Answering Questions I Would Usually Avoid - 26 January 2021

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simply stressed bisexual
simply stressed bisexual
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"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."
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simply stressed bisexual
simply stressed bisexual
Posts: 1617
Joined: Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:16 pm
Pronouns: she/her
Location: New England

inanerat wrote: Tue Jan 26, 2021 9:37 pm Yay new viddy :)

You know what time it is,,, it's timestamp time!!
I have a lot of thoughts I'm just gonna mix them in with the timestamps.

0:01- I love that the fireworks effect is still a sort of running joke
0:20- Side note the lava lamp is goiNG for it this video
0:28- Honestly I really appreciate Phil knowing he's not the most open person on YT and being okay with that, and I also really love him continuing to open up more in the small ways that he wants to and feels comfortable doing.
0:35- Surprised me a little bit that he mentioned having a glass of wine before filming. Would that make this the first confirmed Phil after having a drink on AP? Also I wonder why, like if he just had some with dinner or whether he was somewhat more nervous than he wanted to let on.
0:50- Most popular question: 'are you gay?'
Phil, the sweet summer child, answers this directly, which is fair if it was a genuine question from some people but I'm pretty sure it was a joke question, I considered asking it sarcastically as well.
1:07- 'are video conventions massive orgies for top content creators?'
If they are, they never invited Phil smh
1:15- 'which video earned you the most ad money in 2020?'
It was:
1. Trying to bake my birthday cake w/o a recipie
2. VPMO2
3. First AC video
4. Awkward closet stories 2
5. Coming out- 1 year later
It is always interesting how, while he does answer, his initial 'jeez, right in there with the finances' comment is an indicator to me (of what we already know) that Phil just isn't a financial transparency/ talk abt money guy.
1:54- Interesting talk about how defined themes help get more specific ads, which makes ad revenue better.
2:09- 'tell us about your CURRENT dating life?'
As expected, Phil nicely explains how he wants to keep that stuff private and offline, that's unlikely to change.
I knew this would be the answer, and I'm glad that it is, but there is a part of me that is just straight up curious if dnp still do (assuming they did at least for a while) consider themselves to be 'dating'? Like at this point it feels to me like they are so much more than dating. Essentially married in all of the traditional aspects of marriage except the legal parts.
2:43- 'who was your childhood celebrity gay awakening crush?'
Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.
3:05- 'are your videos scripted?'
No. Sometimes Phil writes notes/bullet points for himself sometimes. He finds presenting with a script hard and prefers gigs that allow him to be a little more freeform.
I fucking love the sass of pretending the beginning of his answer is awkward and scripted.
3:37- 'least favourite pic of yourself'
Any red carpet picture, which sounds snooty but everything about the red carpet photo experience is stressful and Phil feels out of place.
4:15- 'do you and the og youtubers still talk on a regular basis?'
Phil still chats with his first subscriber, John. And charlieissocoollike, would hang out if they happened to be in the same place. Generally thinks of other larger british youtubers as acquaintances/colleagues, but definitely more connected to them than to a random stranger.
4:57- 'have you ever been in a fight?'
Phil has never punched someone in the face, but one time some lads looking for a fight punched him, made him quite anxious about being out after dark, going places.
This makes me extra sad knowing that while it was more of a random than homophobic attack, I'm sure Phil having the anxiety surrounding it made him anxious about being victim to homophobic violence too :/
5:50- 'did you actually have a crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar or was is a gay cover up?'
Partly gay cover-up. Needed something to say to magazines and stuff, but did find her iconic and did also kind of confuse the two
6:21- 'do you have a secret twitter?'
No, but he does have secret insta for testing post drafts and following trashy reality tv stars
6:50- 'when did you loose your v-card?'
Lil talk about how virginity seems like a big deal until you finish school and then no one cares or talks about it again. The answer for Phil is at University. Don't feel pressured about it and shoutout to the asexuals :aceflag:
Also 'you... do you... until you're ready' is an amazing quote.
7:25- 'has anyone famous ever slid into your DMs?'
For casual friendly conversation, yeah, for ;) no.
'Maybe they're all going into my spam folder and I've got thirsty celebrities on tap' well I mean you have one thirsty famous person but he already lives with you so :shrug:
7:45- 'are you and athiest?'
Phil is an 'I don't know-est' Agnostic? It's a lot to think about, just vibing.
8:13- 'what shade of green is the feature wall in the new house?'
In case you missed it, there was a video with Dan, they are moving. It is a soft dark green forest-y kind of colour (my description)
8:31- 'are you obsessed with view counts?'
Knows some people are super attached, Phil checks analytics about once a week, as a marker to judge how well a video is doing and if people are liking it.
'Watch this one twice' well here I am, watching it twice lol
9:07- 'what is the most non-amazingphil spon you've ever received?'
After coming out, got a lot of spon requests after being in the 'gay bucket'. Got insta spon offer for modeling jockstraps, did not go for it.
This is really entertaining to me, I wonder if that's why he googled 'why does a jockstrap have a bare butt' a while back. I also wonder if places like Adam & Eve decided to hit him up, it seems like they do spons with lots of LGBTQ creators (despite the ultimate heteronormative name), but then again I suppose more of those people talk about sexuality type things more.
9:50- 'how many times can you repeat fuzzy duck ducky fuzz?'
Phil knows this is to get him to swear, he won't bleep it if it happens.
Phil saying 'fucky dust' is the funniest thing that has happened to me in days :lol:
10:12- 'least favourite collab video?'
Not throwing anyone under the bus but Dan. Easter baking meringues was filmed the same day they were getting a flight to Australia, the baking was a flop, camera troubles, time was tight, it was bad. Funny vid in hindsight though.
11:03- 'what is your poop shaped like?'
Maybe this is time to stop answering questions. The answer is perfect cubes.
11:22- There are more questions ofc, like if you want more aka Philly will be watching those analytics
11:25- Yet another Video With Dan mention, it was linked in the info, is linked in description and is on the endscreen. Phil wants you to watch this video (agian) even though it already has 2mil+ views.
"If you're left-handed, ask a friend."
"Why am I left-handed?"
"Everybody makes mistakes."
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