: If Dan and Phil were Girls?! - FACE APP (29 April 2017)

Post by alittledizzy » Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:31 am

:32 - Phil nips
1:07 - "We have no idea who's through the wall now" - hm, they made a big deal in the liveshow about how they could be as noisy as they want now... confusing.
1:56 - Phil unable to make a neutral expression when he's trying
2:16 - "When I do neutral face I look like a serial killer" - definitely something he's expressed insecurity about before
3:20 - Dan teasing Phil about "old" being six months into the future (Phil: Hey! Seven months, at least.)
4:00 - Immediate jumpcut after Phil said he legitimately looked like his grandad; wonder if Dan agreed, or there was some kind of anecdote?
4;42 - Dan is not having the female Phil.
5:35 - "Normie Phil" followed by Dan saying "You look so average."
7:32 - "Do you even lesbian on wattpad?"
7:37 - Makeup comment; Phil seems into it.
8:03 - Jumpcut to them leaning in super close, Dan saying "I mean, I would." about his more masculine picture.
8:31 - Phil's surprised, "Why!" when Dan says he hates his profile picture.
8:43 - Phil things old!pastel Dan is "so cute."
9:05 - Dan thought the ladybug shirt selfie was cringe??! Disowned.
9:35 - Phil's tone when he says, "You like that one."

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Re: If Dan and Phil were Girls?! - FACE APP (29 April 2017)

Post by shoe » Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:24 pm

dontpanic wrote:Dan’s hair is the best it’s ever been (I say this every time but dammit it’s true!). Phil’s personality throughout the video is just A+
Plus their flirting, especially the whole ‘in six months’ thing when Phil got old, was just so much

Favorite bits:
[0:06] Homely does not mean what you think it means, Phil

[3:20] The flirt is real and I can’t get enough

[4:40] Dan apparently doesn’t like female Phil
[5:08] When will Phillipa 2 get made???
[5:32] Phil: ‘That is normie Phil, that is.” I suddenly remember Phil’s random past
[6:18] And in this moment, Deppy’s neighbors regretted all their life choices
[6:37] He looks good old. The same cannot be said for Phil, unfortunately. :wtf:
[7:25] I’m extremely attracted to Danielle. I don’t know what to think.

[8:03] The zoom-up of them hunched over each other gives me heartburn

[9:07] Dude, don’t talk that way about Phil’s ladybug MySpace selfie.
[10:14] I laughed out loud. Dan looked so good in his first photo it’s only fair that he looks like a dead Pidgeon in this one.

[10:24] Give me more northern Phil, I need it
From Dan and Phil Part 44 Page 9

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