Phil is not on fire 9 (24 Nov 2017)

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Phil is not on fire 9 (24 Nov 2017)

Post by fondsmiles » Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:38 pm

I hope it's okay that I am making this, all the other topics have been from mods, but I just thought I'd do it since I wanna post my stamps

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Re: Phil is not on fire 9 (24 Nov 2017)

Post by fondsmiles » Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:38 pm

0:07 Dan can‘t open the cap and it reminded me of last year‘s pinof where phil trolled dan by not being able to put the cap back on. Bless.
0:16 „Philiel Howell“ - „I guess no matter what, you will always be danisnotonfire“
0:24 „did you miss this tickle“ And Dan makes it undoubtedly sexual again. Because. He‘s Dan.
0:24 (again) me, replaying this part to relish in the ease in which Phil rests his hand against Dan‘s cheek. I am a demon phannie, sue me.
0:48 phil: „that‘s good!“ and Dan‘s over exaggerated smile kills me, for some reason
0:52 I love that we had theories that Dan put on Phil’s whiskers with his mouth, because they look so squiggly, and yet he just did it… by hand. Oh Dan. <3
1:10 “nothing get’s me riled like a hard G” - “stop”
1:23 Dan says “crowpose” and I definitely misheard it as “propose” on the first try. I then proceeded to laugh maniacally for about two minutes after I had realized my mistake.
1:30 I fucking love when they are all like “bruh” and “mate” and “lad”
1:39 Dan making himself laugh
1:58 Dan genuinely freaking out about what the plural of goose is, good editing there, 10/10
2:07 Phil planking (?) and then letting himself fall on the bed
2:23 Dan and Phil singing (this has improved a lot since pinof 1, let’s be real)
2:45 they’re so cute I die
3:00 Dan not being able to say no to something Phil suggested (aka Phil crabwalking up the stairs while Dan is concerned in the background)
3:18 Phil uses every chance he gets to troll Dan the hardest. Dan is just so done with him. I feel like this is a common occurrence in the Howell-Lester household.
3:26 “danis snot on fireeee” ^^ see point I made above
3:35 Dan is slime, Phil prods and pushes him. Fanservice
3:46 the tie tying race that ends up in a tie
3:58 #vasegate
4:01 should I find this hot, why is this hot
4:18 Dan seems to be funny only for the little giggles Phil makes in the background
4:36 CapitaLester
4:46 #TrollPhil number 3: throwing cards in Dan’s face
4:48 Dan jumpscaring Phil (I forgot too, I hate you Dan)
5:05 this is not any AU I ever asked for, Dan why did you make it so weirdly sexual, WHY
5:25 Photo exposing – this may be my favorite part
5:30 Phil’s cringey pose. Dan enjoys making fun of him SO much, this is so fond
5:44 Phil finds the glorious sun selfie of Dan. I had to pause for a long time to collect myself. Phil is an evil human that enjoys others having pain
5:55 “oooh, testing [air quotes]… just caught me RESTING my hand” - Phil, you’re absolute savage. I believe Dan now, you’re evil!
6:04 Dan sings “celebrate good times come on”
6:25 Dan has to wear the cheese costume.
6:35 “Phil, G-Note Dan.” and then that evil smirk. Phil Lester, stop that. (also, Dan looks too pretty there for someone in a cheese costume, I don’t want to be attracted to him when he looks like this)
6:41 a natural Dan and Phil moment that I treasure in my heart, before…
6:45 Phil trolls Dan hard and jumpscares him. I squeal in delight, Phil laughs and claps his hands, this is wonderful (and I am attracted to how Dan has his legs resting there. CAN YOU STOP, @ ME)
7:07 Phil Lester saying “anal”. Dan thinking ‘wtf mate’
7:13 them making fun of us for having “lol so random, quirky” questions. Uhm, rude
7:23 Phil in Dan’s outfit
7:37 Dan in Phil’s outfit
7:44 Dan does something sexy in the cheese costume and says something I can’t understand. “omele-do … ???” help pls
7:48 holy shit, why is Phil so sexy here? My heart! The husky “hey”, stop it, Phil
8:05 “Dan will you straighten your hair one last time?” “No.” good
8:08 the bread fight gets too intense. Phil stabs Dan to death with his bread crust. Dan dies dramatically. I love how their minds work together. Please never stop being so playful.
8:18 Dan gets a rat tattoo
8:38 Phil gets a Dan tattoo. Is Dan adamant to show us his love for Phil? His possession? Why does he do this? Is it part of the elaborate plan that ends in no one person on the world being surprised when they finally refer to each other as husbands in Pinof 10? the world may never know.
9:03 Phil twerks a bottle flip with Ribena. Dan loves this more than any kind human should. (so do I)
9:26 #spon, #spon, #spon

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Re: Phil is not on fire 9 (24 Nov 2017)

Post by alittledizzy » Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:10 am

@fondsmiles you are always welcome to make timestamp threads!! The only reason they're usually done by a mod is just that no one else makes them. (I even tried encouraging people before, but no one really bit so I just kept on doing them myself.)

