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Reacting To Myself On A TV Quiz Show! (10 March 2019)

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:53 pm
by itasca00

Re: Reacting To Myself On A TV Quiz Show! (10 March 2019)

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:53 pm
by itasca00
itasca00 wrote:
Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:51 pm
This was a nice video. It’s the most I’ve ever seen of Phil’s appearance on The Weakest Link, so that was fun. :thumb: Here are my highlights:
  • [1:19] While viewing a shot from the show of the contestants talking to each other with a voiceover, Phil explains that they were instructed to just pretend to talk to each other. Phil says that everyone else had normal conversations, but he decided to talk to the guy next to him about alligators. The expression on the guy’s face is priceless. :lol:
  • [3:32] Phil says that the contestants were instructed to pretend to write on the boards while the makers of the show filmed it. He does not say if it was explained why they couldn’t be filmed while they were actually writing on their boards.
  • [7:57] Anne asks, “In fashion, what ‘D’ is the four-syllable first name of the Versace sibling who, in 1997, took over the running of the family design house?” Phil (in the show and the current video) responds, “Donatella” (the correct answer). He then explains that he actually originally responded, “Donatello,” as in the teenage mutant ninja turtle. Phil explains that, after the round was over, they had to go back and film Phil giving the correct answer. :lol:
  • [10:10] Anne asks, “In organic chemistry, a simple compound such as methane or ethylene is known as a hydro-what?” Phil (again in the show and the current video) responds, “gas.” The correct answer is “carbon.” Phil then explains that he had three chemistry students in his house at university, and they “ripped” him up so much over his “hydro-gas” answer.
  • [15:01] Anne asks, “In wildlife, the name of which South American mammal bred for its meat, milk, and wool is unusual in that the first two letters are the same?” Phil (in the show) responds, “gnu.” The correct answer is “llama.” Phil says that Dan will never let him live this answer down. He says that he misheard the question, and he thought that the answer was the name of an animal where “no two letters are the same.”
  • [15:54] Anne asks, “The violin known as ‘Solomon, ex-Lambert’ that sold at auction in 2007 for more than $2.5 million was made in Cremona by which craftsman?” Phil passes. The correct answer was “Stradivarius.” Phil says that his grandmother thought he should have known the answer to this question because he played the violin at one point.
  • Phil remains consistent in listing links to the three versions of the AmazingPhil Shop at the top of the video description and listing a link to the Dan and Phil Shop with his social media links. The video description also indicates that the video contained advertising for Honey (which it did not), so I think it’s safe to assume that it was just copied over from the last video.