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Reading The Creepiest Email I’ve Ever Been Sent (6 June 2019)

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:55 am
by itasca00

Re: Reading The Creepiest Email I’ve Ever Been Sent (6 June 2019)

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:56 am
by itasca00
itasca00 wrote:
Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:53 am
Well, this video certainly was a great surprise! It definitely makes me wonder, though, how many other blast-from-the-past stories Phil has hiding up his sleeve... Anyway, here are my highlights:
  • [1:13] Phil says that the only person who calls him Philip is his grandmother.
  • [1:42] “Other kinds of rubs.” Great phrase there, Phil. 👍
    P: This is--This is a nice email so far: like my videos, giving me a bit of an ego rub. Probably gonna wanna give me other kinds of rubs… You just wait!
  • [2:28] Phil comments on how it’s funny that Harold thinks he only has one YouTube colleague. I guess Harold was just psychic. :lol:
  • [3:24] It sounds like Phil may have accidentally said “Harold’s” real name?
  • [6:45] I guess now we just get to know for sure that Phil is into the idea of an MMF threesome. In my opinion, this moment from a previous video heavily foreshadowed this declaration.
    P: Are we getting in to some kind of three-way marriage territory here? Where I’m married to both of you. Tickle me a bit on the side. I mean, to be fair, they didn’t send me a photo of themselves. They could have been hot.
  • [6:55] Capita£ester is enticed by the offer of being paid $1000/week.
  • [8:48] Phil invites PJ to participate in a video where they/Phil try to escape from a box. :lol:
  • [9:57] Using some text on the screen, Phil draws our attention to a minuscule white dot that probably only the editor of the video would notice.
    shout out to the mysterious white dot on my shoulder for surviving the whole video
  • Phil continues to remain consistent in listing links to the three versions of the AmazingPhil shop at the beginning of the video description and listing a link to the Dan and Phil Shop with his social media links.
And now, here is a transcript of Harold's entire email (or at least all of the parts that Phil showed):
Business Proposition - AmazingPhil - BUY YOUR CHANNEL?

Hello Philip

My name is harold. I enjoy your videos alone but also with my partner susan

and after seeing your latest few, we felt your creativity has blossomed and needs to be shared.

I can make this possible and I have a few suggestions with you to make you blossom as a creator, a human and also a friend.

Of course this is a paid opportunity...feel free to share these ideas with your youtube colleague!

Proposition 1: Channel Purchase

I would like to purchase your youtube channel for hard cash.

You can continue to post on the channel but I will be a CREATIVE PARTNER.

It will commence like another year of AmazingPhil 2009, but I would like to introduce a segment linking for my website where we link to my videos organically.

This is mainly related to reaching a nirvana like state through various methods I have scientifically studied and plan to post on my website.

- Fashion - I will dress you in outfits for purchase and you review
- Review - Daily reviews of whatever you want!!!!
- meditation - Daily meditation class

- Tickle - I or my associate will tickle you for fun video. This is fun but also releases endorphins scientifically and we will promote the holistic aspects of tickling. fun!

- Wet - Think water fights with friends, or other kinds of games involving water. Open to discussion on price. Could purchase a water tank in year 2

Proposition 2 - Relocation.

This may sound a bit forward but my partner susan would like to offer you to stay with us in California, USA. This is a great opportunity for hollywood and movie deals as we have CONNECTIONS

but also we feel like we could create a strong working friendship and real life relationship.

Terms - $1000 a week and you can make videos in our home and stay for free!!! Including bills.

We would only request that you also take part in some activities for my own website. One would be a ‘food olympics’ style video like FOOD BATTLE (smosh) but i would involve you eating my food until you can no longer eat anymore as a bigger challenge!

We can also give you as much food as you would like at any other time, along with benefits like spending. Weekends are yours but we will plan excursions.

I know UK is great for you but think of the oprtunites america would hold.

Another video idea is the tickle challenge. It may sound strange but videos involving tickling of your feet or just your rib would create a great revenue stream and $$.

Another fun idea is we build a box and see if you could escape it. maybe with a youtuber friend as a bigger challenge tag.

My partner is eager to hear back form YOU and star making some MONEY!

Let me know if you want to link up. Let’s make it big $$$$$

Yours faithfully

Re: Reading The Creepiest Email I’ve Ever Been Sent (6 June 2019)

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:46 pm
by itasca00
noodlebum wrote:
Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:57 pm
itasca00 wrote:
Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:53 am
  • [3:24] It sounds like Phil may have accidentally said “Harold’s” real name?
Nah, Hazza, like a nickname for Harold (e.g. Gary = Gazza) :D