:23 - Phil with the tongue between the teeth laugh.
:24 - "Did you miss this tickle?"
:43 - Whiskers; good scrape.
1:00 - "You're an aged cat, and I'm a little kit."
1:04 - Greg is the sexiest name out there. "Nothing gets me riled like a hard G."
1:22 - "Watch me, dad." "Go." "Crow pose." Dan just out there casually calling Phil 'dad' and Phil just casually responding as though Dan calls him dad all the time which after this video I'm fairly sure he does.
1:39 - "Your mum." with Dan laughing, and then Dan's genuine wtf over Phil's inability to tell left from right.
2:09 - Phil doing the table pose on the bed behind Dan.
2:24 - Steven Universe song.
2:33 - Phil doing another yoga thing.
2:41 - First of a few down the shirt shots of Phil, for you chest hair fiends.
2:52 - Crabwalk up the stairs. Phil seems to genuinely have to talk Dan into it, Dan cancels it as soon as Phil slips. (Bonus: Dan telling Phil "Flex that spine." yoga boyfriends.)
3:39 - "Shove your fingers deep-" "Don't shove your fingers anywhere!"
3:56 - Phil doing stretches, then the vase question. (I love the vase joke.)
4:09 - They're so excited about finishing the tie race at the same time.
4:35 - Truth bombs spon, but cereal cuteness.
4:45 - Jump scare.
5:02 - For some reason Dan just seems genuinely happy about Phil's dog name.
5:06 - "Hey there, sea man. Wanna inspect my gills?"
5:23 - Random photo question; they had way too much fun with this one.
6:10 - Cheese costume.
6:24 - Another tongue between the teeth grin.
6:30 - Dan in the cheese costume.
6:35 - Phil g-notes Dan. (Phil's massive grin.)
6:40 - First of all, why is Dan grabbing his dick. Second of all, oh my god that's so cute with Phil jumpscaring Dan.
7:00 - Dan doing the sexy end screen dance in the background.
7:07 - "Anal." (Dan has the same look on his face he did when Phil said he'd eaten too many 'cockies' in that one video from the hotel room during TATINOF.)
7:15 - Roasting the 'quirky/random' questions.
7:18 - Dressing each other.
7:32 - Phil starts to shake his butt but then it jumpcuts away.
7:43 - Omelet du fromage.
7:46 - Idiot sandwich.
7:48 - Dan calling Phil "Lester."
7:49 - Phil's sexy 'hey' that makes Dan pause and laugh.
8:06 - Why is Dan grinning up so cutely?
8:38 - Phil singing.
8:51 - Dan saying "bestest friend" through clenched teeth.
9:01 - Phil attempts to twerk flip the bottle.
9:16 - Dan pokes/touches Phil's knee (with the Sharpie?). Bonus cheeky bit of Phil flesh.

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Re: Phil is not on fire 9 (24 Nov 2017)

Post by lefthandedism » Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:19 am

000dia000 wrote:
Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:20 pm
Their faces were so close throughout all of this. They were so smiley the entire time at each other, they were both having so much fun. It's such a shock to watch old videos, even pinofs, and the way they behaved back then is just so weird compared to now. It seems so faked and contrived. We have it so good, don't let anybody forget that. They both seem so happy and natural now.

This video was amazing. I decided to make timestamps for the first time in a while. If you want to waste some time, here you go:

General Thoughts:
Dan’s jumper material looks really uncomfortable, I doubt it absorbs sweat well. Sweat just gathers on the skin beneath the material and it gets hot and sticky and smells bad.

Dan looks like he’s had a fresh haircut, he’s looking great.

PHIL!!! Break out star! Can he get a BONCAS award just for this video?

