A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in AUSTRALIA (21 Aug 2016)

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A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in AUSTRALIA (21 Aug 2016)

Post by oqua » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:45 pm

busy being happy~

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Re: A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in AUSTRALIA (21 Aug 2

Post by alittledizzy » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:49 pm

Weirdest fucking thing, my video skips straight to 1:19 in and just won't back up no matter what I do. Oh well, must not be anything of note there.

1:40 - Dan's hand to the face is so cute.
2:04 - I love the reflection of Phil recording Dan that you can see in the Hungry Jack's window.
2:13 - "Touch the Adelaide balls." Dan has that look on his face, the same one was the 'Phil, STOP' from the Pokemon video. Does Phil just have a ball fetish? Is he obsessed with balls? Does he follow Dan around their flat making ball jokes? Does Dan wake up to Phil casually gropin- hey timestamps that's what I was doing yeah okay back to that.
2:20 - Dan's physicality here thrills me. Full body shots, give them over, give them all.
2:21 - "It's a metaphor for something, but I don't want to think about Adelaide is trying to say there." It's trying to say it just thought you preferred holding balls.
2:55 - I wonder if Phil wanted to stand there or Dan told him to.
3:03 - I like that their snack run was an actual snack run.
3:10 - I think Phil held one out for Dan but Dan reached over him and took one himself.
3:27 - I want to try iced honeycomb milk.
3:39 - They make fun of Phil's hands and gestures a lot, but there's something really to that right? Phil said once he broke his hand, I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Or he just can't move his fingers in certain ways?
3:43 - Pausing at the exact right moment here gives Phil the most strange but appealing expression, pursed mouth and not quite looking at the camera.
4:00 - Phil with his head tilted down and his eyes canted up and two fingers delicately wrapped around something he's sucking on - I mean, wow, timestamps. Moving on.
4:05 - Watching him shove the whole thing in his mouth was kind of satisfying, since there were no crumbles or dribbles.
4:20 - Dan's voice sounds so rough. I want to tuck him into bed.
4:53 - Phil teasing fondly. Dan smiling fondly back, with that look on his face like he wants to say something but he's just not going to.
5:29 - Man, they really like telling each other to stroke things in public.
5:38 to 5:55 - This whole bit just makes me imagine them side by side on their sofa back home or a hotel room bed obsessively reading koala facts and Dan reading up on the experience so he knows exactly what to expect and reading it all out loud so Phil does too.
6:18 - Oh god they're so excited, what is this weird squeezing feeling on my heart.
6:30 - "The fact that he's eating shows that he's comfortable." "Same." lmao I missed that the first time around totally. Nice one, Dan.
6:48 - Phil agreeing that Dan looks swaggy in his jacket. When Phil says "Take it home." his voice is so sweet and genuine Phil, soft almost. This is one of those very small natural interaction moments. (Or Phil was just secretly making plans for koala/handler furry roleplay back home.)
7:20 to8:20 - Look, everyone died over the koala holding, I don't need to give a play by play of this.
8:22 - Dan asking about chlamydia. When she answers she specifically tells Dan it can't spread between humans. MmmHMM. This takes me back to being so interested in how people who don't know them perceive them. (Not that her response indicated she thought they were a couple, but it was just enough of a pause for consideration.)
8:35 - Martyn in the background laughing at Phil.
9:04 - Oh god that split second of Phil smiling. Why jumpcut so fast away from that?!
9:16 - "If Dan was a koala." This is a joke they make so often that it makes me imagine Dan really does like curling up quiet places a lot.
9:53 - Leaaaaning innnn sooooo clooooooose.
10:06 - Their little laughs when the dingo is jumping up on the handler.
10:15 - Who is making that little 'arrararar' noise?
11:13 - Phil is so delighted with himself.
11:23 - The noise Phil makes when Dan is rejected by the kangaroo.
11:35 - "Than feeding a horse." Dan's cute little embarrassed laugh.
12:14 - Phil's bouncy little run.
12:46 - a) Manager Marianne hiding behind a bush to get out of shot. b) Cornelia being fantastic and adorable even when barely in the shot.
13:09 - It's gonna wanna mate with you. Be honest, Phil: you're that person who looks up animal mating on youtube, aren't you?
14:17 - Dan pulling the "there's a spider on your head!"
14:19 - Phil filming naked male torsos again. How many times does he have to do this before people pick up a trend there?
14:41 - "That classic three wolf moon aesthetic." Dan's total commitment to cheesy tourist shirts is so admirable.
15:13 - Phil with the snacks. This moment reminds me of those liveshows when they'd be in the same room and Dan would just turn his laptop around and show Phil.
15:23 - a) Dan making up his own weird little songs. b) Phil filming Dan when Dan isn't paying attention.
15:32 - Phil's "What are you wearing?" is in that nice Phil voice.
15:51 - "Your mum." and those dumb laughs.
16:04 - "Look at it! Look at Dan!" I mean the koala is probably supposed to be the draw there but ok Phil I see your priorities.
16:24 - What is that head tilt, Dan.
16:30 - Dan's laugh going so high.
16:36 - Dan's "We're just going to post it to her, no explanation?" and then saying it's ok if Phil does bc it'll be "in our memories forever."
16:42 - Phil's "Don't do that!" is like his version of the "Phil, stop!"
16:54 - I love how they're sitting on the bed.
17:10 - I like that Phil wanted to film Dan, just because Dan was in a strange position, I assume?
17:15 - Phil is so calm but so fond.
17:26 - Well, they didn't give any fucks about people knowing what hotel they stared at there. Not that it would matter since they'd have already been well gone by the time the video went up.
17:33 - Phil calling Dan's personality 'sassy and daring.'
17:31 - Watching anime in bed while the eat. It's like they just tried to take home with them.
18:02 - I actually love that they picked emu and dingo. Did they go with the animals they felt most representative of them? Emu!Phil, I can see it.
18:31 - Seriously, Dan's voice just sounds so bad. I feel like he seemed to be getting better their first couple weeks in Australia but he's flagging again health/energy wise.
18:25 - Enjoying the rainy city view.
18:40 - I'm mourning that they don't do a real tour day in the life, but I hope the documentary contains elements of that.
19:01 - Dan's eyes are so red. Sleep, Dan. Sleep.

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