Actual Timestamps:
@00.05 the guitar strum as Dan fails to take off the marker lid, then continuing into a little tune here was slick, I was wrong to ever doubt editor!Phil
@01.25 Phil’s hair looks so grey underneath the black lmao maybe he’s going grey and we didn’t realize ~it’s just faded I know and is his brown hair but still~
@01.58 Dan’s face at the gooses vs geeses thing is incredible, why isn’t this a meme already?
@02.06 was it a coincidence that Phil was doing a crab position before the crab question, or is it just not chronological? You decide. I choose psychic!Phil deciding to contort his body to do weird things as he feels to predict the future.
@02.23 I was sort of expecting Dan to hop in beside Phil in the bed by the next shot :philtrash:
@04.45 chest hair
@03.01 Phil serving Exorcist realness
@03.31 chest hair
@03:59 vasegate comes full circle!! Also Phil’s voice
@04:09 while it was technically at the same time, Phil was just a lil bit faster and dropped his hands sooner, just saying
@04:16 this whole sequence is gold for editor!phil the zoom ins, the music, perfect execution particular at 04.22 I lost my shit at Danhead scoffing in that small moment
@04:32 cute boy sitting, staring into space, contemplating life
@05:08 Dan is so cute here wtf being a sassy merman, “hey there, seaman…wannna…inspect my gills is the flirtiest thing I’ve ever seen them do, funny seeing Phil go very anti-phan with the “Nooo….”
@05:30 Do you ever see a man so beautiful you start crying?
@06:33 Dan is so cute here in this pose! The cheese! The ripped jeans! Can someone draw him like this, it just looks so ironic, like a classic painted portrait of some young damsel or something.
@07:28 it’s funny, the jeans are a little loose on Phil
@07:48 Phil doing the leg thing and doing ”Heyyy…” is unreasonably sexual
@08:24 Phil choosing cat face drawing video music to go over this is the most phan shippy thing he’s ever done, and it’s so subtle that I wouldn’t have noticed it until someone pointed it out
@08:50 Dan drawing his own face on Phil’s arm is the most extra thing I’ve ever seen him do, you can tell by his face that he’s being a little brat but jesus lmao
@09:05 Jesus Christ. Phil’s Ass. Did not expect that.

The rest of the video is spon, who cares, lmao I’m done. See you guys next year. I see them mentioning tour dates that weren’t confirmed? So are they being dodgy or is that them confirming them? Who’s even reading this part, whatever.

Bye, for like another two weeks.
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"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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Re: Phil is not on fire 9 (24 Nov 2017)

Post by lefthandedism » Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:23 am

Catallena wrote:
Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:06 pm
Watched PINOF a few hours after upload because I fell asleep, didn't want to write commentary so I didn't, at the third rewatch I wanted to write commentary anyway and that shit takes long because I'm slow so here we finally are with the opinions on PINOF9.

I loved it! PINOF in general isn't really the annual magical happening that it is hyped up to be for me anymore, but this gotta be one of the best in years. They were a bit extra at times, but it didn't feel quite as try hard as some other years to me. I was curious about how they'd handle moving around in that broom closet, turns out they just used the space of the bed more than ever which actually worked out really well.


- Branding talk aka they're done with our shit about renaming Phil Is Not On Fire.
- "You're an aged cat, and I'm a little kit" smh these fucking furries :whiskers:
- "Watch me dad" I'm glad they ain't enabling any demons this year /s
- Bastards are teasing us with quiff!Phil. :sideeye:
- Let's make this shit about me but I've also had problems with left and right my entire life and was super upset about being dumber than a 7 year old until I was told that it was probably just my dyscalculia and that it didn't have anything to do with my intelligence. Story time over.
- If there's marshmallows in the slide instead of water, then it wouldn't be a water slide. Tsk tsk Phil. Think things through.
- I love references to fandoms I ain't interested in. Their harmonizing doesn't sound complete shit tho, I'll give them that.
- lmao yeah the person who suggsted the crab walk on the stairs thing legit tried to murder them. :thumb:
- Hi! My name is [Dan] is a thing that must never die.
- Dani Snot On Fire is my fav YouTuber :loveeyes:
- *high pitched scream* "DON'T SHOVE YOUR FINGERS ANYWHERE"
- Return of the vase. Best phandom meme of 2017. :ribena:
- I guess they did tie them but it looks like shiiiit so they both lose.
- What kind of geniuses.. Getting all the #spon in as 'questions' like the sneaky capitalists they are.
- Honestly, the 'Phil you're x and Dan you're x, now do this scenario' questions tend to be the most meh parts of PINOF videos.
- The Phil selfie really wasn't that bad, he actually looks human there which is always good. Dan's wannabe model on tho :rofl:
- The cheese costume making a return was predictable, but I think the people who asked wanted the pantsless version.
- Phil's natural deep voice before he jumpscares Dan tho yaaaaaaas :drool:
- Anal :ASs:
- WE WERE BLESSED ONCE AGAIN WITH PHIL IN RIPPED JEANS GOD I HATE HIM FOR NOT GOING WITH THIS LOOK. We were also immediately punished and I hope Dan burns that red shirt with the stars next time Phil steals his cereal or something because holy shit that is horrible.
- Phil is pretty flexible with the leg dab isn't he? Interesting. :hmmm:
- K but Dan doing that Pennywise dance with Phil on the bed is disturbing on multiple levels tbqh.
- I don't think tattooing your significant other on your body ever ends well so #phandivorce is obviously coming.
- ICONIC. And Phil is.. very good at that pose I must say. Look at that arch. :oops: kuen sweetie you're a legend :stan:

*watches gif of Phil's ass while Wiggle Wiggle by Hello Venus plays in the background*
"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."

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